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88 posted by caitlin (191124)

Good afternoon, my sweeties! Hello from Starbucks, where your admins are hard at work to bring you another Sunday update.

Although this update is going to be quite small (with the exception of your usual monthly reminders), we do have a slightly lengthy update planned for December. We have some changes that we'd like to implement by January, and we'll be looking for user input, as we do everything for you guys and try not to make large decisions on our own.

November is almost over

Did you guys know? Our next Sunday update is also going to be our monthly update! That means that between then and now, there are a few things you should try and do before you run out of time.

  • MONTHLY GAMES: Monthly games can not be played after Saturday, so we highly recommend wrapping up any of the monthly games that you haven't already played.
  • MINI MASTERY (COZY): In my opinion, it seems like we have quite a few less MM posts than we normally do. I don't know if this is because you've all ditched us, or you're all waiting to submit... But please submit ASAP. It helps your maker out to have things in before the last minute! It also lowers your stress.
  • BIRTHDAY EVENT CARDS: Any November babies who haven't already submitted for their birthday event card on the forum and taken their birthday rewards should really do so now, or you'll miss the opportunity until 2020! Nuts. That's so far away.
  • THE FIFTH SEASON: Not only is it the final week for taking your October rewards for this game, but if you haven't posted your November door, please do it now!
  • DONATIONS: Donations are due this week! Please get these in ASAP. There are quite a few donations that still need to be passed in, and we're looking forward to receiving them!

If you guys require any sort of extensions, now is the time to let someone know. Please don't wait until next Sunday to put in your extension requests, alright? If you need anything, message an admin or talk to a member of our staff and they can pass the message on.

Games, games, games

Our precious Nikki has gone ahead and updated those Set 2 games for all of you! Feel free to give those, and our Weekly Set a play for some brand new cards.

Keep an eye on the forum throughout the day as the new weekly forum games are rolled out, as well!

Also, please don't forget to vote, my friends... When we release decks each week, it is completely based on your votes. We understand that some of you don't vote, but we hope that some of the older decks (that I know some of y'all want because you donated them) will climb the ranks in the next couple of weeks.

When it comes to voting, if there's a deck that you want, we encourage you to put all six of your votes into it. As it stands right now, decks with 15+ votes are usually released, which is only a few weeks of voting!

New Decks

The decks that you voted for are here! If you hate taking pulls, why don't use the pulls randomizer? ^^

It's the final week of Cecelia as our member of the month, and the final deck is......... exid-hotpinkle! Congratulations to Dhee who successfully guessed the decks that Cecelia had asked for. She gets no prize for this, but it made me laugh.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

apink-imsosicknamjoo, bts-springdayjungkook, dongwoo-newsera, exid-hotpinkle, fis9-lovebombhayoung, gwsn-puzzlemoonseokyoung, jessica-wonderland, lvlz-wowjisoo, nct-regularyuta, nf-rooftop, pristin-welikexiyeon, svt-fear, unb-feelingjun, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan, weme-lalalaelly
caitlin (191124)

Shinya  @ 24 Nov 2019 03:56 pm

- Update (191124): bts-springdayjungkook13, bts-springdayjungkook17, fis9-lovebombhayoung13, fis9-lovebombhayoung17, pristin-welikexiyeon13, pristin-welikexiyeon17, svt-fear13, svt-fear17, nct-regularyuta13, nct-regularyuta17, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan13, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan17, dongwoo-newsera13, dongwoo-newsera17, lvlz-wowjisoo13, lvlz-wowjisoo17, unb-feelingjun13, unb-feelingjun17

Mirabel  @ 24 Nov 2019 04:11 pm

deck pulls: bts-springdayjungkook09, bts-springdayjungkook10, unb-feelingjun05, unb-feelingjun06, dongwoo-newsera17, dongwoo-newsera18, apink-imsosicknamjoo17, apink-imsosicknamjoo18, svt-fear07, svt-fear19 (10/20)

Mari  @ 24 Nov 2019 04:54 pm

New Decks: exid-hotpinkle01, exid-hotpinkle02, gwsn-puzzlemoonseokyoung01, gwsn-puzzlemoonseokyoung02, pristin-welikexiyeon01, pristin-welikexiyeon02, svt-fear01, svt-fear02, weme-lalalaelly16, unb-feelingjun03, bts-springdayjungkook06, dongwoo-newsera01, apink-imsosicknamjoo09, lvlz-wowjisoo16, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan14, nct-regularyuta18, fis9-lovebombhayoung18, jessica-wonderland18

Mirabel  @ 24 Nov 2019 06:37 pm

deck pulls: victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan05, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan06 (12/20)

Pam  @ 25 Nov 2019 06:42 am

took fis9-lovebombhayoung03, jessica-wonderland01, apink-imsosicknamjoo16,
nct-regularyuta13, lvlz-wowjisoo16, dongwoo-newsera19, bts-springdayjungkook19, pristin-welikexiyeon17, nf-rooftop17, svt-fear17, unb-feelingjun02, weme-lalalaelly02, gwsn-puzzlemoonseokyoung02, exid-hotpinkle02, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan02

Catherine  @ 26 Nov 2019 07:35 am

Deck Pulls: exid-hotpinkle12, exid-hotpinkle11, nct-regularyuta12, nct-regularyuta11, bts-springdayjungkook11, bts-springdayjungkook12

Eimii  @ 26 Nov 2019 08:52 am

deck releases (1124): exid-hotpinkle03, exid-hotpinkle08, gwsn-puzzlemoonseokyoung14, gwsn-puzzlemoonseokyoung15, lvlz-wowjisoo13, lvlz-wowjisoo18, pristin-welikexiyeon06, pristin-welikexiyeon16, fis9-lovebombhayoung18, fis9-lovebombhayoung19, jessica-wonderland01, jessica-wonderland07, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan01, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan02, bts-springdayjungkook01, bts-springdayjungkook02, svt-fear02, svt-fear03

Mirabel  @ 26 Nov 2019 09:40 am

deck pulls: pristin-welikexiyeon10, pristin-welikexiyeon11 (14/20)

Bommiie  @ 26 Nov 2019 12:14 pm

New Decks: nct-regularyuta19, dongwoo-newsera06, lvlz-wowjisoo06, jessica-wonderland13, nf-rooftop11, weme-lalalaelly11, unb-feelingjun12, pristin-welikexiyeon12, svt-fear06, svt-fear05, fis9-lovebombhayoung06, bts-springdayjungkook01, bts-springdayjungkook06, gwsn-puzzlemoonseokyoung06, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan06, exid-hotpinkle06, exid-hotpinkle05, apink-imsosicknamjoo06


Mirabel  @ 28 Nov 2019 11:34 am

deck pulls: exid-hotpinkle01, exid-hotpinkle02, fis9-lovebombhayoung02, fis9-lovebombhayoung03, nct-regularyuta03, nct-regularyuta05 (20/20)

Mya  @ 29 Nov 2019 09:02 am

Update (#88): bts-springdayjungkook07, bts-springdayjungkook20, fis9-lovebombhayoung07, fis9-lovebombhayoung20, pristin-welikexiyeon07, pristin-welikexiyeon20, svt-fear07, svt-fear20, nct-regularyuta07, nct-regularyuta20, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan07, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan20, dongwoo-newsera07, dongwoo-newsera20, lvlz-wowjisoo07, lvlz-wowjisoo20, unb-feelingjun07, unb-feelingjun20

andrea  @ 30 Nov 2019 10:55 am

New Decks (191124) (18/18): bts-springdayjungkook13, bts-springdayjungkook16, fis9-lovebombhayoung01, fis9-lovebombhayoung19, nct-regularyuta11, nct-regularyuta16, nf-rooftop02, nf-rooftop19, jessica-wonderland15, jessica-wonderland16, svt-fear07, svt-fear08, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan10, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan20, exid-hotpinkle17, apink-imsosicknamjoo05, lvlz-wowjisoo05, pristin-welikexiyeon20

Madita  @ 30 Nov 2019 02:40 pm

Deck Pulls: dongwoo-newsera03, dongwoo-newsera12, bts-springdayjungkook19, bts-springdayjungkook04, svt-fear15, svt-fear19, fis9-lovebombhayoung20, nct-regularyuta09, unb-feelingjun09, jessica-wonderland18, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan09, nf-rooftop09, lvlz-wowjisoo09, exid-hotpinkle13, weme-lalalaelly13, gwsn-puzzlemoonseokyoung13, pristin-welikexiyeon13, apink-imsosicknamjoo13

Whitney  @ 30 Nov 2019 04:21 pm

New Decks: nf-rooftop14, apink-imsosicknamjoo16, lvlz-wowjisoo16, fis9-lovebombhayoung19, fis9-lovebombhayoung20, unb-feelingjun02, gwsn-puzzlemoonseokyoung19, exid-hotpinkle19, pristin-welikexiyeon07, svt-fear12, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan12, weme-lalalaelly12, bts-springdayjungkook03, bts-springdayjungkook13, dongwoo-newsera10, dongwoo-newsera14, jessica-wonderland12, jessica-wonderland14, nct-regularyuta05, nct-regularyuta18

Thank you!

Sanna  @ 30 Nov 2019 06:25 pm

New Decks (88): exid-hotpinkle06, exid-hotpinkle07, apink-imsosicknamjoo13, apink-imsosicknamjoo14, bts-springdayjungkook13, bts-springdayjungkook14, pristin-welikexiyeon14, pristin-welikexiyeon15, svt-fear12, svt-fear13, nct-regularyuta18, nct-regularyuta19, jessica-wonderland14, jessica-wonderland15, lvlz-wowjisoo18, lvlz-wowjisoo19, nf-rooftop14, nf-rooftop15

Larlic  @ 01 Dec 2019 01:34 am

New Decks: apink-imsosicknamjoo03, apink-imsosicknamjoo08, bts-springdayjungkook03, bts-springdayjungkook04, nct-regularyuta01, nct-regularyuta02, svt-fear06, svt-fear13, weme-lalalaelly07, weme-lalalaelly15, pristin-welikexiyeon15, pristin-welikexiyeon19, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan02, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan17, gwsn-puzzlemoonseokyoung08, gwsn-puzzlemoonseokyoung,16, jessica-wonderland11, jessica-wonderland19

Selena  @ 03 Dec 2019 08:55 am

New Decks: bts-springdayjungkook01, bts-springdayjungkook02, apink-imsosicknamjoo10, dongwoo-newsera20, exid-hotpinkle04, fis9-lovebombhayoung16, gwsn-puzzlemoonseokyoung07, jessica-wonderland03, lvlz-wowjisoo15, nct-regularyuta16, nct-regularyuta17, nf-rooftop19, pristin-welikexiyeon06, svt-fear11, svt-fear12, unb-feelingjun14, victon-timeofsorrowbyungchan05, weme-lalalaelly09

Usagi  @ 06 Dec 2019 01:28 pm

New Decks (191124): bts-springdayjungkook19, bts-springdayjungkook20, nct-regularyuta19, nct-regularyuta20, gwsn-puzzlemoonseokyoung17, gwsn-puzzlemoonseokyoung18, weme-lalalaelly19, weme-lalalaelly20, svt-fear19, svt-fear20, apink-imsosicknamjoo19, apink-imsosicknamjoo20, jessica-wonderland19, jessica-wonderland20, unb-feelingjun15, unb-feelingjun16, pristin-welikexiyeon19, pristin-welikexiyeon20

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