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118 posted by caitlin (200621)

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Idolise. This week went by so fast! I really can not believe that June is wrapping up already, as well? I feel like we just started the month!

For the first time... IN FOREVER? I am actually tackling this update all on my own -- my sweet Nikki is doing overnights at work, and so, I am going to keep this short and sweet! I don't think that we had anything important to tell you guys... So this is just going to be a quick little update.

Retired 2015 Decks

We have removed VIXX - Beautiful Liar and Day6 - Congratulations from our randomizers this week!

If you want to know more about the decks we're retiring and why, click here!

Games, Games, Games

I have updated the Set 2 games for you guys! I'm not nearly as good at this as Nikki. I am expecting there to be mistakes because I don't know what I am doing.

As always, our Weekly Set is free to play.

Please continue to send Boo up to 12 cards a day this week!

Keep an eye out for forum games!

New Decks

These are the decks you've voted for!

This week's Luna deck is none other than svt-boomboomhoshi!

Update randomizer!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

april-thebluebirdnaeun, astro-babymj, ateez-wavejongho, b1a4-rollincnu, cix-moviestaryonghee, clc-noohohsorn, dia-woowasomyi, ds-frisatsunwoohee, fis9-fungyuri, ibi-molaemolaehyeri, ikon-goodbyeroadbobby, jinu-callanytime, mx-fightershownu, nm-lip2lip, rcpc-bimbambumdahyun, samuel-oneera, skz-growup, snm-fridaynightsumin, svt-boomboomhoshi, wjsn-savemesaveyoudawon
caitlin (200621)

petaloid  @ 21 Jun 2020 03:36 pm

New Decks: april-thebluebirdnaeun03, april-thebluebirdnaeun12, clc-noohohsorn12, clc-noohohsorn19, dia-woowasomyi05, ds-frisatsunwoohee05, ds-frisatsunwoohee11, fis9-fungyuri03, fis9-fungyuri10, ibi-molaemolaehyeri02, ibi-molaemolaehyeri12, nm-lip2lip01, nm-lip2lip03, rcpc-bimbambumdahyun02, rcpc-bimbambumdahyun12, snm-fridaynightsumin09, wjsn-savemesaveyoudawon06, wjsn-savemesaveyoudawon19

petaloid  @ 22 Jun 2020 01:00 am

forgot about this again...\r\n\r\nDeck Vote: coupon-choice(ibi-molaemolaehyeri) for ibi-molaemolaehyeri01

Mari  @ 22 Jun 2020 05:24 am

New Decks: ateez-wavejongho04, ateez-wavejongho16, svt-boomboomhoshi07, svt-boomboomhoshi10, wjsn-savemesaveyoudawon07, wjsn-savemesaveyoudawon15, april-thebluebirdnaeun16, ibi-molaemolaehyeri16, jinu-callanytime16, fis9-fungyuri16, ds-frisatsunwoohee16, b1a4-rollincnu16, cix-moviestaryonghee16, skz-growup01, mx-fightershownu01, astro-babymj01, snm-fridaynightsumin01, rcpc-bimbambumdahyun01

Pam  @ 23 Jun 2020 09:22 am

new sets took astro-babymj01, astro-babymj20, ateez-wavejongho01, ateez-wavejongho20, b1a4-rollincnu01, b1a4-rollincnu20, cix-moviestaryonghee05, cix-moviestaryonghee15, ikon-goodbyeroadbobby01, ikon-goodbyeroadbobby20, mx-fightershownu03, mx-fightershownu13, samuel-oneera01, samuel-oneera20, svt-boomboomhoshi01, svt-boomboomhoshi20

Catherine  @ 23 Jun 2020 10:39 am

took ateez-wavejongho11, ateez-wavejongho12, cix-moviestaryonghee11, cix-moviestaryonghee12, clc-noohohsorn11, clc-noohohsorn12, ikon-goodbyeroadbobby11, ikon-goodbyeroadbobby12, svt-boomboomhoshi11, svt-boomboomhoshi12

Ayay  @ 23 Jun 2020 02:19 pm

Deck Pulls: april-thebluebirdnaeun18, astro-babymj08, ateez-wavejongho18, b1a4-rollincnu18, cix-moviestaryonghee18, clc-noohohsorn04, dia-woowasomyi10, ds-frisatsunwoohee14, fis9-fungyuri14, ibi-molaemolaehyeri08, mx-fightershownu01, nm-lip2lip20, rcpc-bimbambumdahyun09, samuel-oneera08, skz-growup14, snm-fridaynightsumin18, svt-boomboomhoshi16, wjsn-savemesaveyoudawon18

larlic  @ 25 Jun 2020 01:38 pm

Deck Pulls: astro-babymj01, astro-babymj02, ikon-goodbyeroadbobby01, ikon-goodbyeroadbobby02, jinu-callanytime01, jinu-callanytime02, rcpc-bimbambumdahyun05, rcpc-bimbambumdahyun06, dia-woowasomyi04, dia-woowasomyi14, mx-fightershownu07, mx-fightershownu08, skz-growup18, skz-growup19, ateez-wavejongho13, ateez-wavejongho14, svt-boomboomhoshi05, svt-boomboomhoshi06

Usagi  @ 26 Jun 2020 11:24 am

New Decks (200621): ikon-goodbyeroadbobby19, ikon-goodbyeroadbobby20, clc-noohohsorn19, clc-noohohsorn20, april-thebluebirdnaeun19, april-thebluebirdnaeun20, jinu-callanytime19, jinu-callanytime20, nm-lip2lip19, nm-lip2lip20, wjsn-savemesaveyoudawon19, wjsn-savemesaveyoudawon20, svt-boomboomhoshi19, svt-boomboomhoshi20, mx-fightershownu19, mx-fightershownu20, dia-woowasomyi19, dia-woowasomyi20

yangdizzy  @ 26 Jun 2020 05:51 pm

Update (200621): ateez-wavejongho01, ateez-wavejongho14, mx-fightershownu01, mx-fightershownu04, nm-lip2lip01, nm-lip2lip04, wjsn-savemesaveyoudawon01, wjsn-savemesaveyoudawon04, astro-babymj01, astro-babymj04, fis9-fungyuri01, fis9-fungyuri04, svt-boomboomhoshi01, svt-boomboomhoshi04, b1a4-rollincnu01, b1a4-rollincnu04, rcpc-bimbambumdahyun01, rcpc-bimbambumdahyun04 (18/18)

Shinya  @ 27 Jun 2020 02:36 pm

- Update (200621): april-thebluebirdnaeun13, april-thebluebirdnaeun17, astro-babymj13, astro-babymj17, ateez-wavejongho13, ateez-wavejongho17, b1a4-rollincnu13, b1a4-rollincnu17, cix-moviestaryonghee13, cix-moviestaryonghee17, rcpc-bimbambumdahyun13, rcpc-bimbambumdahyun17, samuel-oneera13, samuel-oneera17, svt-boomboomhoshi13, svt-boomboomhoshi17

Sarah  @ 27 Jun 2020 03:53 pm

- New Decks (21 June): svt-boomboomhoshi05, svt-boomboomhoshi12, nm-lip2lip10, nm-lip2lip15, mx-fightershownu04, mx-fightershownu13, ateez-wavejongho01, ateez-wavejongho03, clc-noohohsorn12, clc-noohohsorn14, skz-growup07, skz-growup19, dia-woowasomyi05, dia-woowasomyi11, fis9-fungyuri11, fis9-fungyuri14, astro-babymj03, astro-babymj17

Lex  @ 27 Jun 2020 05:44 pm

New Decks: clc-noohohsorn10, clc-noohohsorn17, fis9-fungyuri05, fis9-fungyuri09, rcpc-bimbambumdahyun03, rcpc-bimbambumdahyun08, wjsn-savemesaveyoudawon08, wjsn-savemesaveyoudawon14, april-thebluebirdnaeun14, dia-woowasomyi16, ds-frisatsunwoohee15, ibi-molaemolaehyeri14, nm-lip2lip13, snm-fridaynightsumin12, astro-babymj14, ateez-wavejongho15, samuel-oneera14, ikon-goodbyeroadbobby10, jinu-callanytime12, skz-growup11\r\n\r\nDeck Vote Coupon: rcpc-bimbambumdahyun14

julia  @ 02 Jul 2020 02:27 am

New Decks (06/21): skz-growup08, skz-growup16, astro-babymj02, astro-babymj08, cix-moviestaryonghee05, cix-moviestaryonghee17, ds-frisatsunwoohee05, ds-frisatsunwoohee11, mx-fightershownu02, mx-fightershownu12, nm-lip2lip07, nm-lip2lip09, rcpc-bimbambumdahyun07, rcpc-bimbambumdahyun18, svt-boomboomhoshi10, svt-boomboomhoshi14, wjsn-savemesaveyoudawon10, wjsn-savemesaveyoudawon20

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