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129 posted by caitlin (200830)

Hello everyone! Good afternoon, and happy Sunday. Welcome back to Idolise for another weekly update. Your admins are a little tired today. We both woke up early to watch Caratland (very fun), so we apologize in advance for any errors that this update may contain! All I can say is that we're doing our best today.


September is right around the corner!

I feel like I should have mentioned this last week... But the first day of September is coming up! All August tasks must be completed before Tuesday. Just a reminder that our monthly games are only playable once a month. Should you wait too long and play them in September (before we update them next Sunday), they will count toward your monthly games and you will not be able to play until October!


Nikki has updated our Set 2 games this week. As always, feel free to play the Weekly Set as well.

You're probably not surprised by this... But feel free to continue trading with Boo everyday! This may be the new normal, honestly.

Keep an eye out for forum games.

New Decks

Here is your update randomizer!

And these are the decks that you guys have voted for.

If you notice any mistakes in the deck, please leave them in the forum!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

aoa-goodluckchanmi, apink-eungeungeunji, bts-firesuga, cb-reallyreallyjiwon, everglow-dundunaisha, got7-flyjinyoung, hl-callingyouyoseob, hyuna-flowershowerera, ifnt-tellmel, ikon-imokbi, nm-lip2lipkyungri, omg-windydayyooa, sf9-rpmrowoon, shinee-goodeveningonew, skz-mirohfelix, sunmi-lalalayera, svt-boomboomthe8, twice-fancytzuyu, txt-runawaytaehyun, victon-nostalgicnightsubin, weme-tikitakadoyeon
caitlin (200830)

Ayay  @ 30 Aug 2020 08:48 pm

New Decks (8/30/20): aoa-goodluckchanmi18, apink-eungeungeunji18, bts-firesuga18, cb-reallyreallyjiwon07, everglow-dundunaisha09, got7-flyjinyoung09, hl-callingyouyoseob18, hyuna-flowershowerera07, ifnt-tellmel06, ikon-imokbi09, nm-lip2lipkyungri09, omg-windydayyooa04, sf9-rpmrowoon14, shinee-goodeveningonew10, skz-mirohfelix01, sunmi-lalalayera11, svt-boomboomthe811, twice-fancytzuyu10

Katie  @ 30 Aug 2020 10:21 pm

Deck Pulls: bts-firesuga01, got7-flyjinyoung02, skz-mirohfelix03, svt-boomboomthe804, twice-fancytzuyu05, victon-nostalgicnightsubin06, weme-tikitakadoyeon07, bts-firesuga08, got7-flyjinyoung09, skz-mirohfelix10, svt-boomboomthe811, twice-fancytzuyu12, victon-nostalgicnightsubin13, weme-tikitakadoyeon14

Mari  @ 30 Aug 2020 11:09 pm

New Decks: everglow-dundunaisha02, everglow-dundunaisha13, sunmi-lalalayera04, sunmi-lalalayera20, svt-boomboomthe803, svt-boomboomthe819, twice-fancytzuyu02, twice-fancytzuyu10, txt-runawaytaehyun05, txt-runawaytaehyun19, weme-tikitakadoyeon07, weme-tikitakadoyeon18, apink-eungeungeunji10, aoa-goodluckchanmi10, skz-mirohfelix10, sf9-rpmrowoon10, omg-windydayyooa10, nm-lip2lipkyungri19\r\ncoupon-pulls2: sunmi-lalalayera01, sunmi-lalalayera02

Pam  @ 01 Sep 2020 10:21 am

new sets took bts-firesuga02, bts-firesuga12, shinee-goodeveningonew03, shinee-goodeveningonew13, txt-runawaytaehyun05, txt-runawaytaehyun15, victon-nostalgicnightsubin05, victon-nostalgicnightsubin15, got7-flyjinyoung01, hl-callingyouyoseob20, ifnt-tellmel01, ikon-imokbi20, skz-mirohfelix01

larlic  @ 02 Sep 2020 10:14 am

New Decks: got7-flyjinyoung01, got7-flyjinyoung02, ifnt-tellmel01, ifnt-tellmel02, ikon-imokbi01, ikon-imokbi02, shinee-goodeveningonew01, shinee-goodeveningonew02, bts-firesuga03, bts-firesuga04, omg-windydayyooa03, omg-windydayyooa04, sunmi-lalalayera03, sunmi-lalalayera04, twice-fancytzuyu03, twice-fancytzuyu04, everglow-dundunaisha01, everglow-dundunaisha02

demarele  @ 02 Sep 2020 02:06 pm

New Decks (129): bts-firesuga01, bts-firesuga02, skz-mirohfelix01, skz-mirohfelix02, hl-callingyouyoseob03, hl-callingyouyoseob14, nm-lip2lipkyungri03, nm-lip2lipkyungri14, victon-nostalgicnightsubin03, victon-nostalgicnightsubin14, twice-fancytzuyu05, twice-fancytzuyu13, txt-runawaytaehyun03, txt-runawaytaehyun11, shinee-goodeveningonew07, shinee-goodeveningonew17, sf9-rpmrowoon04, sf9-rpmrowoon16\r\n\r\n\r\nDeck vote choice cards: bts-firesuga07, bts-firesuga08, bts-firesuga09

Cas  @ 02 Sep 2020 04:28 pm

New Decks: cb-reallyreallyjiwon04, cb-reallyreallyjiwon18, twice-fancytzuyu08, twice-fancytzuyu09, hyuna-flowershowerera16, sunmi-lalalayera16, aoa-goodluckchanmi07, txt-runawaytaehyun07, sf9-rpmrowoon03, skz-mirohfelix18, apink-eungeungeunji16, ifnt-tellmel05, svt-boomboomthe807, bts-firesuga01, everglow-dundunaisha20, hl-callingyouyoseob20, shinee-goodeveningonew20, got7-flyjinyoung19\r\nChoice Card Coupons (twice-fancytzuyu): twice-fancytzuyu11

Usagi  @ 03 Sep 2020 01:58 pm

Donation Bonus: aoa-goodluckchanmi18\r\nNew Decks (200830): ikon-imokbi19, ikon-imokbi20, bts-firesuga19, bts-firesuga20, aoa-goodluckchanmi19, aoa-goodluckchanmi20, hyuna-flowershowerera19, hyuna-flowershowerera20, nm-lip2lipkyungri19, nm-lip2lipkyungri20, omg-windydayyooa19, omg-windydayyooa20, sunmi-lalalayera19, sunmi-lalalayera20, twice-fancytzuyu19, twice-fancytzuyu20, everglow-dundunaisha19, everglow-dundunaisha20

yangdizzy  @ 05 Sep 2020 10:58 am

Update (200830): svt-boomboomthe805, svt-boomboomthe806, bts-firesuga19, bts-firesuga20, skz-mirohfelix19, skz-mirohfelix20, hl-callingyouyoseob07, hl-callingyouyoseob19, nm-lip2lipkyungri01, nm-lip2lipkyungri04, victon-nostalgicnightsubin01, victon-nostalgicnightsubin04, sf9-rpmrowoon04, sf9-rpmrowoon05 (14/18)\r\nCoupons: hl-callingyouyoseob08

Shinya  @ 05 Sep 2020 07:40 pm

- Update (200830): cb-reallyreallyjiwon13, cb-reallyreallyjiwon17, ifnt-tellmel13, ifnt-tellmel17, svt-boomboomthe813, svt-boomboomthe817, sf9-rpmrowoon13, sf9-rpmrowoon17, txt-runawaytaehyun13, txt-runawaytaehyun17, sunmi-lalalayera13, sunmi-lalalayera17, everglow-dundunaisha13, everglow-dundunaisha17, shinee-goodeveningonew13, shinee-goodeveningonew17, hl-callingyouyoseob13, hl-callingyouyoseob17

Lex  @ 06 Sep 2020 01:36 am

New Decks: aoa-goodluckchanmi04, aoa-goodluckchanmi09, apink-eungeungeunji11, apink-eungeungeunji15, cb-reallyreallyjiwon12, cb-reallyreallyjiwon19, everglow-dundunaisha10, everglow-dundunaisha15, hyuna-flowershowerera09, hyuna-flowershowerera17, sunmi-lalalayera07, sunmi-lalalayera14, twice-fancytzuyu07, twice-fancytzuyu18, weme-tikitakadoyeon13, weme-tikitakadoyeon20, nm-lip2lipkyungri07, omg-windydayyooa11, bts-firesuga11, svt-boomboomthe815 // Deck Vote Coupon: aoa-goodluckchanmi12

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