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119 posted by caitlin (200628)

Hello, hello! It's finally Sunday again.

Did this week feel incredibly long for anyone else? Maybe it's because we're closing in on the end of the month, but everything felt a little slower moving than the earlier weeks of June. Although things have been a little bit quiet, we really hope that you all had a good week and that you're taking care of yourself out there! And as always, thanks for dropping in and joining us for another update.

This is our final June update, so you can anticipate a familiar reminds coming up, as well as the usual nonsense.

But first!

Shop Update

Some of you may remember that I started working on a new shop back in April. I had mentioned it a few times in the Discord, but got busy with real life and was having trouble finding the motivation to fix it.

After much waiting, it is finally here!

I've done quite a bit of testing, and the only current issue is that coupons do not subtract from the initial price calculation. The coupons do work on the actual reward page and will remove the currency for however many coupons you've submitted. So please start using it! We hope that this will make your life a little bit easier when spending your coins.


The month is almost over! Donations should be in before the new month starts. Dream Deck submissions are due! If you have not played our monthly games, make sure you play those ASAP to make sure they don't cause you to not be able to play again in July.

You guys know the drill.

Retired 2015 Decks

Important: Next week is actually the final week. We have made it! The remaining 2015 decks (which some of you may remember as the 2015 decks we released all at one time) will be retired next Sunday.

This week we have removed EXID - Hot Pink, CLC - Pepe and Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang from our randomizers this week!

If you want to know more about the decks we're retiring and why, click here!

Games, Games, Games

I just discovered that there are normally rules regarding which decks we use for Uh-Oh! I did not know that it had to be a new-ish deck from the last few months, so I'm sorry and will accept my grounding.

Thankfully Nikki is back with me this week and she has updated the Set 1 games, as well as the Weekly Set.

Feel free to trade with Boo everyday!

As always, keep an eye out for our cute forum games to get a few extra cards this week!

New Decks

You guys voted for these! With the exception of svt-boomboomjoshua, which is Luna's final MOTM deck choice!

Update randomizer!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ace-savage, april-thebluebirdchaewon, astro-baby, ateez-waveseonghwa, cix-moviestar, clc-noohohyujin, dia-woowaeunice, ds-frisatsunahyoung, fis9-funnakyung, gidle-uhohyuqi, hl-plzdontbesadgikwang, ibi-molaemolaesuhyun, ikon-goodbyeroadyunhyeong, mx-fighterjooheon, nct-the7thsensejaehyun, rcpc-bimbambumsohee, skz-youngwings, snm-fridaynighthighd, svt-boomboomjoshua, wjsn-savemesaveyoudayoung
caitlin (200628)

petaloid  @ 28 Jun 2020 05:35 pm

New Decks: april-thebluebirdchaewon04, april-thebluebirdchaewon07, clc-noohohyujin02, clc-noohohyujin06, dia-woowaeunice03, dia-woowaeunice06, ds-frisatsunahyoung04, fis9-funnakyung06, fis9-funnakyung10, gidle-uhohyuqi15, gidle-uhohyuqi16, ibi-molaemolaesuhyun10, ibi-molaemolaesuhyun20, rcpc-bimbambumsohee01, rcpc-bimbambumsohee20, snm-fridaynighthighd01, wjsn-savemesaveyoudayoung02, wjsn-savemesaveyoudayoung08\r\n\r\nDeck Vote: coupon-choice(ibi-molaemolaesuhyun) for ibi-molaemolaesuhyun04

Ayay  @ 28 Jun 2020 08:58 pm

Deck Pulls: ace-savage18, april-thebluebirdchaewon20, astro-baby16, ateez-waveseonghwa20, dia-woowaeunice20, ds-frisatsunahyoung20, fis9-funnakyung10, gidle-uhohyuqi18, hl-plzdontbesadgikwang13, ibi-molaemolaesuhyun20, ikon-goodbyeroadyunhyeong20, mx-fighterjooheon20, nct-the7thsensejaehyun04, rcpc-bimbambumsohee05, skz-youngwings15, snm-fridaynighthighd13, svt-boomboomjoshua10, wjsn-savemesaveyoudayoung01

Mari  @ 29 Jun 2020 12:14 am

New Decks: ateez-waveseonghwa07, ateez-waveseonghwa10, svt-boomboomjoshua02, svt-boomboomjoshua17, wjsn-savemesaveyoudayoung02, wjsn-savemesaveyoudayoung16, mx-fighterjooheon06, ikon-goodbyeroadyunhyeong06, gidle-uhohyuqi09, dia-woowaeunice13, clc-noohohyujin14, skz-youngwings16, fis9-funnakyung18, ibi-molaemolaesuhyun18, nct-the7thsensejaehyun01, ds-frisatsunahyoung06, ace-savage06, snm-fridaynighthighd06

Usagi  @ 29 Jun 2020 03:20 pm

New Decks (200628): gidle-uhohyuqi19, gidle-uhohyuqi20, ikon-goodbyeroadyunhyeong19, ikon-goodbyeroadyunhyeong20, april-thebluebirdchaewon19, april-thebluebirdchaewon20, clc-noohohyujin19, clc-noohohyujin20, nct-the7thsensejaehyun19, nct-the7thsensejaehyun20, wjsn-savemesaveyoudayoung19, wjsn-savemesaveyoudayoung20, svt-boomboomjoshua19, svt-boomboomjoshua20, ace-savage19, ace-savage20, ateez-waveseonghwa19, ateez-waveseonghwa20

Catherine  @ 29 Jun 2020 03:43 pm

Deck Pulls: ateez-waveseonghwa11, ateez-waveseonghwa12, clc-noohohyujin11, clc-noohohyujin12, gidle-uhohyuqi11, gidle-uhohyuqi12, ikon-goodbyeroadyunhyeong11, ikon-goodbyeroadyunhyeong12, svt-boomboomjoshua11, svt-boomboomjoshua12, nct-the7thsensejaehyun11, nct-the7thsensejaehyun12

julia  @ 02 Jul 2020 02:46 am

New Decks (06/28): skz-youngwings15, skz-youngwings17, cix-moviestar03, cix-moviestar08, astro-baby05, astro-baby18, ateez-waveseonghwa07, ateez-waveseonghwa11, gidle-uhohyuqi01, gidle-uhohyuqi16, hl-plzdontbesadgikwang10, hl-plzdontbesadgikwang16, mx-fighterjooheon05, mx-fighterjooheon08, nct-the7thsensejaehyun15, nct-the7thsensejaehyun18, svt-boomboomjoshua13, svt-boomboomjoshua16

Pam  @ 02 Jul 2020 09:47 am

new sets took mx-fighterjooheon04, mx-fighterjooheon14, astro-baby05, ateez-waveseonghwa05, cix-moviestar05, nct-the7thsensejaehyun05, svt-boomboomjoshua05

yangdizzy  @ 03 Jul 2020 05:40 pm

Update (200628): ateez-waveseonghwa07, ateez-waveseonghwa16, hl-plzdontbesadgikwang03, hl-plzdontbesadgikwang04, mx-fighterjooheon03, mx-fighterjooheon04, wjsn-savemesaveyoudayoung16, wjsn-savemesaveyoudayoung17, svt-boomboomjoshua01, svt-boomboomjoshua04, april-thebluebirdchaewon01, april-thebluebirdchaewon04, astro-baby01, astro-baby04, cix-moviestar01, cix-moviestar04, rcpc-bimbambumsohee01, rcpc-bimbambumsohee04 (18/18)\r\n\r\nDeck donation rewards: wjsn-savemesaveyoudayoung06\r\n\r\nDeck vote coupon: hl-plzdontbesadgikwang08

larlic  @ 04 Jul 2020 07:16 am

New Decks: rcpc-bimbambumsohee07, rcpc-bimbambumsohee08, ateez-waveseonghwa16, ateez-waveseonghwa17, mx-fighterjooheon11, mx-fighterjooheon12, dia-woowaeunice05, dia-woowaeunice17, hl-plzdontbesadgikwang03,\r\nhl-plzdontbesadgikwang04, ikon-goodbyeroadyunhyeong10, ikon-goodbyeroadyunhyeong11, nct-the7thsensejaehyun13, nct-the7thsensejaehyun14, gidle-uhohyuqi03, gidle-uhohyuqi04, svt-boomboomjoshua17, svt-boomboomjoshua19

Sarah  @ 04 Jul 2020 04:27 pm

- New Decks (28 June): svt-boomboomjoshua05, svt-boomboomjoshua11, gidle-uhohyuqi03, gidle-uhohyuqi07, nct-the7thsensejaehyun06, nct-the7thsensejaehyun10, astro-baby06, astro-baby12, hl-plzdontbesadgikwang08, hl-plzdontbesadgikwang09, dia-woowaeunice05, dia-woowaeunice19, mx-fighterjooheon09, mx-fighterjooheon11, ikon-goodbyeroadyunhyeong02, ikon-goodbyeroadyunhyeong04, skz-youngwings04, skz-youngwings16

Cas  @ 04 Jul 2020 11:37 pm

New Decks: dia-woowasomyi08, dia-woowasomyi13, rcpc-bimbambumsohee15, rcpc-bimbambumsohee16, ateez-waveseonghwa02, ateez-waveseonghwa03, nct-the7thsensejaehyun09, nct-the7thsensejaehyun10, svt-boomboomjoshua13, ikon-goodbyeroadyunhyeong18, fis9-funnakyung02, ibi-molaemolaesuhyun16, snm-fridaynighthighd07, april-thebluebirdchaewon07, wjsn-savemesaveyoudayoung04, clc-noohohyujin10, hl-plzdontbesadgikwang10, gidle-uhohyuqi10

Cas  @ 04 Jul 2020 11:38 pm

**um dia-woowaeunice08, dia-woowaeunice13 not somyi lol

Lex  @ 05 Jul 2020 12:29 am

New Decks: clc-noohohyujin08, clc-noohohyujin13, fis9-funnakyung08, fis9-funnakyung14, gidle-uhohyuqi02, gidle-uhohyuqi13, rcpc-bimbambumsohee03, rcpc-bimbambumsohee18, wjsn-savemesaveyoudayoung05, wjsn-savemesaveyoudayoung12, april-thebluebirdchaewon05, dia-woowaeunice14, ds-frisatsunahyoung15, ibi-molaemolaesuhyun17, snm-fridaynighthighd05, ace-savage16, astro-baby11, ateez-waveseonghwa15, nct-the7thsensejaehyun02, mx-fighterjooheon16 // Deck Vote Coupon: fis9-funnakyung19

Shinya  @ 07 Jul 2020 06:28 am

- Update (200628): ace-savage13, ace-savage17, april-thebluebirdchaewon13, april-thebluebirdchaewon17, astro-baby13, astro-baby17, ateez-waveseonghwa13, ateez-waveseonghwa17, cix-moviestar13, cix-moviestar17, rcpc-bimbambumsohee13, rcpc-bimbambumsohee17, svt-boomboomjoshua13, svt-boomboomjoshua17, hl-plzdontbesadgikwang06, hl-plzdontbesadgikwang17, wjsn-savemesaveyoudayoung13, wjsn-savemesaveyoudayoung17

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