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154 posted by caitlin (210221)

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Idolise for another Sunday update. Nikki and I have D&D today, so we're keeping this short and sweet. We hope everyone is having a great week, though!


This is the final full week in February to get your usual tasks done! Next Sunday is actually the final day of the month, so I'll be posting additional deadline reminders then... But it may be too late by then. You might be stressed if you start it next Sunday!

Games, Games, Games

Nikki has updated the Set 1 and our Weekly Set. Go get your brand new cards!

Forum games are still on hiatus, and we are probably going to be retiring them... But give us another week or so to talk about that.

New Decks

Our third deck for Dottie is leehi-holdmyhand!

Otherwise, you guys voted for these!

Update randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ab6ix-moondance, astro-badideamoonbin, bts-boywithluvsuga, clc-helicopter, cravity-flame, gf-lovewhisperyuju, gncd-wannabejangjun, izone-fiestayena, leehi-holdmyhand, onewe-regulusharin, ptg-humphwooseok, rcpc-bouncy, solar-spititout, spica-secrettimesihyun, tbz-ddderic, wjsn-dreamscometrue
caitlin (210221)

Shinya  @ 21 Feb 2021 03:36 pm

- Update (155): ab6ix-moondance13, ab6ix-moondance17, astro-badideamoonbin13, astro-badideamoonbin17, cravity-flame13, cravity-flame17, gncd-wannabejangjun13, gncd-wannabejangjun17, izone-fiestayena13, izone-fiestayena17, onewe-regulusharin13, onewe-regulusharin17, ptg-humphwooseok13, ptg-humphwooseok17, rcpc-bouncy13, rcpc-bouncy17, tbz-ddderic13, tbz-ddderic17

Ashley  @ 21 Feb 2021 07:12 pm

Taking bts-boywithluvsuga09, bts-boywithluvsuga16, solar-spititout19, gf-lovewhisperyuju03, leehi-holdmyhand03, onewe-regulusharin03, wjsn-dreamscometrue15, gncd-wannabejangjun15, clc-helicopter04, tbz-ddderic04, ptg-humphwooseok10, izone-fiestayena10, spica-secrettimesihyun12, cravity-flame07, astro-badideamoonbin03, ab6ix-moondance03, rcpc-bouncy03, wjsn-dreamscometrue05, cravity-flame18, ab6ix-moondance13\r\n\r\nThanks!

Mari  @ 22 Feb 2021 12:15 am

New Decks: izone-fiestayena04, izone-fiestayena13, rcpc-bouncy02, rcpc-bouncy16, wjsn-dreamscometrue03, wjsn-dreamscometrue17, ptg-humphwooseok01, spica-secrettimesihyun01, onewe-regulusharin01, leehi-holdmyhand15, gncd-wannabejangjun15, gf-lovewhisperyuju11, ab6ix-moondance09, astro-badideamoonbin09, solar-spititout08, tbz-ddderic01, clc-helicopter01, cravity-flame17

yangdizzy  @ 22 Feb 2021 10:08 am

Update (#154): clc-helicopter01, clc-helicopter04, leehi-holdmyhand01, leehi-holdmyhand04, spica-secrettimesihyun01, spica-secrettimesihyun04, wjsn-dreamscometrue01, wjsn-dreamscometrue04, tbz-ddderic01, tbz-ddderic04, izone-fiestayena01, izone-fiestayena04, bts-boywithluvsuga01, bts-boywithluvsuga04, solar-spititout01, solar-spititout04, astro-badideamoonbin01, astro-badideamoonbin04 (18/18)

Pam  @ 23 Feb 2021 06:58 am

new sets took astro-badideamoonbin01, astro-badideamoonbin20, bts-boywithluvsuga02, bts-boywithluvsuga12, cravity-flame05,cravity-flame15, gncd-wannabejangjun01, gncd-wannabejangjun20, onewe-regulusharin01, onewe-regulusharin20, ptg-humphwooseok01, ptg-humphwooseok20, tbz-ddderic05, tbz-ddderic15

Angela  @ 23 Feb 2021 10:35 pm

- New Decks: onewe-regulusharin01, rcpc-bouncy11, leehi-holdmyhand19, gncd-wannabejangjun08, spica-secrettimesihyun08, astro-badideamoonbin08, solar-spititout08, wjsn-dreamscometrue08, ptg-humphwooseok08, izone-fiestayena10, ab6ix-moondance10, clc-helicopter10, tbz-ddderic10, gf-lovewhisperyuju07, cravity-flame07, bts-boywithluvsuga01, bts-boywithluvsuga02, gncd-wannabejangjun07

Lex  @ 26 Feb 2021 12:47 am

New Decks: clc-helicopter05, clc-helicopter12, gf-lovewhisperyuju11, gf-lovewhisperyuju16, rcpc-bouncy05, rcpc-bouncy14, solar-spititout03, solar-spititout08, wjsn-dreamscometrue13, wjsn-dreamscometrue18, izone-fiestayena03, leehi-holdmyhand14, astro-badideamoonbin15, bts-boywithluvsuga12, bts-boywithluvsuga17, cravity-flame14, gncd-wannabejangjun11, ptg-humphwooseok12, ptg-humphwooseok19, tbz-ddderic18 // Deck Vote Coupon: rcpc-bouncy19, solar-spititout16

larlic  @ 27 Feb 2021 11:02 am

New Decks: astro-badideamoonbin01, astro-badideamoonbin02, bts-boywithluvsuga03, bts-boywithluvsuga04, clc-helicopter01, clc-helicopter02, gf-lovewhisperyuju03, gf-lovewhisperyuju04, izone-fiestayena03, izone-fiestayena04, wjsn-dreamscometrue01, wjsn-dreamscometrue02, gncd-wannabejangjun01, gncd-wannabejangjun02, ab6ix-moondance17, ab6ix-moondance19, cravity-flame07, cravity-flame13

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