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116 posted by caitlin (200607)

Welcome back to Idolise for another Sunday update! Although we are a week into June, this is technically doubling as your monthly update... We don't have any big particularly big announcements, but we're happy to see you all. ^^

Idolise is turning 2 soon

I thought that I would start this update off a little bit differently! I think that a bit of thanks is in order.

Idolise opened for prejoin on June 19th, 2018.

When Nikki and I decided to open a new TCG two years ago, we couldn't have anticipated the love and support we've received. I am sure some of you remember the prejoin phase -- we thought that we wouldn't get a lot of donations, so we allowed you all to donate as many as you wanted. Our first mistake...

These days, when we are posting forum topics and posting to the news page every Sunday, we're constantly surprised at how many weeks we've been doing this. When Nikki was saving the screenshots for our June games, she couldn't believe it. 24 months.

We just want to express thank you to all of you who have made running this TCG such a joy. Thank you for your patience during times when we aren't introducing new features. We appreciate the excitement each week when we release new decks and the continued support in helping new members feel like part of the community when they enter our crazy website for the first time.

As admins, we still feel motivated and happy to post every Sunday. TCG burnout is a real thing for both members and admins, and we just appreciate how easy you've all made it. We're looking forward to seeing where our TCG goes from here.

But welcome to June!

This month's random member of the month is no other than Luna. Just in time for her return, huh? We'll be releasing a deck for Luna every week for the next four weeks.

Here are your June event cards!

200601, 2006-motm

With a new month means that there are new topics on the forum. I am planning on getting to making the May birthday event cards very soon, but June babies can apply for theirs any time!

Games, Games, Games

It's time for Set 2! You already know the drill. Play those Weekly games as well, and keep an eye out for the forum games!

Continue to trade 12 cards a day with Boo!

Retired Decks

This week Ga In - Paradise Lost, Nine Muses - Drama and UNIQ - EOEO have been removed from our randomizer.

If you want to know more about the decks we're retiring and why, click here.

New Decks

Update randomizer!

This week we are releasing svt-boomboomwoozi for Luna!!!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

astro-babysanha, ateez-wavehongjoong, b1a4-rollinsandeul, cb-qandachaerin, clc-noohoheunbin, fis9-funhayoung, gwsn-puzzlemoonsoso, hyuna-flowershower, ibi-molaemolaesohee, ikon-goodbyeroadjunhoe, jjp-tomorrowtodayjb, mmld-baamyeonwoo, mx-fighterhyungwon, nf-springmemoriesjaehyun, rv-umpahumpahjoy, shinee-tellmewhattodo, svt-boomboomwoozi, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun, winner-lovemelovemeseunghoon, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum
caitlin (200607)

Catherine  @ 07 Jun 2020 08:06 pm

Decks Pulls: svt-boomboomwoozi11, svt-boomboomwoozi12, ateez-wavehongjoong11, ateez-wavehongjoong12, b1a4-rollinsandeul11, b1a4-rollinsandeul12, cb-qandachaerin11, cb-qandachaerin12, clc-noohoheunbin11, clc-noohoheunbin12, ikon-goodbyeroadjunhoe11, ikon-goodbyeroadjunhoe12, jjp-tomorrowtodayjb11, jjp-tomorrowtodayjb12, rv-umpahumpahjoy11, rv-umpahumpahjoy12, shinee-tellmewhattodo11, shinee-tellmewhattodo12

Mari  @ 08 Jun 2020 05:28 am

Event Cards: 200601, 2006-motm\r\nNew Decks: ateez-wavehongjoong09, ateez-wavehongjoong20, gwsn-puzzlemoonsoso08, gwsn-puzzlemoonsoso16, mmld-baamyeonwoo01, mmld-baamyeonwoo18, rv-umpahumpahjoy02, rv-umpahumpahjoy18, shinee-tellmewhattodo07, shinee-tellmewhattodo10, svt-boomboomwoozi05, svt-boomboomwoozi10, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun01, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun14, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum08, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum18, hyuna-flowershower12, nf-springmemoriesjaehyun05

Pam  @ 08 Jun 2020 10:56 am

took 200601, 2006-motm\r\n\r\nnew sets took astro-babysanha01, ateez-wavehongjoong20, b1a4-rollinsandeul01, ikon-goodbyeroadjunhoe20, jjp-tomorrowtodayjb01, nf-springmemoriesjaehyun20, svt-boomboomwoozi01, winner-lovemelovemeseunghoon20, mx-fighterhyungwon04, mx-fighterhyungwon14, \r\nshinee-tellmewhattodo07, shinee-tellmewhattodo17

petaloid  @ 08 Jun 2020 09:38 pm

Event Cards: 200601, 2006-motm\r\n\r\nNew Decks: cb-qandachaerin10, cb-qandachaerin17, clc-noohoheunbin03, clc-noohoheunbin20, fis9-funhayoung02, fis9-funhayoung20, gwsn-puzzlemoonsoso05, gwsn-puzzlemoonsoso19, hyuna-flowershower04, hyuna-flowershower17, ibi-molaemolaesohee18, ibi-molaemolaesohee19, rv-umpahumpahjoy01, rv-umpahumpahjoy16, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun07, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun18, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum05, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum18\r\n\r\nDeck Vote: coupon-choice(ibi-molaemolaesohee) for ibi-molaemolaesohee05

larlic  @ 11 Jun 2020 01:42 pm

Event Cards: 200601, 2006-motm\r\nNew Decks: jjp-tomorrowtodayjb08, jjp-tomorrowtodayjb09, ateez-wavehongjoong05, ateez-wavehongjoong06, mx-fighterhyungwon05, mx-fighterhyungwon06, shinee-tellmewhattodo01, shinee-tellmewhattodo02, ikon-goodbyeroadjunhoe01, ikon-goodbyeroadjunhoe02, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun03, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun04, rv-umpahumpahjoy05, rv-umpahumpahjoy06, gwsn-puzzlemoonsoso10, gwsn-puzzlemoonsoso11, hyuna-flowershower01, hyuna-flowershower02

yangdizzy  @ 12 Jun 2020 06:40 pm

Update (200607): ateez-wavehongjoong01, ateez-wavehongjoong04, mx-fighterhyungwon01, mx-fighterhyungwon04, rv-umpahumpahjoy01, rv-umpahumpahjoy04, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum01, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum04, b1a4-rollinsandeul01, b1a4-rollinsandeul04, cb-qandachaerin01, cb-qandachaerin04, fis9-funhayoung01, fis9-funhayoung04, svt-boomboomwoozi01, svt-boomboomwoozi04, winner-lovemelovemeseunghoon01, winner-lovemelovemeseunghoon04 (18/18)

yangdizzy  @ 12 Jun 2020 06:44 pm

Deck Vote: coupon-choice(wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum) x3 for wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum03, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum11, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum17

Cas  @ 12 Jun 2020 08:57 pm

Event Cards: 200601, 2006-motm\r\nNew Decks: cb-qandachaerin06, cb-qandachaerin18, rv-umpahumpahjoy08, rv-umpahumpahjoy14, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun04, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun13, astro-babysanha17, clc-noohoheunbin16, ibi-molaemolaesohee20, mmld-baamyeonwoo18, gwsn-puzzlemoonsoso10, svt-boomboomwoozi16, b1a4-rollinsandeul16, ateez-wavehongjoong14, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum03, mx-fighterhyungwon03, fis9-funhayoung03, ikon-goodbyeroadjunhoe03\r\nChoice Card Coupons (twice-dancethenightawaydahyun): twice-dancethenightawaydahyun14

Sarah  @ 13 Jun 2020 04:10 am

- Event Cards: 200601, 2006-motm\r\n- New Decks (7 June): rv-umpahumpahjoy02, rv-umpahumpahjoy10, shinee-tellmewhattodo06, shinee-tellmewhattodo14, svt-boomboomwoozi07, svt-boomboomwoozi09, mx-fighterhyungwon15, mx-fighterhyungwon20, hyuna-flowershower14, hyuna-flowershower18, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun11, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun19, ateez-wavehongjoong04, ateez-wavehongjoong16, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum08, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum12, jjp-tomorrowtodayjb03, jjp-tomorrowtodayjb09

Mya  @ 13 Jun 2020 03:18 pm

Event Cards: 200601, 2006-motm\r\nUpdate (#116): astro-babysanha07, astro-babysanha20, ateez-wavehongjoong08, ateez-wavehongjoong20, fis9-funhayoung07, fis9-funhayoung20, shinee-tellmewhattodo07, shinee-tellmewhattodo20, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun07, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun20, winner-lovemelovemeseunghoon07, winner-lovemelovemeseunghoon20, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum07, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum20, b1a4-rollinsandeul07, b1a4-rollinsandeul20

Shinya  @ 13 Jun 2020 07:40 pm

- Update: astro-babysanha13, astro-babysanha17, ateez-wavehongjoong13, ateez-wavehongjoong17, b1a4-rollinsandeul13, b1a4-rollinsandeul17, cb-qandachaerin13, cb-qandachaerin17, rv-umpahumpahjoy13, rv-umpahumpahjoy17, svt-boomboomwoozi13, svt-boomboomwoozi17, fis9-funhayoung13, mx-fighterhyungwon13, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun13, shinee-tellmewhattodo13, winner-lovemelovemeseunghoon13, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum13

Lex  @ 14 Jun 2020 12:06 am

New Deck: cb-qandachaerin14, cb-qandachaerin19, clc-noohoheunbin10, clc-noohoheunbin18, fis9-funhayoung06, fis9-funhayoung12, gwsn-puzzlemoonsoso09, gwsn-puzzlemoonsoso14, hyuna-flowershower13, hyuna-flowershower19, mmld-baamyeonwoo03, mmld-baamyeonwoo08, rv-umpahumpahjoy07, rv-umpahumpahjoy15, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun08, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun16, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum09, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum14, ibi-molaemolaesohee14, ateez-wavehongjoong18 // Deck Vote Coupon: rv-umpahumpahjoy19

Ayay  @ 14 Jun 2020 05:13 pm

Event Cards: 200601, 2006-motm\r\nDeck Pulls: astro-babysanha01, ateez-wavehongjoong02, b1a4-rollinsandeul03, cb-qandachaerin04, clc-noohoheunbin05, fis9-funhayoung06, gwsn-puzzlemoonsoso07, hyuna-flowershower08, ibi-molaemolaesohee09, ikon-goodbyeroadjunhoe10, jjp-tomorrowtodayjb11, mmld-baamyeonwoo12, mx-fighterhyungwon13, nf-springmemoriesjaehyun14, rv-umpahumpahjoy15, shinee-tellmewhattodo16, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun17, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum18

Sanna  @ 21 Jun 2020 01:23 pm

New Decks (116): rv-umpahumpahjoy18, rv-umpahumpahjoy19, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun04, twice-dancethenightawaydahyun05, shinee-tellmewhattodo03, shinee-tellmewhattodo04, hyuna-flowershower17, hyuna-flowershower18, ibi-molaemolaesohee09, ibi-molaemolaesohee10, mmld-baamyeonwoo08, mmld-baamyeonwoo09, svt-boomboomwoozi05, svt-boomboomwoozi06, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum08, wjsn-savemesaveyouyeoreum09, clc-noohoheunbin13, clc-noohoheunbin14

yangdizzy  @ 27 Jun 2020 02:50 pm

Deck coupon vote (ateez-wavehongjoong): ateez-wavehongjoong08

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