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Hello, hello! Welcome back to Idolise for the usual Sunday update, and we hope that you've all had a wonderful week. We're closing in on the end of the month, so stay tuned for new games, new decks and the usual reminders as October comes to an end.

But first, an acknowledgement

We don't usually do this, but... Have you just noticed that Jules has mastered more than 1000 unique decks? It is absolutely insane, but he is kind of incredible and I don't know how he does it... But we thought that it would be a good idea to acknowledge it with an event card.


I know that a lot of you guys are getting up there in masteries, and there are truly no words for how impressed your admin team are with all of the hard work you've been putting in to master decks, complete eras and be active members of our little community. Congratulations to all of you, really, and to our precious Jules who has mastered more decks that I ever thought possible.


The month is almost over! You only have a few more days for your mini masteries, as well as some event related things. Please make sure you're keeping an eye on this!

The Idolise admins really like you

We really wanted to give you guys something... We never give you guys things for free anymore, right? Here. Take some coupons! FREEBIES BECAUSE WE LIKE YALL


Nikki is working very hard... She's sitting across from me, changing over all of the games to the brand new Set 2 that we've been working on. Please thank her for her hard work if you see her in the chat! I didn't help her at all with these. Fantastic. Of course, you're all invited to play the usual Weekly games as well!

New decks

Based off of your wonderful decks! And here is your update randomizer.

Also, Mimi's final deck choice! svt-ohmythe8. :)

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

april-thebluebird, bts-springdayjin, clc-pepeyeeun, dia-woowa, got7-eclipse, gsd-illbeyoursminah, kard-rideonthewindjseph, laboum-winterstoryyulhee, ptg-runawayyuto, rv-reallybadboywendy, svt-ohmythe8, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera, victon-timeofsorrowseungsik, winner-everyday, yuri-intoyouera
Posted on 191027 by caitlin

by Whitney @ 27 Oct 2019 02:37 pm
New Decks: got7-eclipse19, rv-reallybadboywendy14, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera04, laboum-winterstoryyulhee12, bts-springdayjin01, gsd-illbeyoursminah13, yuri-intoyouera12, ptg-runawayyuto12, clc-pepeyeeun12, kard-rideonthewindjseph12, dia-woowa12, yuri-intoyouera14, svt-ohmythe814, svt-ohmythe812, april-thebluebird12, dia-woowa18, rv-reallybadboywendy02, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera03, april-thebluebird11, bts-springdayjin12
Event Cards: 191027
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Thank you! :)
by Bommiie @ 27 Oct 2019 06:50 pm
- Gift From Admins (191027): coupon-custombadge, coupon-trades5, coupon-loginbonus, coupon-custombadge, coupon-loginbonus
- New Decks: taeyeon-makemeloveyouera05, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera12, gsd-illbeyoursminah19, gsd-illbeyoursminah20, winner-everyday05, laboum-winterstoryyulhee09, dia-woowa12, rv-reallybadboywendy05, clc-pepeyeeun05, victon-timeofsorrowseungsik17, ptg-runawayyuto08, got7-eclipse08, april-thebluebird08, svt-ohmythe808, yuri-intoyouera08, bts-springdayjin08, kard-rideonthewindjseph08
- Event Card: 191027

by Mari @ 27 Oct 2019 07:06 pm
Event: 191027
Gift From Admins (191027): coupon-doubles10, coupon-customswap, coupon-pulls2, coupon-cardpack, coupon-loginbonus
New Decks: clc-pepeyeeun01, clc-pepeyeeun02, kard-rideonthewindjseph01, kard-rideonthewindjseph02, svt-ohmythe801, svt-ohmythe802, april-thebluebird12, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera04, bts-springdayjin04, winner-everyday01, laboum-winterstoryyulhee01, victon-timeofsorrowseungsik15, gsd-illbeyoursminah17, yuri-intoyouera09, dia-woowa01, got7-eclipse01, rv-reallybadboywendy01, ptg-runawayyuto01
by Cate @ 27 Oct 2019 09:09 pm
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by julia @ 28 Oct 2019 02:26 am
Event Cards (10/27): 191027
New Decks (10/27): got7-eclipse01, got7-eclipse05, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera05, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera17, yuri-intoyouera03, yuri-intoyouera12, winner-everyday06, winner-everyday10, svt-ohmythe808, svt-ohmythe814, ptg-runawayyuto01, ptg-runawayyuto17, bts-springdayjin02, bts-springdayjin11, dia-woowa04, dia-woowa17, gsd-illbeyoursminah08, gsd-illbeyoursminah12
Gift From Admins (191027): coupon-custombadge, coupon-cardpack, coupon-cardpack, coupon-cardpack, coupon-loginbonus
by Madita @ 28 Oct 2019 06:29 am
Event Cards: 191027
Gift From Admins (191027): coupon-loginbonus, coupon-cardpack, coupon-customdp, coupon-loginbonus, coupon-boo10
Deck Pulls: gsd-illbeyoursminah14, gsd-illbeyoursminah08, svt-ohmythe807, svt-ohmythe808, bts-springdayjin04, bts-springdayjin10, kard-rideonthewindjseph15, kard-rideonthewindjseph16, yuri-intoyouera13, victon-timeofsorrowseungsik17, ptg-runawayyuto09, winner-everyday09, april-thebluebird18, clc-pepeyeeun13, got7-eclipse13, rv-reallybadboywendy13, dia-woowa10, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera10, laboum-winterstoryyulhee10, rv-reallybadboywendy18
by Shinya @ 28 Oct 2019 02:42 pm
- Gift From Admins (191027): coupon-customdp, coupon-customswap, coupon-loginbonus, coupon-customdp, coupon-trades5
- Update (191027): april-thebluebird13, april-thebluebird17, gsd-illbeyoursminah13, gsd-illbeyoursminah17, laboum-winterstoryyulhee13, laboum-winterstoryyulhee17, rv-reallybadboywendy13, rv-reallybadboywendy17, svt-ohmythe813, svt-ohmythe817, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera13, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera17, winner-everyday13, winner-everyday17, yuri-intoyouera13, yuri-intoyouera17, bts-springdayjin13, bts-springdayjin17
- Eventcard: 191027
by Mirabel @ 29 Oct 2019 02:46 pm
event card: 191027
deck pulls: bts-springdayjin05, bts-springdayjin09, svt-ohmythe804, svt-ohmythe809 (4/20)
by Mirabel @ 29 Oct 2019 02:53 pm
Gift From Admins (191027): coupon-custombadge, coupon-cardpack, coupon-loginbonus, coupon-trades5, coupon-boo10

Thank you!
by Sanna @ 29 Oct 2019 05:15 pm
Events: 191027
New Decks (84): gsd-illbeyoursminah03, gsd-illbeyoursminah04, rv-reallybadboywendy09, rv-reallybadboywendy10, bts-springdayjin13, bts-springdayjin14, svt-ohmythe813, svt-ohmythe814, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera08, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera09, yuri-intoyouera19, yuri-intoyouera20, april-thebluebird07, april-thebluebird08, victon-timeofsorrowseungsik13, victon-timeofsorrowseungsik14, kard-rideonthewindjseph13, kard-rideonthewindjseph14
Gift From Admins (191027): coupon-cardpack, coupon-loginbonus, coupon-pulls2, coupon-pulls2, coupon-loginbonus
by Larlic @ 30 Oct 2019 04:23 am
Events: 191027
New Decks: gsd-illbeyoursminah12, gsd-illbeyoursminah15, kard-rideonthewindjseph19, kard-rideonthewindjseph20, svt-ohmythe802, svt-ohmythe807, bts-springdayjin15, bts-springdayjin16, got7-eclipse01, got7-eclipse16, ptg-runawayyuto11, ptg-runawayyuto12, rv-reallybadboywendy16, rv-reallybadboywendy19, winner-everyday20, winner-everyday15, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera11, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera17, bts-springdayjin17, bts-springdayjin18 (- coupon-pulls2)
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by Pam @ 30 Oct 2019 09:58 am
took 191027

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new sets took gsd-illbeyoursminah01, clc-pepeyeeun16, dia-woowa19, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera19, winner-everyday07, svt-ohmythe816, victon-timeofsorrowseungsik07, april-thebluebird07, bts-springdayjin19, laboum-winterstoryyulhee19, rv-reallybadboywendy19, got7-eclipse19, ptg-runawayyuto19, yuri-intoyouera19, kard-rideonthewindjseph19, bts-springdayjin03, got7-eclipse08
by Usagi @ 30 Oct 2019 12:39 pm
Event: 191027

New Decks (191027): bts-springdayjin16, bts-springdayjin17, april-thebluebird06, april-thebluebird07, clc-pepeyeeun19, clc-pepeyeeun20, laboum-winterstoryyulhee16, laboum-winterstoryyulhee17, ptg-runawayyuto18, ptg-runawayyuto19, rv-reallybadboywendy16, rv-reallybadboywendy17, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera14, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera15, svt-ohmythe802, svt-ohmythe803, gsd-illbeyoursminah14, gsd-illbeyoursminah15
by Eimii @ 30 Oct 2019 10:43 pm
deck releases: ptg-runawayyuto12, ptg-runawayyuto13, bts-springdayjin03, bts-springdayjin04, svt-ohmythe801, svt-ohmythe802

gsd-illbeyoursminah11, gsd-illbeyoursminah17,

april-thebluebird13, april-thebluebird16, kard-rideonthewindjseph14, kard-rideonthewindjseph19, laboum-winterstoryyulhee05, laboum-winterstoryyulhee10, rv-reallybadboywendy08, rv-reallybadboywendy13, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera06, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera11, yuri-intoyouera07, yuri-intoyouera03
by Catherine @ 31 Oct 2019 10:09 pm
Deck Pulls: svt-ohmythe811, svt-ohmythe812, rv-reallybadboywendy11, rv-reallybadboywendy12, yuri-intoyouera11, yuri-intoyouera12, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera12, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera11, ptg-runawayyuto12, ptg-runawayyuto11, clc-pepeyeeun11, clc-pepeyeeun12, gsd-illbeyoursminah12, gsd-illbeyoursminah11, bts-springdayjin12, bts-springdayjin11
- Gift From Admins (191027): coupon-cardpack, coupon-pulls2, coupon-loginbonus, coupon-custombadge, coupon-loginbonus
by Mya @ 01 Nov 2019 08:22 am
Gift From Admins (191027): coupon-doubles10, coupon-loginbonus, coupon-pulls2, coupon-loginbonus, coupon-pulls2
Update (#84): gsd-illbeyoursminah07, gsd-illbeyoursminah20, april-thebluebird07, april-thebluebird20, laboum-winterstoryyulhee20, laboum-winterstoryyulhee07, rv-reallybadboywendy07, rv-reallybadboywendy20, svt-ohmythe807, svt-ohmythe820, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera07, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera20, winner-everyday07, winner-everyday20, yuri-intoyouera07, yuri-intoyouera20, victon-timeofsorrowseungsik07, victon-timeofsorrowseungsik20
Eventcard: 191027
by Lex @ 02 Nov 2019 04:43 am
New Decks: clc-pepeyeeun04, clc-pepeyeeun09, rv-reallybadboywendy06, rv-reallybadboywendy15, april-thebluebird02, dia-woowa03, dia-woowa15, gsd-illbeyoursminah10, laboum-winterstoryyulhee04, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera16, yuri-intoyouera04, bts-springdayjin06, bts-springdayjin20, got7-eclipse11, kard-rideonthewindjseph17, ptg-runawayyuto10, svt-ohmythe805, svt-ohmythe810, victon-timeofsorrowseungsik12, winner-everyday14

Event Card: 191027

Gift From Admins (191027): coupon-doubles10, coupon-custombadge, coupon-customswap, coupon-doubles10, coupon-customdp
by argh @ 02 Nov 2019 06:47 am
New Decks (Update 84): ptg-runawayyuto08, ptg-runawayyuto09, bts-springdayjin01, bts-springdayjin02,
kard-rideonthewindjseph13, kard-rideonthewindjseph14, victon-timeofsorrowseungsik13, victon-timeofsorrowseungsik14, rv-reallybadboywendy12, rv-reallybadboywendy14, got7-eclipse05, got7-eclipse06, winner-everyday01, winner-everyday02, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera08, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera12, dia-woowa01, dia-woowa02 (18/18)
Gift From Admins (191027): coupon-boo10, coupon-custombadge, coupon-customswap, coupon-doubles10, coupon-loginbonus
Event: 191027

thank you! ^^
by Andrea @ 02 Nov 2019 04:00 pm
New Decks (191027) (18/18): bts-springdayjin03, bts-springdayjin15, kard-rideonthewindjseph04, kard-rideonthewindjseph11, svt-ohmythe815, svt-ohmythe818, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera07, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera11, victon-timeofsorrowseungsik09, victon-timeofsorrowseungsik17, got7-eclipse02, got7-eclipse04, yuri-intoyouera05, yuri-intoyouera12, rv-reallybadboywendy01, rv-reallybadboywendy15, ptg-runawayyuto11, ptg-runawayyuto15
by Selena @ 04 Nov 2019 12:15 am
Event Cards: 191027
New Decks: bts-springdayjin01, bts-springdayjin02, rv-reallybadboywendy01, rv-reallybadboywendy02, april-thebluebird10, clc-pepeyeeun16, dia-woowa05, got7-eclipse11, gsd-illbeyoursminah20, kard-rideonthewindjseph08, laboum-winterstoryyulhee02, ptg-runawayyuto12, svt-ohmythe806, taeyeon-makemeloveyouera13, victon-timeofsorrowseungsik19, winner-everyday17, winner-everyday18, yuri-intoyouera09
Gift From Admins (191027): coupon-customdp, coupon-boo10, coupon-pulls2, coupon-custombadge, coupon-boo10
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