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94 posted by caitlin (200105)

Fair warning! This is a big one. As all of you are already aware, your admins are making major changes to the site. There are some obvious changes (like the new index page, your member panel) that don't require any extra effort on your part, but we have also made some changes to larger components of the site, such as currency.

Stick with us, okay?

Event cards, before I forget!

2001-motm, 200101

Currency changes


Coins were a mistake. They're hard to track and difficult to count. The idea of spending them and how to spend them is stressful, and we understand that. We've made the decision to do away with coins and split our currency into two types.

  • Gold: For shop purchases that are not custom content.
  • Gems: For custom content.

100 coins = 1 gold, or 1 gem.

The expectation for each member is that you will officially have the opportunity to decide how to split your coins. You must convert your coins before you make any new purchases in 2020. If you currently have 1000 coins, you can split them however you'd like. You can do 5 gold, 5 gems. Or 1 gold, 9 gems. It's up to you.

PLEASE LOG YOUR CONVERSION. We need to see it in your logs.

This will allow us to provide more gold to you guys through games, without the worry of our poor custom content makers being bogged down by badge requests.

Important note about custom badges: Custom mastery badges were 100 coins in the past, they are now 3 gems. We understand that this conversion is a little more expensive, but anyone who currently has pending requests can rest easy knowing that we will honor the original conversion.

To display currency on your post, I've created a little mod over on my Notion page! This mod is inspired by Amber's mod for Starlight, which displays currency from a category! This will help you guys track your currency easier. No math needed.

2015 decks retiring

We have your final list here! We chose not to retire anything this week, but it will start next week. ^^

Just a reminder, from your deck requests, I did not make any eras for artists who already had decks expiring. For those who are losing eras, I will be putting focus into replacing them with newer eras. :)

Winter Event

You can read about that here! Brief and simple for once.

Multi-card Search Mod

I have already provided this in the Discord and on Twitter, but I've made some edits to the card search script that most of you use in your trade posts. You can read about that over on my Notion.

Mini mastery

We are discontinuing the Mini Mastery game! We have decided to replace it with something a little more flexible. Introducing Dream Deck!

Also, I will get the pending Mini Mastery badges to you all within the evening. I've just been coding. You understand!


Set 2 can be played, as well as our weekly set. Please help yourself to our Monthly games as well, which Nikki has updated for you guys!

New Decks

As you've already noticed, Minty is our member of the month! This week, her requested deck is dia-woowoojenny. Otherwise, these are from your votes.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ace-cactus, ateez-saymynameyunho, bp-killthislovelisa, bts-idolsuga, dc-piridami, dia-woowoojenny, ioi-veryveryveryyoojung, laboum-firework, leehi-noone, nct-dontneedyourlove, oneus-valkyrie, ptg-naughtyboywooseok, shinee-imhome, twice-feelspecial, x1-flashseungyoun

2015 dump

Don't panic... The Cardkoth are not back... But we had to do it to you.

Please note: You can find 2015 decks in Boo's trade post. We recommend checking him out.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

blockb-zeroforconduct, blockb-zeroforconductbbomb, blockb-zeroforconductpo, blockb-zeroforconductukwon, bts-awakening, ds-jokerahyoung, ds-jokerserri, ds-jokersubin, ds-jokerwoohee, exid-ahyeah, exo-callmebabychen, exo-callmebabydo, exo-callmebabykai, exo-callmebabylay, exo-callmebabysehun, exo-callmebabysuho, exo-callmebabyxiumin, fiestar-yourepitifullinzy, fiestar-yourepitifulyezi, hyosung-intoyou, hyuna-howsthisera, ifnt-prettydongwoo, ifnt-prettyhoya, ikon-rhythmtabi, ikon-rhythmtabobby, ikon-rhythmtachanwoo, ikon-rhythmtadonghyuk, ikon-rhythmtajinhwan, ikon-rhythmtajunhoe, ikon-rhythmtayunhyeong, ikon-whatswrong, kara-cupidseungyeon, kara-cupidyoungji, lizzy-notaneasygirlera, nm-hurtlockereuaerin, nm-hurtlockerhyemi, nm-hurtlockerhyuna, nm-hurtlockerkeumjo, nm-hurtlockerkyungri, nm-hurtlockerminha, nm-hurtlockersojin, nm-hurtlockersungah, omg-closerarin, omg-closerbinnie, omg-closerhyojung, omg-closerjiho, omg-closerjine, omg-closermimi, omg-closerseunghee, omg-closeryooa, rainbow-blackswanjaekyung, rainbow-blackswanseungah, rainbow-blackswanwoori, rainbow-blackswanyoonhye, sj-growingpains, wg-ifeelyouhyelim, wg-ifeelyouyubin

Your admins have done a lot today. Please @ us if anything seems totally out of the norm.

caitlin (200105)

andrea  @ 05 Jan 2020 07:58 pm

tysm for the update. ♡ congrats, minty!\r\n\r\nUpdates (200105): 2001-motm, 200101\r\n\r\nMoTM (minty): bestie-excusemeuji13, bestie-excusemeuji12, bestie-excusemeuji14, loona-sonatine12, loona-sonatine17, loona-sonatine18, exo-lovemeright11, exo-lovemeright13, exo-lovemeright16, exo-lovemeright19

andrea  @ 05 Jan 2020 08:03 pm

whoops, *bestie-excusemeuji03 not bestie-excusemeuji13!

Mari  @ 05 Jan 2020 09:54 pm

Event Cards: 2001-motm, 200101\r\nOnly You: rv-icecreamcake01, rv-icecreamcake02, rv-icecreamcake03, rv-icecreamcake04, rv-icecreamcake05, rv-redflavor02, rv-redflavor03, rv-redflavor04, rv-redflavor05, rv-redflavor06\r\nNew Decks: ateez-saymynameyunho01, ateez-saymynameyunho02, dc-piridami01, dc-piridami02, ioi-veryveryveryyoojung01, ioi-veryveryveryyoojung02, twice-feelspecial01, twice-feelspecial02\r\nDeck Donation: exid-ahyeah03\r\ncoupon-pulls2: twice-feelspecial03, twice-feelspecial04\r\n2015 Decks: exid-ahyeah01, exid-ahyeah02, kara-cupidseungyeon01, kara-cupidseungyeon02, kara-cupidyoungji01, kara-cupidyoungji02, rainbow-blackswanjaekyung01, rainbow-blackswanjaekyung02, rainbow-blackswanseungah01, rainbow-blackswanseungah02, rainbow-blackswanwoori01, rainbow-blackswanwoori02, rainbow-blackswanyoonhye01, rainbow-blackswanyoonhye02, wg-ifeelyouhyelim01, wg-ifeelyouhyelim02, wg-ifeelyouyubin01, wg-ifeelyouyubin02

Sanna  @ 06 Jan 2020 01:10 am

Events: 2001-motm, 200101\r\n\r\nMember of the Month (January/Minty): rv-icecreamcake03, rv-icecreamcake04, rv-icecreamcake05, rv-icecreamcake06, rv-icecreamcake08, rv-icecreamcake09, rv-icecreamcake10, rv-icecreamcake15, rv-icecreamcake18, rv-icecreamcake19\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nNew Decks (94): dc-piridami03, dc-piridami04, ioi-veryveryveryyoojung08, ioi-veryveryveryyoojung09, shinee-imhome06, shinee-imhome07, twice-feelspecial15, twice-feelspecial16, x1-flashseungyoun11, x1-flashseungyoun12, nct-idontneedyourlove09, nct-idontneedyourlove10, bts-idolsuga11, bts-idolsuga12, bp-killthislovelisa08, bp-killthislovelisa09, oneus-valkyrie02, oneus-valkyrie03

Catherine  @ 06 Jan 2020 09:49 am

- Deck Pulls: ateez-saymynameyunho11, bp-killthislovelisa11, ateez-saymynameyunho12, bp-killthislovelisa12, ptg-naughtyboywooseok12, ptg-naughtyboywooseok11, dc-piridami12, dc-piridami11, shinee-imhome12, shinee-imhome11, bts-idolsuga12, bts-idolsuga11, oneus-valkyrie12, oneus-valkyrie11, exo-callmebabychen11, exo-callmebabydo11, exo-callmebabykai11, exo-callmebabylay11, exo-callmebabysehun11, exo-callmebabysuho11, exo-callmebabyxiumin11, ikon-rhythmtabi11, ikon-rhythmtabobby11, ikon-rhythmtachanwoo11, ikon-rhythmtadonghyuk11, ikon-rhythmtajinhwan11, ikon-rhythmtajunhoe11, ikon-rhythmtayunhyeong11, wg-ifeelyouhyelim11, wg-ifeelyouyubin11, bts-awakening11, nm-hurtlockerhyemi11, nm-hurtlockerkeumjo11, hyuna-howsthisera11

Pam  @ 06 Jan 2020 10:39 am

event cards took 2001-motm, 200101\r\n\r\nnew sets took ace-cactus01, ateez-saymynameyunho20, bp-killthislovelisa01, bts-idolsuga04, bts-idolsuga14, dc-piridami20, \r\ndia-woowoojenny01, ioi-veryveryveryyoojung20, laboum-firework01, leehi-noone20, nct-idontneedyourlove01, oneus-valkyrie05, ptg-naughtyboywooseok20, shinee-imhome02, shinee-imhome12, twice-feelspecial01, x1-flashseungyoun07, x1-flashseungyoun17\r\n\r\n2015 sets took bts-awakening02, bts-awakening12, exo-callmebabychen03, exo-callmebabychen13, exo-callmebabydo04, exo-callmebabydo14,exo-callmebabykai07, exo-callmebabykai17, exo-callmebabylay08, exo-callmebabylay18, exo-callmebabysehun09, exo-callmebabysehun19, exo-callmebabysuho02, exo-callmebabysuho12, exo-callmebabyxiumin03, exo-callmebabyxiumin13

Shinya  @ 07 Jan 2020 01:11 pm

- Event Cards: 2001-motm, 200101\r\n- Update New decks (200105): ace-cactus13, ace-cactus17, ateez-saymynameyunho13, ateez-saymynameyunho17, bp-killthislovelisa13, bp-killthislovelisa17, bts-idolsuga13, bts-idolsuga17, dc-piridami13, dc-piridami17, laboum-firework13, laboum-firework17, nct-dontneedyourlove13, nct-dontneedyourlove17, oneus-valkyrie13, oneus-valkyrie17, twice-feelspecial13, twice-feelspecial17, x1-flashseungyoun13, x1-flashseungyoun17\r\n- Update 2015 decks (200105): ifnt-prettydongwoo13, ifnt-prettydongwoo17, ifnt-prettyhoya13, ifnt-prettyhoya17, kara-cupidseungyeon13, kara-cupidseungyeon17, kara-cupidyoungji13, kara-cupidyoungji17, sj-growingpains13, sj-growingpains17, exo-callmebabykai11, exo-callmebabychen12, exo-callmebabydo13, exo-callmebabylay14, exo-callmebabysehun15, exo-callmebabysuho16, exo-callmebabyxiumin17, ikon-rhythmtajinhwan18

todoke  @ 07 Jan 2020 10:36 pm

Update (#94); ace-cactus11, ace-cactus17, ateez-saymynameyunho03, ateez-saymynameyunho16, laboum-firework05, laboum-firework12, leehi-noone06, leehi-noone14, nct-idontneedyourlove10, nct-idontneedyourlove17, oneus-valkyrie01, oneus-valkyrie11, ptg-naughtyboywooseok09, ptg-naughtyboywooseok11, twice-feelspecial04, twice-feelspecial15, bp-killthislovelisa05, bp-killthislovelisa13, bts-idolsuga08, bts-idolsuga16\r\n\r\n2015 Dump (Update #94): exid-ahyeah07, exid-ahyeah20, exo-callmebabydo09, exo-callmebabydo18, exo-callmebabykai02, exo-callmebabykai12, ifnt-prettyhoya04, ifnt-prettyhoya20, ikon-rhythmtabi04, ikon-rhythmtabi13, ikon-rhythmtabobby07, ikon-rhythmtabobby16, ikon-rhythmtajinhwan05, ikon-rhythmtajinhwan14, wg-ifeelyouyubin01, wg-ifeelyouyubin09, ikon-rhythmtajunhoe06, ikon-rhythmtajunhoe17, ikon-whatswrong07, ikon-whatswrong09

Cas  @ 08 Jan 2020 12:22 am

Events: 2001-motm, 200101\r\n\r\nNew Decks: twice-feelspecial07, twice-feelspecial05, bp-killthislovelisa06, bp-killthislovelisa14, ace-cactus05, ateez-saymynameyunho09, bts-idolsuga11, bts-idolsuga16, dc-piridami04, dia-woowoojenny18, dia-woowoojenny16, ioi-veryveryveryyoojung14, laboum-firework01, leehi-noone06, nct-dontneedyourlove03, oneus-valkyrie15, ptg-naughtyboywooseok03, shinee-imhome11, x1-flashseungyoun07, x1-flashseungyoun13\r\n\r\n2015 Dump: exo-callmebabychen01, exo-callmebabydo02, exo-callmebabykai03, exo-callmebabylay04, exo-callmebabysehun05, exo-callmebabysuho06, exo-callmebabyxiumin07, hyuna-howsthisera08, kara-cupidseungyeon09, kara-cupidyoungji10, lizzy-notaneasygirlera11, nm-hurtlockereuaerin12, nm-hurtlockerhyemi13, nm-hurtlockerhyuna14, nm-hurtlockerkeumjo15, nm-hurtlockerkyungri16, nm-hurtlockerminha17, nm-hurtlockersojin18, nm-hurtlockersungah19, wg-ifeelyouyubin20

Whitney  @ 09 Jan 2020 06:47 pm

Event Cards: 2001-motm, 200101 // Only You (MOTM Minty): nct-blackonblackjisung12, nct-blackonblackjisung13, nct-blackonblackjisung19, nct-blackonblackten06, nct-blackonblackten12, nct-blackonblackten13, nct-blackonblackten17, tiffany-heartbreakhotel01, tiffany-heartbreakhotel03, tiffany-heartbreakhotel04 // New Decks: ateez-saymynameyunho08, ateez-saymynameyunho15, bp-killthislovelisa04, bp-killthislovelisa14, bts-idolsuga04, bts-idolsuga14, dc-piridami09, dc-piridami12, dia-woowoojenny09, dia-woowoojenny14, ioi-veryveryveryyoojung05, ioi-veryveryveryyoojung14, nct-dontneedyourlove01, nct-dontneedyourlove05, oneus-valkyrie07, oneus-valkyrie09, shinee-imhome08, shinee-imhome17, twice-feelspecial09, twice-feelspecial17 // 2015 Decks: blockb-zeroforconductukwon09, blockb-zeroforconductukwon18, ifnt-prettydongwoo05, ifnt-prettydongwoo15, ifnt-prettyhoya02, ifnt-prettyhoya05, exo-callmebabychen04, exo-callmebabychen12, exo-callmebabydo02, exo-callmebabydo03, exo-callmebabykai09, exo-callmebabykai14, exo-callmebabylay15, exo-callmebabylay20, exo-callmebabysehun08, exo-callmebabysehun12, exo-callmebabysuho09, exo-callmebabysuho20, exo-callmebabyxiumin02, exo-callmebabyxiumin03 // coupon-choice(exo-callmebabykai): exo-callmebabykai17 // coupon-pulls2: hyuna-howsthisera09, hyuna-howsthisera12 // You\'re so good to us!! Thank you very much! =)

Mirabel  @ 09 Jan 2020 07:59 pm

event cards: 2001-motm, 200101\r\ndeck pulls (normal): bts-idolsuga07, bts-idolsuga08 (2/20)

Mya  @ 10 Jan 2020 05:51 am

Event cards: 2001-motm, 200101\r\nUpdate #94: ateez-saymynameyunho07, ateez-saymynameyunho20, shinee-imhome07, shinee-imhome20, twice-feelspecial07, twice-feelspecial20, bp-killthislovelisa07, bp-killthislovelisa20, dc-piridami07, dc-piridami20, oneus-valkyrie07, oneus-valkyrie20, x1-flashseungyoun07, x1-flashseungyoun20, bts-idolsuga07, bts-idolsuga20, nct-dontneedyourlove07, nct-dontneedyourlove20\r\n2015 Decks: omg-closerarin07, omg-closerarin20, omg-closerbinnie07, omg-closerbinnie20, omg-closerhyojung07, omg-closerhyojung20, omg-closerjiho07, omg-closerjiho20, omg-closerjine07, omg-closerjine20, omg-closermimi07, omg-closermimi20, omg-closerseunghee07, omg-closerseunghee20, omg-closeryooa07, omg-closeryooa20, sj-growingpains07, sj-growingpains20\r\nMOTM: astro-crazysexycooleunwoo03, astro-crazysexycooleunwoo17, astro-crazysexycooleunwoo19, lc-galaxyzuny11, lc-galaxyzuny13, lc-galaxyzuny18, wjsn-secret05, wjsn-secret06, wjsn-secret09, wjsn-secret10

Lex  @ 10 Jan 2020 05:52 pm

Event Cards: 2001-motm, 200101 // New Decks: bp-killthislovelisa12, bp-killthislovelisa19, dc-piridami04, dc-piridami12, twice-feelspecial04, twice-feelspecial14, dia-woowoojenny12, ioi-veryveryveryyoojung16, laboum-firework11, leehi-noone17, ateez-saymynameyunho18, bts-idolsuga18, bts-idolsuga19, nct-dontneedyourlove18, oneus-valkyrie18, ptg-naughtyboywooseok19, x1-flashseungyoun15, x1-flashseungyoun18, ace-cactus18, shinee-imhome09 // Deck Vote Coupon: twice-feelspecial18 // New Decks (2015): exid-ahyeah12, exid-ahyeah19, hyuna-howsthisera03, hyuna-howsthisera08, wg-ifeelyouhyelim11, wg-ifeelyouhyelim14, wg-ifeelyouyubin08, wg-ifeelyouyubin14, ds-jokerahyoung12, ds-jokerserri16, ds-jokersubin11, kara-cupidseungyeon16, kara-cupidyoungji11 (13/20)

Mirabel  @ 10 Jan 2020 10:12 pm

deck pulls: shinee-imhome19, shinee-imhome20 (4/20)

Madita  @ 11 Jan 2020 03:57 pm

Event Cards: 2001-motm, 200101\r\n\r\nNew Decks: dc-piridami05, dc-piridami17, x1-flashseungyoun05, x1-flashseungyoun08, twice-feelspecial05, twice-feelspecial06, ioi-veryveryveryyoojung09, ioi-veryveryveryyoojung10, bts-idolsuga12, bts-idolsuga17, nct-dontneedyourlove03, nct-dontneedyourlove11, bp-killthislovelisa04, bp-killthislovelisa11, oneus-valkyrie09, oneus-valkyrie13, dia-woowoojenny08, dia-woowoojenny18\r\n\r\nNew Decks (2015): nm-hurtlockereuaerin08, nm-hurtlockerhyemi17, nm-hurtlockerkeumjo14, nm-hurtlockerkyungri06, nm-hurtlockersojin04, ifnt-prettydongwoo12, ifnt-prettyhoya13, omg-closerarin13, omg-closerbinnie19, omg-closerhyojung17, omg-closerjiho18, omg-closerjine03, omg-closermimi14, omg-closerseunghee18, omg-closeryooa12, kara-cupidseungyeon05, kara-cupidyoungji14, lizzy-notaneasygirlera02, bts-awakening01, bts-awakening02

andrea  @ 11 Jan 2020 05:54 pm

New Decks (200105) (18/18): bp-killthislovelisa05, bp-killthislovelisa16, bts-idolsuga04, bts-idolsuga06, ateez-saymynameyunho09, ateez-saymynameyunho17, nct-dontneedyourlove13, dia-woowoojenny10\r\n\r\n2015 Decks (200105) (18/18): exo-callmebabychen16, exo-callmebabychen17, exo-callmebabydo02, exo-callmebabydo10, exo-callmebabykai05, exo-callmebabykai07, exo-callmebabylay12, exo-callmebabylay14, exo-callmebabysehun11, exo-callmebabysehun17, exo-callmebabysuho05, exo-callmebabysuho12, exo-callmebabyxiumin06, exo-callmebabyxiumin20

Larlic  @ 12 Jan 2020 05:08 am

Event cards: 2001-motm, 200101\r\nNew Decks: bp-killthislovelisa13, bp-killthislovelisa14, x1-flashseungyoun11, x1-flashseungyoun15, bts-idolsuga01, bts-idolsuga02, nct-dontneedyourlove01, nct-dontneedyourlove02, oneus-valkyrie01, oneus-valkyrie02, twice-feelspecial07, twice-feelspecial08, ateez-saymynameyunho19, ateez-saymynameyunho13, dc-piridami03, dc-piridami16, shinee-imhome08, shinee-imhome17\r\nNew Decks (2015): kara-cupidseungyeon05, kara-cupidseungyeon06, nm-hurtlockerhyuna02, nm-hurtlockerhyuna15, bts-awakening03, bts-awakening04

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