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Set 1

128 posted by caitlin (200823)

Hello my Idolise cuties! It's Sunday, and that means another update. Nikki is at work today, but she says hello and hopes everyone is doing well out there.

I woke up quite late today and spent a little time hanging out, so I am sorry that this update is coming at you a bit later than normal. It should be a quick one, though!

Games, Games, Games

Before she went to bed last night, Nikki updated Set 1 for us! Thank you Nikki! Otherwise, you are welcome to play the Weekly Set.

Continue to trade with Boo-Bot everyday!

Keep an eye out for forum games!

New Decks

Update randomizer!

Ari's final MOTM deck is got7-flyyugyeom! We'll be reaching out to our next randomized MOTM quite soon. Keep an eye out on the forum/Discord for a message from me. You may be the lucky winner this month.

And finally, the decks that you have voted for! Nikki worked very hard last week to pad our upcoming decks (she made 100+ new decks), so keep those votes coming in!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

apink-eungeungnaeun, bts-firejhope, cb-reallyreallybora, clc-noseungyeon, everglow-dundunonda, got7-flyyugyeom, hl-callingyougikwang, itzy-wannabechaeryeong, izone-violetaminju, nct-firetrucktaeyong, omg-windydaymimi, ptg-shalalayeoone, sf9-rpmyoungbin, shinee-goodeveningtaemin, skz-mirohhyunjin, svt-boomboomscoups, taeyeon-fourseasonsera, twice-fancychaeyoung, txt-runawaybeomgyu, unit-imeanjiwon
caitlin (200823)

Katie  @ 23 Aug 2020 04:27 pm

deck pulls: bts-firejhope01, got7-flyyugyeom02, nct-firetrucktaeyong03, svt-boomboomscoups04, skz-mirohhyunjin05, bts-firejhope06, got7-flyyugyeom07, nct-firetrucktaeyong08, svt-boomboomscoups09, skz-mirohhyunjin10

Catherine  @ 23 Aug 2020 11:24 pm

Deck Pulls: bts-firejhope11, bts-firejhope12, sf9-rpmyoungbin11, sf9-rpmyoungbin12, shinee-goodeveningtaemin11, shinee-goodeveningtaemin12, cb-reallyreallybora11, clc-noseungyeon11, got7-flyyugyeom11, got7-flyyugyeom12, nct-firetrucktaeyong11, nct-firetrucktaeyong12, oneus-twilightkeonhee11, ptg-shalalayeoone11, skz-mirohhyunjin11, svt-boomboomscoups11, taeyeon-fourseasonsera11, taeyeon-fourseasonsera12

Pam  @ 25 Aug 2020 10:22 am

new sets took bts-firejhope02, bts-firejhope12, got7-flyyugyeom01, got7-flyyugyeom20, nct-firetrucktaeyong01, nct-firetrucktaeyong20, oneus-twilightkeonhee01, oneus-twilightkeonhee20, ptg-shalalayeoone05, ptg-shalalayeoone15, shinee-goodeveningtaemin03, shinee-goodeveningtaemin13, txt-runawaybeomgyu05, txt-runawaybeomgyu15, svt-boomboomscoups01, svt-boomboomscoups20, skz-mirohhyunjin01, skz-mirohhyunjin20

Claire Wright  @ 25 Aug 2020 12:22 pm


Usagi  @ 28 Aug 2020 11:20 am

New Decks (200823): nct-firetrucktaeyong19, nct-firetrucktaeyong20, bts-firejhope19, bts-firejhope20, clc-noseungyeon19, clc-noseungyeon20, omg-windydaymimi19, omg-windydaymimi20, ptg-shalalayeoone19, ptg-shalalayeoone20, twice-fancychaeyoung19, twice-fancychaeyoung20, unit-imeanjiwon19, unit-imeanjiwon20, itzy-wannabechaeryeong19, itzy-wannabechaeryeong20, everglow-dundunonda19, everglow-dundunonda20

demarele  @ 28 Aug 2020 08:04 pm

bts-firejhope01, bts-firejhope02, itzy-wannabechaeryeong01, itzy-wannabechaeryeong02, skz-mirohhyunjin01, skz-mirohhyunjin02, clc-noseungyeon11, clc-noseungyeon12, twice-fancychaeyoung05, twice-fancychaeyoung18, txt-runawaybeomgyu04, txt-runawaybeomgyu19, nct-firetrucktaeyong03, nct-firetrucktaeyong17, shinee-goodeveningtaemin06, shinee-goodeveningtaemin13, svt-boomboomscoups09, svt-boomboomscoups20

Lex  @ 29 Aug 2020 07:17 pm

New Decks: apink-eungeungnaeun12, apink-eungeungnaeun19, cb-reallyreallybora10, cb-reallyreallybora19, clc-noseungyeon04, clc-noseungyeon09, everglow-dundunonda03, everglow-dundunonda11, itzy-wannabechaeryeong05, itzy-wannabechaeryeong08, twice-fancychaeyoung03, twice-fancychaeyoung12, izone-violetaminju04, omg-windydaymimi13, taeyeon-fourseasonsera16, unit-imeanjiwon13, bts-firejhope15, svt-boomboomscoups15, nct-firetrucktaeyong15, got7-flyyugyeom15 // Deck Vote Coupon: everglow-dundunonda18, twice-fancychaeyoung17

Shinya  @ 29 Aug 2020 07:22 pm

cb-reallyreallybora13, cb-reallyreallybora17, izone-violetaminju13, izone-violetaminju17, oneus-twilightkeonhee13, oneus-twilightkeonhee17, ptg-shalalayeoone13, ptg-shalalayeoone17, sf9-rpmyoungbin13, sf9-rpmyoungbin17, svt-boomboomscoups13, svt-boomboomscoups17, taeyeon-fourseasonsera13, taeyeon-fourseasonsera17, txt-runawaybeomgyu13, txt-runawaybeomgyu17, unit-imeanjiwon13, unit-imeanjiwon17

Ayay  @ 30 Aug 2020 08:54 pm

New Decks (8/23/20): apink-eungeungnaeun01, bts-firejhope02, cb-reallyreallybora03, clc-noseungyeon04, everglow-dundunonda05, got7-flyyugyeom06, hl-callingyougikwang07, itzy-wannabechaeryeong08, izone-violetaminju09, nct-firetrucktaeyong10, omg-windydaymimi11, ptg-shalalayeoone12, sf9-rpmyoungbin13, shinee-goodeveningtaemin14, skz-mirohhyunjin15, svt-boomboomscoups16, taeyeon-fourseasonsera17, twice-fancychaeyoung18

larlic  @ 02 Sep 2020 10:09 am

New Decks: shinee-goodeveningtaemin05, shinee-goodeveningtaemin06, got7-flyyugyeom01, got7-flyyugyeom02, bts-firejhope03, bts-firejhope05, everglow-dundunonda03, everglow-dundunonda04, itzy-wannabechaeryeong04, itzy-wannabechaeryeong05, nct-firetrucktaeyong01, nct-firetrucktaeyong02, twice-fancychaeyoung01, twice-fancychaeyoung02, omg-windydaymimi01, omg-windydaymimi02, izone-violetaminju01, izone-violetaminju01

Cas  @ 02 Sep 2020 02:00 pm

New Decks: cb-reallyreallybora01, cb-reallyreallybora17, twice-fancychaeyoung05, twice-fancychaeyoung16, clc-noseungyeon09, clc-noseungyeon10, bts-firejhope07, bts-firejhope08, itzy-wannabechaeryeong07, itzy-wannabechaeryeong16, skz-mirohhyunjin09, skz-mirohhyunjin10, got7-flyjinyoung03, aoa-goodluckchanmi09, hyuna-flowershowerera05, ikon-imokbi16, txt-runawaytaehyun07, shinee-goodeveningonew07\r\nDonated: cb-reallyreallybora20\r\nChoice Card Coupons (twice-fancychaeyoung): twice-fancychaeyoung15

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