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100 posted by caitlin (200216)

Welcome back to Idolise, kids! This week felt quite long, right? It feels like we've been apart for more than a week. I guessed I missed you all or something.

Your admins are hanging out in their usual Starbucks, talking shit. This update is going to be quite quick and simple, but there are some hidden (not really hidden) freebies in one of our sections, so keep an eye out for those!

Idolise, Winter Edition

Thanks to Nikki, I finally got off my ass and changed our layout. Thank you to everyone who donated images to help us out. Nikki is an angel and cut out all the heads for me, as well collected all of the additional images, and we were able to create something really cute and cozy for you guys.

The forum will be changed soon! I've just been a little busy with school things this week. It'll be changed soon. But in Caitlin's world, soon might mean a month.

Be Mine

Our Be Mine event is in full swing, and we're really looking forward to seeing who you guys end up handing in for masteries. We have noticed that we haven't had a lot of submissions so far (and we assume you'll all be handing in your five pairings at once, which is totally fine), and Nikki and I thought that it might be nice to give you guys a couple of choice cards.

Regardless of whether or not you're collecting any Be Mine decks, please feel free to take 10 era choice cards. These choice cards CAN NOT be from today's deck release.

Games, games, games

My best friend Nikki has updated Set 2 for you guys to enjoy! As always, our Weekly games can be played as well. Get those freaking cards, cuties!

Forum games will be updated by our cute and dedicated Amy at some point today, so keep an eye out for those. Freebies have been updated already by me, and don't forget to send Boo-bot a trade!


This week, only music videos are being retired! Sungkyu - Kontrol, Big Bang - Bae Bae and Red Velvet - Automatic. These have been removed from the randomizers.

If you want more information about the 2015 deck retirement schedule, or why we're retiring decks, please click here.

New Decks

This week, our member of the month Shinya has requested tbz-giddyuphyunjae to be released!

As always, here is your update randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

bap-feelsogoodyongguk, dc-pirihandong, gf-sunnysummer, gidle-senoritasoyeon, got7-hardcarryjb, izone-violetahitomi, jonghyun-sheisera, mmoo-egotistichwasa, mx-allin, pf-fantasy, ptg-naughtyboyjinho, svt-ohmyvernon, taeyeon-whyera, tbz-giddyuphyunjae, twice-ttnayeon, txt-catanddogyeonjun, victon-timeofsorrowchan, wjsn-momomodayoung, x1-flashhyeongjun, yubin-lady
caitlin (200216)

todoke  @ 16 Feb 2020 08:43 pm

Update #100: got7-hardcarryjb01, got7-hardcarryjb02, gf-sunnysummer13, gf-sunnysummer19, mmoo-egotistichwasa03, mmoo-egotistichwasa17, ptg-naughtyboyjinho03, ptg-naughtyboyjinho04, txt-catanddogyeonjun01, txt-catanddogyeonjun02, bap-feelsogoodyongguk09, bap-feelsogoodyongguk12, svt-ohmyvernon03, svt-ohmyvernon13, mx-allin03, mx-allin11, twice-ttnayeon09, twice-ttnayeon19

Mari  @ 16 Feb 2020 09:41 pm

10 era choice cards: clc-pepeseungyeon15, clc-pepeseungyeon17, shinee-1of1taemin02, shinee-1of1taemin06, shinee-1of1taemin09, shinee-1of1taemin15, shinee-1of1taemin20, clc-pepeyeeun04, clc-pepeyeeun05, clc-pepeyeeun12\r\nNew Decks: dc-pirihandong01, dc-pirihandong02, izone-violetahitomi01, izone-violetahitomi02, jonghyun-sheisera01, jonghyun-sheisera02, svt-ohmyvernon01, svt-ohmyvernon02, twice-ttnayeon01, twice-ttnayeon02, wjsn-momomodayoung01, wjsn-momomodayoung02, ptg-naughtyboyjinho08, yubin-lady13, x1-flashhyeongjun13, tbz-giddyuphyunjae05, txt-catanddogyeonjun15, mx-allin15\r\ncoupon-choice(twice-ttnayeon): twice-ttnayeon03

Pam  @ 17 Feb 2020 10:10 am

Daily Login Bonus (Monday+ Bonus) got mx-jealousyhyungwon02(dup), ptg-shineedawn03, coupon-choice\r\n\r\nnew sets took jonghyun-sheisera04, jonghyun-sheisera14, mx-allin08, mx-allin18, victon-timeofsorrowchan02, victon-timeofsorrowchan12,x1-flashhyeongjun08, x1-flashhyeongjun18, txt-catanddogyeonjun01, txt-catanddogyeonjun20, ptg-naughtyboyjinho01, ptg-naughtyboyjinho20, tbz-giddyuphyunjae01, tbz-giddyuphyunjae20, got7-hardcarryjb01, got7-hardcarryjb20, svt-ohmyvernon01, svt-ohmyvernon20

Cas  @ 17 Feb 2020 03:31 pm

Be Mine Choice Cards: loona-girlfrontchoerry13, loona-girlfrontchoerry15, loona-girlfrontchoerry17, loona-girlfrontchoerry18, loona-girlfrontchoerry20, twice-likeoohahhmomo07, twice-likeoohahhmomo08, twice-likeoohahhmomo12, twice-likeoohahhmomo13, twice-likeoohahhmomo15\r\nDeck Pulls: mmoo-egotistichwasa11, victon-timeofsorrowchan06, dc-pirihandong06, yubin-lady07, wjsn-momomodayoung15, jonghyun-sheisera07, txt-catanddogyeonjun12, izone-violetahitomi06, ptg-naughtyboyjinho06, gf-sunnysummer04, bap-feelsogoodyongguk04, svt-ohmyvernon04, mx-allin04, tbz-giddyuphyunjae04, x1-flashhyeongjun04, gidle-senoritasoyeon04, twice-ttnayeon05, twice-ttnayeon10

Catherine  @ 17 Feb 2020 04:20 pm

- Be Mine: bap-youngwildandfreehimchan10, bap-youngwildandfreehimchan13, bap-youngwildandfreehimchan17, bap-youngwildandfreehimchan20, exo-powerbaekhyun14, exo-powerbaekhyun17, got7-lullabybambam14, got7-lullabybambam18, ptg-runawaykino01, ptg-runawaykino05\r\n- Deck Pulls: bap-feelsogoodyongguk12, bap-feelsogoodyongguk11, jonghyun-sheisera12, mmoo-egotistichwas12a, jonghyun-sheisera11, mmoo-egotistichwasa11, dc-pirihandong11, dc-pirihandong12, got7-hardcarryjb10, got7-hardcarryjb11, gidle-senoritasoyeon11, gidle-senoritasoyeon12, ptg-naughtyboyjinho11, svt-ohmyvernon11, taeyeon-whyera11, ptg-naughtyboyjinho12, svt-ohmyvernon12, taeyeon-whyera12

kei  @ 17 Feb 2020 11:41 pm

Update #100: izone-violetahitomi05, izone-violetahitomi07, x1-flashhyeongjun16, twice-ttnayeon12, bap-feelsogoodyongguk03, gidle-senoritasoyeon16, mx-allin13, yubin-lady03, yubin-lady05, wjsn-momomodayoung10, got7-hardcarryjb16, mmoo-egotistichwasa19, tbz-giddyuphyunjae19, dc-pirihandong08, mx-allin09, ptg-naughtyboyjinho14, gf-sunnysummer14, x1-flashhyeongjun03 (18/18)

cecelia  @ 18 Feb 2020 06:38 pm

Be Mine Choice Cards: exid-hotpinkle17, exo-monsterkai17, gg-holidaytaeyeon02, gg-holidaytaeyeon12, loona-love4evachuu20, loona-love4evayves01, nct-blackonblackjohnny07, nct-blackonblacklucas12, nct-weyounghaechan10, rv-rookieyeri15

Mirabel  @ 19 Feb 2020 09:09 pm

deck pulls: jonghyun-sheisera19, jonghyun-sheisera20 (2/20)

Shinya  @ 21 Feb 2020 07:16 pm

- Update (200216): dc-pirihandong13, dc-pirihandong17, izone-violetahitomi13, izone-violetahitomi17, pf-fantasy13, pf-fantasy17, ptg-naughtyboyjinho13, ptg-naughtyboyjinho17, svt-ohmyvernon13, svt-ohmyvernon17, taeyeon-whyera13, taeyeon-whyera17, tbz-giddyuphyunjae13, tbz-giddyuphyunjae17, txt-catanddogyeonjun13, txt-catanddogyeonjun17, jonghyun-sheisera13, jonghyun-sheisera17

Usagi  @ 21 Feb 2020 08:19 pm

New Decks (200216): gidle-senoritasoyeon19, gidle-senoritasoyeon20, mmoo-egotistichwasa19, mmoo-egotistichwasa20, ptg-naughtyboyjinho19, ptg-naughtyboyjinho20, twice-ttnayeon19, twice-ttnayeon20, yubin-lady19, yubin-lady20, wjsn-momomodayoung19, wjsn-momomodayoung20, txt-catanddogyeonjun19, txt-catanddogyeonjun20, x1-flashhyeongjun19, x1-flashhyeongjun20, svt-ohmyvernon19, svt-ohmyvernon20\r\n\r\nDonator Pull: gidle-senoritasoyeon18

todoke  @ 22 Feb 2020 02:31 pm

Thank you!!\r\nBe Mine Choice Cards (Update #100): ikon-killingmebobby01, skz-district9felix08, skz-mypacefelix20, nct-blackonblackten03, nct-blackonblackten15, nct-the7thsenseten05, mx-jealousywonho01, mx-jealousyim04, mx-jealousyim20

Larlic  @ 22 Feb 2020 03:47 pm

Deck Pulls: x1-flashhyeongjun09 x1-flashhyeongjun11, mmoo-egotistichwasa05, mmoo-egotistichwasa06, gidle-senoritasoyeon03, gidle-senoritasoyeon04, twice-ttnayeon03, twice-ttnayeon04, tbz-giddyuphyunjae20, ptg-naughtyboyjinho10, victon-timeofsorrowchan02, dc-pirihandong02, yubin-lady06, izone-violetahitomi07, pf-fantasy20, svt-ohmyvernon20, jonghyun-sheisera08, taeyeon-whyera01\r\nBe Mine Choice Cards: twice-cheerupjihyo05, twice-cheerupjihyo07, twice-cheerupjihyo09, twice-cheerupsana10, twice-cheerupjihyo11, twice-cheerupsana12, twice-cheerupjihyo13, twice-cheerupsana14, bts-springdayjimin01, bts-springdayv02

Whitney  @ 22 Feb 2020 08:06 pm

New Decks: gidle-senoritasoyeon14, gidle-senoritasoyeon16, got7-hardcarryjb03, got7-hardcarryjb04, jonghyun-sheisera03, jonghyun-sheisera08, svt-ohmyvernon10, svt-ohmyvernon19, taeyeon-whyera07, taeyeon-whyera08, twice-ttnayeon06, twice-ttnayeon10, victon-timeofsorrowchan05, victon-timeofsorrowchan06, wjsn-momomodayoung03, wjsn-momomodayoung17, x1-flashhyeongjun07, x1-flashhyeongjun19, gf-sunnysummer02, gf-sunnysummer19 // Thank you! I\'ll be back for the be mine choice cards soon!

Lex  @ 22 Feb 2020 11:48 pm

New Decks: dc-pirihandong10, dc-pirihandong18, gidle-senoritasoyeon06, gidle-senoritasoyeon08, mmoo-egotistichwasa12, mmoo-egotistichwasa18, pf-fantasy04, pf-fantasy15, twice-ttnayeon14, twice-ttnayeon18, wjsn-momomodayoung11, wjsn-momomodayoung18, yubin-lady02, gf-sunnysummer15, izone-violetahitomi11, taeyeon-whyera05, got7-hardcarryjb14, svt-ohmyvernon14, x1-flashhyeongjun17, bap-feelsogoodyongguk15

Sanna  @ 23 Feb 2020 12:24 am

New Decks (100): dc-pirihandong04, dc-pirihandong05, izone-violetahitomi12, izone-violetahitomi13, jonghyun-sheisera19, jonghyun-sheisera20, taeyeon-whyera09, taeyeon-whyera10, twice-ttnayeon10, twice-ttnayeon11, svt-ohmyvernon16, svt-ohmyvernon17, x1-flashhyeongjun12, x1-flashhyeongjun13, bap-feelsogoodyongguk18, bap-feelsogoodyongguk19, got7-hardcarryjb17, got7-hardcarryjb18

Sanna  @ 23 Feb 2020 12:28 am

Be Mine Choice Cards: rv-icecreamcakeirene05, rv-icecreamcakeirene10, rv-icecreamcakejoy11, rv-icecreamcakejoy14, rv-icecreamcakewendy07, rv-icecreamcakewendy09, rv-icecreamcakewendy13, rv-icecreamcakewendy15, gg-lionhearthyoyeon08, gg-lionhearthyoyeon16

Mya  @ 23 Feb 2020 09:41 am

Be Mine Choice Cards: astro-crazysexycoolmj13, astro-crazysexycoolmj15, astro-crazysexycoolmj17, gsd-illbeyoursminah06, gsd-illbeyoursminah08, gsd-illbeyoursminah10, gsd-illbeyoursminah11, gsd-illbeyoursminah16, astro-crazysexycoolmoonbin19, astro-crazysexycoolmoonbin20\r\nUpdate (#100): jonghyun-sheisera07, jonghyun-sheisera20, wjsn-momomodayoung07, wjsn-momomodayoung20, twice-ttnayeon07, twice-ttnayeon20, izone-violetahitomi07, izone-violetahitomi20, svt-ohmyvernon07, svt-ohmyvernon20, tbz-giddyuphyunjae07, tbz-giddyuphyunjae20, txt-catanddogyeonjun07, txt-catanddogyeonjun20, dc-pirihandong07, dc-pirihandong20, ptg-naughtyboyjinho07, ptg-naughtyboyjinho20

Whitney  @ 28 Feb 2020 06:20 pm

Be Mine choice cards: exo-monsterbaekhyun17, exo-monsterbaekhyun19, exo-monsterkai20, shinee-viewjonghyun07, shinee-viewjonghyun13, shinee-viewjonghyun15, shinee-viewtaemin16, shinee-viewjonghyun17, vixx-scentistken06, vixx-scentistn09 // Thank you!

Mirabel  @ 07 Mar 2020 02:25 pm

deck pulls: bap-feelsogoodyongguk10, bap-feelsogoodyongguk19 (4/20)

Mirabel  @ 08 Mar 2020 02:41 pm

deck pulls: mx-allin16, mx-allin17 (6/20)

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