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110 posted by caitlin (200426)

Hello, hello!

Your admins are doing their usual Discord call, chatting up a storm. As always, we're very happy to see you guys. We know that we have been a little quiet over the last few weeks, but we should be seeing a change in my schedule (when I finish school next week) - this means that Nikki and I will have more time together to work on the site!


Can you guys believe the month is wrapping up already?

Now is the time to tackle any monthly games you haven't played yet. If you have any donations to hand in, or dream deck badges to request - now is the time to start wrapping those up!

If your birthday was this month, now is also the time to make sure you are requesting your birthday badge!


Nikki and I took a little bit of time today to tackle a few spring cleaning items.

First, there are a couple of deck fixes:

  • dia-woowa: It was pointed out that our era decks and music video deck were different colors. Swapped this guy out to match the era decks, since that was the easier fix.
  • b1a4-sweetgirlsanduel: 18 and 13 have been fixed, due to a positioning error!
  • Here is a zip folder of the updated files.

We've made some updates to the following (mostly based off of your Q&A submissions):

  • Login feature added to the index page. When you are logged in, it gives you a huge member panel button instead.
  • Q&A rewards have been changed to "Q and A" to avoid the ampersand php error that causes your eTCG logs to look funny. Feel free to change any rewards you may have to "Q and A" instead.
  • Added Released (Lite) deck page to help with slow load times on the main table.
  • Added some information to the released decks page about additional search possibilities (by deck donator, or song release date).
  • Lightstick guidelines have been updated on the forum and the shop page.
  • Gave Boo-Bot a facelift.
  • (Also, we hear you guys about the update randomizer LMAO WE CAN'T STOP FORGETTING...)

There are still quite a number of suggestions from you guys, and we are just working our way through them. At the moment, we're auditing our forum posts and trying to make sure that all of our information is up to speed.

Newly Retired 2015 Decks

This week, MONSTA X - Rush, Baek Yerin - Across the Universe and Elsie - I'm Good have been removed from our randomizers!

If you want to know more about the decks we're retiring and why, click here. Only 10 weeks left! We're really getting there.


You guys know the drill! Nikki has updated Set 2 for you guys. Good luck, everyone! This also means that your Weekly Set can be played again.

As always, keep an eye out for your forum games!

Our Boo-Bot special has been quite popular with you guys, so we thought we'd just continue with that. We know it's a simple event that might get repetitive, but we think that he has some really wonderful cards to offer and it's a very easy way to add to your stamp card. So go ahead, send Boo 12 cards a day!

New Decks

Update randomizer!!!

It is our final week of Megumi decks! We're finishing it off with unit-imeanwoohee.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ateez-wonderland, bts-fakeloverm, cb-qandaremi, clc-noohohseunghee, day6-daysgonebyjae, exo-universesuho, gf-roughsowon, izone-violetayena, loona-butterflychoerry, mmoo-egotisticwheein, mobb-hitme, mx-ongsimi, nct-wegouphaechan, oneus-lit, sistar-ilikethatdasom, skz-iamyouleeknow, tbz-giddyupsangyeon, tripleh-retrofuturehyuna, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon, unit-imeanwoohee
caitlin (200426)

Ayay  @ 26 Apr 2020 03:43 pm

Deck Pulls: nct-wegouphaechan06, sistar-ilikethatdasom09, skz-iamyouleeknow09, gf-roughsowon09, mmoo-egotisticwheein09, day6-daysgonebyjae07, tripleh-retrofuturehyuna20, loona-butterflychoerry20, unit-imeanwoohee20, oneus-lit17, tbz-giddyupsangyeon17, mobb-hitme07, izone-violetayena07, mx-ongsimi03, bts-fakeloverm10, exo-universesuho10, ateez-wonderland10, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon10

yangdizzy  @ 26 Apr 2020 05:42 pm

Update (200426): bts-fakeloverm17, bts-fakeloverm18, mx-ongsimi01, mx-ongsimi04, ateez-wonderland01, ateez-wonderland04, day6-daysgonebyjae01, day6-daysgonebyjae04, izone-violetayena01, izone-violetayena04, oneus-lit01, oneus-lit04, tbz-giddyupsangyeon01, tbz-giddyupsangyeon04, sistar-ilikethatdasom01, sistar-ilikethatdasom04, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon01, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon04 (18/18)

Mari  @ 26 Apr 2020 11:22 pm

New Decks: ateez-wonderland05, ateez-wonderland16, izone-violetayena01, izone-violetayena14, sistar-ilikethatdasom03, sistar-ilikethatdasom12, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon05, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon13, unit-imeanwoohee04, unit-imeanwoohee10, mobb-hitme15, nct-wegouphaechan15, exo-universesuho17, mmoo-egotisticwheein17, skz-iamyouleeknow17, gf-roughsowon17, bts-fakeloverm07, mx-ongsimi07

Sarah  @ 27 Apr 2020 10:30 pm

thank you for the update!\r\n\r\n- New Decks (26 April): mmoo-egotisticwheein09, mmoo-egotisticwheein16, tripleh-retrofuturehyuna10, tripleh-retrofuturehyuna16, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon03, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon05, gf-roughsowon03, gf-roughsowon19, loona-butterflychoerry02, loona-butterflychoerry10, nct-wegouphaechan12, nct-wegouphaechan18, bts-fakeloverm11, bts-fakeloverm20, sistar-ilikethatdasom05, sistar-ilikethatdasom19, izone-violetayena10, izone-violetayena14\r\n- Deck Vote Coupon: mmoo-egotisticwheein06

petaloid  @ 28 Apr 2020 07:46 am

New Decks: cb-qandaremi08, cb-qandaremi10, clc-noohohseunghee08, clc-noohohseunghee12, gf-roughsowon07, gf-roughsowon08, izone-violetayena04, izone-violetayena13, loona-butterflychoerry06, loona-butterflychoerry18, mmoo-egotisticwheein12, mmoo-egotisticwheein15, sistar-ilikethatdasom15, sistar-ilikethatdasom17, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon09, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon13, unit-imeanwoohee07, unit-imeanwoohee18\r\n\r\nDeck Vote: coupon-choice(gf-roughsowon), coupon-choice(gf-roughsowon) for gf-roughsowon04, gf-roughsowon14

larlic  @ 29 Apr 2020 06:59 am

New Decks: mmoo-egotisticwheein07, mmoo-egotisticwheein08, skz-iamyouleeknow13, skz-iamyouleeknow14, ateez-wonderland05, ateez-wonderland06, oneus-lit03, oneus-lit04, nct-wegouphaechan07, nct-wegouphaechan08, bts-fakeloverm01, bts-fakeloverm03, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon03, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon04, day6-daysgonebyjae01, day6-daysgonebyjae02, exo-universesuho01, exo-universesuho02

Pam  @ 29 Apr 2020 09:01 am

new sets took bts-fakeloverm03, bts-fakeloverm13, day6-daysgonebyjae01, day6-daysgonebyjae20, exo-universesuho07, exo-universesuho17, mx-ongsimi02, mx-ongsimi12, nct-wegouphaechan01, nct-wegouphaechan20, oneus-lit01, oneus-lit20, skz-iamyouleeknow01, skz-iamyouleeknow20, tbz-giddyupsangyeon01, tbz-giddyupsangyeon20

Catherine  @ 29 Apr 2020 01:35 pm

tripleh-retrofuturehyuna11, tripleh-retrofuturehyuna12, mmoo-egotisticwheein11, mmoo-egotisticwheein12, skz-iamyouleeknow11, skz-iamyouleeknow12, nct-wegouphaechan12, nct-wegouphaechan11, clc-noohohseunghee12, day6-daysgonebyjae12, clc-noohohseunghee11, day6-daysgonebyjae11, ateez-wonderland11, ateez-wonderland12, bts-fakeloverm11, bts-fakeloverm12, exo-universesuho11, exo-universesuho12

Selena  @ 30 Apr 2020 10:01 pm

New Decks: bts-fakeloverm01, bts-fakeloverm02, loona-butterflychoerry01, loona-butterflychoerry02, skz-iamyouleeknow12, sistar-ilikethatdasom02, nct-wegouphaechan07, clc-noohohseunghee07, izone-violetayena07, cb-qandaremi07, mobb-hitme15, ateez-wonderland15, unit-imeanwoohee15, day6-daysgonebyjae02, tripleh-retrofuturehyuna07, tbz-giddyupsangyeon07, oneus-lit07, gf-roughsowon19

Usagi  @ 02 May 2020 02:56 pm

New Decks (200426): bts-fakeloverm19, bts-fakeloverm20, exo-universesuho19, exo-universesuho20, mmoo-egotisticwheein19, mmoo-egotisticwheein20, clc-noohohseunghee19, clc-noohohseunghee20, loona-butterflychoerry19, loona-butterflychoerry20, sistar-ilikethatdasom19, sistar-ilikethatdasom20, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon19, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon20, nct-wegouphaechan19, nct-wegouphaechan20, unit-imeanwoohee19, unit-imeanwoohee20

Shinya  @ 02 May 2020 07:51 pm

- Donation: oneus-lit01, tbz-giddyupsangyeon01, ateez-wonderland02\r\n- Update: twice-dancethenightawaynayeon13, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon17, ateez-wonderland13, ateez-wonderland01, cb-qandaremi13, cb-qandaremi17, day6-daysgonebyjae13, day6-daysgonebyjae17, izone-violetayena13, izone-violetayena17, oneus-lit13, oneus-lit17, sistar-ilikethatdasom13, sistar-ilikethatdasom17, tbz-giddyupsangyeon13, tbz-giddyupsangyeon17, unit-imeanwoohee13, unit-imeanwoohee17

Cas  @ 02 May 2020 11:30 pm

New Decks: cb-qandaremi11, cb-qandaremi17, loona-butterflychoerry02, loona-butterflychoerry12, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon01, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon10, exo-universesuho13, bts-fakeloverm07, mmoo-egotisticwheein11, izone-violetayena13, day6-daysgonebyjae17, clc-noohohseunghee19, unit-imeanwoohee11, tbz-giddyupsangyeon11, sistar-ilikethatdasom01, skz-iamyouleeknow01, nct-wegouphaechan01, tripleh-retrofuturehyuna13

Lex  @ 02 May 2020 11:52 pm

New Decks: cb-qandaremi04, cb-qandaremi12, clc-noohohseunghee05, clc-noohohseunghee13, loona-butterflychoerry09, loona-butterflychoerry15, mmoo-egotisticwheein10, mmoo-egotisticwheein18, tripleh-retrofuturehyuna03, tripleh-retrofuturehyuna14, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon11, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon18, gf-roughsowon16, izone-violetayena11, sistar-ilikethatdasom14, unit-imeanwoohee12, bts-fakeloverm14, nct-wegouphaechan13, mx-ongsimi14, exo-universesuho15 // Deck Vote Coupon: clc-noohohseunghee17

yangdizzy  @ 09 May 2020 08:44 am

Deck Vote Coupon: tbz-giddyupsangyeon02

Sanna  @ 09 May 2020 08:06 pm

New Decks (110): izone-violetayena07, izone-violetayena08, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon12, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon13, tripleh-retrofuturehyuna07, tripleh-retrofuturehyuna08, mmoo-egotisticwheein10, mmoo-egotisticwheein11, bts-fakeloverm07, bts-fakeloverm08, exo-universesuho11, exo-universesuho12, nct-wegouphaechan08, nct-wegouphaechan09, oneus-lit08, oneus-lit09, unit-imeanwoohee04, unit-imeanwoohee05

Mya  @ 12 May 2020 11:35 am

Update (#110): ateez-wonderland07, ateez-wonderland20, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon07, twice-dancethenightawaynayeon19, mx-ongshimi20, mx-ongshimi07, day6-daysgonebyjae20, day6-daysgonebyjae01, izone-violetayena02, izone-violetayena20, oneus-lit20, oneus-lit03, tbz-giddyupsangyeon18, tbz-giddyupsangyeon20, sistar-ilikethatdasom03, sistar-ilikethatdasom09, cb-qandaremi01, cb-qandaremi02

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