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96 posted by caitlin (200119)

Welcome back to Idolise, my angels! This is going to be a really quick one, because I have some coding that I want to do... So don't worry. We aren't going to drop anything crazy into your laps today.


Nikki has updated Set 2, because she's an angel. As always, our Weekly Games are free to play. Forum games will be up when they're up, and we hope that you all have fun getting some new cards.

This Week's 2015 Decks

This week we are retiring Apink - Remember era, and the Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb music video. If you want to see the list for the rest of our retire weeks, it's still over here!

Remember! You will no longer find these cards in our randomizers, but you may still find them in Boo's trade post, freebies and member trade posts! You are also free to master these decks and choice them, too. They are not gone or forgotten, just no longer crowding our randomizers.

New Decks

This week, Minty's deck is wjsn-momomoluda! :)

And, I didn't forget for once, to include your update randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

bp-killthisloverose, bts-idoljhope, day6-shootmejae, dc-pirisiyeon, fis9-lovebombjiheon, got7-oneandonlyyou, ioi-veryveryveryyeonjung, lc-therainzuny, leo-romanticism, mx-fighter, nuest-lovepaint, omg-thefifthseason, oneus-valkyriekeonhee, ptg-naughtyboyhui, tara-whatsmynameqri, twice-tttzuyu, victon-imfine, weme-lalalasuyeon, wjsn-momomoluda, x1-flashjunho
caitlin (200119)

todoke  @ 19 Jan 2020 05:16 pm

Update #96: bts-idoljhope01, bts-idoljhope09, nuest-lovepaint03, nuest-lovepaint19, got7-oneandonlyyou07, got7-oneandonlyyou20, bp-killthisloverose08, bp-killthisloverose15, mx-fighter03, mx-fighter13, ptg-naughtyboyhui03, ptg-naughtyboyhui12, twice-tttzuyu08, twice-tttzuyu17, x1-flashjunho09, x1-flashjunho11, leo-romanticism08, leo-romanticism11, day6-shootmejae04, day6-shootmejae16

Mari  @ 19 Jan 2020 09:21 pm

New Decks: dc-pirisiyeon01, dc-pirisiyeon02, ioi-veryveryveryyeonjung01, ioi-veryveryveryyeonjung02, lc-therainzuny01, lc-therainzuny02, twice-tttzuyu01, twice-tttzuyu02, wjsn-momomoluda01, wjsn-momomoluda02, day6-shootmejae19, fis9-lovebombjiheon13, weme-lalalasuyeon13, oneus-valkyriekeonhee07, tara-whatsmynameqri07, x1-flashjunho07, leo-romanticism04, bts-idoljhope04

Cas  @ 20 Jan 2020 02:09 am

New Decks: twice-tttzuyu19, twice-tttzuyu13, bp-killthisloverose05, bp-killthisloverose12, ptg-naughtyboyhui03, victon-imfine17, dc-pirisiyeon05, ioi-veryveryveryyeonjung20, x1-flashjunho18, nuest-lovepaint14, day6-shootmejae18, fis9-lovebombjiheon16, bts-idoljhope20, leo-romanticism07, got7-oneandonlyyou11, oneus-valkyriekeonhee11, weme-lalalasuyeon12, omg-thefifthseason12

Pam  @ 20 Jan 2020 09:24 am

new sets took bts-idoljhope02, bts-idoljhope12, day6-shootmejae05, got7-oneandonlyyou20, leo-romanticism03, leo-romanticism13, mx-fighter07, mx-fighter17, nuest-lovepaint05, oneus-valkyriekeonhee01, ptg-naughtyboyhui20, victon-imfine04, victon-imfine14, x1-flashjunho08, x1-flashjunho18

Sanna  @ 20 Jan 2020 06:38 pm

New Decks (96): dc-pirisiyeon12, dc-pirisiyeon13, ioi-veryveryveryyeonjung08, ioi-veryveryveryyeonjung09, omg-thefifthseason13, omg-thefifthseason16, twice-tttzuyu17, twice-tttzuyu18, bts-idoljhope06, bts-idoljhope07, fis9-lovebombjiheon09, fis9-lovebombjiheon10, x1-flashjunho11, x1-flashjunho12, bp-killthisloverose17, bp-killthisloverose18, leo-romanticism09, leo-romanticism10

Usagi  @ 21 Jan 2020 08:02 pm

New Decks (200119): bp-killthisloverose19, bp-killthisloverose20, bts-idoljhope19, bts-idoljhope20, omg-thefifthseason19, omg-thefifthseason20, ptg-naughtyboyhui19, ptg-naughtyboyhui20, twice-tttzuyu19, twice-tttzuyu20, weme-lalalasuyeon19, weme-lalalasuyeon20, wjsn-momomoluda19, wjsn-momomoluda20, x1-flashjunho19, x1-flashjunho20, dc-pirisiyeon19, dc-pirisiyeon20

julia  @ 22 Jan 2020 03:05 am

New Decks (01/19): x1-flashjunho07, x1-flashjunho12, omg-thefifthseason07, omg-thefifthseason09, got7-oneandonlyyou05, got7-oneandonlyyou11, wjsn-momomoluda03, wjsn-momomoluda17, bp-killthisloverose07, bp-killthisloverose15, twice-tttzuyu02, twice-tttzuyu17, nuest-lovepaint03, nuest-lovepaint13, mx-fighter16, mx-fighter20, leo-romanticism02, leo-romanticism04, bts-idoljhope01, bts-idoljhope17

Shinya  @ 23 Jan 2020 12:03 pm

Update (200119): bp-killthisloverose13, bp-killthisloverose17, day6-shootmejae13, day6-shootmejae17, dc-pirisiyeon13, dc-pirisiyeon17, fis9-lovebombjiheon13, fis9-lovebombjiheon17, lc-therainzuny13, lc-therainzuny17, omg-thefifthseason13, omg-thefifthseason17, wjsn-momomoluda13, wjsn-momomoluda17, oneus-valkyriekeonhee14, oneus-valkyriekeonhee17

Shinya  @ 23 Jan 2020 12:48 pm

Update (200119): ioi-veryveryveryyeonjung13, ioi-veryveryveryyeonjung17

Mya  @ 24 Jan 2020 06:22 am

Update (#96): fis9-lovebombjiheon07, fis9-lovebombjiheon20, omg-thefifthseason07, omg-thefifthseason20, ioi-veryveryveryyeonjung07, ioi-veryveryveryyeonjung20, wjsn-momomoluda07, wjsn-momomoluda20, lc-therainzuny07, lc-therainzuny20, twice-tttzuyu07, twice-tttzuyu20, day6-shootmejae07, day6-shootmejae20, dc-pirisiyeon07, dc-pirisiyeon20, oneus-valkyriekeonhee07, oneus-valkyriekeonhee20

Lex  @ 26 Jan 2020 01:31 am

New Decks: bp-killthisloverose06, bp-killthisloverose14, dc-pirisiyeon11, dc-pirisiyeon18, fis9-lovebombjiheon05, fis9-lovebombjiheon12, twice-tttzuyu03, twice-tttzuyu09, weme-lalalasuyeon02, weme-lalalasuyeon08, wjsn-momomoluda10, wjsn-momomoluda15, ioi-veryveryveryyeonjung15, lc-therainzuny12, omg-thefifthseason14, tara-whatsmynameqri15, bts-idoljhope18, x1-flashjunho17, nuest-lovepaint17, day6-shootmejae15\r\n\r\nDeck Vote Coupon: twice-tttzuyu16

Larlic  @ 26 Jan 2020 08:10 am

New Decks: omg-thefifthseason10, omg-thefifthseason12, leo-romanticism02, leo-romanticism07, wjsn-momomoluda19, wjsn-momomoluda20, ioi-veryveryveryyeonjung05, ioi-veryveryveryyeonjung06, bts-idoljhope09, bts-idoljhope10, twice-tttzuyu01, twice-tttzuyu02, oneus-valkyriekeonhee08, oneus-valkyriekeonhee17, x1-flashjunho11, x1-flashjunho19, bp-killthisloverose04, bp-killthisloverose13

Mirabel  @ 26 Jan 2020 10:15 pm

deck pulls: bts-idoljhope16, bts-idoljhope17, victon-imfine19, victon-imfine20 (4/20)

Selena  @ 03 Feb 2020 12:10 am

New Decks: bts-idoljhope01, bts-idoljhope02, bp-killthisloverose12, fis9-lovebombjiheon10, got7-oneandonlyyou17, ioi-veryveryveryyeonjung07, lc-therainzuny19, leo-romanticism20, mx-fighter06, nuest-lovepaint07, omg-thefifthseason18, oneus-valkyriekeonhee06, ptg-naughtyboyhui01, tara-whatsmynameqri09, twice-tttzuyu02, victon-imfine18, weme-lalalasuyeon17, wjsn-momomoluda06, x1-flashjunho09

Catherine  @ 07 Feb 2020 04:50 pm

- Deck Pulls: 01/19/20 : ptg-naughtyboyhui12, ptg-naughtyboyhui11, bp-killthisloverose12, bp-killthisloverose11, day6-shootmejae12, leo-romanticism11, leo-romanticism12, oneus-valkyriekeonhee11, oneus-valkyriekeonhee12, dc-pirisiyeon12, day6-shootmejae11, dc-pirisiyeon11, bts-idoljhope10, bts-idoljhope11

Mirabel  @ 09 Feb 2020 12:18 am

deck pulls: got7-oneandonlyyou09, got7-oneandonlyyou15, mx-fighter13, mx-fighter15 (8/20)

Mirabel  @ 29 Feb 2020 05:04 pm

deck pulls: day6-shootmejae04, day6-shootmejae11 (10/20)

Mirabel  @ 14 Mar 2020 04:34 pm

deck pulls: nuest-lovepaint15, nuest-lovepaint20 (12/20)

yangdizzy  @ 17 Mar 2020 07:23 pm

Update (200119): ioi-veryveryveryyeonjung05, ioi-veryveryveryyeonjung06, mx-fighter01, mx-fighter04, victon-imfine01, victon-imfine02, wjsn-momomoluda02, wjsn-momomoluda03, fis9-lovebombjiheon02, fis9-lovebombjiheon03, omg-thefifthseason01, omg-thefifthseason02, twice-tttzuyu01, twice-tttzuyu03, oneus-valkyriekeonhee01, oneus-valkyriekeonhee04, dc-pirisiyeon01, dc-pirisiyeon15 (18/18)

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