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124 posted by caitlin (200726)

Just like that, the month is over! We're heading into our final week of July, so this update will include a lot of the usual, your deadline reminders, and!

2000 decks

Nikki and I have been shooting the breeze on Discord, and it dawned on us that we have more than 2200 decks! That is a pretty crazy number. I know that we frequently thank you guys for always participating and being active, but we really could not do this without everyone who works so hard to make sure Idolise keeps turning. Thank you all for the donations! Great work to our deck making team! Everyone has worked hard.

We don't do a lot of event cards these days, but let's celebrate this with one!


And to celebrate this deck milestone, maybe some choice cards. Feel free to take 10 choice cards, no limit on how many per deck. The only condition is that this deck must have been released before today!


Nikki and I just realized that we didn't give a hard deadline to the second-anniversary event. We mention the month of July quite often, but we're sorry if anyone has been putting it off due to now seeing a deadline.

We were going to end it with the last day of July, but instead, we'll give you all the next full week to get your things in! Everything must be handed in at August 1st at 11:59:59pm, according to the forum clock.

That being said, you only have until the last day of July for everything else. Please get your July donations in. Get your Dream Deck masteries in! Play those monthly games by Friday!


Nikki has updated Set 1 for you guys this week! You are also free to play the Weekly Set as always.

You can continue to trade with Boo every day! We're averaging about 60 trades a week, which we think is enough reason to keep him open like this.

Keep an eye out for our cute forum games! Thank you to Amy who works so hard to get those up for us every week.

New Decks

Update randomizer!

And the decks you guys have voted for ♥! Our final Yasu deck is also coming out today: omg-windydayseunghee.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

bts-firejungkook, day6-sweetchaosjae, dc-goodnightsua, fis9-funjiheon, gidle-uhohminnie, hinapia-dripminkyeung, itzy-wannabeyeji, jihoon-360era, lmtls-dreamplay, mmoo-gogobebewheein, nct-the7thsensemark, omg-windydayseunghee, ptg-shalalayanan, rv-peekaboowendy, sf9-rpmtaeyang, svt-boomboomjun, twice-fancysana, victon-nostalgicnightbyungchan, wjsn-savemesaveyoueunseo, woodz-lovemeharder
caitlin (200726)

Mari  @ 26 Jul 2020 08:46 pm

Event Card: 200726\r\nFreebies: exid-iloveyouhani15, exid-iloveyouhani18, mmld-baamahin01, mmld-baamahin05, mmld-baamahin16, mmld-baamahin19, mmld-baamyeonwoo10, mmld-baamyeonwoo11, mmld-baamyeonwoo14, mmld-baamyeonwoo20\r\nNew Decks: dc-goodnightsua01, dc-goodnightsua16, itzy-wannabeyeji06, itzy-wannabeyeji10, svt-boomboomjun03, svt-boomboomjun17, twice-fancysana09, twice-fancysana10, wjsn-savemesaveyoueunseo07, wjsn-savemesaveyoueunseo11, sf9-rpmtaeyang03, rv-peekaboowendy03, victon-nostalgicnightbyungchan01, hinapia-dripminkyeung13, gidle-uhohminnie13, woodz-lovemeharder13, bts-firejungkook04, jihoon-360era04

Pam  @ 27 Jul 2020 09:42 am

took 200726\r\n\r\nfor 2200 decks took mx-herohyungwon10, mx-jealousyhyungwon10, mx-jealousyhyungwon12, mx-fighterim20, mx-fighterjooheon01, mx-jealousyshownu20, mx-rushshownu20, mx-rushwonho20, mx-shootoutwonho20, mx-shootoutjooheon01\r\n\r\nnew sets took bts-firejungkook02, bts-firejungkook12, day6-sweetchaosjae01, day6-sweetchaosjae20, jihoon-360era05, jihoon-360era15,ptg-shalalayanan05, ptg-shalalayanan15, victon-nostalgicnightbyungchan05, victon-nostalgicnightbyungchan15

sora  @ 27 Jul 2020 01:59 pm

event card: 200726\r\n\r\nchoice cards (2000 decks): nct-longflight05, nct-longflight07, nct-longflight15, nct-longflight16, nct-longflight17, nct-longflight20, nct-wegouphaechan06, nct-wegouphaechan08, nct-wegouphaechan09, nct-wegouphaechan10\r\n\r\ndeck pulls: dc-goodnightsua05,, bts-firejungkook07, woodz-lovemeharder01, woodz-lovemeharder11, jihoon-360era07, itzy-wannabeyeji19, itzy-wannabeyeji18, hinapia-dripminkyeung18, svt-boomboomjun11, day6-sweetchaosjae11, twice-fancysana11, twice-fancysana19, gidle-uhohminnie11, nct-the7thsensemark01, nct-the7thsensemark19, wjsn-savemesaveyoueunseo01, fis9-funjiheon01, sf9-rpmtaeyang01,, sf9-rpmtaeyang14, omg-windydayseunghee19

Lex  @ 28 Jul 2020 01:55 am

New Decks: dc-goodnightsua12, dc-goodnightsua19, fis9-funjiheon11, fis9-funjiheon15, gidle-uhohminnie08, gidle-uhohminnie14, hinapia-dripminkyeung06, hinapia-dripminkyeung11, itzy-wannabeyeji08, itzy-wannabeyeji15, mmoo-gogobebewheein10, mmoo-gogobebewheein18, rv-peekaboowendy11, rv-peekaboowendy13, twice-fancysana07, twice-fancysana15, wjsn-savemesaveyoueunseo02, wjsn-savemesaveyoueunseo07, omg-windydayseunghee08, bts-firejungkook20 // Deck Vote Coupon: itzy-wannabeyeji20 // Event Card: 200726

Catherine  @ 29 Jul 2020 10:04 pm

- Freebies: bts-giveittome19, bts-giveittome20, bts-euphoria07, bts-euphoria14, bts-euphoria16, bts-giveittome14, bts-giveittome17, ab6ix-breathedonghyun04, key-oneofthosenightsera06, key-oneofthosenightsera10\r\n- Deck Pulls: jihoon-360era11, svt-boomboomjun11, dc-goodnightsua11, gidle-uhohminnie11, gidle-uhohminnie12, ptg-shalalayanan11, rv-peekaboowendy11, rv-peekaboowendy12, sf9-rpmtaeyang11, sf9-rpmtaeyang12, day6-sweetchaosjae11, day6-sweetchaosjae12, bts-firejungkook11, bts-firejungkook12, mmoo-gogobebewheein11, mmoo-gogobebewheein12, nct-the7thsensemark11, nct-the7thsensemark12

demarele  @ 30 Jul 2020 04:59 pm

2000 Decks Event (10 choice cards): ateez-saymyname06, ateez-saymyname19, ateez-saymynamesan12, ateez-saymynameseonghwa08, ateez-saymynameseonghwa16, ateez-saymynameseonghwa20, ateez-saymynamewooyoung08, ateez-saymynamewooyoung17, ateez-saymynamewooyoung20, mx-fighterwonho03\r\n\r\nNew Decks (124): bts-firejungkook04, bts-firejungkook20, mmoo-gogobebewheein14, mmoo-gogobebewheein20, itzy-wannabeyeji15, itzy-wannabeyeji20, wjsn-savemesaveyoueunseo03, wjsn-savemesaveyoueunseo14, victon-nostalgicnightbyungchan03, victon-nostalgicnightbyungchan14, nct-the7thsensemark05, nct-the7thsensemark19, svt-boomboomjun03, svt-boomboomjun17, twice-fancysana02, twice-fancysana16, gidle-uhohminnie06, hinapia-dripminkyeung18

yangdizzy  @ 31 Jul 2020 07:30 am

Update (200726): victon-nostalgicnightbyungchan01, victon-nostalgicnightbyungchan04, wjsn-savemesaveyoueunseo01, wjsn-savemesaveyoueunseo04, bts-firejungkook10, bts-firejungkook19, fis9-funjiheon01, fis9-funjiheon04, omg-windydayseunghee01, omg-windydayseunghee04, svt-boomboomjun01, svt-boomboomjun04, sf9-rpmtaeyang01, sf9-rpmtaeyang04, day6-sweetchaosjae01, day6-sweetchaosjae04, hinapia-dripminkyeung01, hinapia-dripminkyeung04 (18/18)\r\n\r\n2000 Decks choice cards: ateez-wavejongho12, ateez-wavejongho13, ateez-wavejongho16, wjsn-savemesaveyousoobin14, wjsn-savemesaveyousoobin15, wjsn-savemesaveyousoobin17, pristin-welikekyulkyung01, pristin-welikekyulkyung02, pristin-welikekyulkyung14, pristin-welikekyulkyung16

Katie  @ 01 Aug 2020 02:09 pm

Deck Pulls: bts-firejungkook01, day6-sweetchaosjae02, nct-the7thsensemark03, svt-boomboomjun04, victon-nostalgicnightbyungchan05, woodz-lovemeharder06, twice-fancysana07, rv-peekaboowendy08, bts-firejungkook09, day6-sweetchaosjae10, nct-the7thsensemark11, svt-boomboomjun12, victon-nostalgicnightbyungchan13, woodz-lovemeharder14, twice-fancysana15, rv-peekaboowendy16

Larlic  @ 01 Aug 2020 05:05 pm

New Decks: jihoon-360era01, jihoon-360era02, bts-firejungkook03, bts-firejungkook04, day6-sweetchaosjae01, day6-sweetchaosjae02, dc-goodnightsua01, gidle-uhohminnie01, hinapia-dripminkyeung01, itzy-wannabeyeji01, nct-the7thsensemark01, nct-the7thsensemark02, omg-windydayseunghee01, omg-windydayseunghee02, rv-peekaboowendy01, rv-peekaboowendy02, twice-fancysana01, twice-fancysana04

Shinya  @ 01 Aug 2020 06:55 pm

- Update (200726): day6-sweetchaosjae13, day6-sweetchaosjae17, dc-goodnightsua13, dc-goodnightsua17, hinapia-dripminkyeung13, hinapia-dripminkyeung17, itzy-wannabeyeji13, itzy-wannabeyeji17, jihoon-360era13, jihoon-360era17, ptg-shalalayanan13, ptg-shalalayanan17, rv-peekaboowendy13, rv-peekaboowendy17, sf9-rpmtaeyang13, sf9-rpmtaeyang17, svt-boomboomjun13, svt-boomboomjun17

Cas  @ 01 Aug 2020 08:44 pm

2000 Decks: 200726, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon13, loona-hihighgowon01, loona-hihighgowon18, loona-hihighyeojin09, loona-hihighyeojin15, twice-dancethenightawaysana16, twice-dancethenightawaysana19, loona-butterflykimlip03, loona-butterflykimlip04, loona-butterflykimlip06\r\n\r\nNew Decks: twice-fancysana07, twice-fancysana19, rv-peekaboowendy03, rv-peekaboowendy12, nct-the7thsensemark06, nct-the7thsensemark07, bts-firejungkook10, bts-firejungkook11, omg-windydayseunghee03, omg-windydayseunghee04, sf9-rpmtaeyang06, sf9-rpmtaeyang07, hinapia-dripminkyeung09, hinapia-dripminkyeung10, jihoon-360era06, jihoon-360era07, day6-sweetchaosjae14, wjsn-savemesaveyoueunseo09

Sarah  @ 02 Aug 2020 01:06 am

Event Card: 20076\r\nFreebies (10 choice cards): bp-playingwithfire10, bp-playingwithfire11, chungha-gottagoera06, chungha-gottagoera07, chungha-rollercoaster10, chungha-rollercoaster11, gf-fingertipyerin06, gf-fingertipyerin15, rv-umpahumpahwendy19, wno-energeticdaniel17\r\nNew Decks (26 Jul): rv-peekaboowendy12, rv-peekaboowendy13, svt-boomboomjun10, svt-boomboomjun16, nct-the7thsensemark05, nct-the7thsensemark13, mmoo-gogobebewheein14, mmoo-gogobebewheein20, gidle-uhohminnie08, gidle-uhohminnie12, twice-fancysana03, twice-fancysana09, dc-goodnightsua13, dc-goodnightsua20, itzy-wannnabeyeji05, itzy-wannabeyeji10, bts-firejungkook01, bts-firejungkook04\r\nDeck Vote coupon: rv-peekaboowendy17

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