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115 posted by caitlin (200531)

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Idolise for another Sunday update.

Although this is not our monthly update, Nikki and I do have a few important pieces of information to deliver. We'd really appreciate it if you'd take the time to read through it all when you can.

Let's start with with the obvious!

New Look

We want to thank everyone who took the time to donate images for our new header! Idolise is all ready for the summer. We know that this one is quite a bit lighter than the last, but we thought that we should brighten things up! Winter is over. Cozy is finished! We're having fun in the sun now.

Though, I will admit that I am not totally in love with it... So there may be further tweaking in the upcoming weeks.


It is quite literally the final day of the month. If you have any pending donations, please get them in! If you have not played monthly games, you don't have a lot of time to tackle them...

Please make sure you're getting your last-minute dream decks in. If you have a May birthday, please request a badge on the forum! The usual.

We will have a new donation claims and dream deck thread tomorrow, but games won't be updated until next week. May this act as your reminder to please avoid playing monthly games until we have updated them.

Speaking of Donations

As promised, we have updated the donation guidelines to accomodate the activities that have been effected by COVID.

It is also worth noting that we have updated the guidelines as a whole. You will NEED to read the guidelines before making any claims in June, as we have made a drastic change to era donations.

Starting in June, we will no longer be accepting donations with images that are not dated. A lot of you are already dating your donations, and I have really appreciated that.

The truth is, un-dated donations take me twice as long to work with. I should have made this a requirement earlier, but it's never too late to make the change. A lot of donations that are not dated are often overflowing with too many images from the same day -- or worse, I can't tell the dates apart and I have to do additional research to find mastery badges. I think that dating your images will give you an opportunity to edit your donations. You will notice when you have saved 40 photos from a single fan sign and it will give you a chance to trim some of those.

We, as a team, have not been looking at donations too closely upon submission. We would like to change that.

If you are someone who has already been meeting the new donation standards and would be interested in downloading/screening donations for approval, please let me know through Discord. We are hoping to bring in a few potential team members to assist with this so that Dhee and Yasu can continue to work hard on the organization of our claim sheet without the added workload.

Retired 2015 Decks

This week we are removing Big Bang - Let's Not Fall In Love, BTS - Joke and U-KISS - Playground from our randomizers.

If you want to know more about the decks we're retiring and why, click here.

Games, Games, Games

My best friend Nikki has updated Set 1 for you guys to play! Don't forget to get those easy cards from our Weekly Set, and keep an eye out for forum games!

Edit: You can continue to trade Boo 12 cards a day!

New Decks

You guys voted for these! Update randomizer!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

april-thebluebirdjinsol, astro-babyeunwoo, ateez-wavemingi, b1a4-rollinjinyoung, cix-moviestarseunghun, clc-noohohelkie, ds-frisatsunserri, exo-universedo, ibi-molaemolaechaekyung, ikon-goodbyeroadbi, izone-violetayujin, jjp-tomorrowtodayjinyoung, laboum-betweenushaein, mmld-baamahin, mx-fighterwonho, nf-springmemoriesseunghyub, rcpc-bimbambumyeonhee, rv-umpahumpahwendy, twice-dancethenightawaysana, winner-lovemelovemejinwoo
caitlin (200531)

petaloid  @ 31 May 2020 10:48 pm

New Decks: april-thebluebirdjinsol04, april-thebluebirdjinsol13, clc-noohohelkie03, clc-noohohelkie06, ds-frisatsunserri03, ds-frisatsunserri15, ibi-molaemolaechaekyung16, ibi-molaemolaechaekyung20, izone-violetayujin02, izone-violetayujin08, laboum-betweenushaein01, laboum-betweenushaein19, rcpc-bimbambumyeonhee02, rcpc-bimbambumyeonhee17, rv-umpahumpahwendy02, rv-umpahumpahwendy11, twice-dancethenightawaysana01, twice-dancethenightawaysana14

Pam  @ 01 Jun 2020 10:40 am

new sets took astro-babyeunwoo01, ateez-wavemingi20, exo-universedo01, mx-fighterwonho08, mx-fighterwonho18, b1a4-rollinjinyoung20,cix-moviestarseunghun01, ikon-goodbyeroadbi20, jjp-tomorrowtodayjinyoung01

Mari  @ 02 Jun 2020 03:58 am

New Decs: ateez-wavemingi02, ateez-wavemingi13, clc-noohohelkie03, clc-noohohelkie13, izone-violetayujin05, izone-violetayujin18, mmld-baamahin09, mmld-baamahin18, twice-dancethenightawaysana01, twice-dancethenightawaysana17, winner-lovemelovemejinwoo07, astro-babyeunwoo07, b1a4-rollinjinyoung07, ds-frisatsunserri07, ibi-molaemolaechaekyung11, april-thebluebirdjinsol10, mx-fighterwonho17, cix-moviestarseunghun17

Ayay  @ 03 Jun 2020 03:10 am

Deck Pulls: ds-frisatsunserri20, cix-moviestarseunghun01, ibi-molaemolaechaekyung06, twice-dancethenightawaysana16, izone-violetayujin16, astro-babyeunwoo04, winner-lovemelovemejinwoo04, rv-umpahumpahwendy01, b1a4-rollinjinyoung01, april-thebluebirdjinsol01, jjp-tomorrowtodayjinyoung01, nf-springmemoriesseunghyub01, exo-universedo01, clc-noohohelkie01, ateez-wavemingi01, laboum-betweenushaein01, mx-fighterwonho01, rcpc-bimbambumyeonhee01

Catherine  @ 03 Jun 2020 05:13 pm

Deck Pulls: cix-moviestarseunghun11, cix-moviestarseunghun12, ateez-wavemingi11, ateez-wavemingi12, clc-noohohelkie11, clc-noohohelkie12, ikon-goodbyeroadbi11, ikon-goodbyeroadbi12, jjp-tomorrowtodayjinyoung11, jjp-tomorrowtodayjinyoung12, rv-umpahumpahwendy11, rv-umpahumpahwendy12, exo-universedo11, exo-universedo12

Cas  @ 05 Jun 2020 12:49 am

New Decks: rv-umpahumpahwendy03, rv-umpahumpahwendy13, twice-dancethenightawaysana12, twice-dancethenightawaysana02, cix-moviestarseunghun02, ds-frisatsunserri09, mx-fighterwonho04, exo-universedo07, ibi-molaemolaechaekyung13, b1a4-rollinjinyoung01, winner-lovemelovemejinwoo19, astro-babyeunwoo06, clc-noohohelkie19, nf-springmemoriesseunghyub19, laboum-betweenushaein03, april-thebluebirdjinsol03, mmld-baamahin16, ateez-wavemingi16\r\nChoice Card Coupons (twice-dancethenightawaysana): twice-dancethenightawaysana05

Usagi  @ 05 Jun 2020 11:25 am

New Decks (200531): exo-universedo18, exo-universedo19, ikon-goodbyeroadbi19, ikon-goodbyeroadbi20, april-thebluebirdjinsol19, april-thebluebirdjinsol20, clc-noohohelkie19, clc-noohohelkie20, laboum-betweenushaein19, laboum-betweenushaein20, rv-umpahumpahwendy19, rv-umpahumpahwendy20, twice-dancethenightawaysana19, twice-dancethenightawaysana20, winner-lovemelovemejinwoo19, winner-lovemelovemejinwoo20, astro-babyeunwoo19, astro-babyeunwoo20

Shinya  @ 05 Jun 2020 06:12 pm

Update (200531): april-thebluebirdjinsol13, april-thebluebirdjinsol17, astro-babyeunwoo13, astro-babyeunwoo17, ateez-wavemingi13, ateez-wavemingi17, b1a4-rollinjinyoung13, b1a4-rollinjinyoung17, cix-moviestarseunghun13, cix-moviestarseunghun17, izone-violetayujin13, izone-violetayujin17, laboum-betweenushaein13, laboum-betweenushaein17, rcpc-bimbambumyeonhee13, rcpc-bimbambumyeonhee17, rv-umpahumpahwendy13, rv-umpahumpahwendy17

larlic  @ 06 Jun 2020 05:02 pm

New Decks: mx-fighterwonho05, mx-fighterwonho06, ikon-goodbyeroadbi03, ikon-goodbyeroadbi04, jjp-tomorrowtodayjinyoung03, jjp-tomorrowtodayjinyoung04, astro-babyeunwoo01, astro-babyeunwoo02, ateez-wavemingi07, ateez-wavemingi08, b1a4-rollinjinyoung03, b1a4-rollinjinyoung04, exo-universedo08, exo-universe09, twice-dancethenightawaysana07, twice-dancethenightaway08, rv-umpahumpahwendy03, rv-umpahumpahwendy04

Lex  @ 06 Jun 2020 11:19 pm

New Decks: clc-noohohelkie02, clc-noohohelkie18, mmld-baamahin08, mmld-baamahin13, rcpc-bimbambumyeonhee14, rcpc-bimbambumyeonhee19, rv-umpahumpahwendy10, rv-umpahumpahwendy18, twice-dancethenightawaysana06, twice-dancethenightawaysana18, april-thebluebirdjinsol11, ds-frisatsunserri16, ibi-molaemolaechaekyung10, izone-violetayujin12, laboum-betweenushaein14, winner-lovemelovemejinwoo14, b1a4-rollinjinyoung14, exo-universedo16, nf-springmemoriesseunghyub14, ikon-goodbyeroadbi16

Sarah  @ 06 Jun 2020 11:58 pm

- New Decks (31 May): rv-umpahumpahwendy01, rv-umpahumpahwendy16, twice-dancethenightawaysana09, twice-dancethenightawaysana14, exo-universedo04, exo-universedo11, izone-violetayujin07, izone-violetayujin14, ds-frisatsunserri12, ds-frisatsunserri16, mx-fighterwonho06, mx-fighterwonho15, april-thebluebirdjinsol04, april-thebluebirdjinsol18, jjp-tomorrowtodayjinyoung17, jjp-tomorrowtodayjinyoung20, mmld-baamahin02, mmld-baamahin09\r\n- Deck Vote coupon: rv-umpahumpahwendy17

Mya  @ 13 Jun 2020 03:12 pm

Update (#115): astro-babyeunwoo08, astro-babyeunwoo20, ateez-wavemingi07, ateez-wavemingi20, winner-lovemelovemejinwoo07, winner-lovemelovemejinwoo20, twice-dancethenightawaysana07, twice-dancethenightawaysana20, mx-fighterwonho07, mx-fighterwonho20, izone-violetayujin07, izone-violetayujin20, rv-umpahumpahwendy07, rv-umpahumpahwendy20, b1a4-rollinjinyoung07, b1a4-rollinjinyoung20, laboum-betweenushaein07, laboum-betweenushaein20

Mirabel  @ 14 Jun 2020 07:55 pm

deck pull: astro-babyeunwoo19, astro-babyeunwoo20 (2/20)

Sanna  @ 21 Jun 2020 01:12 pm

New Decks (115): izone-violetayujin01, izone-violetayujin02, rv-umpahumpahwendy03, rv-umpahumpahwendy04, twice-dancethenightawaysana01, twice-dancethenightawaysana02, mmld-baamahin18, mmld-baamahin19, exo-universedo09, exo-universedo10, b1a4-rollinjinyoung08, b1a4-rollinjinyoung09, clc-noohohelkie14, clc-noohohelkie15, nf-springmemoriesseunghyub04, nf-springmemoriesseunghyub05, jjp-tomorrowtodayjinyoung12, jjp-tomorrowtodayjinyoung13

yangdizzy  @ 27 Jun 2020 02:46 pm

Update (200531): ateez-wavemingi05, ateez-wavemingi08, mx-fighterwonho02, mx-fighterwonho11, rv-umpahumpahwendy03, rv-umpahumpahwendy06, winner-lovemelovemejinwoo02, winner-lovemelovemejinwoo04, april-thebluebirdjinsol01, april-thebluebirdjinsol03, b1a4-rollinjinyoung02, b1a4-rollinjinyoung03, cix-moviestarseunghun02, cix-moviestarseunghun03, izone-violetayujin01, izone-violetayujin02, rcpc-bimbambumyeonhee02, rcpc-bimbambumyeonhee03 (18/18)

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