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85 posted by caitlin (191103)

Hi, kids! It's Sunday. We're in Starbucks. The sun is BURNING into our laptops. But we're here, and we're excited to get you guys some new decks, cards, and whatever else we do as admins. We don't really know what our purpose is, either.

Halloween is over

With October closing, so are the Halloween events that came with it. I've gone ahead and removed the clickable Knock Knock mastery badges, and included the answers on the event page. In case there were any you couldn't figure out, and you didn't ask a friend for help!

Trick-or-treating is closed as well. Those topics have been moved from the event forum, into their archive folder. ^^ We hope everyone got some great cards, and enjoyed their real life Halloween as well.

And with it being a new month...

  • New donation thread is up. We haven't really changed the rules around, just for ease! Limits have not been changed. I have edited a bit of info on the donations guidelines page, but nothing major. I just brought up maybe sort donations because it's helpful, but never required.

  • Mini Mastery #17 is COZY. It's practically winter. Sweaters, scarves, jackets... Fun.

  • The Fifth Season reward links are on the October forum. Please only take the rewards for the door that you chose. We are not making you guys post your rewards for this game (because I am too lazy to create a forum friendly code for everyone), so please don't cheat. Coupons are static, cards change if you refresh. BUT DON'T REFRESH... CMON...

  • November babies, please come get your event cards from me... Don't forget. I know you have all month, but you might forget if you wait too long.

  • Our next random member of the month for Only You is... CECELIA!!! I messaged her last week to get her member card photo, and her sister took this while they saw Tiffany in concert. Lovely.

  • 1911-motm


Nikki has your brand new Set 1 games up. Weekly games can be played again, too! But it's also a new month. Bless. Check out the Monthly set and get some brand new cards.

New Decks

Included in these is the first deck out of Cecelia's choices - iu-bbibbi!

Update randomizer!!!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

bts-springdaysuga, clc-pepesorn, everglow-adios, exid-hotpinksolji, fis9-lovebombsaerom, gd-untitled2014, got7-teenager, gsd-illbeyoursyura, hyosung-findme, iu-bbibbi, jbj95-homekenta, rv-reallybadboyirene, sf9-noworneverrowoon, svt-ohmyhoshi, txt-crownbeomgyu
caitlin (191103)

Mirabel  @ 03 Nov 2019 03:22 pm

event card: 191101, 1911-motm
deck pulls: fis9-lovebombsaerom07, fis9-lovebombsaerom08, bts-springdaysuga03, bts-springdaysuga04, everglow-adios07, everglow-adios08, rv-reallybadboyirene13, rv-reallybadboyirene14, sf9-noworneverrowoon15, sf9-noworneverrowoon16 (10/20)

Mari  @ 03 Nov 2019 03:23 pm

Events: 191101, 1911-motm
New Decks: clc-pepesorn01, clc-pepesorn02, everglow-adios01, everglow-adios02, exid-hotpinksolji01, exid-hotpinksolji02, jbj95-homekenta01, jbj95-homekenta02, svt-ohmyhoshi01, svt-ohmyhoshi02, bts-springdaysuga06, fis9-lovebombsaerom06, iu-bbibbi06, sf9-noworneverrowoon06, gd-untitled201402, got7-teenager02, gsd-illbeyoursyura02, txt-crownbeomgyu02

Sanna  @ 03 Nov 2019 05:57 pm

Events: 191101, 1911-motm

New Decks (85): exid-hotpinksolji06, exid-hotpinksolji07, gsd-illbeyoursyura08, gsd-illbeyoursyura09, hyosung-findme01, hyosung-findme02, iu-bbibbi07, iu-bbibbi08, rv-reallybadboyirene08, rv-reallybadboyirene09, bts-springdaysuga16, bts-springdaysuga17, everglow-adios06, everglow-adios07, svt-ohmyhoshi17, svt-ohmyhoshi18, got7-teenager12, got7-teenager13

Mirabel  @ 03 Nov 2019 06:05 pm

deck pulls: jbj95-homekenta01, jbj95-homekenta02 (12/20)

Selena  @ 03 Nov 2019 08:24 pm

Event Cards: 191101, 1911-motm
New Decks: bts-springdaysuga01, bts-springdaysuga02, rv-reallybadboyirene01, rv-reallybadboyirene02, txt-crownbeomgyu01, txt-crownbeomgyu02, sf9-noworneverrowoon20, gsd-illbeyoursyura16, clc-pepesorn12, fis9-lovebombsaerom10, iu-bbibbi13, hyosung-findme06, jbj95-homekenta06, exid-hotpinksolji06, svt-ohmyhoshi06, got7-teenager06, gd-untitled201406, everglow-adios06
MOTM Pulls: loona-hihighgowon03, loona-hihighgowon05, loona-hihighgowon06, loona-hihighgowon08, loona-hihighgowon09, loona-hihighgowon11, loona-hihighgowon12, loona-hihighgowon13, loona-hihighgowon14, loona-hihighgowon15
Gift From Admins (191027): coupon-cardpack, coupon-pulls2, coupon-cardpack, coupon-trades5, coupon-doubles10

Bommiie  @ 04 Nov 2019 11:16 am

- New Decks: everglow-adios03, everglow-adios07, exid-hotpinksolji07, exid-hotpinksolji10, gd-untitled201406, gd-untitled201414, gsd-illbeyoursyura10, gsd-illbeyoursyura18, hyosung-findme03, hyosung-findme16, iu-bbibbi05, iu-bbibbi07, bts-springdaysuga01, bts-springdaysuga02, got7-teenager01, got7-teenager02, svt-ohmyhoshi01, svt-ohmyhoshi02

- Event Cards: 191101, 1911-motm


Catherine  @ 04 Nov 2019 12:06 pm

Deck Pulls: exid-hotpinksolji12, exid-hotpinksolji11, rv-reallybadboyirene11, svt-ohmyhoshi12, rv-reallybadboyirene12, svt-ohmyhoshi11, clc-pepesorn11, clc-pepesorn12, gsd-illbeyoursyura12, gsd-illbeyoursyura11, sf9-noworneverrowoon11, sf9-noworneverrowoon12, bts-springdaysuga11, bts-springdaysuga12, gd-untitled201412, gd-untitled201411

Eimii  @ 05 Nov 2019 04:52 pm

deck releases: rv-reallybadboyirene02, rv-reallybadboyirene12, iu-bbibbi06, iu-bbibbi16, exid-hotpinksolji03, exid-hotpinksolji13, fis9-lovebombsaerom08, fis9-lovebombsaerom13, everglow-adios09, everglow-adios19,

gsd-illbeyoursyura12, gsd-illbeyoursyura13, hyosung-findme6, hyosung-findme11

Madita  @ 06 Nov 2019 02:15 am

Event Cards: 191101, 1911-motm
Deck Pulls: gsd-illbeyoursyura07, gsd-illbeyoursyura17, hyosung-findme04, hyosung-findme13, bts-springdaysuga01, bts-springdaysuga02, exid-hotpinksolji01, sf9-noworneverrowoon07, svt-ohmyhoshi18, everglow-adios14, rv-reallybadboyirene14, got7-teenager16, iu-bbibbi16, clc-pepesorn20, txt-crownbeomgyu20, jbj95-homekenta10, gd-untitled201410, fis9-lovebombsaerom10

Mirabel  @ 06 Nov 2019 07:43 am

deck pulls: hyosung-findme01, hyosung-findme02 (14/20)

Larlic  @ 06 Nov 2019 10:28 am

Event Cards: 191101, 1911-motm
Deck Pulls: gsd-illbeyoursyura06, gsd-illbeyoursyura16, bts-springdaysuga03, bts-springdaysuga04, everglow-adios15, everglow-adios16, rv-reallybadboyirene09, rv-reallybadboyirene13, svt-ohmyhoshi15, svt-ohmyhoshi07, txt-crownbeomgyu11, txt-crownbeomgyu18, gd-untitled201415, gd-untitled201405, iu-bbibbi11, iu-bbibbi17, got7-teenager16, got7-teenager17
MOTM Pulls: nct-cherrybombdoyoung05, nct-cherrybombdoyoung09, nct-cherrybombdoyoung11, nct-cherrybombdoyoung13, nct-cherrybombmark02, nct-cherrybombmark09, nct-cherrybombmark13, nct-cherrybombmark14, nct-cherrybombmark15, nct-cherrybombtaeyong16

Pam  @ 07 Nov 2019 02:52 am

took 191101

new sets took hyosung-findme08, fis9-lovebombsaerom14, everglow-adios19, gsd-illbeyoursyura10, sf9-noworneverrowoon10, iu-bbibbi10, exid-hotpinksolji10, gd-untitled201410, clc-pepesorn10, bts-springdaysuga10, rv-reallybadboyirene04, txt-crownbeomgyu04, svt-ohmyhoshi01, jbj95-homekenta01, got7-teenager01

Shinya  @ 07 Nov 2019 08:09 am

- Update (191103): gsd-illbeyoursyura13, gsd-illbeyoursyura17, rv-reallybadboyirene13, rv-reallybadboyirene17, svt-ohmyhoshi13, svt-ohmyhoshi01, fis9-lovebombsaerom13, fis9-lovebombsaerom17, bts-springdaysuga13, bts-springdaysuga17, everglow-adios13, everglow-adios17, exid-hotpinksolji13, exid-hotpinksolji17, hyosung-findme13, hyosung-findme17, sf9-noworneverrowoon13, sf9-noworneverrowoon17
- Eventcard: 191101, 1911-motm

Shinya  @ 07 Nov 2019 11:54 am

- Cecelia MOTM (10 choices): april-tinkerbell01, april-tinkerbell07, april-tinkerbell12, april-tinkerbell13, rv-powerup14, rv-powerup15, rv-rookie03, rv-rookie04, rv-rookie14, rv-rookie20

Usagi  @ 08 Nov 2019 07:34 am

Event: 191101, 1911-motm

New Decks (191103): bts-springdaysuga19, bts-springdaysuga20, gd-untitled201419, gd-untitled201420, clc-pepesorn19, clc-pepesorn20, rv-reallybadboyirene19, rv-reallybadboyirene20, everglow-adios19, everglow-adios20, svt-ohmyhoshi19, svt-ohmyhoshi20, txt-crownbeomgyu19, txt-crownbeomgyu20, fis9-lovebombsaerom19, fis9-lovebombsaerom20, gsd-illbeyoursyura19, gsd-illbeyoursyura20

Donator Pull: gd-untitled201418

Mya  @ 09 Nov 2019 09:29 am

- Update (#85): gsd-illbeyoursyura07, gsd-illbeyoursyura20, fis9-lovebombsaerom07, fis9-lovebombsaerom20, rv-reallybadboyirene07, rv-reallybadboyirene20, svt-ohmyhoshi07, svt-ohmyhoshi20, bts-springdaysuga07, bts-springdaysuga20, everglow-adios07, everglow-adios20, exid-hotpinksolji07, exid-hotpinksolji20, hyosung-findme07, hyosung-findme20, sf9-noworneverrowoon07, sf9-noworneverrowoon20
- Eventcard: 191101, 1911-motm
- Cecelia MOTM (10 choices): wjsn-happydawon01, wjsn-happydawon02, wjsn-happydawon03, wjsn-happydawon08, wjsn-happydawon16, wjsn-happyeunseo01, wjsn-happyeunseo08, wjsn-happyeunseo12, wjsn-happyeunseo18, wjsn-happyeunseo19

andrea  @ 09 Nov 2019 09:48 am

congrats, cecelia! <3

Updates (191103): 191101, 1911-motm

MOTM (cecelia) (10/10): lc-galaxyzuny16, spica-secrettime05, spica-secrettime14, rv-badboyirene10, rv-badboyirene12, rv-badboyirene17, bp-ddududdudulisa02, bp-ddududdudulisa11, bp-ddududdudulisa12, bp-ddududdudulisa13

New Decks (191103) (18/18): bts-springdaysuga08, bts-springdaysuga12, gsd-illbeyoursyura09, gsd-illbeyoursyura12, svt-ohmyhoshi11, svt-ohmyhoshi14, jbj95-homekenta10, jbj95-homekenta11, iu-bbibbi05, iu-bbibbi17, sf9-noworneverrowoon06, sf9-noworneverrowoon12, txt-crownbeomgyu09, txt-crownbeomgyu18, got7-teenager01, got7-teenager19, fis9-lovebombsaerom10, fis9-lovebombsaerom14

Whitney  @ 09 Nov 2019 02:52 pm

Event Cards: 191101, 1911-motm
New Decks: bts-springdaysuga14, bts-springdaysuga17, clc-pepesorn09, clc-pepesorn15, exid-hotpinksolji05, exid-hotpinksolji18, fis9-lovebombsaerom04, fis9-lovebombsaerom10, gd-untitled201415, gd-untitled201419, got7-teenager04, got7-teenager08, gsd-illbeyoursyura10, gsd-illbeyoursyura14, hyosung-findme03, hyosung-findme18, iu-bbibbi05, iu-bbibbi18, svt-ohmyhoshi10, svt-ohmyhoshi12
Only You (MOTM Cecelia): rv-peekaboo04, rv-peekaboo08, rv-peekaboo09, rv-peekaboo10, rv-peekaboo14, rv-peekaboo16, rv-peekaboo19, rv-powerup01, seohyun-dontsaynoera06, seohyun-dontsaynoera13

Thank you! :)

Lex  @ 09 Nov 2019 09:08 pm

New Decks: clc-pepesorn04, clc-pepesorn16, everglow-adios11, everglow-adios18, exid-hotpinksolji04, exid-hotpinksolji15, fis9-lovebombsaerom09, fis9-lovebombsaerom12, rv-reallybadboyirene06, rv-reallybadboyirene10, gsd-illbeyoursyura15, iu-bbibbi03, iu-bbibbi15, bts-springdaysuga15, gd-untitled201416, got7-teenager11, jbj95-homekenta16, sf9-noworneverrowoon14, svt-ohmyhoshi16, txt-crownbeomgyu06

Event Cards: 191101, 1911-motm

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