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It is Canadian Thanksgiving and REALLY GETTING LATE HERE, so although this update has a few more headers than usual, I am proud to announce that it will be kept and sweet for now.

A small plug

If you aren't a member of our Discord channel, you may have missed that my precious friends Cassidy and Yasu have opened a Kpop TCG. Starlight is going to have a large variety of decks that Idolise will never have, and I really encourage everyone to join.

They're currently in the prejoin period and are accepting donations on their forum! Go visit them and poke around. The site looks really great and so do the decks!

MOTM event card


Mimi was really quick to get back to me, and here is her MOTM event card for October! Seventeen TCG going strong...

Halloween Event

Just to let you guys know, we will be having a simple and fun Halloween event in the second half of the month. I just wanted to announce this, as quite a few members have been wondering. We promise that it won't be anything too crazy, so please do not stress. It'll be an easy way for everyone to get cards.


It's another Set 2 week, everyone! Nikki game home after a long day and still updated games like a trooper, so say hello to her if you catch her in the Discord channel. :)

The decks you voted for

Your update randomer.

As well, this week, Mimi chose to release vixx-beautifulliar as her deck choice!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

astro-allnightrocky, day6-congratulationssungjin, everglow-bonbonchocolateu, gg-lionhearttiffany, gsd-illbeyourssojin, omg-cupid, pristin-welikeeunwoo, ptg-runawayyeoone, rv-reallybadboyjoy, somi-birthdayera, taemin-moveera, txt-crownhueningkai, vixx-beautifulliar, weme-lalalasei, wno-light
Posted on 191013 by caitlin

by Mari @ 13 Oct 2019 10:11 pm
Event Card: 1910-motm
New Decks: bonbonchocolateu01, bonbonchocolateu02, pristin-welikeeunwoo01, pristin-welikeeunwoo02, taemin-moveera01, taemin-moveera02, vixx-beautifulliar11, weme-lalalasei19, omg-cupid15, txt-crownhueningkai19, gsd-illbeyourssojin19, astro-allnightrocky19, ptg-runawayyeoone19, somi-birthdayera19, day6-congratulationssungjin16, gg-lionhearttiffany16, rv-reallybadboyjoy16, wno-light16
by Mari @ 13 Oct 2019 10:13 pm
oops that should be everglow-bonbonchocolateu01, everglow-bonbonchocolateu02
by Madita @ 14 Oct 2019 06:42 am
Event Card: 1910-motm
New Decks: somi-birthdayera18, somi-birthdayera20, taemin-moveera03, taemin-moveera04, omg-cupid15, omg-cupid17, omg-cupid13, gsd-illbeyourssojin02, gsd-illbeyourssojin19, vixx-beautifulliar13, vixx-beautifulliar03, everglow-bonbonchocolateu15, wno-light15, gg-lionhearttiffany15, txt-crownhueningkai15, day6-congratulationssungjin15, weme-lalalasei12, astro-allnightrocky14, ptg-runawayyeoone12
by Larlic @ 14 Oct 2019 09:08 am
Event Card: 1910-motm
New Decks: everglow-bonbonchocolateu12, everglow-bonbonchocolateu13, somi-birthdayera01, somi-birthdayera14, txt-crownhueningkai10, txt-crownhueningkai11, wno-light01, wno-light02, taemin-moveera03, taemin-moveera04, omg-cupid14, omg-cupid18, rv-reallybadboyjoy13, rv-reallybadboyjoy18, astro-allnightrocky05, astro-allnightrocky07, gg-lionhearttiffany08, gg-lionhearttiffany12
by Selena @ 14 Oct 2019 11:26 am
Event Card: 1910-motm
New Decks: txt-crownhueningkai01, txt-crownhueningkai02, taemin-moveera01, taemin-moveera02, vixx-beautifulliar01, vixx-beautifulliar02, rv-reallybadboyjoy01, rv-reallybadboyjoy02, day6-congratulationssungjin13, pristin-welikeeunwoo17, gsd-illbeyourssojin12, everglow-bonbonchocolateu12, ptg-runawayyeoone12, wno-light09, astro-allnightrocky09, gg-lionhearttiffany07, weme-lalalasei07, somi-birthdayera07
by Bommiie @ 14 Oct 2019 04:18 pm
Event Card: 1910-motm
New Decks: everglow-bonbonchocolateu06, everglow-bonbonchocolateu08, gg-lionhearttiffany03, gg-lionhearttiffany17, gsd-illbeyourssojin02, gsd-illbeyourssojin17, omg-cupid02, omg-cupid07, somi-birthdayera11, somi-birthdayera19, taemin-moveera12, weme-lalalasei17, vixx-beautifulliar03, ptg-runawayyeoone17, rv-reallybadboyjoy15, wno-light03, pristin-welikeeunwoo03, day6-congratulationssungjin03
by Catherine @ 15 Oct 2019 11:25 am
- Deck Pulls: somi-birthdayera07, taemin-moveera06, somi-birthdayera11, taemin-moveera11, vixx-beautifulliar05, vixx-beautifulliar11, gsd-illbeyourssojin05, gsd-illbeyourssojin11, ptg-runawayyeoone01, ptg-runawayyeoone11, day6-congratulationssungjin06, day6-congratulationssungjin11, pristin-welikeeunwoo07, pristin-welikeeunwoo11, rv-reallybadboyjoy05, rv-reallybadboyjoy11
by Usagi @ 15 Oct 2019 05:09 pm
Event: 1910-motm

New Decks (191013): omg-cupid03, omg-cupid04, rv-reallybadboyjoy10, rv-reallybadboyjoy11, weme-lalalasei15, weme-lalalasei16, ptg-runawayyeoone14, ptg-runawayyeoone15, everglow-bonbonchocolateu11, everglow-bonbonchocolateu12, gg-lionhearttiffany17, gg-lionhearttiffany18, somi-birthdayera04, somi-birthdayera05, txt-crownhueningkai03, txt-crownhueningkai04, wno-light18, wno-light19
by Shinya @ 16 Oct 2019 12:01 pm
Eventcards: 1910-motm
Update (191013): astro-allnightrocky13, astro-allnightrocky17, day6-congratulationssungjin13, day6-congratulationssungjin17, gg-lionhearttiffany13, gg-lionhearttiffany17, gsd-illbeyourssojin13, gsd-illbeyourssojin17, pristin-welikeeunwoo13, pristin-welikeeunwoo12, rv-reallybadboyjoy13, rv-reallybadboyjoy17, taemin-moveera13, taemin-moveera17, txt-crownhueningkai13, txt-crownhueningkai17, everglow-bonbonchocolateu13, everglow-bonbonchocolateu17
by Eimii @ 18 Oct 2019 07:19 pm
deck releases: gg-lionhearttiffany07, gg-lionhearttiffany12, omg-cupid08, omg-cupid13, rv-reallybadboyjoy06, rv-reallybadboyjoy11, pristin-welikeeunwoo10, pristin-welikeeunwoo15, everglow-bonbonchocolateu13, everglow-bonbonchocolateu18,

astro-allnightrocky03, astro-allnightrocky04, day6-congratulationssungjin06, day6-congratulationssungjin07, ptg-runawayyeoone11, ptg-runawayyeoone16,

gsd-illbeyourssojin12, gsd-illbeyourssojin14, somi-birthdayera02, somi-birthdayera14
by argh @ 19 Oct 2019 06:14 am
New decks: day6-congratulationssungjin02, day6-congratulationssungjin03, ptg-runawayyeoone09, ptg-runawayyeoone15, astro-allnightrocky02, astro-allnightrocky05, vixx-beautifulliar19, vixx-beautifulliar20, gsd-illbeyourssojin09, gsd-illbeyourssojin12, taemin-moveera19, taemin-moveera20, omg-cupid01, omg-cupid02, wno-light01, wno-light02, txt-crownhueningkai01, txt-crownhueningkai02
event card: 1910-motm
by Mirabel @ 19 Oct 2019 01:03 pm
event card: 1910-motm
deck pulls: taemin-moveera01, taemin-moveera02, astro-allnightrocky04, astro-allnightrocky07, somi-birthdayera15, somi-birthdayera16 (6/20)
by Whitney @ 19 Oct 2019 04:28 pm
New Decks: gg-lionhearttiffany13, gg-lionhearttiffany15, rv-reallybadboyjoy03, rv-reallybadboyjoy19, taemin-moveera07, taemin-moveera19, vixx-beautifulliar02, vixx-beautifulliar20, astro-allnightrocky03, astro-allnightrocky17, pristin-welikeeunwoo09, pristin-welikeeunwoo18, ptg-runawayyeoone09, ptg-runawayyeoone19, somi-birthdayera05, somi-birthdayera12, wno-light11, wno-light13, weme-lalalasei03, weme-lalalasei09
Event Cards: 1910-motm

Thank you! :)
by Lex @ 20 Oct 2019 01:45 am
New Decks: everglow-bonbonchocolateu05, everglow-bonbonchocolateu14, rv-reallybadboyjoy04, rv-reallybadboyjoy14, somi-birthdayera13, somi-birthdayera17, weme-lalalasei02, weme-lalalasei13, gg-lionhearttiffany19, gsd-illbeyourssojin15, omg-cupid12, omg-cupid19, pristin-welikeeunwoo14, astro-allnightrocky18, day6-congratulationssungjin12, ptg-runawayyeoone18, taemin-moveera16, txt-crownhueningkai12, vixx-beautifulliar18, wno-light14

Event Card: 1910-motm
by Sanna @ 20 Oct 2019 11:32 pm
Events: 1910-motm

New Decks (81): gg-lionhearttiffany17, gg-lionhearttiffany18, gsd-illbeyourssojin01, gsd-illbeyourssojin02, omg-cupid15, omg-cupid16, rv-reallybadboyjoy17, rv-reallybadboyjoy18, taemin-moveera13, taemin-moveera14, everglow-bonbonchocolateu07, everglow-bonbonchocolateu08, somi-birthdayera10, somi-birthdayera11, vixx-beautifulliar12, vixx-beautifulliar16, pristin-welikeeunwoo13, pristin-welikeeunwoo14
by Mya @ 25 Oct 2019 06:42 am
Eventcards: 1910-motm
Update (#81): astro-allnightrocky07, astro-allnightrocky20, day6-congratulationssungjin07, day6-congratulationssungjin20, gg-lionhearttiffany07, gg-lionhearttiffany20 gsd-illbeyourssojin07, gsd-illbeyourssojin20, pristin-welikeeunwoo07, pristin-welikeeunwoo20, rv-reallybadboyjoy07, rv-reallybadboyjoy20, taemin-moveera07, taemin-moveera20, txt-crownhueningkai07, txt-crownhueningkai20, everglow-bonbonchocolateu07, everglow-bonbonchocolateu20
by Cassidy @ 26 Oct 2019 10:28 pm
- New Decks (191013): gg-lionhearttiffany03, gg-lionhearttiffany06, gsd-illbeyourssojin02, gsd-illbeyourssojin08, omg-cupid02, omg-cupid19, pristin-welikeeunwoo05, pristin-welikeeunwoo13, rv-reallybadboyjoy04, rv-reallybadboyjoy07, weme-lalalasei10, weme-lalalasei20, everglow-bonbonchocolateu05, everglow-bonbonchocolateu15 (14/20)
by Cassidy @ 26 Oct 2019 10:35 pm
oops swapping gg-lionhearttiffany03 for 11!
by julia @ 27 Oct 2019 06:51 am
Event Cards (10/13): 1910-motm
New Decks (10/13): wno-light07, wno-light17, taemin-moveera18, taemin-moveera20, day6-congratulationssungjin14, day6-congratulationssungjin18, gg-lionhearttiffany03, gg-lionhearttiffany04, omg-cupid08, omg-cupid18, ptg-runawayyeoone14, ptg-runawayyeoone20, rv-reallybadboyjoy04, rv-reallybadboyjoy16, gsd-illbeyourssojin03, gsd-illbeyourssojin18, astro-allnightrocky04, astro-allnightrocky11
by Mirabel @ 03 Nov 2019 12:42 am
deck pulls: day6-congratulationssungjin05, day6-congratulationssungjin10 (8/20)
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