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151 posted by caitlin (210131)

Greetings, Idolise friends!

Winter Event

The winter event has come to a close, and wow! 1600 masteries were handed in during the event, which is... Honestly, just bonkers. 501 of those were Yasu, by the way.

We know that you must be excited to receive your rewards, but we're going to make you wait just a little bit longer. We'll be giving you guys your rewards next week, which is just going to give us a little bit of extra time to figure out what we should give everyone. Like our last winter event, we'll do it based on how many masteries you handed in! We're just discussing how many cards to give.


You have 7 hours to get in any January-related things... LOL I WARNED YOU LAST WEEK, RIGHT?

Games, Games, Games

Nikki has updated the Set 2 games, and as always, you can play the Weekly Set.

THIS IS YOUR LAST DAY TO PLAY THE MONTHLY GAMES. They will be updated again next Sunday.

New Decks

Update randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

aespa-blackmamba, ateez-thanxx, bts-boywithluvjungkook, dc-flyhighgahyeon, gf-lovewhispersowon, got7-lookyugyeom, hnd-souldohyon, izone-fiestasakura, lc-feedbackashley, mx-lovekilla, omg-liarliarhyojung, onf-sukhumvitswimming, ptg-humphhui, skz-godsmenuin, spica-secrettimenarae, wjsn-dreamscometruebona
caitlin (210131)

Mari  @ 01 Feb 2021 06:01 am

New Decks: ateez-thanxx07, ateez-thanxx11, dc-flyhighgahyeon05, dc-flyhighgahyeon14, izone-fiestasakura04, izone-fiestasakura10, lc-feedbackashley03, lc-feedbackashley15, wjsn-dreamscometruebona05, wjsn-dreamscometruebona13, got7-lookyugyeom01, omg-liarliarhyojung14, bts-boywithluvjungkook14, spica-secrettimenarae14, hnd-souldohyon17, onf-sukhumvitswimming04, ptg-humphhui04, mx-lovekilla12\r\ncoupon-choice(dc-flyhighgahyeon), coupon-choice(dc-flyhighgahyeon): dc-flyhighgahyeon01, dc-flyhighgahyeon02

Pam  @ 03 Feb 2021 09:22 am

new sets took bts-boywithluvjungkook03, bts-boywithluvjungkook13, got7-lookyugyeom01, got7-lookyugyeom20, hnd-souldohyon01, hnd-souldohyon20, mx-lovekilla02, mx-lovekilla12, onf-sukhumvitswimming01, onf-sukhumvitswimming20, ptg-humphhui01, ptg-humphhui20, skz-godsmenuin01, skz-godsmenuin20

Catherine  @ 05 Feb 2021 01:29 pm

dc-flyhighgahyeon11, dc-flyhighgahyeon12, got7-lookyugyeom11, got7-lookyugyeom12, ptg-humphhui11, ptg-humphhui12, skz-godsmenuin11, skz-godsmenuin12, aespa-blackmamba11, aespa-blackmamba12, bts-boywithluvjungkook11, bts-boywithluvjungkook12

Usagi  @ 05 Feb 2021 03:34 pm

New Decks (210131): omg-liarliarhyojung19, omg-liarliarhyojung20, spica-secrettimenarae19, spica-secrettimenarae20, bts-boywithluvjungkook19, bts-boywithluvjungkook20, ptg-humphhui19, ptg-humphhui20, wjsn-dreamscometruebona19, wjsn-dreamscometruebona20, aespa-blackmamba19, aespa-blackmamba20, ateez-thanxx19, ateez-thanxx20, skz-godsmenuin19, skz-godsmenuin20, izone-fiestasakura19, izone-fiestasakura20\r\n\r\n\r\nDonator Pull: omg-liarliarhyojung18, spica-secrettimenarae18

Lex  @ 06 Feb 2021 03:54 am

New Decks: aespa-blackmamba04, aespa-blackmamba14, dc-flyhighgahyeon08, dc-flyhighgahyeon11, wjsn-dreamscometruebona04, wjsn-dreamscometruebona19, gf-lovewhispersowon12, izone-fiestasakura03, omg-liarliarhyojung16, lc-feedbackashley15, spica-secrettimenarae11, ateez-thanxx12, bts-boywithluvjungkook16, bts-boywithluvjungkook20, got7-lookyugyeom15, hnd-souldohyon13, mx-lovekilla17, onf-sukhumvitswimming16, ptg-humphhui11, skz-godsmenuin19

larlic  @ 06 Feb 2021 03:25 pm

New decks: got7-lookyugyeom01, got7-lookyugyeom02, aespa-blackmamba03, aespa-blackmamba04, bts-boywithluvjungkook03, bts-boywithluvjungkook05, dc-flyhighgahyeon03, dc-flyhighgahyeon04, gf-lovewhispersowon01, gf-lovewhispersowon02, izone-fiestasakura03, izone-fiestasakura04, omg-liarliarhyojung03, omg-liarliarhyojung04, skz-godsmenuin03, skz-godsmenuin04, wjsn-dreamscometruebona01, wjsn-dreamscometruebona02

demarele  @ 06 Feb 2021 03:28 pm

New Decks (151): aespa-blackmamba03, aespa-blackmamba14, ateez-thanxx03, ateez-thanxx14, bts-boywithluvjungkook03, bts-boywithluvjungkook14, mx-lovekilla03, mx-lovekilla14, skz-godsmenuin03, skz-godsmenuin14, wjsn-dreamscometruebona03, wjsn-dreamscometruebona14, omg-liarliarhyojung03, omg-liarliarhyojung14, izone-fiestasakura03, izone-fiestasakura14, ptg-humphhui03, ptg-humphhui14 //// Deck vote choice cards: skz-godsmenuin02, skz-godsmenuin06, skz-godsmenuin18, skz-godsmenuin19, ateez-thanxx18 //// Deck donator choice cards: ateez-thanxx19

Shinya  @ 06 Feb 2021 09:01 pm

- Update (151): aespa-blackmamba13, aespa-blackmamba17, ateez-thanxx13, ateez-thanxx17, dc-flyhighgahyeon13, dc-flyhighgahyeon17, izone-fiestasakura13, izone-fiestasakura17, lc-feedbackashley13, lc-feedbackashley17, ptg-humphhui13, ptg-humphhui17, wjsn-dreamscometruebona13, wjsn-dreamscometruebona17, bts-boywithluvjungkook13, bts-boywithluvjungkook17, mx-lovekilla13, mx-lovekilla17

Ashley  @ 07 Feb 2021 03:02 am

dc-flyhighgahyeon14, gf-lovewhispersowon14, omg-liarliarhyojung14, wjsn-dreamscometruebona14, spica-secrettimenarae12, skz-godsmenuin16, mx-lovekilla03, lc-feedbackashley03, ateez-thanxx03, izone-fiestasakura03, ptg-humphhui03, bts-boywithluvjungkook03, hnd-souldohyon03, got7-lookyugyeom03, aespa-blackmamba08, aespa-blackmamba19

Ayay  @ 07 Feb 2021 01:48 pm

New Decks (01/31/21): aespa-blackmamba01, ateez-thanxx02, bts-boywithluvjungkook03, dc-flyhighgahyeon04, dc-flyhighgahyeon05, gf-lovewhispersowon06, gf-lovewhispersowon07, got7-lookyugyeom08, hnd-souldohyon09, izone-fiestasakura10, lc-feedbackashley11, mx-lovekilla12, omg-liarliarhyojung13, onf-sukhumvitswimming14, ptg-humphhui15, skz-godsmenuin16, spica-secrettimenarae17, wjsn-dreamscometruebona18

yangdizzy  @ 21 Feb 2021 10:36 am

Update (#151): ateez-thanxx01, ateez-thanxx04, mx-lovekilla01, mx-lovekilla04, spica-secrettimenarae01, spica-secrettimenarae04, wjsn-dreamscometruebona08, wjsn-dreamscometruebona09, aespa-blackmamba01, aespa-blackmamba04, bts-boywithluvjungkook01, bts-boywithluvjungkook04, skz-godsmenuin01, skz-godsmenuin08, lc-feedbackashley05, lc-feedbackashley07, omg-liarliarhyojung01, omg-liarliarhyojung02 (18/18)\r\nDeck vote coupon (wjsn-dreamscometruebona x2): wjsn-dreamscometruebona10, wjsn-dreamscometruebona11

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