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91 posted by caitlin (191215)

Hello, hello! It's finally Sunday. I've been really looking forward to this update (and the next few, probably), since I am finished with school for Christmas break and have lots of free time to think about the site and work on it GUILT FREE. It feels great.

Your admin team are not at their usual Starbucks today, but instead, updating from the comfort of our own homes! My family is doing Christmas dinner today, but we still have a lot of ground to cover and didn't want to postpone it until next week. (Don't get scared! We aren't announcing that we're retiring the 2016 decks, too.)

winter event things

For those of you who are a member of our Discord, you may notice a new channel called "winter event discussion". Your admins have been doing this for a long time, and your input is very important to us! We're looking to do some sort of winter event (less Christmas, as it's a busy time for most members) and we love if you came and took a school through, and provided any of your own input!

forum error... gone? who knows!

I updated the forum this week. I'm not entirely sure what was causing it, or if updating has even resolved it! If you do see the error again, please hop into the error reporting forum just to make a note of it for us. If even one person gets it again, that's enough to let me know that it's still out there...

Please don't message me directly! That can be overwhelming. TT

major changes to deck vote

And your admin team are very excited.

This important is quite important, so I'm going to do it in bullet form just to try and make it easier to follow.

  • You can no longer vote for the same deck more than once.
  • Rather than each vote being worth +1 towards the overall deck vote, each vote is weighted differently. The first deck you vote for is worth +6 towards the deck, and the sixth deck you vote for is worth +1 towards the deck.
  • You are still free to vote for 1-6 decks. You do not have to use all of your votes.
  • However, if you don't use all of your deck votes, you can not come back and vote again until the next week.
  • For each deck you vote for, that is worth 1 random card as reward. Vote for six decks to get maximum rewards in randomizer.
  • For the deck that you give your top vote spot to, you'll receive a "coupon" for that deck. You'll be able to use these when the deck is released!
  • Your votes will populate a vote history table that is available to you at any time. It will show which decks you've voted for on which days, and which choice card "coupon" you received. As well, it will show you which decks have been released from the decks you've voted for!!! WOW DATA!

Some of these changes may be further adjusted in the future, but we want to try something new with you guys. We think that this has a lot of potential to be fun and actually encourage more people to vote. :)


Otherwise, please go ahead and play your Set 1 games, as well as the Weekly set!

new decks

This week, our cutie Rose has asked for x1-flashdongpyo! Let the X1 games begin. Praying for you all over the next 11 weeks.

As well, the update randomizer.

And finally... Someone voted for these!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ateez-illusion, bts-idoljungkook, ikon-dumbanddumber, mmoo-gogobebe, oneus-twilight, pristin-welikenayoung, rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung, sf9-noworneverjaeyoon, skz-sideeffects, twice-ttjihyo, victon-timeofsorrowhanse, weme-lalalalua, wg-ifeelyousunmi, x1-flashdongpyo, zelo-questions
caitlin (191215)

Sanna  @ 15 Dec 2019 08:03 pm

New Deck (91): twice-ttjihyo09, twice-ttjihyo10, bts-idoljungkook19, bts-idoljungkook20, mmoo-gogobebe18, mmoo-gogobebe19, x1-flashdongpyo19, x1-flashdongpyo20, oneus-twilight19, oneus-twilight20, ateez-illusion19, ateez-illusion20, wg-ifeelyousunmi19, wg-ifeelyousunmi20, pristin-welikenayoung19, pristin-welikenayoung20, rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung19, rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung20

Pam  @ 16 Dec 2019 06:59 am

new sets took mmoo-gogobebe11, sf9-noworneverjaeyoon11, bts-idoljungkook19, zelo-questions19, oneus-twilight02, weme-lalalalua03, \r\nskz-sideeffects08, wg-ifeelyousunmi08, twice-ttjihyo08, victon-timeofsorrowhanse15, ateez-illusion15, x1-flashdongpyo15, rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung15, ikon-dumbanddumber15, pristin-welikenayoung15, bts-idoljungkook09

Catherine  @ 16 Dec 2019 12:43 pm

Deck Pulls: pristin-welikenayoung11, pristin-welikenayoung12, zelo-questions11, zelo-questions12, skz-sideeffects11, skz-sideeffects12, wg-ifeelyousunmi11, wg-ifeelyousunmi12, bts-idoljungkook11, bts-idoljungkook12, mmoo-gogobebe11, mmoo-gogobebe12, sf9-noworneverjaeyoon11, sf9-noworneverjaeyoon12

Lex  @ 17 Dec 2019 02:19 am

New Decks: mmoo-gogobebe10, mmoo-gogobebe16, twice-ttjihyo12, twice-ttjihyo18, weme-lalalalua11, weme-lalalalua17, wg-ifeelyousunmi03, wg-ifeelyousunmi15, pristin-welikenayoung05, rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung17, ateez-illusion14, bts-idoljungkook10, bts-idoljungkook16, ikon-dumbanddumber05, oneus-twilight16, sf9-noworneverjaeyoon15, skz-sideeffects17, victon-timeofsorrowhanse06, x1-flashdongpyo18, zelo-questions15

Mari  @ 17 Dec 2019 10:14 am

New Decks: ateez-illusion01, ateez-illusion02, pristin-welikenayoung01, pristin-welikenayoung02, rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung01, rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung02, twice-ttjihyo01, twice-ttjihyo02, wg-ifeelyousunmi01, wg-ifeelyousunmi02, skz-sideeffects12, victon-timeofsorrowhanse19, zelo-questions19, sf9-noworneverjaeyoon19, weme-lalalalua05, mmoo-gogobebe06, bts-idoljungkook06, x1-flashdongpyo20

Mirabel  @ 18 Dec 2019 12:49 pm

deck pulls: ikon-dumbanddumber01, ikon-dumbanddumber02, bts-idoljungkook07, bts-idoljungkook08 (4/20)

andrea  @ 20 Dec 2019 02:02 pm

New Decks (191215) (18/18): ateez-illusion08, ateez-illusion20, mmoo-gogobebe15, mmoo-gogobebe18, zelo-questions05, zelo-questions16, skz-sideeffects16, skz-sideeffects20, bts-idoljungkook14, bts-idoljungkook16, sf9-noworneverjaeyoon02, sf9-noworneverjaeyoon15, victon-timeofsorrowhanse03, victon-timeofsorrowhanse04, wg-ifeelyousunmi12, wg-ifeelyousunmi18, x1-flashdongpyo06, x1-flashdongpyo11

Mirabel  @ 21 Dec 2019 03:52 am

deck pills: victon-timeofsorrowhanse07, victon-timeofsorrowhanse08 (6/20)

Usagi  @ 21 Dec 2019 02:44 pm

New Decks (191215): bts-idoljungkook19, bts-idoljungkook20, ikon-dumbanddumber19, ikon-dumbanddumber20, mmoo-gogobebe19, mmoo-gogobebe20, twice-ttjihyo19, twice-ttjihyo20, weme-lalalalua19, weme-lalalalua20, wg-ifeelyousunmi19, wg-ifeelyousunmi20, victon-timeofsorrowhanse19, victon-timeofsorrowhanse20, x1-flashdongpyo19, x1-flashdongpyo20, ateez-illusion19, ateez-illusion20\r\n\r\nDonator Bonus: mmoo-gogobebe18

Shinya  @ 21 Dec 2019 06:44 pm

Update (191215): bts-idoljungkook13, bts-idoljungkook17, ikon-dumbanddumber13, ikon-dumbanddumber17, mmoo-gogobebe13, mmoo-gogobebe17, x1-flashdongpyo13, x1-flashdongpyo17, skz-sideeffects13, skz-sideeffects17, victon-timeofsorrowhanse13, victon-timeofsorrowhanse17, ateez-illusion13, ateez-illusion17, oneus-twilight13, oneus-twilight17, pristin-welikenayoung13, pristin-welikenayoung17\r\nDonation: ateez-illusion01

Larlic  @ 21 Dec 2019 06:56 pm

New Decks: twice-ttjihyo03, twice-ttjihyo04, bts-idoljungkook03, bts-idoljungkook04, oneus-twilight01, oneus-twilight02, wg-ifeelyousunmi07, wg-ifeelyousunmi16, x1-flashdongpyo14, x1-flashdongpyo17, ateez-illusion05, ateez-illusion13, skz-sideeffects19, skz-sideeffects02, pristin-welikenayoung04, pristin-welikenayoung17, weme-lalalalua09, weme-lalalalua19

Whitney  @ 21 Dec 2019 08:10 pm

New Decks: ikon-dumbanddumber12, zelo-questions16, x1-flashdongpyo16, victon-timeofsorrowhanse06, oneus-twilight16, sf9-noworneverjaeyoon17, rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung17, ateez-illusion17, wg-ifeelyousunmi17, skz-sideeffects17, weme-lalalalua17, mmoo-gogobebe17, pristin-welikenayoung17, x1-flashdongpyo19, sf9-noworneverjaeyoon12, victon-timeofsorrowhanse01, twice-ttjihyo03, twice-ttjihyo10, bts-idoljungkook01, bts-idoljungkook17\r\n\r\nThank you!

Mirabel  @ 22 Dec 2019 01:31 am

deck pulls: x1-flashdongpyo02, x1-flashdongpyo19 (8/20)

Bommiie  @ 22 Dec 2019 03:32 pm

New Decks (191215): mmoo-gogobebe05, mmoo-gogobebe15, rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung11, rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung08, wg-ifeelyousunmi02, wg-ifeelyousunmi15, zelo-questions08, zelo-questions19

Mya  @ 24 Dec 2019 02:26 pm

Update (#91): oneus-twilight07, pristin-welikenayoung07, oneus-twilight01, pristin-welikenayoung01, ateez-illusion07, ateez-illusion20, twice-ttjihyo07, twice-ttjihyo20, mmoo-gogobebe07, mmoo-gogobebe20, rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung07, rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung20, wg-ifeelyousunmi07, wg-ifeelyousunmi20, zelo-questions07, zelo-questions20, x1-flashdongpyo07, x1-flashdongpyo20

julia  @ 21 Jan 2020 12:39 am

New Decks (12/15): skz-sideeffects06, skz-sideeffects20, x1-flashdongpyo04, x1-flashdongpyo11, wg-ifeelyousunmi01, wg-ifeelyousunmi12, twice-ttjihyo06, twice-ttjihyo09, pristin-welikenayoung17, pristin-welikenayoung18, mmoo-gogobebe12, mmoo-gogobebe14, ikon-dumbanddumber01, ikon-dumbanddumber08, bts-idoljungkook05, bts-idoljungkook10, ateez-illusion10, ateez-illusion16

Selena  @ 02 Feb 2020 11:49 pm

New Decks: bts-idoljungkook01, bts-idoljungkook02, ateez-illusion16, ikon-dumbanddumber04, mmoo-gogobebe17, oneus-twilight09, pristin-welikenayoung11, rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung15, sf9-noworneverjaeyoon06, skz-sideeffects12, twice-ttjihyo19, twice-ttjihyo20, victon-timeofsorrowhanse10, weme-lalalalua08, wg-ifeelyousunmi13, x1-flashdongpyo18, zelo-questions03, zelo-questions04

Mirabel  @ 29 Feb 2020 05:14 pm

deck pulls: rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung01, rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung08 (10/20)

yangdizzy  @ 17 Mar 2020 06:28 pm

Update (191215): ateez-illusion01, ateez-illusion02, victon-timeofsorrowhanse01, victon-timeofsorrowhanse04, twice-ttjihyo03, twice-ttjihyo04, weme-lalalalua01, weme-lalalalua04, wg-ifeelyousunmi09, wg-ifeelyousunmi12, x1-flashdongpyo11, x1-flashdongpyo16, rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung20, rainbow-blackswanhyunyoung19, zelo-questions11, zelo-questions14, sf9-noworneverjaeyoon17, sf9-noworneverjaeyoon10 (18/18)\r\n\r\nDonated deck card: victon-timeofsorrowhanse11

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