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10 posted by caitlin (180819)

Long time no see, kids!

The last couple of weeks have been incredibly hectic for me (as most of you are aware), but I am finally finished with my job and preparing for school! There are just a few things that Nikki and I have to finalize in preparation for my life becoming a whole lot busier, but we really want you guys to know that we are not closing by any means. This TCG is running really well and we have no intention on going on any sort of hiatus, but instead, you may see a few things change during the ten weeks that I am in Montreal for school. Please don't be too nervous, as they won't particularly effect your game play!

We're still working on this, so please be patient for us. We promise to have a proper list of changes come September 1st (though, we may opt in for doing the update on the 2nd, as it's a Sunday).

Thank you for your patience, though! Let's get on with the important stuff, since I know that's why you're actually here.

custom content

Coming soon, I promise! I'm sure you guys can imagine, but making decks has been a huge priority to me over the last few weeks and that is why you may have noticed a major influx of upcoming decks. My biggest fear is that we will run out while I'm away!

I have a few things to do for school and then I will be making sure that all custom content is made, uploaded and inserted into your profiles!

Thanks for your patience, once again! I appreciate everyone offering to help, but I am currently not feeling over worked. Just short on time, which is not particularly overwhelming for me. Thank you so much, though.

idolise discord

Most of you guys have already joined our Discord, and we encourage everyone to come play with us! Like most weeks. But, this week, we do have something new.

Members can now request to take on an 'Update' role, which allows us to ping those who want to be pinged when a new update goes live! I think that this is a great way to avoid using @everyone (which we have been trying to ban, but it doesn't seem to be working), and instead, will be using @update when a new week goes live.

A huge issue with Discord is that @update can currently be used by all members. PLEASE DO NOT USE @UPDATE. It is only for me and Nikki so we can notify of new weekly update. Thanks.

games, games, games

It's SET 2 time, angels. Go play, okay?

As per usual, WEEKLY GAMES have been refreshed and you're free to play them again!

Our new round of CARD CHAIN is up!

Keep and eye out on our Discord for other forum game updates. Alecks and Melinda are taking great care of the forum and doing us a giant favor, so make sure you thank them when you see them kicking around!


Our first wish comes from both Lara and Crossy. I've edited the original wishes just a little, because both of their wishes were shaped around Red Velvet's Power Up. I don't feel comfortable giving you guys free power ups, but I do not see any problem giving you guys a discount! BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH, MEMBERS CAN BUY 1 POWER UP OF THEIR CHOICE FOR 50% OFF! This is not coded into the site. Please attempt the math on your own and edit accordingly. I know you're smart and you can do it!

Next wish comes from both Melinda and Ivy who had requested (in one way or another), that members are allowed to play some of the monthly games again. So, thanks to them, ALL MEMBERS ARE FREE TO PLAY OUR MONTHLY GAME 'SENTIMENTAL' AGAIN. We changed the reward URLs so you will legitimately have to play again.

Lastly, our cutie Eimii reminded us that we've been too focused on completing eras. There are decks that have been sitting in upcoming for a hundred years! She asked, very specifically, that we release boa-negadola. You got it, baby!

16 brand new decks

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 16 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

caitlin (180819)

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09 posted by nikki (180812)

HEY! I'm doing this week's update all by myself because Caitlin has a meeting, so at least you know it's going to be short and sweet! If I forgot anything...I'm sorry, I can't help it. I'm just a dad.



Hehe it was my birthday this past Thursday! To celebrate, everyone can take this event card of my fave dumbass staring fondly at my second fave dumbass, and then tell me you think they're cute. No, that part's not required. I know they're cute!


boop this week is all about Set 1 and weekly games so go play them and get ya cards. forum game updates will be coming soon! Boo has also finally mastered Jungkook, so he's working on a new deck now!


haket wished for shownu's hero deck to be released, and I also love that blockhead, so here it is!

thienly wished for everyone to go back and pull 2 extra cards from previous updates! She said from the past 5 updates but I'm going to limit it to the last 3 instead, since we've only had 6 deck updates! So you can pull two more cards from either the 07/22 update, the 07/29 update or last week's, 08/05. They don't have to both be from the same update, either!

Okay one more because I'm tired and hot, zooya wished for choice cards spelling out SUMMER. So that's six choice cards, each containing the letters S U M M E R somewhere in their file name. No more than two per deck, and as always they must be from decks released this week or earlier! No hoarding for future releases.

Annnd our deck for our MOTM Dhee this week is mmld-bboombboomjane, so she gets an extra pull! yeah!

12 new decks

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 14 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 12 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.


I JUST REALIZED IRENE'S MASTERY BADGE IS MISSING...this won't be fixed until Caitie gets home later! Sorry babies! nvm I found it wow I'm great at doing things by myself
nikki (180812)

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08 posted by nikki (180805)

Hey everyone! Not too much to say today, but lots of goodies incoming.

upcoming decks

For those of you that haven't noticed, we've been really focused on finishing at least one era for every group so that you guys can start getting your era masteries in. Most of our deck releases for a little bit are going to be from eras that we've started, or eras that have been entirely donated, until we start seeing some of them completed. However, we also don't want to release a deck of a member unless the rest of their group has a deck each, in the interest of fairness. I hope that makes sense! Just a little insight into how we choose what to release.


Weekly and set 2 games have been updated and are ready to be played! Forum games will also be updated today. There is a new rule added for our scavenger hunt - no using a music video that someone else has already used! Hey! That's too easy.


Our first wish comes from Aqua! She asked for, "a number of choices for decks you're 1 away from mastering", which is actually a wish we can get behind. It's always so hard to find the last card you need, and we really want to encourage our members to get out there and master some of the decks they have been sitting on.

For Aqua's wish, we're allowing our members to take 4 choice cards WHICH MUST BE THE FINAL CARD YOU NEED TO MASTER A DECK. If some cards are still pending, that is fine. We know you guys love clarity. Just keep in mind that this deck must be from previous deck releases and can not be used on decks from today or decks in the future.

Our second wish came from Rae who asked us to release shinee-viewkey, which is a deck we're been sitting on for ages, so we're going to release it for all of you! Enjoy!

Last, but definitely not least (because I think you guys are going to really love this one), we have a great, interesting and creative wish from Soli who asked us to change the deck pull limit for one week. Today, you'll be able to pull 3 cards from which ever decks you'd like without exceeding 3 per deck, and 20 cards in total. We've included the typical rules below.

member of the month

our sweet angel Dhee has requested that we release the beautiful Mijoo Wow era deck, so maybe keep her in mind for your pulls. Go ahead and take your two extra pulls from this one, Dhee!

custom content

It is Sunday, so Caitlin will be working on custom badges and other graphics in the forum today! get them in asap if you'd like them done before Thursday. But listen, she has to get her nails done and then go to Costco and we all know that might take her a few hours. You have a little time. I'm just letting you know. She's gonna pop off.

20 new decks

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 3 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 3 per deck.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.


Hope everyone has a good week this week! Stay safe have fun.

nikki (180805)

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07 posted by caitlin (180801)

Hello angels! Today, Nikki and I can be found in our favorite Starbucks. The barista asked us if we're here every week. She's onto us.

As promised, we're coming at you today with our extra special August update, because today marks a brand new month. This update isn't going to be anything particularly special and it will not include any new decks or wishes granted. This is honestly just for announcements. We're still finding our footing, so we aren't entirely sure if we've missed something important, so we may have to come back and edit this later.

I do ask that you read everything, but only because there are some important download links in here and some new information regarding custom badges. Let's go!


Please celebrate by taking our new event card!

idolise discord

This first part might seem a little strange, but I want to encourage all of our members to join our Discord. It has dawned on Nikki and me that if you aren't part of the Discord, we're not able to get any feel for the decks that you may want to see. We don't know what you like. We don't know you. There are some of you who are new to me, who I haven't played with previously, and I forget that you exist until you appear and I have an opportunity to make a custom badge for you.

When we're picking decks to release, we're normally together and we find ourselves saying, "So-and-so would love this deck," and we'd like to make sure that your name comes up, too. Come and join in the fun! Mute us and only pop in when you feel like it! We have some great channels in our discord, including PULLS AND TRADES, where our members trade their weekly deck pulls away. This is how our members are mastering decks so quickly! It's all about teamwork.

We really do hope to see you there!


I've taken the calendar down because a lot of people are having issues viewing it through Safari. Will likely return to the previous version, which is fine! Please anticipate

custom badges

Starting now, I will only be doing custom badges twice a week! This is to keep me on task for the rest of the week. I'm going to schedule which days I do certain things so that members know when to expect me on the forum and are not wondering why their badges have not been made! I will mark these days once the calendar is back up. This is always subject to change, but for now, I will only be doing these on Sundays and Thursdays. These are the best days for me, so I hope everyone will understand! Thank you, angels!

card fixes

I had posted this a few days in our Discord, but some people may have missed it, or are not currently a part of the Discord! As I have mentioned countless times, there has been a major issue with our card template, where I had left ONE SINGLE PIXEL in what meant to be the blank space, right off to the left our card number 6. I have finally gone through and corrected all mistakes, and I ask that members reupload the cards to their site if it's something that has been bothering you! That download link can be found here.

monthly games

Our monthly games have been updated!

This month's Mini Mastery is Girls, so I have a feeling a few of you are going to be quite happy about that! Please note: Badge requests must be actual girls. I will not bend the rules and allow male idols in drag!

Our Chewing Gum candy has been hidden around the site. Please do not ask for hints, as I genuinely feel that the candy is left on pages that we expect our members to reference quite often. Thank you!

It's officially August, which means our August babies can come and collect their special birthday badge from the forum. Come and collect your very own event card before it's too late!

member of the month

Something that Nikki and I have been considering for a while now is some sort of Member of the Month program. As this is our first time attempting this, some future rules and rewards may change, so we ask that members bear with us if it seems better or different from one month to another!

Now, without further ado, the obviously choice for our first month...



We are sure that our choice is not going to come as a surprise to anyone. Since the beginning, Dhee has been an incredible help by filling our pockets with beautiful donations that seem to hit the right mark every single time. She has donated an incredible variety of decks over the last two months and we can not stress how thankful we are for the effort she has been putting in to ensure that she is filling eras at the same time. She is the Blue iPod queen! She's an incredibly active part of our little community and it shows as rises the ranks. She's already level 7! We really think she's AMAZING and we hope everyone will give her a little love and appreciation this month!

To celebrate, we invite our members to take cards spelling DHEE. These cards can be used to master, but can not be used on upcoming decks, only decks that have been released previous to today. No hoarding.

Now, don't you worry. We haven't forgotten Dhee! We have some gifts for you, angel! Below, you'll find everything you get for being such a good girl!

4 DECKS RELEASED of your choice. Please let us know which 4 decks you'd like us to release over the next four weeks. I just ask that you give us SIX options, and ensure that at least TWO of those are decks that are already made.

2 ADDITIONAL DECK PULLS from those four decks that you've chosen! Pretty exciting, right? Just for you, baby!

A SPECIAL GIFT as if you need more cards. Please pick ONE of the following card packs from here.

EVENT CARD which is also displayed in your super cute profile!

era masteries

The forum is finally live!

At this time, I believe that the only era we have completed is LOONA's Girl Front, but we have so many eras on the horizon that we'll be able to finish up quickly once I can make and release the decks! Please ensure that you're refreshing your memory and revisiting the guidelines when you have a chance. It has been a while since most of us have visited that page, knowing that it would be a while before any of us would complete a full era.


Not sure what else to call this section of the update. Maybe it's more of a special request! I'd like to politely ask that members get things in as fast as they can. There are days where there are no mini mastery badges or donations, and then suddenly there are like 10 comments in a single day! It really helps me out if they come in as you guys are finished with them, so I really would appreciate it if members didn't wait until the end of the month. I was kind of shocked last night at how many things there were for me to do in the final 48 hours of the month. Please, don't apologize! This is genuinely not something to say sorry for. It is just something that I couldn't help but notice and feel a little overwhelmed by. If there is any way for you to get things in to me before the last 48 hours, please do. It would really help me out.

next time

Nikki will see you guys on Sunday, and I will also be there! Messing around on my computer while she slaves away over a hot keyboard. Thanks, guys!

caitlin (180801)

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06 posted by caitlin (180729)

Hello angels! Good afternoon and welcome to the last Sunday of the month. Although Nikki doesn't normally work Sunday, this week is an exception and I've been left alone to give you guys some games to play and release some pretty new decks. We had originally planned on closing this month out with a music video only deck release, but we understand that may not be exactly what you guys want. We'd also like to do it with nothing but the intention of feeding into already existing eras, and admittedly, I don't have quite enough decks to do something like that quite yet.


Our first wish is quite an easy one and it comes from Rose. She sent in, "at the end of the month, can you grant two remaining wishes (not counting mine!)" and I figured I might as well say that I'm granting it, because I am definitely granting two wishes this week. Now it looks like three.

Our second wish comes from Soli, and it was pretty vague so I decided to use some liberties while granting it. Soli's wish just said "cards juseyo", so I am giving you guys card! From the following page, YOU CAN ONLY TAKE 1 PACK. You can either choose a boy pack, or a girl pack. CLICK HERE.

Our third wish is from Twomoons! Their wish was, "Since we are in month number 7, I want all members to be able to take 3 choice cards with that number." That's easy enough! Let's wrap up July by taking 3 choice cards that include the number 07 (17 does NOT count). These can be used to master. These choice cards must be used for decks released in this update, or previous updates. No future updates.

weekly games

It's a brand new week, and you know what that means! Weekly Games has been refreshed. This week, feel free to play our Set One games, which have all new answers. Please do your best and avoid asking for answers in the chat! You have all week to play games and they are meant to be somewhat challenging.

If you have not played our Monthly Games yet, please make sure that you do so. July is almost over and you don't really want to miss out on any of those cards, right?

forum games

Have you been participating in our forum games? If you aren't part of our Discord (which I highly encourage you to join), Alecks and Melinda have been posting up real time updates regarding new rounds!

HIGHER OR LOWER Round 5 came to a close on Friday (two days later than usual), and rewards can be picked up HERE until Wednesday, August 1st. Reminder: Rewards must be picked up within a week of a round coming to an end.

Round 6 came to a close today, after a late start, and those of you who participated can pick your rewards up HERE until Sunday, August 5th.

Round 7 has just started! Come and play for easy rewards.

SCAVENDER HUNT Week #3 has come to a close, and rewards can be picked up from HERE.

Week #4 has already started, and this week, Melinda chose the theme Animals. It's time to watch some music videos to get some coins! Submitting an appropriate screencap gets you 3 random coins, so make sure you play this week!

CARD CHAIN If you aren't playing card chain, you're missing out on FIVE CHOICE CARDS A WEEK. Stop living with regrets! Join us for week 4!

very important deadlines

DONATIONS This likely goes without saying, but please turn your donations in on time. If there are any issues with time, you can reclaim your donations next month, just as long as someone doesn't get to it first. Please keep a close eye on the forum clock to make sure that you are turning things in on time and nothing comes in late!

MINI MASTERIES Any last minute mini masteries must be in before the month is over. A brand new mini mastery is going to start on August 1st, and any late mini mastery submissions will not be made. It's really important to me that we're all on the same schedule, following the same rules! If you're having issues with images, please let me know and I can try to help you by recommending resources or people with similar interests who may be able to give you a hand.

BIRTHDAY BADGES IF YOU WERE BORN IN JULY, YOU'RE ALMOST OUT OF TIME TO REQUEST A BIRTHDAY BADGE! Click here, please! You're going to miss your chance! What if we close before your next birthday?

16 new decks

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 16 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.


next update

Our next update will come to you guys on Wednesday, August 1st! It will be a monthly update to remind you all that certain things have reset. I will be doing a lot of spring cleaning and coding between now and then so that we have some new things to talk about and announce. It's only a few days away and I can't wait to see you guys there!

caitlin (180729)

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05 posted by nikki (180722)

Gooood evening babies. This week has been a bit of a hectic one for both me and Caitlin, sorry we haven't been as around and active as usual! But we are HERE and it is UPDATE TIME so let's GET HYPED.

WISHES Our first wish comes from angel pariss who asked for the Sweet Crazy Love music video to be released because it's soooo beauty and I agree, so here it is! The next wish came from Haylee who asked for two choice cards from each colour of the rainbow. We like this one a lot, especially since it's pride week here in our hometown, but we're mean so we're going to modify it a bit. Listen up! Instead of two choice cards, we're making it one. You can take one choice card of each border colour from RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE and PURPLE. That's six choice cards! A few more notes - Caitlin hates the colour yellow. We all know this. So for your yellow choice card, you can also take a brown border. For red, you can also take a pink border card! Hey, use your discretion on this one and follow your heart. If you think the border is purple, then it's purple. Don't @ us asking what colour something is! Trust yourself! Comment with the cards you take!

WEEKLY GAMES have been updated! You can play weekly games and also set two games now! I thought they were easy but Caitlin had a small struggle, so good.

FORUM GAMES are coming up soon! Big shout out to Alecks and Melinda for running those for us.

MINI MASTERIES Caitlin says hi and that she's planning on getting to your mastery badges soon, but also that you guys now have nine more days left to get your masteries in! Make sure to finish that before the month is over if you want your beautiful badges.

NEW DECKS Only 10 decks this week, we'll go easy on you.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 12 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 10 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

nikki (180722)

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04 posted by caitlin (180715)

Hello angels! Can you guys believe this is only our third Sunday since opening? It feels like we've been at this for a long time, but I'm fully convinced that it is because you're all out of your minds.

We had a ton of fussing over the amount of decks released last week, so we have decided to try and take it easy on you guys this week. That being said, we're also interested in attempting to make our deck release number even out a bit to help with our own OCD. But there is some important business to dive into first, so we encourage everyone to try and sit through the bulk reading portion of this update before you start swapping your pulls.

CARD 06 We realized a little too late last week, but we will be fixing the card06 issue all at once. Any deck I've made this week, I've made sure to fix the problem with my template that has been causing this single pixel to stand out. It is going to take us a little bit of time, as there are over 100 decks with this issue, but I am going to make it a priority over the next week to try and make sure that we have a fix for it next Sunday!

SHOP CHANGES We are still making adjustments to our shop, with the latest being that we've finally added the link to purchase choice cards. On top of that, we've changed the details of our choice card purchases. It was 100 coins for 1 choice card before, and it is now 300 for 2, just to give you guys a little more bang for your buck.

MINI MASTERY BADGES I have officially added these to your profiles. Some of you may see broken images, and this is because I have not made or uploaded your badges, but do plan on doing so after this update is posted. I have also updated our precious mini mastery page that will act as a gallery for everyone who has mastered it. The badges will be in alphabetical order for those who have mastered it 4 times. For anyone who masters it less than that, badges will be bumped to the bottom! Just to keep the four in a row nice and clean.

FORUM GAMES Both of our forum games are updated and a new week of card chain has begun. Please ensure that you are using the form for card chain and following the rules properly! Just to avoid confusion. You guys are doing awesome, though.

WEEKLY GAMES It's a new week and that means that our games can be played again! Set 1 has all new rounds in place, and our weekly set can be played for some easy cards!

WISHES Our first wish this week came from Danni, who wrote us a lengthy essay about NCT's unofficial leader, Taeyong, and the reason why we should release hitchhiker-around. If you're interested in Danni's essay, you can check that out here. It's basically a praise essay, so check that out. We decided to grant it to get her off of my back!

Our next wish comes from iris, eve, Ellie and Dhee in some form. They all wished for some coins, and we decided to help you guys out and deliver for once! Grab yourself 200 coins by pasting the following reward line into your logs.

I Wish (180715): +200 coins

Our next wish comes from awhylime and it's another request for a certain deck to be released! She requested we release a Seventeen music video, so we've gone ahead and released svt-dontwannacry to make her dreams come true.

Our last wish is from samu who sent in, "I wish for everyone to take no more than 3 choice cards from the same band!!". Members are allowed to pick 3 choice cards from one single group with no limitations. Please feel free to use these to master. Choice cards must be used on decks released on this day, or prior to. Choice cards can not be hoarded and used later!

NEW DECKS 16 new decks this week!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 16 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 14 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

PLEASE COMMENT WITH WHAT YOU TAKE and we will see you next week!
caitlin (180715)

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03 posted by nikki (180708)

Hey baby angels! It's a beautiful day for your admins, I hope this evening is finding all of you well. Let's get this show on the road because I think the baristas want to start cleaning this place up... you're not closing for another hour. Chill.


Your crazy admins have already brought our deck count up over 100! It's still not enough though, right? Keep rolling in those donations, kids.

CARD FIXES OKAY SO. We may have just solved a mystery about the misplaced pixels in certain decks. A few users have pointed them out in the forum and we examined Caitlin's template and found one little tiny pixel that wasn't where it was supposed to be. In both of the examples below, you might notice one little dark pixel in the bottom left corner outside of the border. So, we're asking you guys to keep an eye out for card06s that might have this little guy showing up! It should only be happening in card 06 of the deck. If you spot one, head on over to the error reporting and leave us a note so Caitlin can fix it!

SHOP For those of you that aren't keeping up with us on Twitter or Discord, our shop is officially open! Everything takes place on the site and it's all fully automated. Caitlin and I receive e-mails for every purchase made, so please make sure that you're tracking all coins spent correctly! If we catch anyone fudging their coins we'll be very upset and you'll be grounded. CHOICE CARDS STILL HAVEN'T BEEN CODED. You'll notice that it leads you to a blank page - sorry! I coded the shop and that one was a bit more complicated, so that'll be ready once Caitlin the code master gets around to it.

WEEKLY GAMES SET 2 and WEEKLY games are updated! Go play them!

MONTHLY GAMES We announced this on Twitter and Discord as well, but our monthly games Sentimental and Secret Garden are also now ready to be played!

FORUM GAMES EXCITING! We have a few forum games set up! I think Caitlin's done a pretty good job with the rules, but if you have any questions about them feel free to reach out to us on Discord or Twitter or the forums! Go give them a try and let us know what you think.

WISHES Luda's going to grant a few this week! haket and samantha both wished for the vixx-shangrila deck to be released, so you'll find that down below! Nicky, Cassidy, Whitney, yasu and Syara all asked for random cards because they want more to trade, and we know some of your trade piles are looking a little dry, so that sounds good to me. Click here to be taken to your randomiser, and make sure to comment below with whatever cards you get!

NEW DECKS HERE THEY ARE, YA PUNKS. You get 20 decks this week. Suffer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

nikki (180708)

quick links

02 posted by caitlin (180701)

180701 and 180701-2

GRAND OPENING Doesn't it feel like we've been doing this for months already? Today marks our grand opening, which means we are officially out of prejoin. Within the next 24 hours, my goal is to give prejoin status to all of our members (through a note on your profile) who have been approved, which will give you additional pulls in our monthly updates and the occasional extra incentive, which we'll let you know about once we decide what that sort of thing could be.

Before we get to what most of us consider The Fun Stuff, there are a few things I want to address that should only take a moment of your time, if you'd care to read through it!

CARD FIXES There is only one this week, and it was a bit of a silly mistake. On the forum, Syara pointed out that both got7-ifyoudojb04 and got7-ifyoudojb15 both used the exact same photo. I went ahead and swapped it out earlier in the week, but we do ask that members replace this file on their site, should they have already uploaded the original got7-ifyoudojb04 at some point in time. Thank you, Syara!

LOONA-ONEANDONLYGOWON With a lot of help from the LOONA fans on our Discord, I have come to the conclusion that we need to discontinue loona-oneandonlygowon before it's too late. We have decided to go forward with unique guidelines for LOONA decks and members can swap their Gowon cards out on the forum, as always. Please read the blurb, as LOONA fans are free to master this deck as long as they make the value 0.

STATUS CHANGES At some point during the week I had made a new forum topic for requesting status changes. A few hours later, I realized how easy it was to add to your profile forms. Should you be going on hiatus, you can change your own status as well as bring yourself off of hiatus in your edit profile form.

LEVEL BADGES Level badges can officially be found in your member profiles! If some of you notice broken links, it is because that person has no requested their new level badge yet, or I haven't gotten around to making and uploading it. These badges are added by hand, but very easy for me to keep up with when I am making your new monthly badges! If you haven't requested your level two badge yet, you may have missed that we also added a forum topic for that throughout the week! You can find that here.

FORUM GAMES You may have noticed a new locked section at the bottom of the forum and I do promise that should be open for playing on either Tuesday or Wednesday. I think that members have enough on their plates every Sunday, so we will be updating these twice a week throughout the weekdays, leaving the weekend for pulls and general nonsense.

FORUM SHOP A lot of people have asked me about when this will be open for business, and the short answer is next Sunday. The reason why I'm forcing you all to wait is so that I can focus on creating all of my code templates and randomizers, which has not been a main priority of ours until now! With the rest of the site basically ready to go, this should be a breeze to have open by our next update.

HELP DESK Profile errors can now be addressed via our forum. Although it may seem easier to message me on Discord, it's better to post on the forum where all staff can see it. It means that I don't necessarily have to fix it myself, but someone else with access to editing your profile can! This also keeps it from getting lost if I am not able to do it immediately. Please direct all future mishaps to the official topic!

I think that's it for most of the boring things!


MONTHLY GAMES Our monthly games are officially playable! Sentimental and Secret Garden are making me angry, and will be released in the middle of the upcoming week, or Sunday at the latest. The rest can be accessed, although I do apologize. As the games that are giving me the most trouble are the ones with the best rewards.

In the meantime, Chewing Gum and I Wish are available, as is our new trading bot, Boo Seungkwan. Please ensure you are reading through his guidelines before trading with him!

DONATIONS Our donations have been refreshed and so have our guidelines. If you haven't already read through them, please do so here before you claim anything. Rules can always be found through our information page.

DOUBLES TRADE IN At the request of our members, I can decided to increase the amount of doubles you can swap each month from 15 to 30. If you are hoping to swap some of your doubles, please follow this link.

NEW DECKS Admittedly, I was hoping to make more decks this week, but times are tough and I ran out of precious days between last Sunday and today. Time flies.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 12 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 10 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

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Hello, everyone! It's finally Sunday, and after a good five days of suffering without any cards, you're probably pretty happy to see us. Although this update is mainly to direct all of your attention to our games, we also have a few errors that have been address as well!

Nikki and I have been working hard all week to stop procrastinating and we were able to code all of our games, with the exception of our monthly set. What this means is that we're allowing members to play the following: Set 1, Set 2 and our Weekly Set. While the weekly games are pretty straightforward, we've decided to try for a more challenging approach for our other sets than we may have before. We're looking for some minor suffering from our members, so please understand that we're doing this to you so that you can grow and expand your general K-Pop knowledge. If you're really struggling, feel free to reach out via Twitter or Discord for a little hint.

Once again, please enjoy our games HERE.

DISCORD Speaking of, for those of you who haven't joined our discord channel, you can do so through this LINK. Everyone has been super helpful and friendly so far, so I really recommend joining in the fun! Get all of your questions answered, get to know your fellow members, and look for trading help!

CARD FIXES Next up on the plate are some card fixes, which I noticed myself. No one had to call me out this time.

The first fix is probably the easiest. MMLND-bboombboomyeonwoo has been replaced with MMLD-bboombboomyeonwoo, as this is the official abbreviation and it only felt right to correct it. Please check your trade post for any MMLND yeonwoo cards and simply swap it out for the proper abbreviation.

Our bp-asifitsyourlastjennie deck had some pixels out to place, causing the rounded border to show a little pop of color! We've replaced the cards on our site already, but it is recommended that you clear your browser cache and reupload these cards to your own site, just to replace any wrong files. I've created a zip file HERE for that.

Lastly, our shinee-viewonew deck was a little weird. On the cards and mastery badge, I had View (Onew) instead of the correct Onew (View). These cards have been replaced here, but it is still recommended that you clear your browser cache and reupload these cards to your own site, just to replace any wrong files. I've created a zip file HERE for that.

We've gone ahead and finally added the event card gallery. You can hover over all of our event cards to get a little blurb on how or why it exists!

Speaking of events, we do have a few event cards for milestones that our crazy members have already reached!

180621 and 180624

Huge congratulations to Tia for the first Idolise mastery and a giant shout out to Danni for being literally insane and leveling up before we even open.

Our goal for the upcoming week is to organize and get the forum ready to go for our official open, so watch our for new topics and feel free to post in them as soon as they become available. Forums we don't want you in will stay locked until we're ready, so don't be afraid to post in any of our open topics at any time if that option is available.

I've actually updated most of our information pages, as well as added new ones. Please check over our donation guidelines, as I have gone through and hopefully answered some of the questions that people had during our pre-prejoin period regarding restrictions. We've also added pages for our upcoming era masteries, which will obviously be pretty slow moving for the first six months.

That's actually all! We don't have much else to say aside from the fact that we're incredibly happy with the enthusiasm and we're having so much fun just watching you guys have fun. It really is such a treat to play with everyone again and we are looking forward to opening next week!

REGARDING CUTENEWS COMMENTS I am unable to make them work, so they are an ugly popup for the time being. Though, we're undecided. I kind of like it.


caitlin (180624)

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