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120 posted by caitlin (200701)

You didn't expect to see us today, right?

With it being Canada Day today, Nikki and I are both off from work and spending a little time together. She will be working this Sunday, and it seemed like a good idea for us to push our monthly update out today. It's July 1st, so why not?

This update is going to be pretty quick and painless. We have decided to repeat our 1st Anniversary Event -- and we hope that you guys enjoyed it because almost nothing has changed. If it's your first anniversary with us, it is a pretty straight forward event. We don't think that it's particularly difficult! It's mainly focused around custom content.

We're going to talk about it more a little later in the update!

First, let's get the event cards out of the way.

As always, we have chosen a new random member of the month. Congratulations to our precious Yasu!

200701, 2007-motm

Monthly Games/Threads

The monthly games are ready! Nikki just finished these up and did all of the testing to make sure that they're good to go.

We have a new dream deck topic up.

As I write this, Dhee has already put up the new donation thread and is working on getting back to you about your pending donations!

Please request your July birthday badges when you're ready!

Speaking of Donations

It's nothing major (meaning please do not message me to apologize, because I am not upset), but a few of you are still not renaming your donations before zipping them.

The following rule has existed in the donation information since November:

  • Before zipping your donation up, please ensure your folder is labeled properly. All folder names ahould match the deck filename. (example: EXO - Suho (Monster) would be: exo-monstersuho, just like the deck)

This goes for both era decks and music video decks. The zipped folder should be named the same as the deck filename.

2nd Anniversary Event

Now onto the event!

Honestly, we don't have much to say that is not included in the Second Anniversary Information Page: here.

I definitely just copied over the information from last year, so feel free to point out any mistakes I made that may say 1st Anniversary or 2019...

We have also had quite a few members ask about 2nd anniversary member cards! That thread is up here.

And that's it? We'll see you guys on Sunday! It feels very unnatural to do an update in the middle of the week like this.

caitlin (200701)

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