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97 posted by caitlin (200126)

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Idolise, my sweeties. Your admins are finally back together at our usual Starbucks for today's update. It's raining outside, but at least we aren't experiencing another chaotic snow storm.

As far as updates go, this one is going to be pretty short. There aren't too many things to mention, but there have been a few small tweaks to the website that I would like to bring your attention to!

Winter event

Our mini winter event is ending soon, guys! This event will run until Saturday, at 11:59:59 PM. Around midnight, I will be removing the additional rewards and setting them back to normal so that those decks no longer filter out to the additional table that tracks the rewards.

We currently have 294 masteries for this event, which is awesome! Thank you to everyone who has been participating and getting those additional rewards.


As you guys know, this month is coming to an end. Make sure that you get in your dream deck masteries. Any outstanding birthday badges. Also, make sure that you play monthly games or you will miss out! Don't forget about those donations, too.

Minor little updates

  • Login bonus coupons can be used again! When you log into the main site, you'll notice a link under your daily login rewards. This link will redirect you to a new page that allows you to enter a day you have missed. It will give you any rewards you missed, including additional coupons that you may have lost out on during that week!
  • If you have mastered any decks for our winter event, you will now be able to see that inside of your member panel as well. For those of you who were tracking this manually, I'm sorry about that! I completely forgot that I planned on adding this to your panels, and as always, was a little bit slow on it.
  • Nikki was very kind to update our info pages, as I was slacking on giving those bottom buttons any sort of content. She has saved my life, and I'm thankful for her. A lot of you reported these empty pages as errors, but it was just Caitlin's laziness. Thanks for the patience.
  • Also, Nikki has updated the lightsticks. She has been splashing around in Photoshop a lot and she added a white border to the edges after much deliberation! If you'd like to update these on your end, please feel free.
  • EDIT: Something that I forgot to mention last week, but on January 17th I was informed that quite a number of reward types weren't writing to logs for users who have uppercase letters in their name. I've fixed this error multiple times in different places, but I had missed the most important things... Like masteries and stuff. I fixed this on the 17th and so, if you have noticed a "gap" in mastery rewards inside of your logs, this is the reason why. It was trying to write to a table that is basically _Uppercase name, which doesn't exist. All table names are lowercase. But since then, this has been fixed. This has absolutely nothing to do with event mastery counts, so it hasn't effected anything on that side of things. This was strictly an issue were rewards weren't writing to your internal logs.

New Decks

This week, Minty's choice is wjsn-momomoeunseo! This is her final week, and we'll have a new member of the month in our next update.

Otherwise, you guys voted for these.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ab6ix-breatheyoungmin, ashley-hereweare, bp-killthislovejennie, cb-qandakokoro, day6-shootmesungjin, dc-pirigahyeon, elris-powpowyukyung, gidle-senoritashuhua, jieun-bobbydoll, lc-therainsojung, mx-shineforever, nct-tastethefeeling, ptg-criticalbeauty, ravi-bomb, skz-voices, svt-ohmywonwoo, twice-ttdahyun, wjsn-momomoeunseo, wno-boomerangjinyoung, x1-flashseungwoo
caitlin (200126)

Eimii  @ 26 Jan 2020 02:18 pm

deck releases: (01/26): bp-killthislovejennie12, bp-killthislovejennie18, cb-qandakokoro04, cb-qandakokoro09, gidle-senoritashuhua01, gidle-senoritashuhua11, lc-therainsojung05, lc-therainsojung09, twice-ttdahyun02, twice-ttdahyun08,

Mirabel  @ 26 Jan 2020 02:37 pm

deck pulls: nct-tastethefeeling03, nct-tastethefeeling04 (2/20)

Larlic  @ 26 Jan 2020 03:23 pm

New Decks: svt-ohmywonwoo01, svt-ohmywonwoo02, ab6ix-breatheyoungmin03, ab6ix-breatheyoungmin08, x1-flashseungwoo11, x1-flashseungwoo12, skz-voices07, skz-voices08, elris-powpowyukyung07, elris-powpowyukyung08, mx-shineforever07, mx-shineforever08, bp-killthislovejennie05, bp-killthislovejennie06, wno-boomerangjinyoung16, wno-boomerangjinyoung17, nct-tastethefeeling17, nct-tastethefeeling18

Mirabel  @ 26 Jan 2020 03:52 pm

deck pulls: bp-killthislovejennie19, bp-killthislovejennie20, x1-flashseungwoo15, x1-flashseungwoo16 (6/20)

Mari  @ 26 Jan 2020 05:49 pm

New Decks: ashley-hereweare01, ashley-hereweare02, dc-pirigahyeon01, dc-pirigahyeon02, lc-therainsojung01, lc-therainsojung02, twice-ttdahyun01, twice-ttdahyun02, wjsn-momomoeunseo01, wjsn-momomoeunseo02, elris-powpowyukyung08, cb-qandakokoro18, nct-tastethefeeling18, wno-boomerangjinyoung05, ravi-bomb15, day6-shootmesungjin10, mx-shineforever02, gidle-senoritashuhua12\r\nChoice Card(lc-therainsojung, lc-therainsojung): lc-therainsojung03, lc-therainsojung04

Shinya  @ 26 Jan 2020 06:15 pm

Update (200126): ab6ix-breatheyoungmin13, ab6ix-breatheyoungmin17, ashley-hereweare13, ashley-hereweare17, bp-killthislovejennie13, bp-killthislovejennie17, cb-qandakokoro13, cb-qandakokoro17, day6-shootmesungjin13, day6-shootmesungjin17, dc-pirigahyeon13, dc-pirigahyeon17, jieun-bobbydoll13, jieun-bobbydoll17, lc-therainsojung13, lc-therainsojung17, svt-ohmywonwoo13, svt-ohmywonwoo17

Pam  @ 27 Jan 2020 09:02 am

took mx-shineforever04, mx-shineforever14, nct-tastethefeeling20, ptg-criticalbeauty01, ravi-bomb02, ravi-bomb12, x1-flashseungwoo08, x1-flashseungwoo18, svt-ohmywonwoo05

Mya  @ 28 Jan 2020 04:33 am

Update (#97): ashley-hereweare07, ashley-hereweare20, lc-therainsojung07, lc-therainsojung19, twice-ttdahyun07, twice-ttdahyun20, wjsn-momomoeunseo07, wjsn-momomoeunseo20, svt-ohmywonwoo07, svt-ohmywonwoo20, day6-shootmesungjin07, day6-shootmesungjin20, dc-pirigahyeon07, dc-pirigahyeon20, bp-killthislovejennie08, bp-killthislovejennie20, cb-qandakokoro07, cb-qandakokoro20

Usagi  @ 29 Jan 2020 12:54 pm

New Decks (200126): bp-killthislovejennie19, bp-killthislovejennie20, gidle-senoritashuhua19, gidle-senoritashuhua20, nct-tastethefeeling19, nct-tastethefeeling20, ptg-criticalbeauty19, ptg-criticalbeauty20, twice-ttdahyun19, twice-ttdahyun20, wjsn-momomoeunseo19, wjsn-momomoeunseo20, x1-flashseungwoo19, x1-flashseungwoo20, wno-boomerangjinyoung19, wno-boomerangjinyoung20, svt-ohmywonwoo19, svt-ohmywonwoo20

Lex  @ 30 Jan 2020 07:38 pm

New Decks: bp-killthislovejennie14, bp-killthislovejennie16, cb-qandakokoro10, cb-qandakokoro15, dc-pirigahyeon04, dc-pirigahyeon08, gidle-senoritashuhua08, gidle-senoritashuhua17, twice-ttdahyun12, twice-ttdahyun18, wjsn-momomoeunseo16, wjsn-momomoeunseo18, ashley-hereweare14, elris-powpowyukyung16, jieun-bobbydoll11, lc-therainsojung16, day6-shootmesungjin18, nct-tastethefeeling16, wno-boomerangjinyoung11, skz-voices17

Cas  @ 30 Jan 2020 09:51 pm

New Decks: cb-qandakokoro09, cb-qandakokoro19, bp-killthislovejennie07, bp-killthislovejennie18, gidle-senoritashuhua08, gidle-senoritashuhua11, twice-ttdahyun10, twice-ttdahyun11, ab6ix-breatheyoungmin09, ashley-hereweare10, day6-shootmesungjin11, dc-pirigahyeon12, elris-powpowyukyung13, jieun-bobbydoll14, lc-therainsojung15, mx-shineforever16, nct-tastethefeeling17, ptg-criticalbeauty18

Sanna  @ 01 Feb 2020 07:08 pm

New Decks (97): dc-pirigahyeon14, dc-pirigahyeon15, twice-ttdahyun15, twice-ttdahyun16, x1-flashseungwoo14, x1-flashseungwoo15, svt-ohmywonwoo14, svt-ohmywonwoo15, nct-tastethefeeling14, nct-tastethefeeling15, gidle-senoritashuhua14, gidle-senoritashuhua15, bp-killthislovejennie14, bp-killthislovejennie15, ashley-hereweare14, ashley-hereweare15, wjsn-momomoeunseo14, wjsn-momomoeunseo15

Selena  @ 03 Feb 2020 12:22 am

New Decks: ab6ix-breatheyoungmin07, ashley-hereweare, bp-killthislovejennie02, cb-qandakokoro05, day6-shootmesungjin06, dc-pirigahyeon01, elris-powpowyukyung07, gidle-senoritashuhua10, jieun-bobbydoll01, lc-therainsojung09, mx-shineforever07, nct-tastethefeeling06, ptg-criticalbeauty01, ravi-bomb07, skz-voices02, svt-ohmywonwoo07, twice-ttdahyun03, wjsn-momomoeunseo01

todoke  @ 04 Feb 2020 11:15 pm

Thanks!\r\nUpdate #97: ptg-criticalbeauty03, ptg-criticalbeauty12, svt-ohmywonwoo04, svt-ohmywonwoo10, wno-boomerangjinyoung04, wno-boomerangjinyoung14, ab6ix-breatheyoungmin03, ab6ix-breatheyoungmin17, bp-killthislovejennie10, bp-killthislovejennie13, gidle-senoritashuhua04, gidle-senoritashuhua16, mx-shineforever06, mx-shineforever14, nct-tastethefeeling04, nct-tastethefeeling15, twice-ttdahyun11, twice-ttdahyun19

Catherine  @ 07 Feb 2020 05:00 pm

- Deck Pulls: 01/26/20 : wno-boomerangjinyoung11, wno-boomerangjinyoung12, svt-ohmywonwoo12, svt-ohmywonwoo11, bp-killthislovejennie11, bp-killthislovejennie11, gidle-senoritashuhua12, gidle-senoritashuhua11, day6-shootmesungjin11, dc-pirigahyeon11, day6-shootmesungjin12, dc-pirigahyeon12, ab6ix-breatheyoungmin12, ab6ix-breatheyoungmin11, ptg-criticalbeauty11, ravi-bomb12, ptg-criticalbeauty12, ravi-bomb11

Sanna  @ 15 Feb 2020 10:03 pm

New Decks (97): dc-pirigahyeon11, dc-pirigahyeon12, twice-ttdahyun03, twice-ttdahyun04, x1-flashseungwoo02, x1-flashseungwoo03, svt-ohmywonwoo08, svt-ohmywonwoo09, nct-tastethefeeling12, nct-tastethefeeling13, bp-killthislovejennie17, bp-killthislovejennie18, lc-therainsojung01, lc-therainsojung02, ptg-criticalbeauty07, ptg-criticalbeauty09, gidle-senoritashuhua12, gidle-senoritashuhua13

yangdizzy  @ 17 Mar 2020 07:34 pm

Update (200126): mx-shineforever01, mx-shineforever03, wjsn-momomoeunseo01, wjsn-momomoeunseo04, x1-flashseungwoo01, x1-flashseungwoo20, twice-ttdahyun01, twice-ttdahyun04, ab6ix-breatheyoungmin01, ab6ix-breatheyoungmin04, ashley-hereweare01, ashley-hereweare04, svt-ohmywonwoo01, svt-ohmywonwoo04, bp-killthislovejennie15, bp-killthislovejennie17, jieun-bobbydoll11, jieun-bobbydoll16 (18/18)

Mirabel  @ 17 Mar 2020 08:31 pm

deck pulls: day6-shootmesungjin02, day6-shootmesungjin12 (8/20)

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