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Hello, hello! Welcome back for your usual Sunday update. We're not coming at you from our local Starbucks this week, and instead, we're in my bedroom. This obviously means that we are having too much fun and getting distracted... So if this is a mess, don't call us out. We're doing our best with the one brain cell we share between us.

Deck Donations

Since our last update, there has been some discussion in the Discord about music videos we allow and where we make exceptions.

When Idolise first opened its doors, our initial plan was to only accept music videos that had accompanying eras. After all, we are a TCG that focuses on eras. We are not a general Kpop TCG, and we didn't want to be.

Now, with that being said... We were the only Kpop TCG at the time of our opening, and from the beginning, we had a lot of members who did not like this music video rule. We very quickly agreed to allow any official music video, as long as it from a Korean-released album.

In our music video donation rules, we very specifically mention that any tracks that are released in other countries are not allowed. We understand that some of them have slipped through the cracks and we have had to remove them from our donation sheet, but we don't think this is anyone's fault. No harm done.

For the time being, we will continue to allow these non-title track music video to be donated... But, once again, they are not our main focus.

If there are international releases that you would like to collect (or even older music videos, from artists who disbanded before 2015), we are no longer the only Kpop TCG. Starlight is officially opened and ran by two incredibly reliable admins. Please join. Cassidy and Yasu know what they're doing. They allow music videos from any country, photoshoots, SELCAS IN THEIR DECKS. They have everything you guys have been wanting! Please join.

Now, that being said...

There are some decks that have slipped through the cracks. They've been made, they've been released. We are going to go through and find the decks that need to be retired, because they're breaking our rules. Our KDA deck is a really good example of this... But we will be giving fair warning and a list before we retired anything.


The sidebar has already told you this, but... It's Set 2. Nikki got so distracted during this set that we sat here and watched videos from Mix Nine and The Unit. It has just been one of those days for us.

As always, our Weekly set is also available to be played again.

Forum games are available as well. Don't miss out on those cards, okay?

New Decks

As always, you guys voted for these. Here your update randomizer!

As well, cutie Cecelia requested twice-fancy this week. ^^

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ace-undercoverjason, bts-springdayv, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok, dc-piri, fei-fantasyera, gsd-illbeyourshyeri, jbj95-homesanggyun, lizzy-notaneasygirl, loona-butterfly, nct-regularjaehyun, rv-reallybadboyyeri, twice-fancy, vixx-beautifulliarravi, weme-tikitaka, wno-boomerangdaehwi
Posted on 191110 by caitlin

by Mari @ 10 Nov 2019 08:20 pm
New Decks: dc-piri01, dc-piri02, jbj95-homesanggyun01, jbj95-homesanggyun02, twice-fancy01, twice-fancy02, weme-tikitaka01, weme-tikitaka02, vixx-beautifulliarravi14, loona-butterfly11
by Mari @ 10 Nov 2019 08:24 pm
New Decks: ace-undercoverjason08, wno-boomerangdaehwi08, bts-springdayv05, fei-fantasyera08, nct-regularjaehyun08, rv-reallybadboyyeri08, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok15, lizzy-notaneasygirl15 (18/18)
by Pam @ 11 Nov 2019 06:41 am
new sets took gsd-illbeyourshyeri07, fei-fantasyera03, bts-springdayv05, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok02, loona-butterfly19, lizzy-notaneasygirl19, weme-tikitaka19, jbj95-homesanggyun19, nct-regularjaehyun16, dc-piri10, vixx-beautifulliarravi10, rv-reallybadboyyeri10, ace-undercoverjason12, wno-boomerangdaehwi12, twice-fancy12
by Catherine @ 11 Nov 2019 10:30 am
fei-fantasyera11, fei-fantasyera12, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok11, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok12, nct-regularjaehyun11, nct-regularjaehyun12, rv-reallybadboyyeri11, rv-reallybadboyyeri12, wno-boomerangdaehwi11, wno-boomerangdaehwi12, gsd-illbeyourshyeri11, gsd-illbeyourshyeri12, bts-springdayv11, bts-springdayv12, dc-piri11, dc-piri12, vixx-beautifulliarravi11, vixx-beautifulliarravi12
by Bommiie @ 12 Nov 2019 06:02 pm
New Decks: loona-butterfly01, loona-butterfly05, twice-fancy02, twice-fancy18, gsd-illbeyourshyeri16, gsd-illbeyourshyeri09, weme-tikitaka14, weme-tikitaka13, rv-reallybadboyyeri16, rv-reallybadboyyeri03, lizzy-notaneasygirl05, lizzy-notaneasygirl20, bts-springdayv01, bts-springdayv02, nct-regularjaehyun01, nct-regularjaehyun02, vixx-beautifulliarravi01, vixx-beautifulliarravi02
by Eimii @ 12 Nov 2019 10:59 pm
deck releases: bts-springdayv04, bts-springdayv06, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok05, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok05,

gsd-illbeyourshyeri02, gsd-illbeyourshyeri13, dc-piri18, dc-piri05

fei-fantasyera02, fei-fantasyera09, lizzy-notaneasygirl01, lizzy-notaneasygirl11, loona-butterfly10, loona-butterfly18, rv-reallybadboyyeri07, rv-reallybadboyyeri12,

twice-fancy16, twice-fancy20, nct-regularjaehyun10, nct-regularjaehyun15
by Shinya @ 14 Nov 2019 01:33 pm
Update (191110): day6-congratulationsjunhyeok13, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok17, dc-piri13, dc-piri17, gsd-illbeyourshyeri13, gsd-illbeyourshyeri17, rv-reallybadboyyeri13, rv-reallybadboyyeri17, twice-fancy13, twice-fancy17, ace-undercoverjason13, ace-undercoverjason17, nct-regularjaehyun13, nct-regularjaehyun17, loona-butterfly13, loona-butterfly17, wno-boomerangdaehwi13, wno-boomerangdaehwi17
by Mirabel @ 14 Nov 2019 01:35 pm
deck pulls: ace-undercoverjason11, ace-undercoverjason12, bts-springdayv03, bts-springdayv04, dc-piri03, dc-piri04 (6/20)
by Selena @ 15 Nov 2019 07:29 am
New Decks: bts-springdayv01, bts-springdayv02, loona-butterfly01, loona-butterfly02, rv-reallybadboyyeri01, rv-reallybadboyyeri02, lizzy-notaneasygirl04, jbj95-homesanggyun01, nct-regularjaehyun13, twice-fancy13, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok16, fei-fantasyera15, ace-undercoverjason09, gsd-illbeyourshyeri09, dc-piri16, wno-boomerangdaehwi16, vixx-beautifulliarravi16, weme-tikitaka16
by Andrea @ 15 Nov 2019 02:31 pm
New Decks (191110) (18/18): jbj95-homesanggyun02, jbj95-homesanggyun04, nct-regularjaehyun10, nct-regularjaehyun16, rv-reallybadboyyeri05, rv-reallybadboyyeri17, ace-undercoverjason13, gsd-illbeyourshyeri03, fei-fantasyera19, twice-fancy10, dc-piri06, vixx-beautifulliarravi06, bts-springdayv02, bts-springdayv12, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok13, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok18, loona-butterfly05, loona-butterfly11
by Usagi @ 15 Nov 2019 03:43 pm
New Decks (191110): bts-springdayv02, bts-springdayv03, loona-butterfly19, loona-butterfly20, rv-reallybadboyyeri19, rv-reallybadboyyeri20, twice-fancy19, twice-fancy20, weme-tikitaka19, weme-tikitaka20, nct-regularjaehyun19, nct-regularjaehyun20, wno-boomerangdaehwi19, wno-boomerangdaehwi20, gsd-illbeyourshyeri19, gsd-illbeyourshyeri20, ace-undercoverjason19, ace-undercoverjason20
by Sanna @ 15 Nov 2019 07:14 pm
New Decks (86): gsd-illbeyourshyeri09, gsd-illbeyourshyeri10, dc-piri18, dc-piri19, twice-fancy02, twice-fancy04, rv-reallybadboyyeri13, rv-reallybadboyyeri14, loona-butterfly09, loona-butterfly10, bts-springdayv13, bts-springdayv14, wno-boomerangdaehwi12, wno-boomerangdaehwi13, nct-regularjaehyun16, nct-regularjaehyun17
by Mya @ 16 Nov 2019 04:49 am
Update (#86): gsd-illbeyourshyeri07, gsd-illbeyourshyeri20, twice-fancy07, twice-fancy20, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok07, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok20, dc-piri07, dc-piri20, rv-reallybadboyyeri07, rv-reallybadboyyeri20, ace-undercoverjason07, ace-undercoverjason20, nct-regularjaehyun07, nct-regularjaehyun20, loona-butterfly07, loona-butterfly20, wno-boomerangdaehwi07, wno-boomerangdaehwi20
by Kayori @ 17 Nov 2019 01:17 am
New Decks: ace-undercoverjason20, bts-springdayv01, bts-springdayv09, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok09, dc-piri12, fei-fantasyera18, gsd-illbeyourshyeri14, gsd-illbeyourshyeri16, jbj95-homesanggyun09, lizzy-notaneasygirl09, loona-butterfly20, nct-regularjaehyun11, rv-reallybadboyyeri09, twice-fancy09, vixx-beautifulliarravi16, weme-tikitaka08, weme-tikitaka20, wno-boomerangdaehwi16
by Lex @ 17 Nov 2019 02:26 am
New Decks: dc-piri08, dc-piri14, loona-butterfly03, loona-butterfly12, loona-butterfly14, rv-reallybadboyyeri06, rv-reallybadboyyeri15, twice-fancy03, twice-fancy11, weme-tikitaka11, weme-tikitaka18, fei-fantasyera14, gsd-illbeyourshyeri15, lizzy-notaneasygirl13, ace-undercoverjason14, bts-springdayv15, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok14, jbj95-homesanggyun14, vixx-beautifulliarravi17, wno-boomerangdaehwi18
by Larlic @ 17 Nov 2019 04:30 am
New Decks: bts-springdayv05, bts-springdayv06, fei-fantasyera15, fei-fantasyera16, gsd-illbeyourshyeri03, gsd-illbeyourshyeri20, twice-fancy01, twice-fancy02, dc-piri06, dc-piri17, loona-butterly18, loona-butterly19, nct-regularjaehyun12, nct-regularjaehyun14, rv-reallybadboyyeri15, rv-reallybadboyyeri17, wno-boomerangdaehwi04, wno-boomerangdaehwi05
by Mirabel @ 24 Nov 2019 08:27 pm
deck pulls: fei-fantasyera03, fei-fantasyera04 (8/20)
by Mirabel @ 02 Jan 2020 02:38 pm
deck pulls: nct-regularjaehyun04, nct-regularjaehyun13 (10/20)
by julia @ 20 Jan 2020 11:53 pm
twice-fancy03, twice-fancy13, wno-boomerangdaehwi02, wno-boomerangdaehwi12, rv-reallybadboyyeri03, rv-reallybadboyyeri14, loona-butterfly03, loona-butterfly20, weme-tikitaka02, weme-tikitaka13, nct-regularjaehyun10, nct-regularjaehyun15, dc-piri01, dc-piri13, bts-springdayv08, bts-springdayv15, jbj95-homesanggyun12, jbj95-homesanggyun19
by yangdizzy @ 17 Mar 2020 04:06 pm
Update (191110): fei-fantasyera01, fei-fantasyera04, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok03, day6-congratulationsjunhyeok04, bts-springdayv11, bts-springdayv14, dc-piri04, dc-piri20, rv-reallybadboyyeri14, rv-reallybadboyyeri19, wno-boomerangdaehwi11, wno-boomerangdaehwi09, ace-undercoverjason19, ace-undercoverjason20, lizzy-notaneasygirl05, lizzy-notaneasygirl09, loona-butterfly11, loona-butterfly14 (18/18)
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