Selena (Level 11)

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나를 괴롭히는 환상통은 여전해

i'm selena. being half-korean, i grew up with kpop - the first album that i seriously listened to was rain's "it's raining". after that, it sort of exploded into a hobby i took seriously and enjoyed for years. my room was adorned with shinee, super junior, and big bang posters, as well as me owning merch from the magazines they appeared in to the socks with their caricatures on top. i'm older now and not into kpop as much! unfortunately, i do not have the time or energy anymore to keep up with most groups.

i now focus my attention on a few groups that have survived throughout the years, some newer and some that have been around since i was a child. i love bts; this is a group that i can confidently say that i love and care about every single member... taehyung is my bias though. i have a giant soft spot for jin too. the two girl groups i mainly listen to are loona and red velvet. there is a permanent place in my heart for shinee, as i've supported them since their debut. there are other members of other groups that i also like here and there, like eunwoo from astro. my taste tends to jump back and forth anyway...

regarding idolise, i'm not very familiar with newer groups or... just really most groups on here. i'm old school. decks i will always collect are bts and loona, as well as any taemin decks. i also collect music videos of songs from other groups that i'm not that familiar with, but like said songs. those tend to stick out like a sore thumb in my collecting/future sections, i know. lmao!! i will take random cards if you really need the cards i'm trading too because the decks i'm usually collecting are the most in-demand, so i understand how hard it can be at times to trade me what i want. i'm very flexible due to this, so don't worry! (and if you have any concerns, feel free to send me a message on discord. i promise it's fine)

thanks for reading, and have a great day! please, feel free to check out my trade post and let's make lots of memories together! ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

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