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Hello! I'm going to keep it short and sweet this week, because I am overloaded with school projects and a sick nephew... But your admin teams hopes that you all had a fantastic week. The weather is changing, so stay warm and safe out there!


Nikki is going out with her family, but she was kind enough to whip up new games for everyone. We're back to Set 1 this week, and as always, your Weekly games can be played again!

New Decks

As always, these were chosen based off of your votes! Here's your update randomizer.

Our lovely MOTM Cecelia has chosen kyungri-bluemoonera as her deck this week! No surprise there, I'm sure...

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

bts-springdayrm, cb-qandajiwon, chungha-gottago, clc-pepeyujin, dia-woowooheehyun, jennie-soloera, kyungri-bluemoonera, nct-longflight, omg-remembermeseunghee, shinee-goodevening, skz-iamyou, svt-ohmyjun, tara-whatsmynameeunjung, victon-timeofsorrowsejun, vixx-beautifulliarleo,
Posted on 191117 by caitlin

by larlic @ 18 Nov 2019 06:08 am
New Decks: bts-springdayrm01, bts-springdayrm02, cb-qandajiwon16, cb-qandajiwon17, chungha-gottago13, chungha-gottago14, dia-woowooheehyun09, dia-woowooheehyun10, nct-longflight01, nct-longflight02, omg-remembermeseunghee07, omg-remembermeseunghee08, skz-iamyou05, skz-iamyou06, svt-ohmyjun15, svt-ohmyjun16, vixx-beautifulliarleo13, vixx-beautifulliarleo14
by Mari @ 18 Nov 2019 08:54 am
New Decks: chungha-gottago01, chungha-gottago02, clc-pepeyujin01, clc-pepeyujin02, svt-ohmyjun01, svt-ohmyjun02, omg-remembermeseunghee14, cb-qandajiwon14, nct-longflight11, tara-whatsmynameeunjung11, dia-woowooheehyun16, kyungri-bluemoonera16, shinee-goodevening12, bts-springdayrm12, jennie-soloera12, skz-iamyou12, victon-timeofsorrowsejun04, vixx-beautifulliarleo04
by Sanna @ 18 Nov 2019 02:14 pm
New Decks (87): chungha-gottago10, chungha-gottago11, omg-remembermeseunghee18, omg-remembermeseunghee19, shinee-goodevening11, shinee-goodevening12, bts-springdayrm07, bts-springdayrm08, jennie-soloera06, jennie-soloera07, svt-ohmyjun12, svt-ohmyjun13, skz-iamyou17, skz-iamyou18, kyungri-bluemoonera09, kyungri-bluemoonera10, nct-longflight09, nct-longflight10
by catherine @ 19 Nov 2019 11:35 am
- Deck Pulls: kyungri-bluemoonera12, nct-longflight12, kyungri-bluemoonera11, nct-longflight11, svt-ohmyjun12, svt-ohmyjun11, clc-pepeyujin12, clc-pepeyujin11, shinee-goodevening12, shinee-goodevening11, bts-springdayrm12, bts-springdayrm11, jennie-soloera12, jennie-soloera11, vixx-beautifulliarleo11, vixx-beautifulliarleo12
by Bommiie @ 19 Nov 2019 05:22 pm
New Decks: chungha-gottago08, chungha-gottago02, omg-remembermeseunghee12, omg-remembermeseunghee14, jennie-soloera16, jennie-soloera06, kyungri-bluemoonera17, kyungri-bluemoonera18, bts-springdayrm17, skz-iamyou06, svt-ohmyjun19, cb-qandajiwon08, dia-woowooheehyun14, nct-longflight14, tara-whatsmynameeunjung14, shinee-goodevening14, vixx-beautifulliarleo14, clc-pepeyujin12

by Pam @ 20 Nov 2019 08:59 am
new sets took bts-springdayrm03, bts-springdayrm13, victon-timeofsorrowsejun08, victon-timeofsorrowsejun18, vixx-beautifulliarleo04, vixx-beautifulliarleo14, shinee-goodevening07, shinee-goodevening17, nct-longflight05, skz-iamyou01, svt-ohmyjun20, cb-qandajiwon01, chungha-gottago20, clc-pepeyujin01, dia-woowooheehyun20
by Selena @ 20 Nov 2019 11:26 am
bts-springdayrm01, bts-springdayrm02, cb-qandajiwon11, chungha-gottago05, clc-pepeyujin17, dia-woowooheehyun20, jennie-soloera06, kyungri-bluemoonera16, nct-longflight08, omg-remembermeseunghee04, shinee-goodevening12, skz-iamyou19, svt-ohmyjun03, tara-whatsmynameeunjung14, victon-timeofsorrowsejun09, victon-timeofsorrowsejun10, vixx-beautifulliarleo15, vixx-beautifulliarleo16
by Shinya @ 20 Nov 2019 02:29 pm
Update (191117): bts-springdayrm13, bts-springdayrm17, chungha-gottago13, chungha-gottago17, jennie-soloera13, jennie-soloera17, nct-longflight13, nct-longflight17, omg-remembermeseunghee13, omg-remembermeseunghee17, shinee-goodevening13, shinee-goodevening17, svt-ohmyjun13, svt-ohmyjun17, victon-timeofsorrowsejun13, victon-timeofsorrowsejun17, dia-woowooheehyun13, dia-woowooheehyun17
by andrea @ 22 Nov 2019 02:45 am
New Decks (191117) (18/18): svt-ohmyjun10, svt-ohmyjun13, victon-timeofsorrowsejun03, victon-timeofsorrowsejun16, bts-springdayrm02, bts-springdayrm05, shinee-goodevening01, shinee-goodevening20, tara-whatsmynameeunjung11, tara-whatsmynameeunjung20, chungha-gottago02, chungha-gottago08, skz-iamyou07, skz-iamyou14, nct-longflight08, cb-qandajiwon08, vixx-beautifulliarleo15, omg-remembermeseunghee05
by Usagi @ 22 Nov 2019 11:42 am
New Decks (191117): jennie-soloera17, jennie-soloera18, bts-springdayrm19, bts-springdayrm20, clc-pepeyujin19, clc-pepeyujin20, chungha-gottago19, chungha-gottago20, nct-longflight19, nct-longflight20, omg-remembermeseunghee19, omg-remembermeseunghee20, shinee-goodevening19, shinee-goodevening20, svt-ohmyjun19, svt-ohmyjun20, victon-timeofsorrowsejun19, victon-timeofsorrowsejun20
by Whitney @ 23 Nov 2019 10:37 pm
New Decks: nct-longflight14, victon-timeofsorrowsejun04, tara-whatsmynameeunjung06, svt-ohmyjun15, nct-longflight15, shinee-goodevening16, bts-springdayrm16, shinee-goodevening03, jennie-soloera08, dia-woowooheehyun02, kyungri-bluemoonera02, cb-qandajiwon02, kyungri-bluemoonera06, omg-remembermeseunghee02, vixx-beautifulliarleo02, vixx-beautifulliarleo10, clc-pepeyujin13, nct-longflight11, dia-woowooheehyun11, cb-qandajiwon15

Thank you!
by Whitney @ 23 Nov 2019 10:39 pm
Whoops too many nct-longflights! Changing nct-longflight11 to svt-ohmyjun16.

Thank you!
by Lex @ 24 Nov 2019 01:49 am
New Decks: cb-qandajiwon04, cb-qandajiwon09, chungha-gottago12, chungha-gottago18, clc-pepeyujin14, clc-pepeyujin18, jennie-soloera05, jennie-soloera14, dia-woowooheehyun04, dia-woowooheehyun19, kyungri-bluemoonera14, omg-remembermeseunghee09, tara-whatsmynameeunjung12, bts-springdayrm15, nct-longflight18, shinee-goodevening04, skz-iamyou13, svt-ohmyjun18, victon-timeofsorrowsejun14, vixx-beautifulliarleo17
by Mirabel @ 24 Nov 2019 07:56 pm
deck pulls: victon-timeofsorrowsejun01, victon-timeofsorrowsejun02, svt-ohmyjun01, svt-ohmyjun02, dia-woowooheehyun01, dia-woowooheehyun02, bts-springdayrm19, bts-springdayrm20, shinee-goodevening01, shinee-goodevening02 (10/20)
by Eimii @ 26 Nov 2019 12:48 pm
deck releases (1117): cb-qandajiwon03, cb-qandajiwon04, jennie-soloera16, jennie-soloera17, kyungri-bluemoonera10, kyungri-bluemoonera15, tara-whatsmynameeunjung11, tara-whatsmynameeunjung12, chungha-gottago13, chungha-gottago14,
svt-ohmyjun12, svt-ohmyjun20, bts-springdayrm01, bts-springdayrm02, victon-timeofsorrowsejun04, victon-timeofsorrowsejun05
by Mirabel @ 28 Nov 2019 08:24 pm
deck pulls: vixx-beautifulliarleo04, vixx-beautifulliarleo05 (12/20)
by Mya @ 29 Nov 2019 12:57 pm
Update (#87): bts-springdayrm07, bts-springdayrm20, chungha-gottago07, chungha-gottago20, jennie-soloera07, jennie-soloera20, nct-longflight07, nct-longflight20, omg-remembermeseunghee07, omg-remembermeseunghee20, shinee-goodevening07, shinee-goodevening20, svt-ohmyjun07, svt-ohmyjun20, victon-timeofsorrowsejun07, victon-timeofsorrowsejun20, dia-woowooheehyun07, dia-woowooheehyun20
by Madita @ 30 Nov 2019 06:34 pm
New Decks: vixx-beautifulliarleo17, vixx-beautifulliarleo18, chungha-gottago15, chungha-gottago18, omg-remembermeseunghee05, omg-remembermeseunghee14, kyungri-bluemoonera06, kyungri-bluemoonera10, bts-springdayrm08, bts-springdayrm01, svt-ohmyjun16, svt-ohmyjun02, jennie-soloera18, nct-longflight20, dia-woowooheehyun08, skz-iamyou13
by Mirabel @ 31 Dec 2019 09:24 pm
deck pulls: omg-remembermeseunghee08, omg-remembermeseunghee11, kyungri-bluemoonera07, kyungri-bluemoonera17 (16/20)
by julia @ 21 Jan 2020 12:01 am
New Decks (11/17): shinee-goodevening03, shinee-goodevening20, skz-iamyou05, skz-iamyou19, chungha-gottago01, chungha-gottago05, nct-longflight03, nct-longflight18, jennie-soloera08, jennie-soloera20, omg-remembermeseunghee02, omg-remembermeseunghee19, bts-springdayrm10, bts-springdayrm13, vixx-beautifulliarleo02, vixx-beautifulliarleo20, dia-woowooheehyun08, dia-woowooheehyun14
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