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112 posted by caitlin (200510)

Hello! Welcome back to Idolise for another update. We are happy to be here, chatting on Discord, shooting the breeze. We have a few important announcements today, but we want to otherwise keep it short for everyone.

Custom Content Makers

Let me start by saying -- Nikki and I did not expect to get so many applications for custom content makers. We really appreciate all the effort you guys put into your applications and we are reaching out to all applicants today. Obviously we can not hire everyone, but we will be reaching out to each of you to chat and congratulate three of you! We hope that no one is hurt by the decision-making process and we are really excited to announce the three new members of our team to you guys.

2020 Eras

Nikki and I have been taking our time in coming up with a solution for the 2020 eras. With the exception of January and some of February, there are not a lot of fan-taken photos from promotions due to the virus. We understand that, despite that, there is still the desire to complete eras and collect them. Idolise is about collecting memories, and we're finding the best way to reflect these promotions into decks so that you guys can donate and have them made.

Although we did have a wonderful idea suggested to us this week (hi Haylee and Yasu!) we are hoping that our solution will be okay with all of you. At this time, we are not ready to take 2020 donations that were adjusted due to the virus, as we need to write clear guidelines, but we did want to share our plans with you all and give you a heads up.

  • We are planning on creating 10 card decks for each member.
  • Deck donation guidelines will be adjusted to allow for high quality screenshots from music show promotions, as well as possibly Dispatch photoshoots, which a lot of groups are still doing.
  • We will give plenty of notice before we open donations, to allow for you all to have the same shot at new eras.

Newly retired 2015 decks

This week IU - Twenty-three and Twice - Like Ooh-Ahh have been removed from our randomizer.

If you want to know more about the decks we're retiring and why, click here.

Games, Games, Games

This week, Nikki has gone ahead and updated our Set 2 games! You are also invited to play our weekly games.

We are going to continue with the new normal -- feel free to trade with Boo every day.

New decks

The update randomizer! I am finally getting better about not forgetting.

This week, Amy's deck is snm-fridaynightdana!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

apink-onlyonechorong, bts-fakelovejhope, cix-moviestarhyunsuk, day6-daysgonebysungjin, dia-woowajueun, izone-violetanako, jieun-bobbydollera, loona-butterflyyves, mmoo-newyork, nct-wegoupjeno, nuest-lovepaintjr, rcpc-bimbambumjuri, saay-zgzg, sj-losiento, skz-iamyouchangbin, snm-fridaynightdana, tbz-giddyuperic, tripleh-retrofutureedawn, twice-dancethenightawayjihyo, winner-lovemelovemeseungyoon
caitlin (200510)

petaloid  @ 10 May 2020 03:03 pm

New Decks: apink-onlyonechorong08, apink-onlyonechorong11, dia-woowajueun01, dia-woowajueun05, izone-violetanako06, izone-violetanako14, loona-butterflyyves03, loona-butterflyyves13, mmoo-newyork04, mmoo-newyork18, rcpc-bimbambumjuri03, rcpc-bimbambumjuri16, saay-zgzg09, saay-zgzg18, snm-fridaynightdana04, snm-fridaynightdana12, twice-dancethenightawayjihyo10, twice-dancethenightawayjihyo18

Ayay  @ 10 May 2020 09:14 pm

Deck Pulls: cix-moviestarhyunsuk10, winner-lovemelovemeseungyoon02, tbz-giddyuperic02, sj-losiento19, nct-wegoupjeno08, skz-iamyouchangbin08, dia-woowajueun08, loona-butterflyyves08, twice-dancethenightawayjihyo19, tripleh-retrofutureedawn14, izone-violetanako01, apink-onlyonechorong09, mmoo-newyork09, rcpc-bimbambumjuri09, bts-fakelovejhope09, nuest-lovepaintjr09, snm-fridaynightdana09, saay-zgzg09

Pam  @ 11 May 2020 10:31 am

new sets took bts-fakelovejhope04, bts-fakelovejhope14, cix-moviestarhyunsuk01, cix-moviestarhyunsuk20, day6-daysgonebysungjin01,day6-daysgonebysungjin20, nct-wegoupjeno01, nct-wegoupjeno20, nuest-lovepaintjr01, nuest-lovepaintjr20, tripleh-retrofutureedawn01, tripleh-retrofutureedawn20

Mya  @ 12 May 2020 11:52 am

Update (#112): twice-dancethenightawayjihyo07, twice-dancethenightawayjihyo20, winner-lovemelovemeseungyoon07, winner-lovemelovemeseungyoon20, jieun-bobbydollera07, jieun-bobbydollera20, tripleh-retrofutureedawn07, tripleh-retrofutureedawn20, day6-daysgonebysungjin20, izone-violetanako07, day6-daysgonebysungjin07, izone-violetanako20, tbz-giddyuperic20, tbz-giddyuperic07, sj-losiento07, sj-losiento20, rcpc-bimbambumjuri07, rcpc-bimbambumjuri20

Sarah  @ 12 May 2020 10:40 pm

thank you for the update!\r\n\r\n- New Decks (10 May): mmoo-newyork04, mmoo-newyork13, sj-losiento03, sj-losiento15, twice-dancethenightawayjihyo07, twice-dancethenightawayjihyo16, bts-fakelovejhope09, bts-fakelovejhope10, apink-onlyonechorong04, apink-onlyonechorong12, day6-daysgonebysungjin12, day6-daysgonebysungjin15, nuest-lovepaintjr03, nuest-lovepaintjr09, izone-violetanako08, izone-violetanako20, nct-wegoupjeno01, nct-wegoupjeno12\r\n- Deck Vote Coupon: mmoo-newyork03

Shinya  @ 14 May 2020 07:45 pm

- Update (200510): cix-moviestarhyunsuk13, cix-moviestarhyunsuk17, day6-daysgonebysungjin13, day6-daysgonebysungjin17, izone-violetanako13, izone-violetanako17, jieun-bobbydollera13, jieun-bobbydollera17, rcpc-bimbambumjuri13, rcpc-bimbambumjuri17, sj-losiento13, sj-losiento17, tbz-giddyuperic13, tbz-giddyuperic17, twice-dancethenightawayjihyo13, twice-dancethenightawayjihyo17, winner-lovemelovemeseungyoon13, winner-lovemelovemeseungyoon17, tripleh-retrofutureedawn13, tripleh-retrofutureedawn17

Catherin  @ 14 May 2020 10:46 pm

Deck Pulls: bts-fakelovejhope11, bts-fakelovejhope12, cix-moviestarhyunsuk11, cix-moviestarhyunsuk12, day6-daysgonebysungjin11, day6-daysgonebysungjin12, nct-wegoupjeno11, nct-wegoupjeno12, nuest-lovepaintjr11, nuest-lovepaintjr12, skz-iamyouchangbin11, skz-iamyouchangbin12, tripleh-retrofutureedawn11, tripleh-retrofutureedawn12

Lex  @ 16 May 2020 03:41 am

New Decks: apink-onlyonechorong05, apink-onlyonechorong14, loona-butterflyyves11, loona-butterflyyves15, mmoo-newyork12, mmoo-newyork17, rcpc-bimbambumjuri08, rcpc-bimbambumjuri12, twice-dancethenightawayjihyo11, twice-dancethenightawayjihyo15, dia-woowajueun15, izone-violetanako16, jieun-bobbydollera10, saay-zgzg14, snm-fridaynightdana05, bts-fakelovejhope18, day6-daysgonebysungjin16, tripleh-retrofutureedawn18, sj-losiento18, skz-iamyouchangbin16 // Deck Vote Coupon: loona-butterflyyves04

larlic  @ 16 May 2020 01:01 pm

New Decks: cix-moviestarhyunsuk07, cix-moviestarhyunsuk08, nuest-lovepaintjr17, nuest-lovepaintjr18, winner-lovemelovemeseungyoon01, winner-lovemelovemeseungyoon02, nct-wegoupjeno06, nct-wegoupjeno07, twice-dancethenightawayjihyo01, twice-dancethenightawayjihyo03, bts-fakelovejhope04, bts-fakelovejhope05, day6-daysgonebysungjin01, day6-daysgonebysungjin02, tripleh-retrofutureedawn01, \r\ntripleh-retrofutureedawn04, izone-violetanako11, izone-violetanako19

yangdizzy  @ 16 May 2020 06:05 pm

Update (200510): twice-dancethenightawayjihyo01, twice-dancethenightawayjihyo04, winner-lovemelovemeseungyoon01, winner-lovemelovemeseungyoon04, tripleh-retrofutureedawn01, tripleh-retrofutureedawn04, jieun-bobbydollera01, jieun-bobbydollera04, day6-daysgonebysungjin01, day6-daysgonebysungjin04, izone-violetanako01, izone-violetanako04, tbz-giddyuperic01, tbz-giddyuperic04, sj-losiento01, sj-losiento04, rcpc-bimbambumjuri01, rcpc-bimbambumjuri04 (18/18)

Cas  @ 16 May 2020 11:59 pm

New Decks: dia-woowajueun05, dia-woowajueun08, loona-butterflyyves04, loona-butterflyyves17, twice-dancethenightawayjihyo09, twice-dancethenightawayjihyo12, day6-daysgonebysungjin01, cix-moviestarhyunsuk04, snm-fridaynightdana09, rcpc-bimbambumjuri18, bts-fakelovejhope03, tbz-giddyuperic15, tripleh-retrofutureedawn03, apink-onlyonechorong16, skz-iamyouchangbin05, nct-wegoupjeno02, winner-lovemelovemeseungyoon02, izone-violetanako02

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