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152 posted by caitlin (210207)

Hello and welcome to February! We hope that everyone had a wonderful week and that you are all staying safe out there with everything going on around the world.

Like most monthly updates, this one will probably have a little extra length to cover all of our bases... Although there isn't a whole lot going on in terms of news and new features, we do have a few things we'd like to chat about... And of course! Your rewards for the mastery event are finally here. We didn't forget! Actually, we were way more generous this year.

We're in the home stretch in terms of... Caitlin-getting-her-education... So just wait a little bit longer! Nikki and I have so many exciting ideas for the second half of the year, and we can't wait to breathe some extra life into Idolise with some new features for you guys! Just hold on!

But anyway!!!

Welcome to February

It's a brand new month, so of course, we have a new member of the month! This month, Dottie was selected randomly. Congratulations, Dottie!

210201 2102-motm
210102, 2102-motm


While trying to determine the rewards to give you all for the recent winter mastery event, we took inventory of the choice card coupon economy and... Wow, we've made a lot of mistakes as admins.

To avoid overwhelming and scaring all of you, I have decided that coupons will include an expiry date. But not right now! As most of you will probably remember from the 12 Days of Christmas, I had mentioned that I am working on Idolise 4.0, which will be coded entirely from scratch, by yours truly, and include a lot of features that are just impossible with the current MyTCG infrastructure that we're working within the meantime.

What I am trying to say is... Let's do our best to use as many of our coupons as we can between now and August because after I graduate and return to working on the new and improved Idolise, rules will start changing to fix the choice card economy a little.

Winter Event Rewards

Alright kids! Just like last year, we decided to do this in a tiered fashion.

Everyone who participated in the event and mastered decks from the list should click here to get their rewards!

There are a number of you who mastered less than five, and I acknowledge that some people may have participated without even meaning to... So if you aren't sure if you participated or not, please click on the link either way and take a look. If you handed in zero masteries, don't worry! It won't reward you. It's set up so that it will tell you how many decks you handed in, and then give you rewards based on that.

Games, Games, Games

It's the first Sunday of February, and so, Nikki has updated the Monthly Games... You can also play the Set 1 games, and of course, the Weekly Set. Lots of new cards to be had today! We love monthly update day.

New Decks

You guys voted for these!

With the exception of exid-meandyouhyelin, which is Dottie's first MOTM deck.

And finally, your update randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

astro-badidea, bp-icecream, bts-boywithluvjin, dc-flyhighyoohyeon, exid-meandyouhyelin, gf-apple, got7-lookyoungjae, izone-fiestachaeyeon, kai-mmmh, lc-feedbacksojung, nct-90slove, shinee-countless, skz-godsmenuseungmin, spica-secrettimejiwon, victon-rememberme, wjsn-dreamscometruedawon
caitlin (210207)

Mari  @ 07 Feb 2021 08:15 pm

Event: 210102, 2102-motm\r\nNew Decks: dc-flyhighyoohyeon07, dc-flyhighyoohyeon14, exid-meandyouhyelin04, exid-meandyouhyelin13, izone-fiestachaeyeon05, izone-fiestachaeyeon14, lc-feedbacksojung08, lc-feedbacksojung12, wjsn-dreamscometruedawon09, wjsn-dreamscometruedawon15, astro-badidea20, nct-90slove01, shinee-countless16, victon-rememberme04, bp-icecream04, skz-godsmenuseungmin19, got7-lookyoungjae19, gf-apple19\r\ncoupon-choice(dc-flyhighyoohyeon): dc-flyhighyoohyeon01

Pam  @ 08 Feb 2021 06:41 am

took 210102, 2102-motm\r\n\r\nnew sets took astro-badidea01, astro-badidea20, bts-boywithluvjin07, bts-boywithluvjin17, got7-lookyoungjae01, got7-lookyoungjae20,kai-mmmh05, kai-mmmh15, nct-90slove05, nct-90slove15, shinee-countless04, shinee-countless14, skz-godsmenuseungmin01,skz-godsmenuseungmin20, victon-rememberme05, victon-rememberme15

Catherine  @ 09 Feb 2021 12:45 pm

Deck Pulls: dc-flyhighyoohyeon11, dc-flyhighyoohyeon12, exid-meandyouhyelin11, exid-meandyouhyelin12, got7-lookyoungjae11, got7-lookyoungjae12, skz-godsmenuseungmin11, skz-godsmenuseungmin12, bts-boywithluvjin11, bts-boywithluvjin12, kai-mmmh11, kai-mmmh12, shinee-countless11, shinee-countless12

Lex  @ 13 Feb 2021 12:39 am

New Decks: bp-icecream04, bp-icecream14, dc-flyhighyoohyeon05, dc-flyhighyoohyeon12, exid-meandyouhyelin02, exid-meandyouhyelin18, gf-apple06, gf-apple11, wjsn-dreamscometruedawon06, wjsn-dreamscometruedawon17, izone-fiestachaeyeon13, astro-badidea15, got7-lookyoungjae11, kai-mmmh15, lc-feedbacksojung17, nct-90slove18, shinee-countless15, spica-secrettimejiwon13, victon-rememberme12, bts-boywithluvjin18

larlic  @ 13 Feb 2021 01:04 pm

Event cards: 210102, 2102-motm\r\nNew decks: got7-lookyoungjae01, got7-lookyoungjae02, shinee-countless01, shinee-countless02, bts-boywithluvjin03, bts-boywithluvjin04, dc-flyhighyoohyeon03, dc-flyhighyoohyeon04, gf-apple01, gf-apple02, izone-fiestachaeyeon03, izone-fiestachaeyeon04, kai-mmmh01, kai-mmmh02, nct-90slove03, nct-90slove04, skz-godsmenuseungmin01, skz-godsmenuseungmin02

Shinya  @ 20 Feb 2021 03:31 pm

- Update (152): astro-badidea13, astro-badidea17, bp-icecream13, bp-icecream17, dc-flyhighyoohyeon13, dc-flyhighyoohyeon17, izone-fiestachaeyeon13, izone-fiestachaeyeon17, lc-feedbacksojung13, lc-feedbacksojung17, shinee-countless13, shinee-countless17, wjsn-dreamscometruedawon13, wjsn-dreamscometruedawon17, bts-boywithluvjin12, bts-boywithluvjin13, victon-rememberme13, victon-rememberme17

yangdizzy  @ 21 Feb 2021 10:31 am

Update (#152): victon-rememberme04, victon-rememberme11, spica-secrettimejiwon01, spica-secrettimejiwon04, wjsn-dreamscometruedawon01, wjsn-dreamscometruedawon08, bts-boywithluvjin01, bts-boywithluvjin04, gf-apple01, gf-apple04, skz-godsmenuseungmin01, skz-godsmenuseungmin04, dc-flyhighyoohyeon01, dc-flyhighyoohyeon02, lc-feedbacksojung01, lc-feedbacksojung02, shinee-countless01, shinee-countless02 (18/18)

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