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113 posted by caitlin (200517)

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Idolise for another Sunday update. This one is coming at you a little later than usual -- not because we have a lot to talk about, but because I woke up at 3pm.

We have a few important updates, but nothing major for once. Let's just enjoy a relaxing Sunday together!

2020 Era Donations Guidelines

We briefly touched base on this last week! Nikki and I have decided to have these written up and tested for our June update, which is less than two weeks away. We appreciate the patience as we work on this! We don't want to jump into anything too quickly and end up with regrets, so we need to make sure that we are making the right decisions for Idolise.

New Custom Content Makers

I am sure that you have already noticed, but our new custom content makers have already started! Congratulations to Megan, Larlic and Todoke. If you see them around the Discord, give them a warm welcome! We're so excited to have them.

Once again, I really want to thank everyone who applied. We were shocked at all the applicants who wanted to help us out and appreciate how much love you all give to Idolise.

Summer Header

If any of you have any last-minute header photos, get them into us! Nikki is going to be cutting out the images this week, and we're hoping to have this layout looking summer-ready ASAP.

This week 4minute - Crazy, BAP - Young, Wild & Free and iKON - Airplane have been removed from our randomizer!

If you want to know more about the decks we're retiring and why, click here.

Games, Games, Games

This week, Nikki has updated Set 1. As always, your weekly games are free to play at this point in time as well.

We are going to continue with additional Boo trades! Continue to send Boo 12 cards a day if you'd like.

Also -- Nikki just reminded me! If you haven't requested any Dream Deck badges, you still have a chance at getting 2 this month! Thank you to everyone who has been participating in this mini Dream Deck event. ^^

Neww Decks

This week, Amy has asked for rv-umpahumpahseulgi!

Update randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

apink-onlyonebomi, baekayeon-sosoera, bap-feelsogoodhimchan, cix-moviestarjinyoung, clc-noohohseungyeon, day6-sweetchaos, fanatics-sunday, izone-violetayuri, laboum-betweenusyujeong, loona-butterflykimlip, nct-wegoupjisung, nuest-lovepaintaron, rv-umpahumpahseulgi, sj-onemorechance, skz-iamyouwoojin, tbz-giddyupjacob, tripleh-retrofuturehui, twice-dancethenightawaymina, unit-imeannca, winner-lovemelovememino
caitlin (200517)

Ayay  @ 17 May 2020 06:24 pm

Deck Pulls: izone-violetayuri20, tripleh-retrofuturehui19, nct-wegoupjisung18, apink-onlyonebomi03, sj-onemorechance19, twice-dancethenightawaymina17, bap-feelsogoodhimchan17, tbz-giddyupjacob16, laboum-betweenusyujeong16, clc-noohohseungyeon16, skz-iamyouwoojin10, rv-umpahumpahseulgi19, nuest-lovepaintaron19, cix-moviestarjinyoung14, baekayeon-sosoera14, day6-sweetchaos14, winner-lovemelovememino14, unit-imeannca14

petaloid  @ 19 May 2020 09:45 am

New Decks: apink-onlyonebomi01, apink-onlyonebomi09, baekayeon-sosoera07, clc-noohohseungyeon05, clc-noohohseungyeon06, fanatics-sunday06, fanatics-sunday17, izone-violetayuri11, izone-violetayuri20, laboum-betweenusyujeong16, loona-butterflykimlip02, loona-butterflykimlip20, rv-umpahumpahseulgi03, rv-umpahumpahseulgi14, twice-dancethenightawaymina05, twice-dancethenightawaymina10, unit-imeannca07, unit-imeannca16

Cas  @ 20 May 2020 08:55 pm

New Decks: loona-butterflykimlip12, loona-butterflykimlip16, rv-umpahumpahseulgi05, rv-umpahumpahseulgi06, twice-dancethenightawaymina05, twice-dancethenightawaymina13, nct-wegoupjisung12, clc-noohohseungyeon05, baekayeon-sosoera20, cix-moviestarjinyoung20, apink-onlyonebomi13, bap-feelsogoodhimchan07, nuest-lovepaintaron07, unit-imeannca03, skz-iamyouwoojin03, izone-violetayuri02, laboum-betweenusyujeong05, tripleh-retrofuturehui05\r\nChoice Card Coupons (twice-dancethenightawaymina x2): twice-dancethenightawaymina03, twice-dancethenightawaymina12

Pam  @ 21 May 2020 10:45 am

new sets took bap-feelsogoodhimchan01, bap-feelsogoodhimchan20, cix-moviestarjinyoung01, cix-moviestarjinyoung20, day6-sweetchaos01, day6-sweetchaos20, nct-wegoupjisung01, nct-wegoupjisung20, tbz-giddyupjacob01, tbz-giddyupjacob20, tripleh-retrofuturehui01, tripleh-retrofuturehui20, winner-lovemelovememino01, winner-lovemelovememino20

Mya  @ 22 May 2020 06:35 am

Update (#113): winner-lovemelovememino07, winner-lovemelovememino20, twice-dancethenightawaymina07, twice-dancethenightawaymina20, tripleh-retrofuturehui07, tripleh-retrofuturehui20, day6-sweetchaos07, day6-sweetchaos20, izone-violetayuri07, izone-violetayuri20, tbz-giddyupjacob07, tbz-giddyupjacob20, laboum-betweenusyujeong07, laboum-betweenusyujeong20, unit-imeannca07, unit-imeannca20, sj-onemorechance07, sj-onemorechance20

Shinya  @ 22 May 2020 04:24 pm

- Update (200517): baekayeon-sosoera13, baekayeon-sosoera17, cix-moviestarjinyoung13, cix-moviestarjinyoung17, day6-sweetchaos13, day6-sweetchaos17, izone-violetayuri05, izone-violetayuri17, laboum-betweenusyujeong13, laboum-betweenusyujeong17, rv-umpahumpahseulgi13, rv-umpahumpahseulgi17, sj-onemorechance13, sj-onemorechance17, tbz-giddyupjacob13, tbz-giddyupjacob17, unit-imeannca13, unit-imeannca17

yangdizzy  @ 23 May 2020 06:29 am

Update (200517): winner-lovemelovememino01, winner-lovemelovememino04, twice-dancethenightawaymina01, twice-dancethenightawaymina04, day6-sweetchaos01, day6-sweetchaos04, izone-violetayuri01, izone-violetayuri04, tbz-giddyupjacob01, tbz-giddyupjacob04, tripleh-retrofuturehui01, tripleh-retrofuturehui04, laboum-betweenusyujeong01, laboum-betweenusyujeong04, sj-onemorechance01, sj-onemorechance04, unit-imeannca01, unit-imeannca04 (18/18)

larlic  @ 23 May 2020 07:04 am

New Decks: nuest-lovepaintaron01, nuest-lovepaintaron02, cix-moviestarjinyoung05, cix-moviestarjinyoung06, nct-wegoupjisung09, nct-wegoupjisung10, day6-sweetchaos01, day6-sweetchaos02, rv-umpahumpahseulgi04, rv-umpahumpahseulgi05, tripleh-retrofuturehui01, tripleh-retrofuturehui02, twice-dancethenightawaymina03, twice-dancethenightawaymina04, izone-violetayuri06, izone-violetayuri19, loona-butterflykimlip13, loona-butterflykimlip17

Usagi  @ 23 May 2020 11:34 am

New Decks (200517): clc-noohohseungyeon19, clc-noohohseungyeon20, laboum-betweenusyujeong19, laboum-betweenusyujeong20, loona-butterflykimlip19, loona-butterflykimlip20, rv-umpahumpahseulgi19, rv-umpahumpahseulgi20, twice-dancethenightawaymina19, twice-dancethenightawaymina20, winner-lovemelovememino19, winner-lovemelovememino20, nct-wegoupjisung19, nct-wegoupjisung20, tripleh-retrofuturehui19, tripleh-retrofuturehui20, unit-imeannca19, unit-imeannca20

Catherine  @ 23 May 2020 01:39 pm

- Deck Pulls: cix-moviestarjinyoung11, cix-moviestarjinyoung12, clc-noohohseungyeon11, clc-noohohseungyeon12, nct-wegoupjisung11, nct-wegoupjisung12, skz-iamyouwoojin11, skz-iamyouwoojin12, tbz-giddyupjacob11, tbz-giddyupjacob12, tripleh-retrofuturehui11, tripleh-retrofuturehui12, nuest-lovepaintaron11, nuest-lovepaintaron12, bap-feelsogoodhimchan11, bap-feelsogoodhimchan12, rv-umpahumpahseulgi11, rv-umpahumpahseulgi12

Lex  @ 23 May 2020 11:53 pm

New Decks: apink-onlyonebomi04, apink-onlyonebomi10, clc-noohohseungyeon04, clc-noohohseungyeon09, loona-butterflykimlip05, loona-butterflykimlip18, rv-umpahumpahseulgi10, rv-umpahumpahseulgi16, twice-dancethenightawaymina11, twice-dancethenightawaymina18, fanatics-sunday15, izone-violetayuri15, laboum-betweenusyujeong11, unit-imeannca15, day6-sweetchaos16, tripleh-retrofuturehui13, winner-lovemelovememino16, nuest-lovepaintaron16, sj-onemorechance12, nct-wegoupjisung14 // Deck Vote Coupon: clc-noohohseungyeon17, rv-umpahumpahseulgi02

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