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93 posted by caitlin (191229)

Hello, hello! Can you guys believe that it's our final update of 2019? This will not be our monthly update, as we are saving that for next Sunday (and it's going to be a big one...), but we will have a few announcements to cover leading up to that.

But first, some event cards that we owe you guys.

191201, 191225

December deadlines

Even though we aren't doing the monthly update until next Sunday, the month is almost over. That means that your donations are due. You only have a few more days to hand in your mini masteries. If you haven't played the monthly games, you really need to.

Very important note about rewards in 2020

Nikki and I are currently working on the implementation of a logging system. It is going very well. But with this logging system, comes an important warning from your admin team:

If you are the type who waits until Sunday to play games, it's time to fix your habit. You must play games before Saturday ends, according to the site clock. With the logging system, it will automatically recognize that Sunday is a brand new week, and it will not allow you to play games twice. When the log system is implemented in full, the ability to refresh rewards will be removed. If rewards are refreshed, the system will recognize that you have already played games for the current week and show you the same reward line that you've already seen.

This also goes for monthly games... If you plan on playing monthly games last minute, or even on January 1st, you will be screwing yourself over... Those will be your rewards for January, and you won't be able to play those games when they're refreshed in February. Please don't do this to yourself.


Nikki has updated Set 1 for you guys. The Weekly games are also free to be played now. ^^


You voted for these puppies!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 22 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

bb-bangbangbang, bp-killthislovejisoo, bts-idoljimin, cb-qandahaeyoon, chungha-gottagoera, day6-shootmewonpil, exid-hotpinkjunghwa, exo-callmebabybaekhyun, gidle-senoritayuqi, jonghyun-crazyera, nct-boom, pristin-welikesungyeon, rainbow-blackswannoeul, shinee-blue, svt-healing, tara-whatsmynamejiyeon, twice-ttmomo, txt-napofastar, weme-lalalalucy, x1-flashyohan
caitlin (191229)

Catherine  @ 29 Dec 2019 07:56 pm

Deck Pulls: day6-shootmewonpil11, day6-shootmewonpil12, exo-callmebabybaekhyun11, exo-callmebabybaekhyun12, bp-killthislovejisoo12, bp-killthislovejisoo11, exid-hotpinkjunghwa12, gidle-senoritayuqi12, exid-hotpinkjunghwa11, gidle-senoritayuqi11, bts-idoljimin11, bts-idoljimin12, bb-bangbangbang11, bb-bangbangbang12, jonghyun-crazyera11, jonghyun-crazyera12, shinee-blue11, shinee-blue12

Mari  @ 29 Dec 2019 10:11 pm

Event Cards: 191201, 191225\r\nNew Decks: chungha-gottagoera01, chungha-gottagoera02, exid-hotpinkjunghwa01, exid-hotpinkjunghwa02, jonghyun-crazyera01, jonghyun-crazyera02, pristin-welikesungyeon01, pristin-welikesungyeon02, rainbow-blackswannoeul01, rainbow-blackswannoeul02, svt-healing01, svt-healing02, twice-ttmomo01, twice-ttmomo02, shinee-blue04, bts-idoljimin14, txt-napofastar14, cb-qandahaeyoon06, tara-whatsmynamejiyeon17, bp-killthislovejisoo17

Shinya  @ 30 Dec 2019 10:15 am

- Update (191229): bp-killthislovejisoo13, bp-killthislovejisoo17, cb-qandahaeyoon13, cb-qandahaeyoon17, chungha-gottagoera13, chungha-gottagoera17, day6-shootmewonpil13, day6-shootmewonpil17, jonghyun-crazyera13, jonghyun-crazyera17, gidle-senoritayuqi13, gidle-senoritayuqi17, pristin-welikesungyeon13, pristin-welikesungyeon17, shinee-blue13, shinee-blue17, svt-healing13, svt-healing17, txt-napofastar13, txt-napofastar17\r\n- Event Cards: 191201, 191225

Mya  @ 30 Dec 2019 11:51 am

Update (#93): bp-killthislovejisoo07, bp-killthislovejisoo20, cb-qandahaeyoon07, cb-qandahaeyoon20, chungha-gottagoera07, chungha-gottagoera20, day6-shootmewonpil07, day6-shootmewonpil20, jonghyun-crazyera07, jonghyun-crazyera20, pristin-welikesungyeon07, pristin-welikesungyeon20, shinee-blue07, shinee-blue20, svt-healing07, svt-healing20, txt-napofastar07, txt-napofastar20\r\nEvent Cards: 191201, 191225\r\nCoupon choice(shinee-blue): shinee-blue18

Sanna  @ 30 Dec 2019 04:30 pm

Events: 191201, 191225\r\n\r\nNew Deck (93): exid-hotpinkjunghwa13, exid-hotpinkjunghwa14, chungha-gottagoera13, chungha-gottagoera14, jonghyun-crazyera13, jonghyun-crazyera14, shinee-blue13, shinee-blue14, twice-ttmomo13, twice-ttmomo14, x1-flashyohan13, x1-flashyohan14, bts-idoljimin13, bts-idoljimin14, nct-boom13, nct-boom14, bp-killthislovejisoo13, bp-killthislovejisoo14, gidle-senoritayuqi13, gidle-senoritayuqi14

Mirabel  @ 31 Dec 2019 08:22 pm

deck pulls: jonghyun-crazyera15, jonghyun-crazyera16, shinee-blue08, shinee-blue09, x1-flashyohan15, x1-flashyohan16, bts-idoljimin09, bts-idoljimin10 (8/22)

Cas  @ 01 Jan 2020 08:27 pm

New Decks: twice-ttmomo02, twice-ttmomo12, bp-killthislovejisoo09, bp-killthislovejisoo11, chungha-gottagoera10, chungha-gottagoera18, gidle-senoritayuqi02, gidle-senoritayuqi04, cb-qandahaeyoon01, cb-qandahaeyoon10, exo-callmebabybaekhyun07, exo-callmebabybaekhyun18, bb-bangbangbang05, bb-bangbangbang16, bts-idoljimin03, bts-idoljimin16, nct-boom06, nct-boom14, svt-healing10, svt-healing17\r\n\r\nEvent Cards: 191201, 191225

todoke  @ 01 Jan 2020 11:27 pm

Update (#93): bts-idoljimin01, bts-idoljimin02, bb-bangbangbang16, bb-bangbangbang20 , chungha-gottagoera17, chungha-gottagoera20, exo-callmebabybaekhyun08, exo-callmebabybaekhyun14, nct-boom08, nct-boom17, txt-napofastar06, txt-napofastar08, day6-shootmewonpil09, day6-shootmewonpil15, gidle-senoritayuqi03, gidle-senoritayuqi10, svt-healing06, svt-healing12, twice-ttmomo04, twice-ttmomo18 Event Cards: 191201, 191225

Larlic  @ 03 Jan 2020 06:45 am

New Decks: x1-flashyohan05, x1-flashyohan06, jonghyun-crazyera05, jonghyun-crazyera06, svt-healing01, svt-healing05, nct-boom01, nct-boom02, bp-killthislovejisoo01, bp-killthislovejisoo02, shinee-blue03, shinee-blue04, gidle-senoritayuqi13, gidle-senoritayuqi14, tara-whatsmynamejiyeon05, tara-whatsmynamejiyeon06, bts-idoljimin01, bts-idoljimin02, chungha-gottagoera17, chungha-gottagoera18\r\nEvent Cards: 191201, 191225

Madita  @ 03 Jan 2020 04:10 pm

Deck Pulls: chungha-gottagoera06, chungha-gottagoera07, weme-lalalalucy16, gidle-senoritayuqi10, cb-qandahaeyoon17, svt-healing02, bb-bangbangbang02, x1-flashyohan19, twice-ttmomo11, shinee-blue03, txt-napofastar03, day6-shootmewonpil03, bts-idoljimin17, jonghyun-crazyera17, exo-callmebabybaekhyun06, exid-hotpinkjunghwa03, bp-killthislovejisoo03, tara-whatsmynamejiyeon03\r\nEvent Cards: 191201, 191225

Whitney  @ 03 Jan 2020 05:56 pm

Event Cards: 191201, 191225 // New Decks: bts-idoljimin05, bts-idoljimin15, bp-killthislovejisoo08, bp-killthislovejisoo15, jonghyun-crazyera08, jonghyun-crazyera20, nct-boom05, nct-boom12, shinee-blue10, shinee-blue18, twice-ttmomo14, twice-ttmomo15, x1-flashyohan04, x1-flashyohan14, tara-whatsmynamejiyeon08, tara-whatsmynamejiyeon13, cb-qandahaeyoon09, cb-qandahaeyoon13, chungha-gottagoera07, chungha-gottagoera18, exo-callmebabybaekhyun02, exo-callmebabybaekhyun08 // Coupons: coupon-choice(exo-callmebabybaekhyun) x2 (12/15, 12/27): exo-callmebabybaekhyun11, exo-callmebabybaekhyun18 // Thank you!

Lex  @ 04 Jan 2020 05:19 am

Event Cards: 191201, 191225\r\n\r\nNew Decks: bp-killthislovejisoo05, bp-killthislovejisoo10, cb-qandahaeyoon15, chungha-gottagoera11, chungha-gottagoera19, exid-hotpinkjunghwa17, gidle-senoritayuqi05, gidle-senoritayuqi08, twice-ttmomo10, twice-ttmomo16, weme-lalalalucy13, pristin-welikesungyeon14, rainbow-blackswannoeul20, tara-whatsmynamejiyeon11, bts-idoljimin18, day6-shootmewonpil14, exo-callmebabybaekhyun17, jonghyun-crazyera18, nct-boom15, shinee-blue15, svt-healing19, x1-flashyohan17\r\n\r\nVoter Choice Coupon: gidle-senoritayuqi15

andrea  @ 04 Jan 2020 03:42 pm

Updates (191229): 191201, 191225 \r\n\r\nNew Decks (191229) (20/20): exo-callmebabybaekhyun08, exo-callmebabybaekhyun18, twice-ttmomo13, twice-ttmomo14, gidle-senoritayuqi10, gidle-senoritayuqi12, bts-idoljimin09, bts-idoljimin18, svt-healing10, svt-healing19, shinee-blue09, nct-boom13, x1-flashyohan13, x1-flashyohan15, txt-napofastar08, txt-napofastar18, day6-shootmewonpil05, day6-shootmewonpil12, jonghyun-crazyera06, jonghyun-crazyera10

Violet  @ 04 Jan 2020 05:00 pm

New Decks (191229): bp-killthislovejisoo10, bp-killthislovejisoo16, bts-idoljimin07, bts-idoljimin19, chungha-gottagoera08, chungha-gottagoera12, day6-shootmewonpil04, day6-shootmewonpil15, exid-hotpinkjunghwa04, exid-hotpinkjunghwa17, exo-callmebabybaekhyun11, exo-callmebabybaekhyun13, jonghyun-crazyera04, jonghyun-crazyera15, twice-ttmomo03, twice-ttmomo17, weme-lalalalucy05, weme-lalalalucy19, x1-flashyohan02, x1-flashyohan06

Usagi  @ 04 Jan 2020 06:14 pm

Event: 191201, 191225\r\n\r\nNew Decks (191229): bb-bangbangbang19, bb-bangbangbang20, bp-killthislovejisoo19, bp-killthislovejisoo20, bts-idoljimin19, bts-idoljimin20, chungha-gottagoera19, chungha-gottagoera20, exo-callmebabybaekhyun19, exo-callmebabybaekhyun20, gidle-senoritayuqi19, gidle-senoritayuqi20, nct-boom19, nct-boom20, twice-ttmomo19, twice-ttmomo20, weme-lalalalucy19, weme-lalalalucy20, x1-flashyohan19, x1-flashyohan20

julia  @ 21 Jan 2020 12:59 am

Event Cards (12/29): 191201, 191225\r\nNew Decks (12/29): jonghyun-crazyera06, jonghyun-crazyera14, shinee-blue09, shinee-blue12, x1-flashyohan06, x1-flashyohan16, chungha-gottagoera10, chungha-gottagoera13, day6-shootmewonpil03, day6-shootmewonpil12, nct-boom03, nct-boom17, gidle-senoritayuqi12, gidle-senoritayuqi16, twice-ttmomo02, twice-ttmomo14, svt-healing01, svt-healing05, bts-idoljimin03, bts-idoljimin18

Selena  @ 02 Feb 2020 11:56 pm

Event Cards: 191201, 191225\r\nNew Decks: bts-idoljimin01, bts-idoljimin02, jonghyun-crazyera01, jonghyun-crazyera02, nct-boom01, nct-boom02, txt-napofastar01, txt-napofastar02, bb-bangbangbang06, bp-killthislovejisoo12, cb-qandahaeyoon20, chungha-gottagoera07, day6-shootmewonpil19, exid-hotpinkjunghwa03, exo-callmebabybaekhyun11, gidle-senoritayuqi06, pristin-welikesungyeon09, rainbow-blackswannoeul05, tara-whatsmynamejiyeon11, twice-ttmomo16

Mirabel  @ 22 Feb 2020 08:20 pm

deck pulls: day6-shootmewonpil13, day6-shootmewonpil16 (10/22)

Mirabel  @ 22 Feb 2020 08:24 pm

never mind. Boofairy got me first. :P

yangdizzy  @ 17 Mar 2020 06:47 pm

Update (191229): txt-napofastar01, txt-napofastar06, svt-healing04, svt-healing06, twice-ttmomo01, twice-ttmomo04, bp-killthislovejisoo15, bp-killthislovejisoo17, exo-callmebabybaekhyun09, exo-callmebabybaekhyun05, gidle-senoritayuqi11, gidle-senoritayuqi17, x1-flashyohan11, x1-flashyohan20, pristin-welikesungyeon01, pristin-welikesungyeon02, tara-whatsmynamejiyeon11, tara-whatsmynamejiyeon17, bts-idoljimin15, bts-idoljimin19, chungha-gottagoera18, chungha-gottagoera13 (18/18)

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