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95 posted by caitlin (200112)

It's Sunday, and your admins are home from their quick trip to Newark. Although we were only gone for a couple of days, I came back to a lot of messages (that I won't be directly replying to) about the same issues, so please ensure that you're reading this update carefully if you are someone who messaged me directly while I was gone, or if you are someone who posted in the questions and answers channel.

Login bonus chaos

Last Sunday, we introduced the automatic login bonus. It had some issues. Originally, the bonus wasn't logging to the internal system if your name started with a capital letter. This may have caused some of the early birds issues, as the system counts your logs to display coupons. A lot of members will remember that on your first login, you were accidentally given a coupon as well. This is due to the system not knowing what to do when someone technically had 0 login bonuses logged. So there were some issues!

Long story short, this may have caused some of you to miss out on your Saturday bonus, if you had technically logged in every day from Sunday-Saturday. To fix this and ensure that your count is accurate, I have a forum post where I will be adjusting your logs manually over here.

Daily Login /coupon/

This week, I received multiple questions about the missed login bonus coupon. As a lot of you already know, this coupon can be used when a day is missed, and it comes in handy in ensuring that members who skip a day can still earn their Saturday bonus.

With the new login bonus system, there is currently no way to use this coupon. This was an oversight on my part, which I do apologize for. These things happen when you're making large scale changes, and I frequently forget about all the nooks and crannies of Idolise, despite being the one who creates them. I'm doing my best. I'm just incredibly clumsy.

There are two ways that we can go about doing this, and I really value your opinions. At the end of the day, I'm not the one who's using them.

I have created a poll on the forum, and I would really appreciate it if you'd all take a moment to vote in it. Thank you!


As you may have already suspected, Set 1 has been updated by Nikki, and our Weekly Set is free to play again!

Retired 2015 decks

This week, our retired decks are just the MX - Hero decks and a single NFlying - Awesome deck! If you want to see the list for the rest of our retire weeks, it's still over here!

Remember! You will no longer find these cards in our randomizers, but you may still find them in Boo's trade post, freebies and member trade posts! You are also free to master these decks and choice them, too. They are not gone or forgotten, just no longer crowding our randomizers.

New Decks

As always, these have been voted for by you guys!

Our precious MOTM Minty asked for dia-woowooeunice this week to help wrap up that era!

Please note: I accidentally did freebies and updated Boo's trade post AFTER releasing decks, so maybe you should check there before you do your pulls?

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 22 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ateez-saymynameyeosang, bap-feelsogood, boy-blurry, bts-idolrm, clc-me, day6-shootmeyoungk, dc-dejavu, dia-woowooeunice, ioi-veryveryverychungha, lc-therainashley, mmoo-windflower, nct-joy, omg-remembermebinnie, sori-touch, svt-smileflower, taemin-thirsty, tara-whatsmynamehyomin, tbz-ddd, twice-ttjeongyeon, x1-flashwooseok,
caitlin (200112)

Mari  @ 12 Jan 2020 10:00 pm

New Decks: dc-dejavu01, dc-dejavu02, ioi-veryveryverychungha01, ioi-veryveryverychungha02, lc-therainashley01, lc-therainashley02, svt-smileflower01, svt-smileflower02, twice-ttjeongyeon01, twice-ttjeongyeon02, ateez-saymynameyeosang10, clc-me10, tara-whatsmynamehyomin19, bts-idolrm18, bap-feelsogood18, x1-flashwooseok03, omg-remembermebinnie12, tbz-ddd04, nct-joy07, taemin-thirsty03\r\nDeck Donation: dc-dejavu04\r\nchoice-coupon(ioi-veryveryverychungha, ioi-veryveryverychungha): ioi-veryveryverychungha03, ioi-veryveryverychungha04

todoke  @ 12 Jan 2020 11:12 pm

I didn\'t understand the reason for retiring at first but so glad the decks are still collectable. :)\r\n\r\nUpdate #95: bap-feelsogood10, bap-feelsogood18, mmoo-windflower07, mmoo-windflower12, taemin-thirsty04, taemin-thirsty15, ateez-saymynameyeosang11, ateez-saymynameyeosang15, bts-idolrm03, bts-idolrm17, clc-me03, clc-me07, dc-dejavu04, dc-dejavu08, ioi-veryveryverychungha03, ioi-veryveryverychungha15, omg-remembermebinnie04, omg-remembermebinnie14, svt-smileflower19, svt-smileflower20

Pam  @ 13 Jan 2020 09:44 am

new sets took ateez-saymynameyeosang05, bap-feelsogood01, boy-blurry05, bts-idolrm12, clc-me20, day6-shootmeyoungk01, dc-dejavu20, dia-woowooeunice01, ioi-veryveryverychungha20, lc-therainashley01, mmoo-windflower20, nct-joy20, omg-remembermebinnie01, sori-touch20,\r\nsvt-smileflower05, taemin-thirsty01, tara-whatsmynamehyomin20, tbz-ddd01, twice-ttjeongyeon20, x1-flashwooseok07

Shinya  @ 14 Jan 2020 02:12 pm

Update (200112): ateez-saymynameyeosang13, ateez-saymynameyeosang17, day6-shootmeyoungk13, day6-shootmeyoungk17, dc-dejavu13, dc-dejavu17, lc-therainashley13, lc-therainashley17, svt-smileflower13, svt-smileflower17, tbz-ddd13, tbz-ddd17, sori-touch13, sori-touch17, taemin-thirsty13, taemin-thirsty17, twice-ttjeongyeon13, twice-ttjeongyeon17, omg-remembermebinnie13, omg-remembermebinnie17\r\nDeck Donation: tbz-ddd01

Mya  @ 16 Jan 2020 08:18 am

Update (#95): lc-therainashley07, lc-therainashley20, taemin-thirsty07, taemin-thirsty20, twice-ttjeongyeon07, twice-ttjeongyeon20, omg-remembermebinnie07, omg-remembermebinnie20, ateez-saymynameyeosang07, ateez-saymynameyeosang20, day6-shootmeyoungk07, day6-shootmeyoungk20, dc-dejavu07, dc-dejavu20, svt-smileflower07, svt-smileflower20, tbz-ddd07, tbz-ddd20

Cas  @ 18 Jan 2020 05:14 pm

New Decks: twice-ttjeongyeon06, twice-ttjeongyeon17, ioi-veryveryverychungha08, ioi-veryveryverychungha16, ateez-saymynameyeosang01, bap-feelsogood02, boy-blurry03, bts-idolrm04, clc-me05, day6-shootmeyoungk06, dc-dejavu07, dia-woowooeunice08, lc-therainashley09, mmoo-windflower10, nct-joy11, omg-remembermebinnie12, sori-touch13, svt-smileflower14, taemin-thirsty15, tara-whatsmynamehyomin16

Usagi  @ 18 Jan 2020 08:28 pm

New Decks (200112): bts-idolrm19, bts-idolrm20, clc-me19, clc-me20, mmoo-windflower19, mmoo-windflower20, nct-joy19, nct-joy20, omg-remembermebinnie19, omg-remembermebinnie20, twice-ttjeongyeon18, twice-ttjeongyeon19, x1-flashwooseok19, x1-flashwooseok20, taemin-thirsty19, taemin-thirsty20, svt-smileflower19, svt-smileflower20, ateez-saymynameyeosang19, ateez-saymynameyeosang20

Lex  @ 18 Jan 2020 11:16 pm

New Decks: clc-me04, clc-me11, dc-dejavu05, dc-dejavu09, ioi-veryveryverychungha11, ioi-veryveryverychungha19, mmoo-windflower06, mmoo-windflower14, twice-ttjeongyeon09, twice-ttjeongyeon12, dia-woowooeunice15, lc-therainashley12, omg-remembermebinnie16, sori-touch12, tara-whatsmynamehyomin04, ateez-saymynameyeosang16, bap-feelsogood11, bts-idolrm16, day6-shootmeyoungk15, svt-smileflower16, taemin-thirsty16, x1-flashwooseok12\r\n\r\nChoice Coupon: clc-me15

larlic  @ 19 Jan 2020 05:35 am

New Decks: x1-flashwooseok08, x1-flashwooseok09, taemin-thirsty19, taemin-thirsty20, boy-blurry03, boy-blurry04, ateez-saymynameyeosang08, ateez-saymynameyeosang10, omg-remembermebinnie07, omg-remembermebinnie12, bts-idolrm01, bts-idolrm02, nct-joy11, nct-joy12, twice-ttjeongyeon01, twice-ttjeongyeon02, svt-smileflower06, svt-smileflower17, dc-dejavu11, dc-dejavu18

Sanna  @ 20 Jan 2020 06:20 pm

New Decks (95): ioi-veryveryverychungha07, ioi-veryveryverychungha08, omg-remembermebinnie04, omg-remembermebinnie05, taemin-thirsty09, taemin-thirsty10, twice-ttjeongyeon01, twice-ttjeongyeon02, dc-dejavu06, dc-dejavu07, mmoo-windflower14, mmoo-windflower15, bap-feelsogood15, bap-feelsogood16, x1-flashwooseok15, x1-flashwooseok16, nct-joy12, nct-joy13, bts-idolrm12, bts-idolrm13

julia  @ 22 Jan 2020 01:14 am

New Decks (01/12): x1-flashwooseok13, x1-flashwooseok20, tbz-ddd07, tbz-ddd09, taemin-thirsty05, taemin-thirsty08, nct-joy01, nct-joy05, ioi-veryveryverychungha03, ioi-veryveryverychungha14, day6-shootmeyoungk05, day6-shootmeyoungk10, boy-blurry12, boy-blurry14, omg-remembermebinnie15, omg-remembermebinnie19, bts-idolrm03, bts-idolrm13, bap-feelsogood16, bap-feelsogood20

Selena  @ 03 Feb 2020 12:06 am

New Decks: bts-idolrm01, bts-idolrm02, taemin-thirsty01, taemin-thirsty02, ateez-saymynameyeosang19, bap-feelsogood08, boy-blurry06, clc-me19, day6-shootmeyoungk11, dc-dejavu08, dia-woowooeunice16, ioi-veryveryverychungha19, lc-therainashley16, mmoo-windflower17, nct-joy03, omg-remembermebinnie16, sori-touch06, svt-smileflower05, tara-whatsmynamehyomin17, tbz-ddd09

Catherine  @ 07 Feb 2020 04:46 pm

- Deck Pulls: 01/12/20 : ateez-saymynameyeosang12, ateez-saymynameyeosang11, day6-shootmeyoungk11, day6-shootmeyoungk12, bap-feelsogood12, bap-feelsogood11, bts-idolrm11, bts-idolrm12, taemin-thirsty11, taemin-thirsty10

Mirabel  @ 08 Mar 2020 11:31 pm

deck pulls: bts-idolrm09, bts-idolrm10, twice-ttjeongyeon09, twice-ttjeongyeon10 (4/20)

yangdizzy  @ 17 Mar 2020 07:13 pm

Update (100212): omg-remembermebinnie01, omg-remembermebinnie04, twice-ttjeongyeon01, twice-ttjeongyeon02, lc-therainashley01, lc-therainashley04, tbz-ddd01, tbz-ddd03, ateez-saymynameyeosang01, ateez-saymynameyeosang02, ioi-veryveryverychungha01, ioi-veryveryverychungha04, x1-flashwooseok,20, x1-flashwooseok,13, tara-whatsmynamehyomin11, tara-whatsmynamehyomin15, bts-idolrm05, bts-idolrm07 (18/18)

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