First Anniversary Event

It's time to level your idol up! Participate in a number of simple tasks to get your chosen idol to climb up the ranks of success. There are three levels to complete, with some tasks differing from your first idol to the next. Please read through the following rules and guidelines if you wish to particicpate in our anniversay event!

In this event, members will be given the opportunity to not only obtain a custom mastery badge through a series of tasks, but there will also be pretty keep cards involved. We know what you like.

Due to the fact that you guys are crazy, we will be putting a cap on how many idols a single member can follow to stardom. This is for Caitlin's safety and your own. It's much more fun if you can enjoy the event at a comfortable pace instead.

  • Each member is invited to debut 5 unique idols.
  • These idols are technically already debuted, but let's pretend for a while.
  • There will be 3 levels to take each of your idols through.
  • Each level will come with a pretty keeps card that will be added to your profile.
  • Upon completition of the final tasks, you will also receive rewards and a mastery badge to use with your dream deck mastery!
  • Both your pretty keep cards and your mastery badge must feature your chosen idol. These images must be fan taken. I'm sorry, we're back to that! Please try to keep in mind the shape of our cards and badges when choosing an image. As always.
  • All three of your pretty keep cards and mastery badge must be the same color. It is required that you choose a color for your custom content.
  • Your idol does not necessarily have to have a deck at Idolise. However, they must be a debuted idol!
  • You may, if you wish, do one idol at a time or tackle up to five at once.
  • If you wind up not finishing all of your tasks, you will be allowed to keep any pretty keep cards that you did officially hand in for.

Here is a little example of what your custom content will look like!

Level 1: Trainee

Finally. After a brutal audition and lengthy waiting period, your idol has finally been accepted into the agency of their dreams. The roadmap to a successful career is a long one, but your idol is determined to get there. There's just a little bit of paperwork that has to be taken care of before they can really focus on learning those idol behaviors and officially call themself a trainee.

  • If you haven't already, please create a topic in the designated event forum. This topic should be labeled [Name]'s Idol Roadmap
  • Please hand in any pending stamp cards for rewards before you get started with the tasks for this event. This is to avoid confusion, as only trades that were received or sent in July count towards the trade related tasks!
  • Choose which images you plan on using for all three of your pretty keep cards, as well as which image you'd like to use with your Dream Deck mastery badge.

To help your idol dream big, it's recommended by the agency that they create a dreamboard as inspiration. When your idol reflects on their dreamboard later, they might be surprised to see that they've actually accomplished everything they set out to do!

  • CREATE A 10 CARD DREAM DECK: There are not many rules when it comes to a dream deck. Dream decks can comprise of any cards that you would like, in any order that you would like. For the purpose of this exercise, upcoming decks will not be allowed, as it is necessary for you to collect this deck in the final stage. Feel free to use the same card 10 times. Each of your 5 idols will require their own dream deck, but said dream deck does not have to be unique each time. If you do decide to use the same dream deck 5 times, keep in mind that you will need to collect each of those cards for each individual idol.

After these steps are completed, your idol will officially become a trainee. Once your pretty keep cards are created, you'll receive a response through your topic that allows you to start displaying it on your trade post. It will also be added to your profile at this time.

Level 2 - Rookie

The road to debut is not an easy one. While your idol is still a trainee, they'll have a lot of work to do. During this time, they'll have to stand out and work hard if they want to make it to the next step!

  • SEND 10 OUTGOING TRADES: In these 10 trades, there must be at least 50 cards. We recommend the easiest route, which is 5 cards per trade, but welcome you to send as many cards in each of those trades as you would like. Each trade must be to a different user. If you start a new idol, feel free to trade to any users that you had traded to during one of your previous idols.
  • HAND IN 4 STAMP CARDS: All of these trades must be from the month of July. Any pending trades from June (or earlier) that were accepted/completed in July do not count. Please do not mix these trades in with your Anniversary Event trades.

The following tasks are unique to each idol that you debut. Each task has a number beside it which signifies the idol in which these are to be done. Number 1 being the first idol you debut and number 5 being the last, should you decide to debut more than one!

  1. Fill all of your card chain slots during one week of July.
  2. Send Boo 2 cards that he is currently collecting.
  3. Hand in at least 1 donation for the month of July.
  4. Spend coins on absolutely anything in the month of July.
  5. Complete at least 1 full week of login bonus in the month of July.

If you complete any of these tasks but aren't currently working on that idol, it still counts! Please keep this in mind.

Once all steps are completed, head back to your topic and fill out the corresponding form. You'll receive a reply that earns you your second pretty keep card and congratulations, because your idol will officially debut and become a rookie.

Level 3 - Idol

Although your idol has finally debuted, they aren't quite out of the woods yet. It's time for them to achieve their dreams and follow through with all of their companies plans. The hours will be long and brutal, but someday they'll have enough fans to stick to the easy stuff.

  • MASTER YOUR DREAM DECK: Remember that dreamboard your idol was supposed to make? It's finally time to collect it for all of their dreams to come true. Music videos, fan signs and concerts are officially a part of their daily grind. (To collect a dream deck in ETCG, just use similiar steps to how mini mastery cards are saved and collected)
  • MASTER A DECK RELATED TO YOUR ARTIST: This could be an era deck that features them, a music video from their group OR a deck from an artist that your idol actually likes and has actually mentioned in an interview, V Live, tweet, etc. You must hand this deck in for rewards before claiming it as mastered. If by some chance you already have this deck completed/almost completed and not handed in, consider it a freebie!
  • MASTER YOUR 1st-5th DECK: If this is your first idol, re-master your first ever completed and handed in deck. If it's your second idol, your second deck. You get it! If you have not mastered 5 decks yet... You will need to. You must hand this deck in for rewards before claiming it as mastered. If by some chance you already have this deck completed/almost completed and not handed in, consider it a freebie!
Your related deck and 1st-5th deck have to be separate masteries. They can be the exact same deck, but you would have to master it twice.

When you have finished the above tasks and your rookie has "achieved their dreams and gained popularity", head back to your forum topic and fill out the corresponding form. You'll receive your final pretty keep card and a custom mastery badge for the dream deck! To reward you for your hard work (and the dream deck mastery), you will also receive 10 random cards, 3 randomized coupons and 2 choice cards.