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121 posted by caitlin (200705)

Hello my cuties!

Even though Nikki and I popped in on Wednesday for a quick update, this felt like another long week. It has only been four days since then, but it seems like such a long time ago? We hope that everyone had a wonderful week!

Let me start the update with some of the usual thanks! It means a lot to us that so many of you have submitted era suggestions to Q&A. You may have already noticed, but Nikki is going to be helping me out with era decks from now on! We're hoping to build our upcoming deck pile back up to where it was before, and we apologize if voting for decks has been difficult over the last few weeks.

I also can not wait to see who everyone picks for their anniversary event idols! I'll be working on any submissions this week during my free time after work.

Deck Fixes

We have a deck fix! Zooya has remade a majority of the oneus-twilight. You can download a zip of that deck from here and upload it to your site. ^^

The Final 2015 Decks

We've done it! Today we are retiring the final 2015 decks. This is a big one, and it includes all of the following:

  • BTS - Awakening
  • Block B - Zero For Conduct
  • Dal Shabet - Joker
  • EXID - Ah Yeah
  • EXO - Call Me Baby
  • Fiestar - You're Pitiful
  • Hara - Choco Chip Cookies
  • iKON - Rhythm Ta
  • Infinite H - Pretty
  • Jonghyun - Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)
  • Kara - Cupid
  • Lizzy - Not An Easy Girl
  • Nine Muses - Hurt Locker
  • Oh My Girl - Closer
  • SHINee - Married to the Music
  • SHINee - View
  • Super Junior - Growing Pains
  • Wonder Girls - I Feel You

Thank you for staying with us while we removed all of the 2015 decks from our randomizers! Remember that these decks can still be collected and mastered. They're still in trade posts! If you're looking for more information about why we've retired these decks, that information is here.

Games, Games, Games

My sweet best friend is at work right now, but she updated Set 2 for us before bed last night! You can also give the Weekly Games a play.

For the first time in weeks, I am not forgetting to say: Please continue trading with Boo-Bot every day if you wish!

New Decks

You guys voted for these. Here is your Update Randomizer!

We're releasing mmoo-gogobebehwasa for Yasu this week!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

april-thebluebirdrachel, astro-babyrocky, ateez-wavewooyoung, b1a4-rollingongchan, chungha-snappingera, everglow-dundun, fis9-funjisun, gidle-uhohsoyeon, ikon-goodbyeroadchanwoo, itzy-wannabe, lvlz-thatday, mmoo-gogobebehwasa, mobb-body, mx-fighterkihyun, nct-the7thsensetaeyong, nuest-helpme, sewoon-babyitsuera, snm-fridaynightnahyun, svt-boomboommingyu, wjsn-savemesaveyouluda
caitlin (200705)

Mari  @ 05 Jul 2020 08:03 pm

New Decks: ateez-wavewooyoung02, ateez-wavewooyoung13, chungha-snappingera06, chungha-snappingera17, everglow-dundun04, everglow-dundun12, itzy-wannabe04, itzy-wannabe12, svt-boomboommingyu08, svt-boomboommingyu15, wjsn-savemesaveyouluda01, wjsn-savemesaveyouluda18, b1a4-rollingongchan10, mx-fighterkihyun05, mmoo-gogobebehwasa04, snm-fridaynightnahyun07, nuest-helpme04, nct-the7thsensetaeyong08\r\ncoupon-pulls2: chungha-snappingera01, chungha-snappingera02

Pam  @ 07 Jul 2020 10:10 am

new sets took mx-fighterkihyun08, mx-fighterkihyun18, astro-babyrocky01, ateez-wavewooyoung20, b1a4-rollingongchan01, ikon-goodbyeroadchanwoo20, nct-the7thsensetaeyong01, nuest-helpme05, svt-boomboommingyu20

Shinya  @ 08 Jul 2020 05:00 pm

- Update (200705): april-thebluebirdrachel13, april-thebluebirdrachel17, astro-babyrocky13, astro-babyrocky17, ateez-wavewooyoung13, ateez-wavewooyoung17, b1a4-rollingongchan13, b1a4-rollingongchan17, chungha-snappingera13, chungha-snappingera17, itzy-wannabe13, itzy-wannabe17, sewoon-babyitsuera13, sewoon-babyitsuera17, svt-boomboommingyu13, svt-boomboommingyu17, mx-fighterkihyun13, mx-fighterkihyun17, wjsn-savemesaveyouluda13, wjsn-savemesaveyouluda17

Usagi  @ 09 Jul 2020 04:51 pm

New Decks (200705): mmoo-gogobebehwasa19, mmoo-gogobebehwasa20, ikon-goodbyeroadchanwoo19, ikon-goodbyeroadchanwoo20, gidle-uhohsoyeon19, gidle-uhohsoyeon20, april-thebluebirdrachel19, april-thebluebirdrachel20, chungha-snappingera19, chungha-snappingera20, everglow-dundun19, everglow-dundun20, itzy-wannabe19, itzy-wannabe20, nct-the7thsensetaeyong19, nct-the7thsensetaeyong20, wjsn-savemesaveyouluda19, wjsn-savemesaveyouluda20

larlic  @ 10 Jul 2020 11:14 am

New Decks: astro-babyrocky01, astro-babyrocky02, ikon-goodbyeroadchanwoo01, ikon-goodbyeroadchanwoo02, mobb-body01, mobb-body02, nuest-helpme01, nuest-helpme02, mx-fighterkihyun05, mx-fighterkihyun06, chungha-snappingera05, chungha-snappingera06, itzy-wannabe03, itzy-wannabe04, nct-the7thsensetaeyong03, nct-the7thsensetaeyong04, gidle-uhohsoyeon03, everglow-dundun01

Catherine  @ 11 Jul 2020 04:10 pm

- Deck Pulls: ateez-wavewooyoung11, ateez-wavewooyoung12, svt-boomboommingyu11, svt-boomboommingyu12, ikon-goodbyeroadchanwoo11, ikon-goodbyeroadchanwoo12, mmoo-gogobebehwasa11, mmoo-gogobebehwasa12, nct-the7thsensetaeyong11, nct-the7thsensetaeyong12

Cas  @ 11 Jul 2020 09:56 pm

Deck Pulls: chungha-snappingera07, chungha-snappingera17, ikon-goodbyeroadchanwoo19, nct-the7thsensetaeyong02, mx-fighterkihyun10, ateez-wavewooyoung10, svt-boomboommingyu10, april-thebluebirdrachel15, b1a4-rollingongchan07, astro-babyrocky10, sewoon-babyitsuera10, wjsn-savemesaveyouluda12, fis9-funjisun12, snm-fridaynightnahyun12, gidle-uhohsoyeon12, mmoo-gogobebehwasa12, itzy-wannabe12, nuest-helpme12

Lex  @ 12 Jul 2020 12:08 am

New Decks: chungha-snappingera11, chungha-snappingera18, everglow-dundun14, everglow-dundun18, fis9-funjisun14, gidle-uhohsoyeon08, gidle-uhohsoyeon15, itzy-wannabe05, itzy-wannabe14, mmoo-gogobebehwasa05, mmoo-gogobebehwasa13, wjsn-savemesaveyouluda03, wjsn-savemesaveyouluda14, april-thebluebirdrachel12, lvlz-thatday14, snm-fridaynightnahyun17, svt-boomboommingyu16, nct-the7thsensetaeyong17, nuest-helpme13, ikon-goodbyeroadchanwoo14

Sarah  @ 12 Jul 2020 12:25 am

New Decks (5 July): svt-boomboommingyu08, svt-boomboommingyu18, chungha-snappingera05, chungha-snappingera12, mmoo-gogobebehwasa01, mmoo-gogobebehwasa09,nct-the7thsensetaeyong07, nct-the7thsensetaeyong14, gidle-uhohsoyeon03, gidle-uhohsoyeon15, itzy-wannabe02, itzy-wannabe18, everglow-dundun08, everglow-dundun11, mobb-body02, mobb-body12, fis9-funjisun10, fis9-funjisun18\r\nDeck Vote Coupons (svt-boomboommingyu): svt-boomboommingyu03, svt-boomboommingyu12, svt-boomboommingyu16

Mya  @ 18 Jul 2020 01:38 pm

Update (#121): astro-babyrocky07, astro-babyrocky20, ateez-wavewooyoung07, ateez-wavewooyoung20, fis9-funjisun07, fis9-funjisun20, wjsn-savemesaveyouluda07, wjsn-savemesaveyouluda20, mx-fighterkihyun07, mx-fighterkihyun20, svt-boomboommingyu05, april-thebluebirdrachel07, april-thebluebirdrachel20, b1a4-rollingongchan03, itzy-wannabe07, svt-boomboommingyu07, b1a4-rollingongchan04, chungha-snappingera08

Ayay  @ 19 Jul 2020 04:12 pm

New Decks (07/05/20): april-thebluebirdrachel01, astro-babyrocky02, ateez-wavewooyoung03, b1a4-rollingongchan04, chungha-snappingera05, everglow-dundun06, fis9-funjisun07, gidle-uhohsoyeon08, ikon-goodbyeroadchanwoo09, itzy-wannabe10, lvlz-thatday11, mmoo-gogobebehwasa12, mx-fighterkihyun13, nct-the7thsensetaeyong14, nuest-helpme15, sewoon-babyitsuera16, svt-boomboommingyu17, wjsn-savemesaveyouluda18

Sanna  @ 19 Jul 2020 06:07 pm

New Deck (120): chungha-snappingera12, chungha-snappingera13,itzy-wannabe06, itzy-wannabe07, nuest-helpme11, nuest-helpme12, april-thebluebirdrachel02, april-thebluebirdrachel03, svt-boomboommingyu14, svt-boomboommingyu15, mmoo-gogobebehwasa19, mmoo-gogobebehwasa20, everglow-dundun17, everglow-dundun18, fis9-funjisun09, fis9-funjisun10, b1a4-rollingongchan08, b1a4-rollingongchan09

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