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130 posted by caitlin (200906)

Welcome back to Idolise for another Sunday update! We have a few things to go over, so I won't delay too much with an introduction. But we hope that everyone had a wonderful week!

It's a new month, and that means a brand new MOTM! For the month of September, Madita has taken over. We'll be releasing one deck of her choosing every Sunday in September.

200901, 2009-motm

Friendly Reminder: Error Reporting

As we head into our third Idolise year, Nikki and I have taken on a very similar role as Idolise admins. We're splitting work better as life comes at us fast, and that means that we have more to communicate with one another.

We always appreciate when our members report errors to us, but they are getting a little bit harder to track when they come into our Discord DMs and aren't done through the forum. Discord-reported errors have a higher chance of being forgotten, as we often receive them during a time when we can't fix them immediately. They're read, but not fixed, and thus get lost in our other DMs.

This is just a reminder that all errors should be reported through the site via the forum. If it's a little more personal, or you have a concern... Of course, please reach out to us individually! But due to the fact that Nikki and I are both tackling these errors now, it's important that they go on the forum for that reason.

Boo Fairy Helpers Wanted

We introduced the Boo Fairy concept in January 2019, and as a lot of you already know, Amber was one of our original helpers! She stuck with us for a very long time and was incredibly reliable. She has recently made the decision to focus on other things and is taking a step back from the fairy life! If you see her around the Discord, give her a little thanks for all of her hard work. We're going to miss her!

We thought that it might be nice to bring a few new people into our team. We currently have three fairies (Mio, Haylee, and Jules), with Nikki and I helping out as we put the feelers out to see if anyone would be interested in giving a hand.

We are currently hoping to have one or two new helpers, which would mean visiting 10-15 members each week. On average, this seems to take our fairies about 30 minutes! It is a very simple job, but we think that it brings a little joy to our members. Especially our new friends who may not have a lot of must-have cards in their trade posts yet.

If you are interested in joining the team and giving us a hand with Boo Fairy trades, please DM Caitlin on the forum!

It's September

We have new threads for the following:

Games, Games, Games

This week is another Set 1 week! Nikki has updated these games for all of you. Our Weekly Set is also free to play again!

It's also a brand new month, which means you can play our Monthly Set games!

We've kind of decided that trading with Boo-Bot every day is the new normal for Idolise. Feel free to send him 12 cards a day if you'd like!

As always, keep an eye out for Amy and the forum games! Give her a little thanks for her hard work if you think about it!

New Decks

We will now be releasing 16 (instead of 20) decks each week. This will include 15 decks that have been chosen by the members through our deck vote and one additional deck that will be chosen by our MOTM. Because the MOTM deck is a bonus deck, it will not be included as part of our 1-deck-per-artist limit. You'll notice today that we have to Oh My Girl Decks!

The first deck that Madita has requested is none other than omg-windydayjiho.

And your update randomizer!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

aoa-goodluckchoa, apink-eungeunghayoung, bts-ego, bvndit-dumbsonghee, everglow-dundunyiren, got7-flymark, hl-callingyougikwang, nct-firetruckjaehyun, omg-windydaybinnie, omg-windydayjiho, oneus-twilightxion, ptg-shalalajinho, sf9-rpm, skz-mirohbangchan, twice-fancydahyun, weme-tikitakasei
caitlin (200906)

Leah Turner  @ 06 Sep 2020 09:28 pm


Mari  @ 07 Sep 2020 03:08 am

Event Cards: 200901, 2009-motm\r\nNew Decks: bvndit-dumbsonghee06, bvndit-dumbsonghee16, everglow-dundunyiren01, everglow-dundunyiren20, twice-fancydahyun05, twice-fancydahyun11, weme-tikitakasei08, weme-tikitakasei19, aoa-goodluckchoa07, nct-firetruckjaehyun14, hl-callingyougikwang11, skz-mirohbangchan13, ptg-shalalajinho17, oneus-twilightxion17, got7-flymark17, bts-ego02, cb-reallyreallyjiwon06, aoa-goodluckchanmi10

Ayay  @ 07 Sep 2020 01:25 pm

Events: 200901, 2009-motm\r\nNew Decks: aoa-goodluckchoa01, apink-eungeunghayoung02, bts-ego03, bvndit-dumbsonghee04, everglow-dundunyiren05, got7-flymark06, hl-callingyougikwang07, nct-firetruckjaehyun08, omg-windydaybinnie09, omg-windydayjiho10, oneus-twilightxion11, ptg-shalalajinho12, sf9-rpm13, skz-mirohbangchan14, twice-fancydahyun15, weme-tikitakasei16

larlic  @ 08 Sep 2020 06:14 am

Event Cards: 200901, 2009-motm\r\nNew Decks: hl-callingyougikwang01, hl-callingyougikwang02, got7-flymark01, got7-flymark02, oneus-twilightxion02, oneus-twilightxion04, sf9-rpm01, sf9-rpm02, skz-mirohbangchan09, skz-mirohbangchan10, bts-ego05, bts-ego06, bvndit-dumbsonghee08, bvndit-dumbsonghee09, nct-firetruckjaehyun03, nct-firetruckjaehyun04, twice-fancydahyun03, twice-fancydahyun04\r\nDonator pull: bvndit-dumbsonghee10

Pam  @ 08 Sep 2020 09:33 am

new sets took bts-ego04, bts-ego14, got7-flymark01, got7-flymark20, ptg-shalalajinho01, ptg-shalalajinho20, nct-firetruckjaehyun01, nct-firetruckjaehyun20\r\n\r\nevent cards took 200901, 2009-motm

Usagi  @ 09 Sep 2020 10:05 pm

Event: 200901, 2009-motm\r\n\r\nNew Decks (200906): nct-firetruckjaehyun19, nct-firetruckjaehyun20, aoa-goodluckchoa19, aoa-goodluckchoa20, omg-windydaybinnie19, omg-windydaybinnie20, omg-windydayjiho19, omg-windydayjiho20, ptg-shalalajinho19, ptg-shalalajinho20, twice-fancydahyun19, twice-fancydahyun20, weme-tikitakasei19, weme-tikitakasei20, everglow-dundunyiren19, everglow-dundunyiren20, bts-ego19, bts-ego20

demarele  @ 12 Sep 2020 08:06 am

Event Cards (130): 200901, 2009-motm\r\n\r\nNew Decks (130): hl-callingyougikwang03, hl-callingyougikwang14, bts-ego01, bts-ego02, skz-mirohbangchan01, skz-mirohbangchan02, twice-fancydahyun05, twice-fancydahyun17, everglow-dundunyiren03, everglow-dundunyiren18, got7-flymark02, got7-flymark15, nct-firetruckjaehyun03, nct-firetruckjaehyun09, apink-eungeunghayoung07, apink-eungeunghayoung11, weme-tikitakasei06, weme-tikitakasei16\r\n\r\nDeck vote choice cards: hl-callingyougikwang19

yangdizzy  @ 12 Sep 2020 08:02 pm

Update (200906): hl-callingyougikwang01, hl-callingyougikwang16, bts-ego19, bts-ego20, skz-mirohbangchan19, skz-mirohbangchan20, twice-fancydahyun01, twice-fancydahyun04, omg-windydaybinnie01, omg-windydaybinnie04, oneus-twilightxion01, oneus-twilightxion04, aoa-goodluckchoa01, aoa-goodluckchoa04, ptg-shalalajinho01, ptg-shalalajinho4, sf9-rpm01, sf9-rpm04 (18/18)\r\nCard voting coupon: hl-callingyougikwang02

Lex  @ 13 Sep 2020 02:39 am

New Decks: aoa-goodluckchoa05, aoa-goodluckchoa18, apink-eungeunghayoung12, apink-eungeunghayoung18, bvndit-dumbsonghee07, bvndit-dumbsonghee19, everglow-dundunyiren04, everglow-dundunyiren14, twice-fancydahyun08, twice-fancydahyun12, weme-tikitakasei04, weme-tikitakasei11, omg-windydaybinnie05, omg-windydayjiho14, bts-ego17, oneus-twilightxion13, ptg-shalalajinho15, sf9-rpm11, got7-flymark19, nct-firetruckjaehyun17 // Deck Vote Coupon: weme-tikitakasei15 // Event Cards: 200901, 2009-motm

Cas  @ 14 Sep 2020 12:30 am

New Decks (200906): twice-fancydahyun05, twice-fancydahyun17, bts-ego03, bts-ego07, skz-mirohbangchan11, skz-mirohbangchan12, aoa-goodluckchoa07, apink-eungeunghayoung08, bvndit-dumbsonghee09, everglow-dundunyiren10, got7-flymark11, hl-callingyougikwang12, nct-firetruckjaehyun13, omg-windydaybinnie14, omg-windydayjiho15, oneus-twilightxion16, ptg-shalalajinho17, weme-tikitakasei18\r\nChoice Card Coupons (twice-fancydahyun): twice-fancytzuyu08

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