Idolise Coupon Exchange

Spending coupons is hard work. When choice card coupons build up, it can be overwhelming to sort them and exchange them for cards in your collecting deck. The coupon sorter was created to make your life a little bit easier, and take a little bit of the guess work out of sorting your coupons.

  1. Enter all of your coupons, separated by commas. Please note that the coupon sorter will remove any coupons that are not for choice cards and set them aside for you.
  2. The page will change and show you how many choice cards (and of which deck type) you are allowed to take.
  3. Enter a list of your choice cards, separated by comma, and click submit whenever you would like. Your choice cards will populate on the screen, and a line for your logs will generate. If you make a mistake, or submit too many/few choice cards, don't worry! This form doesn't submit to your admins.

Submit coupons to generate choice card total

After submitting coupons, your choice card total will be updated.

You can type your choice cards in manually, or add them using the dropdown menu!