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111 posted by caitlin (200503)

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Idolise, and it's lovely to see you. As always, your admin team are chatting up a storm on Discord. We're excited to be here, we've missed you all, and we hope that you're taking it easy on yourself during these interesting times.

Can you believe it's already May?

As we head into a brand new month, we do have a few announcements and reminders. Nothing crazy. We hope that you'll enjoy the new decks, and take a little time to yourself today to play some games and get some brand new cards.

Before we jump in, let me finish our intro off with the event cards for this month! Our new random member of the month us Amy!

200501, 2005-motm

We are hiring custom content makers

For the first time in Idolise history, we are hiring custom content makers for the site.

Our precious Emily is taking a break from the custom content making game, and after a discussion with Lara about workload, Nikki and I have decided to split the jobs up and hire 3 custom content makers.

Fair warning: We do have very strict rules about what settings our custom content makers use. We try really hard to keep everything looking as uniform as possible (and it doesn't always work out), so we do apologize if you're looking for creative freedom.

We also understand that times are quite strange right now. Some of us may have more time than we normally would, and we want you to consider what the (normal) future looks like to you when considering whether or not you'd like to apply/realistically have the time. Real life comes first, and we do not have strict rules for how often custom content should be made. We do, however, think that putting it off for many weeks can make the task of tackling badges very stressful and sometimes overwhelming... So we are looking for active members who enjoy playing with Photoshop and may find this enjoyable enough take on!

We are currently hiring for:

  • Display Icon Maker: I think that this section requires the least amount of time, but we are hoping to find someone who has time to make these every week. We don't think this would require more than 40 minutes of commitment each week. A lot of members enjoy doing seasonal icons, so having these done in a timley manner is important.

  • Era Mastery Badge Maker: These do require a little more time, as this section tends to have a lot of "bulk" posts from the members. Once a template is created for a finished era, however, I think it is as simple as plugging the image into the template and saving.

    This is one of the sections where badges do not exactly effect game play. Our members get their own rewards, so I don't think that this section is a rush item that requires weekly attention. We are hoping to hire someone who can tackle them every two weeks, or as often as they want as they get to know the volume of the work!

  • Custom Mastery Badge Maker: This section is a little strange -- it will be incredibly quiet for a few days, and then a member will appear and request 20 custom badges. This is a section that should probably be checked weekly, to make sure that things aren't piling up.

    This section, like era mastery badges, does not effect game play. Members are only waiting on badges. No rewards for this section.

    I do not think that they're a difficult badge to make, as the template is easy enough to create in a few quick steps. But it is a busy section which can be really overwhelming. We are looking for someone who is quite active and would be interested in taking on a challenge!

If you are interested in learning more, we have a forum topic for it over here. Applications will stay open until Saturday, May 9th. We are planning on hiring by next Sunday and reaching out before the update!

Idolise: Summer Edition?

Although our winter header is not that old, we thought it would be really fun to do something a little more summer. We are currently accepting images of IDOLISE IN SUNGLASSES over on our forum. Please submit as many images as you'd like. We do try to avoid including idols from the same group, so dig deep and give us some unique cuties.

Newly Retired 2015 Decks

This week, Minah - I Am A Woman Too and B1A4 - Sweet Girl have been removed from our randomizers!

If you want to know more about the decks we're retiring and why, click here.

Games, Games, Games

This week, Nikki has updated Set 1! Go ahead and play those games, as well as our usual Weekly Set.

Boo-Bot trades are going so well. We invite everyone to continue sending Boo 12 cards a day!

It's a brand new month! That also means that Nikki has updated our Monthly Set to be played again. It has brand new rounds!

This month, we are tackling Dream Decks a little bit differently at the suggestion of our Discord members!

  • You can hand in a total of four dream decks this month for custom badges and rewards.
  • To avoid having to make a hundred badges during the final week, please consider the following:
    • Week of May 3 - May 9: You can submit all four decks this week if you would like, or any amount from 1 - 4.
    • Week of May 10 - May 16: If you didn't submit a deck the previous week, you've lost once chance! You can now submit 3 if you'd like.
    • Week of May 17 - May 23: If you didn't submit any decks the previous two weeks, you can now only submit two decks.
    • Week of May 24 - May 31: If you waited until now you only get one deck!
  • We recommend focusing on, maybe, lost eras. Get a badge for an artist who is promoting during these strange times that you'll never get to collect. Or a badge of a foreign music video you like. Danni is currently working on a fake SuperM Jopping era. Very cute! But you can do anything you want. Seriously.

A quick note: We noticed that a couple of members had played a few games yesterday -- this will cause you issues playing games this month. The code that is in place that stops you from playing games twice or refreshing rewards works by looking at the date in your logs. If you played April games on May 2nd... Guess what? That counts as May. :(

Although we have talked about this quite a bit in the past, we are going to have to add text to our game pages to remind you all in the future. You should not be playing monthly games late, as this is technically against the rules if the month is over. Same with weekly games, if it is already Sunday by our local clock.

If you attempt to play a game this month and see your rewards from "April", you will need to reach out to us through the log error forum and have this fixed.

New Decks

Update randomizer!!!

For Amy's first deck, we are releasing laboum-betweenussolbin.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

apink-onlyonehayoung, april-takemyhand, bap-feelsogoodzelo, blockb-afewyearslater, bts-fakelovesuga, day6-daysgonebydowoon, dia-woowaheehyun, ds-frisatsunsubin, exo-universesehun, izone-violetasakura, laboum-betweenussolbin, loona-butterflyhaseul, nct-wegoupmark, nf-springmemorieshweseung, ptg-gorilla, rcpc-bimbambumsuyun, tbz-giddyupkevin, tripleh-retrofuture, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung, unit-imeanyebin
caitlin (200503)

Ayay  @ 03 May 2020 07:14 pm

Deck Pulls: apink-onlyonehayoung16, april-takemyhand10, bap-feelsogoodzelo16, blockb-afewyearslater03, bts-fakelovesuga03, day6-daysgonebydowoon01, dia-woowaheehyun12, ds-frisatsunsubin03, exo-universesehun13, izone-violetasakura11, laboum-betweenussolbin17, loona-butterflyhaseul11, nct-wegoupmark08, nf-springmemorieshweseung03, ptg-gorilla17, rcpc-bimbambumsuyun16, tbz-giddyupkevin16, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung03

Catherine  @ 04 May 2020 10:03 pm

- Deck Pulls: day6-daysgonebydowoon11, day6-daysgonebydowoon12, nct-wegoupmark11, nct-wegoupmark12, bap-feelsogoodzelo12, bap-feelsogoodzelo11, bts-fakelovesuga12, bts-fakelovesuga11, exo-universesehun12, exo-universesehun11

Sarah  @ 04 May 2020 11:34 pm

Thank you for the update!\r\n\r\nEvent Cards: 200501, 2005-motm\r\n\r\nNew Decks: exo-universehun12, exo-universehun17, tripleh-retrofuture02, tripleh-retrofuture08, izone-violetasakura03, izone-violetasakura18, apink-onlyonehayoung12, apink-onlyonehayoung14, loona-butterflyhaseul01, loona-butterflyhaseul13, nct-wegoupmark02, nct-wegoupmark19, bts-fakelovesuga07, bts-fakelovesuga13, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung06, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung08, dia-woowaheehyun01, dia-woowaheehyun20\r\n\r\nDeck Vote Coupon: exo-universesehun14

Pam  @ 06 May 2020 09:29 am

took 200501, 2005-motm\r\n\r\nnew sets took bts-fakelovesuga03, bts-fakelovesuga13, blockb-afewyearslater01, blockb-afewyearslater20, day6-daysgonebydowoon01, day6-daysgonebydowoon20, exo-universesehun05, exo-universesehun15, nct-wegoupmark01, nct-wegoupmark20, ptg-gorilla01, ptg-gorilla20,nf-springmemorieshweseung01, nf-springmemorieshweseung20, tbz-giddyupkevin01, tbz-giddyupkevin20

larlic  @ 06 May 2020 09:39 am

New Decks: bap-feelsogoodzelo15, bap-feelsogoodzelo16, apink-onlyonehayoung02, apink-onlyonehayoung07, tbz-giddyupkevin03, tbz-giddyupkevin04, nct-wegoupmark06, nct-wegoupmark07, bts-fakelovesuga03, bts-fakelovesuga04, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung04, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung05, day6-daysgonebydowoon01, day6-daysgonebydowoon02, exo-universesehun01, exo-universesehun02, tripleh-retrofuture01, tripleh-retrofuture02

petaloid  @ 06 May 2020 06:30 pm

Event Cards: 200501, 2005-motm\r\n\r\nNew Decks: apink-onlyonehayoung03, april-takemyhand03, april-takemyhand13, dia-woowaheehyun06, dia-woowaheehyun16, ds-frisatsunsubin03, ds-frisatsunsubin06, izone-violetasakura04, izone-violetasakura07, laboum-betweenussolbin18, loona-butterflyhaseul01, loona-butterflyhaseul05, rcpc-bimbambumsuyun01, rcpc-bimbambumsuyun19, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung09, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung20, unit-imeanyebin01, unit-imeanyebin14\r\n\r\nDeck Vote: coupon-choice(loona-butterflyhaseul) for loona-butterflyhaseul03

Shinya  @ 07 May 2020 04:31 pm

- Update (200503): day6-daysgonebydowoon13, day6-daysgonebydowoon17, izone-violetasakura13, izone-violetasakura17, laboum-betweenussolbin13, laboum-betweenussolbin17, ptg-gorilla13, ptg-gorilla17, rcpc-bimbambumsuyun13, rcpc-bimbambumsuyun17, tbz-giddyupkevin13, tbz-giddyupkevin17, unit-imeanyebi13, unit-imeanyebin17, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung13, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung17

Lex  @ 09 May 2020 02:44 am

New Decks: apink-onlyonehayoung15, apink-onlyonehayoung19, loona-butterflyhaseul04, loona-butterflyhaseul18, rcpc-bimbambumsuyun04, rcpc-bimbambumsuyun10, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung02, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung12, april-takemyhand11, dia-woowaheehyun18, ds-frisatsunsubin12, izone-violetasakura14, laboum-betweenussolbin19, tripleh-retrofuture11, unit-imeanyebin18, bts-fakelovesuga15, nct-wegoupmark18, bap-feelsogoodzelo17, tbz-giddyupkevin19, bts-fakelovesuga17 // Deck Vote Coupon: rcpc-bimbambumsuyun15, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung18 // Event Cards: 200501, 2005-motm

yangdizzy  @ 09 May 2020 07:46 am

Update (200503): twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung01, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung04, day6-daysgonebydowoon01, day6-daysgonebydowoon04, izone-violetasakura01, izone-violetasakura04, tbz-giddyupkevin01, tbz-giddyupkevin04, ptg-gorilla01, ptg-gorilla04, laboum-betweenussolbin02, laboum-betweenussolbin04, rcpc-bimbambumsuyun01, rcpc-bimbambumsuyun04, unit-imeanyebin01, unit-imeanyebin04, tripleh-retrofuture01, tripleh-retrofuture04 (18/18)

Mya  @ 12 May 2020 11:41 am

Update (#111): twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung07, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung20, tripleh-retrofuture07, tripleh-retrofuture20, day6-daysgonebydowoon20, day6-daysgonebydowoon07, izone-violetasakura07, izone-violetasakura20, tbz-giddyupkevin07, tbz-giddyupkevin20, laboum-betweenussolbin07, laboum-betweenussolbin20, ptg-gorilla07, ptg-gorilla20, rcpc-bimbambumsuyun07, rcpc-bimbambumsuyun20, unit-imeanyebin07, unit-imeanyebin20

Cas  @ 17 May 2020 12:41 am

New Decks (200503): dia-woowaheehyun08, dia-woowaheehyun12, exo-universesehun06, exo-universesehun09, loona-butterflyhaseul03, loona-butterflyhaseul17, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung06, twice-dancethenightawaychaeyoung10, apink-onlyonehayoung02, bap-feelsogoodzelo02, bts-fakelovesuga11, day6-daysgonebydowoon15, ds-frisatsunsubin09, izone-violetasakura17, laboum-betweenussolbin05, nct-wegoupmark09, nf-springmemorieshweseung11, rcpc-bimbambumsuyun04 + 200501, 2005-motm

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