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nct 127 posted by caitlin (200816)

Hello friends! Welcome back to another Sunday update. We hope that everyone is doing well.

As always, we appreciate you guys being here! Idolise has been a little on the quiet side (from the point of view of your admins making new additions), but we look forward to seeing you all every week. We're keeping things short and sweet, once again... But we hope you guys still have fun!

Games, Games, Games

This week is another Set 2 week! Nikki is back with us this week, so there shouldn't be any mistakes. She's a professional! I was so lost without her. Feel free to play our Weekly Set as well.

You can continue to trade with Boo everyday!

Keep an eye out for forum games. ^^

New Decks

Update randomzer.

This week's MOTM deck for Ari is sf9-rpmjaeyoon!

And, as always, the decks you guys have voted for! (We are going to try very hard to fluff the upcoming decks up this week! If you see nothing that you want to vote for, maybe check back on Saturday...)

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

apink-eungeungchorong, april-tinkerbellchaewon, bts-firerm, day6-sweetchaossungjin, dc-goodnightjiu, exid-meandyou, got7-flybambam, hinapia-dripgyeongwon, itzy-wannabelia, izone-fiesta, mx-follow, omg-nonstop, nct-punch, ptg-shalalahongseok, sf9-rpmjaeyoon, shinee-goodeveningminho, svt-leftandright, twice-fancyjeongyeon, txt-runawayhueningkai, victon-nostalgicnightsejun
caitlin (200816)

Mari  @ 16 Aug 2020 09:34 pm

New Decks: dc-goodnightjiu08, dc-goodnightjiu18, exid-meandyou08, exid-meandyou19, itzy-wannabelia03, itzy-wannabelia12, izone-fiesta03, izone-fiesta19, svt-leftandright09, svt-leftandright13, twice-fancyjeongyeon08, twice-fancyjeongyeon19, txt-runawayhueningkai09, txt-runawayhueningkai18, shinee-goodeveningminho08, day6-sweetchaossungjin08, got7-flybambam08, bts-firerm17\r\ncoupon-choice(dc-goodnightjiu): dc-goodnightjiu01

Catherine  @ 17 Aug 2020 03:20 pm

Deck Pulls: shinee-goodeveningminho11, shinee-goodeveningminho12, sf9-rpmjaeyoon11, sf9-rpmjaeyoon12, bts-firerm11, bts-firerm12, day6-sweetchaossungjin11, day6-sweetchaossungjin12, dc-goodnightjiu11, dc-goodnightjiu12, got7-flybambam11, got7-flybambam12, ptg-shalalahongseok11, ptg-shalalahongseok12

Pam  @ 18 Aug 2020 10:44 am

new sets took bts-firerm03, bts-firerm13, day6-sweetchaossungjin01, day6-sweetchaossungjin20, got7-flybambam01, got7-flybambam20, mx-follow08, mx-follow18, nct-punch01, nct-punch20, ptg-shalalahongseok01, ptg-shalalahongseok20, shinee-goodeveningminho02, shinee-goodeveningminho12, txt-runawayhueningkai01, txt-runawayhueningkai20, victon-nostalgicnightsejun05, victon-nostalgicnightsejun15

Cas  @ 20 Aug 2020 03:33 am

- Choice Card Coupons (twice-fancyjeongyeon x4): twice-fancyjeongyeon01, twice-fancyjeongyeon13, twice-fancyjeongyeon17, twice-fancyjeongyeon19\r\n- New Decks: twice-fancyjeongyeon10, twice-fancyjeongyeon16, svt-leftandright05, svt-leftandright13, bts-firerm05, bts-firerm06, itzy-wannabelia08, itzy-wannabelia09, day6-sweetchaossungjin15, april-tinkerbellchaewon20, shinee-goodeveningminho01, ptg-shalalahongseok06, victon-nostalgicnightsejun06, apink-eungeungchorong06, hinapia-dripgyeongwon09, txt-runawayhueningkai05, got7-flybambam05, sf9-rpmjaeyoon05

demarele  @ 20 Aug 2020 12:27 pm

New Decks (127): bts-firerm13, bts-firerm14, itzy-wannabelia01, itzy-wannabelia02, mx-follow01, mx-follow02, got7-flybambam02, got7-flybambam19, nct-punch02, nct-punch19, svt-leftandright02, svt-leftandright19, twice-fancyjeongyeon02, twice-fancyjeongyeon19, txt-runawayhueningkai02, txt-runawayhueningkai19, dc-goodnightjiu02, dc-goodnightjiu19

Lex  @ 21 Aug 2020 09:01 pm

New Decks: apink-eungeungchorong04, apink-eungeungchorong14, dc-goodnightjiu09, dc-goodnightjiu14, exid-meandyou11, exid-meandyou18, hinapia-dripgyeongwon06, hinapia-dripgyeongwon14, itzy-wannabelia04, itzy-wannabelia14, omg-nonstop09, omg-nonstop14, twice-fancyjeongyeon12, twice-fancyjeongyeon18, april-tinkerbellchaewon11, izone-fiesta17, bts-firerm19, svt-leftandright17, victon-nostalgicnightsejun11, shinee-goodeveningminho13 // Deck Vote Coupon: itzy-wannabelia17

larlic  @ 22 Aug 2020 10:58 am

New Decks: shinee-goodeveningminho03, shinee-goodeveningminho04, got7-flybambam01, got7-flybambam02, bts-firerm01, bts-firerm02, day6-sweetchaossungjin01, day6-sweetchaossungjin02, dc-goodnightjiu01, hinapia-dripgyeongwon01, itzy-wannabelia01, izone-fiesta01, omg-nonstop01, nct-punch03, nct-punch04, twice-fancyjeongyeon03, twice-fancyjeongyeon04, txt-runawayhueningkai01

Shinya  @ 22 Aug 2020 06:46 pm

Update (200816): txt-runawayhueningkai13, txt-runawayhueningkai17, svt-leftandright13, svt-leftandright17, sf9-rpmjaeyoon13, sf9-rpmjaeyoon17, izone-fiesta13, izone-fiesta17, dc-goodnightjiu13, dc-goodnightjiu17, day6-sweetchaossungjin13, day6-sweetchaossungjin17, hinapia-dripgyeongwon13, hinapia-dripgyeongwon17, ptg-shalalahongseok13, ptg-shalalahongseok17, itzy-wannabelia13, itzy-wannabelia17, april-tinkerbellchaewon13, april-tinkerbellchaewon17

Ayay  @ 30 Aug 2020 08:58 pm

New Decks (8/16/20): apink-eungeungchorong01, april-tinkerbellchaewon02, bts-firerm03, day6-sweetchaossungjin04, dc-goodnightjiu05, exid-meandyou06, got7-flybambam07, hinapia-dripgyeongwon08, itzy-wannabelia09, izone-fiesta10, mx-follow11, omg-nonstop12, nct-punch13, ptg-shalalahongseok14, sf9-rpmjaeyoon15, shinee-goodeveningminho16, svt-leftandright17, twice-fancyjeongyeon18

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