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Hello, hello! Welcome to the brand new month, and we're happy to have you for another Sunday update. Your cutie admin team are back at their usual Starbucks, and it is absolutely freezing outside. The misery of winter is settling in, but at least we have each other and you guys.

Although our updates have been quite lite since I started school in September, we have a lot to cover today. We're a little afraid that you guys might hate us for this... But, that's show business. Let's get to it, shall we?

December MOTM

After being asked to rig the randomly generated member of the month by this individual, it goes without saying that Nikki and I were screaming in Starbucks last week when her name was actually chosen at random. Our precious Rose is our third member of the month! Incredible.

You guys know the drill, right?


To claim your rewards (both Rose and the rest of you), please head over to the Only You game page!

The Usual Monthly Announcements

It's a new month, and you all know what that means!

  • Donation limits have been reset, and a brand new claims topic has been created!
  • We have a new Weekly Tasks topic for December.
  • We have a new Daily Bonus topic for December.
  • The Fifth Season rewards for November have been posted on the forum.
  • We have a brand new Mini Mastery theme, "Red and Green". We wanted to do something vaguely Christmas. Head over to our Mini Mastery game page to learn more!

2015 decks are... retiring

But please don't let that scare you. We think that we have a really great solution.

The Problem: Idolise is bloated in all directions. Your trade posts are bloated with old decks, and our donation document is bloated with old donations. A lot of our artists who have been active since 2015 have more donations than we'll ever get to, and members seem more interested in newer eras being made than the old ones.

The truth is, we talked about removing these decks from the site. Similar to how limited edition decks work, we discussed remove these 2015 decks from the randomizer and they'd no longer be available for master, opening up forum topics for swapping and dealing with a massive purge throughout 2019.

But understood that this would upset some of our members, or it might cause them stress as they rush to these 2015 decks mastered before their time runs out... This isn't ideal, and we know that. So we're not going to do that.

The Solution: Instead of erasing these decks existence, we want to give members the opportunity to find them in trade posts and continue to master them, despite them being discontinued.

Throughout 2020, we will be discontinuing a handful of 2015 eras (and random music videos) every week. These decks will be removed from randomizers, but we will not be asking members to swap them in. Instead, we will allow them to naturally be traded away and mastered. We will allow our members to choice them at will and collect them at any time. But there will be no way to get them from naturally rewards.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be providing you guys with a full list of which decks will be discontinued on which day. We will be doing this in such a way, that we hope to discontinue the eras that were completely released the earliest, and end with the 2015 eras that have only just started to roll out. Not that it exactly matters... Since we're not actually purging these cards. They will not disappear. They will still be there, and there is no need to panic!!!

We understand that a lot of you will have questions about this... And for that, we've opened up a forum topic for questions and answers.

Mastery Rewards Are Changing

Now... With the above information in mind, your admin team have decided to make a small change to the way that mastery rewards work.

The Problem: Mastery choice cards are stressful. A lot of our members hoard masteries because they don't know what to use their choice cards on in that moment. They worry about going out to trade and finding the cards that they just mastered.

The Solution: We have been asked a number of times if we could remove mastery choice cards, and give users coupons or something instead... We're in. We're ready to make the change with you guys. As of right now, the choice card option has been removed from the mastery form and instead, members will receive a coupon for their efforts. To be used any time you want.

Level Up Rewards Are Changing

SEE ABOVE. Similiar reasoning.

My level up code is REALLY messy... I tested it to make sure that the right coupon numbers are spitting out, but let me know if there are any issues!

Mini Mastery Rewards are Changing

At the moment, members wait on a member of our team to reward them for their efforts and their badges. We've made a slight change to that, and Mini Mastery rewards are immediate.

This link can be located in your member panel!

Tackling your new hoard of coupons

Now that more choice card coupons are going out, I've coded a little input system where members can paste all of their coupons at once and see how many choice cards (and of which type) they can take! It also tells you which coupons you submitted that aren't choice card coupons, so that you can put those back into your trade post for later.

This can be located in your member panel, or here. Feel free to play with it and test it, just for fun. This does not submit to your admin team, as it's just to help you sort through your choice cards!

APPARENTLY I DID LEARN SOMETHING AT SCHOOL... This is the first time I've coded something like this without using any of the original MyTCG code and I think that it works well! Please let me know if you find any major bugs. :)

December... Event? Kind of?

Your admins will likely be doing some sort of event for Christmas once we get closer to the holiday, but for now... We're starting with something simple. It isn't really an event! More of a December-special.

Right now, when you hand in a deck mastery, you'll receive two choice card coupons instead of one! We hope that you guys will take advantage of this during December and master a lot of decks when you're free from school and work! This double choice coupon will be on for the entire month of December!

Games, Games, Games

It's a new week, so guess what? You can play that Weekly Set, as well as our Set 1 games! Monthly Games have also been updated. Nikki worked hard for you guys today!

New Decks

For Rosie's first choice: dia-woowooyebin is being released today!

Update randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ace-undercoverdonghun, apink-imsosickhayoung, ateez-saymynamehongjoong, dia-woowooyebin, hyosung-findmeera, laboum-journeytoatlantis, lc-feedback, lvlz-wowyein, omg-remembermeyooa, pristin-welikekyla, ptg-naughtyboykino, rv-umpahumpah, skz-miroh, suzy-holidayera, tbz-bloombloom
Posted on 191201 by caitlin

by andrea @ 01 Dec 2019 08:17 pm
ty for the update. congrats, rose! ♡

Updates (191201): 1912-motm

MOTM (rose) (10/10): x1-flash11, x1-flash15, lc-galaxyashley01, lc-galaxyashley04, lc-galaxyashley12, lc-galaxyashley15, lc-galaxyashley18, loona-loveandlivevivi01, loona-loveandlivevivi02, loona-loveandlivevivi10
by Mari @ 01 Dec 2019 10:15 pm
December MotM: 1912-motm
Only You: twice-cheerupjihyo06, twice-cheerupjihyo10, twice-cheerupjihyo14, twice-cheerupjihyo15, twice-cheerupjihyo18, twice-cheerupmina01, twice-cheerupmina09, twice-cheerupmina14, twice-cheerupmina15, twice-cheerupmomo01
New Decks: lc-feedback01, lc-feedback02, ateez-saymynamehongjoong01, ateez-saymynamehongjoong02, pristin-welikekyla01, pristin-welikekyla02, rv-umpahumpah01, rv-umpahumpah02, laboum-journeytoatlantis02, suzy-holidayera11, lvlz-wowyein07, hyosung-findmeera18, tbz-bloombloom08, apink-imsosickhayoung14, ace-undercoverdonghun14, dia-woowooyebin14
Deck Donation: lc-feedback03
by Sanna @ 02 Dec 2019 01:30 am
Events: 1912-motm
New Decks (89): hyosung-findmeera14, hyosung-findmeera15, omg-remembermeyooa14, omg-remembermeyooa15, rv-umpahumpah14, rv-umpahumpah15, tbz-bloombloom07, tbz-bloombloom08, apink-imsosickhayoung08, apink-imsosickhayoung09, skz-miroh14, skz-miroh15, ptg-naughtyboykino08, ptg-naughtyboykino09, pristin-welikekyla02, pristin-welikekyla03, lvlz-wowyein16, lvlz-wowyein17
by Catherine @ 02 Dec 2019 04:19 pm
- Decks Pulls: rv-umpahumpah12, rv-umpahumpah11, ateez-saymynamehongjoong12, ateez-saymynamehongjoong11, ptg-naughtyboykino12, ptg-naughtyboykino11, suzy-holidayera12, suzy-holidayera11
by Madita @ 03 Dec 2019 06:44 am
New Decks: omg-remembermeyooa16, omg-remembermeyooa01, hyosung-findmeera04, hyosung-findmeera09, lc-feedback13, lc-feedback20, ptg-naughtyboykino17, ptg-naughtyboykino18, apink-imsosickhayoung05, apink-imsosickhayoung10, laboum-journeytoatlantis17, laboum-journeytoatlantis15, rv-umpahumpah15, rv-umpahumpah17, ateez-saymynamehongjoong12, ateez-saymynamehongjoong18, dia-woowooyebin11, dia-woowooyebin13\r\nEvent: 1912-motm\r\nmotm-rose: dc-youandisiyeon09, dc-youandisiyeon14, dc-youandisiyeon19, dc-youandihandong03, dc-youandihandong05, dc-youandihandong08, dc-youandihandong12, dc-youandisua10, dc-youandisua15, dc-youandisua20
by Selena @ 03 Dec 2019 01:01 pm
New Decks: bts-springdayjungkook01, bts-springdayjungkook02, apink-imsosicknamjoo10, dongwoo-newsera20, exid-hotpinkle04, fis9-lovebombhayoung16, gwsn-puzzlemoonseokyoung07, jessica-wonderland03, lvlz-wowjisoo15, nct-regularyuta16, nct-regularyuta17, nf-rooftop19, pristin-welikexiyeon06, svt-fear11, svt-fear12, unb-feelingjun14, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan05, weme-lalalaelly09\r\nEvent Card: 1912-motm\r\nNew Decks: rv-umpahumpah01, rv-umpahumpah02, ace-undercoverdonghun10, apink-imsosickhayoung19, ateez-saymynamehongjoong20, dia-woowooyebin06, hyosung-findmeera09, laboum-journeytoatlantis11, lc-feedback14, lvlz-wowyein12, omg-remembermeyooa04, pristin-welikekyla07, ptg-naughtyboykino18, skz-miroh13, suzy-holidayera09, suzy-holidayera10, tbz-bloombloom19, tbz-bloombloom20\r\nMOTM Cards: loona-girlfrontkimlip01, loona-girlfrontkimlip03, loona-girlfrontkimlip04, loona-girlfrontkimlip05, loona-girlfrontkimlip06, loona-girlfrontkimlip07, loona-girlfrontkimlip08, loona-girlfrontkimlip09, loona-girlfrontkimlip11, loona-girlfrontkimlip12
by Mirabel @ 03 Dec 2019 01:59 pm
event card: 1912-motm\r\ndeck pulls: rv-umpahumpah11, rv-umpahumpah12, ace-undercoverdonghun15, ace-undercoverdonghun16, ptg-naughtyboykino03, ptg-naughtyboykino04 (6/20)
by Shinya @ 03 Dec 2019 05:01 pm
- Donation: laboum-journeytoatlantis01, tbz-bloombloom01\r\n- Update (191201): ateez-saymynamehongjoong13, ateez-saymynamehongjoong17, laboum-journeytoatlantis13, laboum-journeytoatlantis17, lc-feedback13, lc-feedback17, omg-remembermeyooa13, omg-remembermeyooa17, pristin-welikekyla13, pristin-welikekyla17, tbz-bloombloom13, tbz-bloombloom17, rv-umpahumpah13, rv-umpahumpah17, skz-miroh13, skz-miroh17, ptg-naughtyboykino13, ptg-naughtyboykino17\r\n- Eventcard: 1912-motm
by Pam @ 04 Dec 2019 11:32 am
new sets took ace-undercoverdonghun01, apink-imsosickhayoung01, ateez-saymynamehongjoong01, dia-woowooyebin01, hyosung-findmeera01, laboum-journeytoatlantis01, lc-feedback01, lvlz-wowyein01,omg-remembermeyooa01, pristin-welikekyla01, ptg-naughtyboykino05, rv-umpahumpah01, skz-miroh05, suzy-holidayera01, tbz-bloombloom01
by Usagi @ 06 Dec 2019 05:40 pm
New Decks (191201): laboum-journeytoatlantis19, laboum-journeytoatlantis20, omg-remembermeyooa19, omg-remembermeyooa20, ptg-naughtyboykino19, ptg-naughtyboykino20, rv-umpahumpah19, rv-umpahumpah20, suzy-holidayera19, suzy-holidayera20, ace-undercoverdonghun19, ace-undercoverdonghun20, dia-woowooyebin19, dia-woowooyebin20, ateez-saymynamehongjoong19, ateez-saymynamehongjoong20, skz-miroh19, skz-miroh20\r\n\r\nEvent: 1912-motm
by andrea @ 07 Dec 2019 02:05 pm
New Decks (191201) (18/18): ptg-naughtyboykino11, ptg-naughtyboykino13, lc-feedback07, lc-feedback16, ateez-saymynamehongjoong06, ateez-saymynamehongjoong12, ace-undercoverdonghun11, ace-undercoverdonghun20, skz-miroh01, skz-miroh07, rv-umpahumpah13, rv-umpahumpah19, suzy-holidayera07, suzy-holidayera20, omg-remembermeyooa08, omg-remembermeyooa11, tbz-bloombloom07, lvlz-wowyein07
by Mirabel @ 07 Dec 2019 04:33 pm
deck pulls: hyosung-findmeera01, hyosung-findmeera02 (8/20)
by Whitney @ 07 Dec 2019 10:54 pm
New Decks: ace-undercoverdonghun02, ace-undercoverdonghun09, apink-imsosickhayoung09, apink-imsosickhayoung12, ateez-saymynamehongjoong07, ateez-saymynamehongjoong10, dia-woowooyebin09, dia-woowooyebin20, hyosung-findmeera04, hyosung-findmeera06, lvlz-wowyein18, lvlz-wowyein19, omg-remembermeyooa07, omg-remembermeyooa14, pristin-welikekyla06, pristin-welikekyla12, rv-umpahumpah07, rv-umpahumpah11, suzy-holidayera02, suzy-holidayera05\r\nEvent Cards: 1912-motm\r\nOnly You (MOTM - Rose): apink-fiveeunji01, apink-fiveeunji03, apink-fiveeunji05, nct-blackonblackmark01, nct-blackonblackmark09, nct-blackonblackmark13, nct-blackonblackmark16, nct-blackonblackmark17, nct-blackonblackmark18, nct-blackonblackmark20\r\n\r\nThank you! :)
by Larlic @ 08 Dec 2019 05:23 am
Event card: 1912-motm\r\nNew Decks: ateez-saymynamehongjoong07, ateez-saymynamehongjoong12, omg-remembermeyooa19, omg-remembermeyooa03, pristin-welikekyla08, pristin-welikekyla17, rv-umpahumpah13, rv-umpahumpah15, skz-miroh02, skz-miroh19, suzy-holidayera16, suzy-holidayera18, lc-feedback17, lc-feedback04, tbz-bloombloom15, tbz-bloombloom16, dia-woowooyebin08, dia-woowooyebin13
by Eimii @ 09 Dec 2019 05:47 pm
deck releases: ptg-naughtyboykino01, ptg-naughtyboykino02, hyosung-findmeera13, hyosung-findmeera17, rv-umpahumpah09, rv-umpahumpah14, pristin-welikekyla11, pristin-welikekyla16, suzy-holidayera02, suzy-holidayera07, lc-feedback03, lc-feedback08, laboum-journeytoatlantis05, laboum-journeytoatlantis15, lvlz-wowyein13, lvlz-wowyein18, skz-miroh02, skz-miroh04, ace-undercoverdonghun09, ace-undercoverdonghun14
by Lex @ 15 Dec 2019 04:40 am
Event Card: 1912-motm // New Decks: rv-umpahumpah04, rv-umpahumpah08, apink-imsosickhayoung15, dia-woowooyebin04, laboum-journeytoatlantis14, lc-feedback15, lvlz-wowyein14, omg-remembermeyooa18, pristin-welikekyla14, suzy-holidayera08, ace-undercoverdonghun17, ateez-saymynamehongjoong03, ateez-saymynamehongjoong16, hyosung-findmeera19, ptg-naughtyboykino06, ptg-naughtyboykino15, skz-miroh03, skz-miroh16, tbz-bloombloom03, tbz-bloombloom14
by Bommiie @ 22 Dec 2019 03:24 pm
New Decks (191201): hyosung-findmeera09, hyosung-findmeera15, lc-feedback05, lc-feedback13, omg-remembermeyooa04, omg-remembermeyooa16\r\nEvent Card: 1912-motm
by Mya @ 24 Dec 2019 02:12 pm
Update (#89): ateez-saymynamehongjoong07, pristin-welikekyla07, tbz-bloombloom07, ateez-saymaynamehongjoong01, pristin-welikekyla02, rv-umpahumpah04, rv-umpahumpah06, tbz-bloombloom14, lc-feedback07, lc-feedback20, omg-remembermeyooa07, omg-remembermeyooa20, hyosung-findmeera07, hyosung-findmeera20, apink-imsosickhayoung07, apink-imsosickhayoung20, skz-miroh07, skz-miroh20\r\nEvents: 1912-motm
by julia @ 21 Jan 2020 12:21 am
Event Cards (12/01): 1912-motm\r\nNew Decks (12/01): tbz-bloombloom15, tbz-bloombloom20, rv-umpahumpah06, rv-umpahumpah08, skz-miroh15, skz-miroh17, ptg-naughtyboykino05, ptg-naughtyboykino07, lvlz-wowyein05, lvlz-wowyein16, suzy-holidayera01, suzy-holidayera18, omg-remembermeyooa01, omg-remembermeyooa10, laboum-journeytoatlantis05, laboum-journeytoatlantis18, hyosung-findmeera04, hyosung-findmeera11
by Mirabel @ 10 Mar 2020 07:21 pm
deck pulls: lc-feedback04, lc-feedback10 (10/20)
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