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Hello, hello! Welcome!!! Welcome back to Idolise and HAPPY OCTOBER!!!

It's a brand new month, and you know what that means! I've got a nice, fresh event card for all of you to help yourselves to.


As well, I have a quick reminder! We are not taking any donations this month. If you've been waiting for the new thread, I'm sorry! We're taking a small break from donations so that we can take a really good look at what we have.

Brand new topics are up for your October birthday badges, weekly tasks, daily login bonus...and whatever else there is.

New Games

As you guys already know, we are in the middle of switching our current games out for brand new ones. We understand that you guys have been playing the same games for over a year (Zzz) and that it might be getting stale out there!

To start things off, we've officially changed our monthly games.You'll be happy to knnow that Secret Garden is DEAD and gone! We used a lot of the great suggestions from you guys, and we're hoping that these are more enjoyable!

The rest of the new games will be rolled out slowly as we have time.

Check those out, and let us know if you find any mistakes!

So go ahead! Play the monthly games, the weekly games and SET 1 has been updated for you guys.

Member of the Month is back!

Member of the month is back, but it's a little different this time. The member of the month will be randomized from a list of our currently active members.

Congratuations to Mimi, who is our first lucky MOTM!

Mimi is welcome to do the following this month: Request an event card (which will be posted whenever throughout the month), choose 4 decks for us to release in October, take 10 choice cards and a lighstick for no cost!

To celebrate with Mimi, the rest of you are invited to take 10 choice cards from any decks she has officially mastered.

Regarding "Birthday" Rewards

As you might notice, celebrating your birthday now comes with rewards! To make sure that those of you who have already celebrated a birthday this year aren't too sad about this, we're inviting you to take rewards as well.

If you HAVE NOT celebrated your birthday yet in 2019, please DO NOT take birthday rewards until your birth month. This probably goes without saying, but here we are.


The decks you voted for! This also includes svt-loveletter which was Mimi's MOTM choice for this week.

Update randomizer!!!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

astro-allnightsanha, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha, gain-paradiselostera, gf-sunrise, jbj-fantasylongguo, kard-rideonthewindsomin, key-oneofthosenightsera, nm-drama, rcpc-bimbambum, sf9-noworneveryoungbin, svt-loveletter, taemin-pressyournumber, unb-feelingchan, uniq-eoeo, wjsn-boogieup
Posted on 191006 by caitlin

by Selena @ 06 Oct 2019 05:31 pm
Event Cards: 191001
New Decks: taemin-pressyournumber01, taemin-pressyournumber02, gain-paradiselostera20, sf9-noworneveryoungbin01, wjsn-boogieup01, rcpc-bimbambum01, astro-allnightsanha01, unb-feelingchan14, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha03, uniq-eoeo03, gf-sunrise07, key-oneofthosenightsera07, kard-rideonthewindsomin07, svt-loveletter07, svt-loveletter08, jbj-fantasylongguo07, nm-drama07, nm-drama08
MOTM Cards: bts-dopev03, bts-dopev04, bts-dopev05, bts-dopev06, bts-dopev07, bts-dopev08, bts-dopev09, bts-dopev10, bts-dopev11, bts-dopev12
by Bommiie @ 06 Oct 2019 07:44 pm
- New Decks: gain-paradiselostera11, gain-paradiselostera19, nm-drama06, nm-drama15, taemin-pressyournumber01, taemin-pressyournumber07, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha13, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha18, svt-loveletter04, key-oneofthosenightsera01, sf9-noworneveryoungbin11, gf-sunrise04, unb-feelingchan04, wjsn-boogieup04, astro-allnightsanha04, jbj-fantasylongguo04, kard-rideonthewindsomin04, kard-rideonthewindsomin14
- MOTM Cards: bp-playingwithfire01, bp-playingwithfire02, bp-playingwithfire06, bp-playingwithfire08, bp-playingwithfire10, bp-playingwithfire11, bp-playingwithfire14, bp-playingwithfire15, bp-playingwithfire18, bp-playingwithfire20
- Event: 191001

Thanks! : D
by Mari @ 06 Oct 2019 08:04 pm
Event: 191001
MOTM Freebies: dc-youandiyoohyeon01, dc-youandiyoohyeon03, dc-youandiyoohyeon04, dc-youandiyoohyeon06, dc-youandiyoohyeon07, dc-youandiyoohyeon11, dc-youandiyoohyeon16, dc-youandiyoohyeon17, dc-youandiyoohyeon18, dc-youandiyoohyeon20
New Decks: everglow-bonbonchocolataisha01, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha02, gain-paradiselostera01, gain-paradiselostera02, kard-rideonthewindsomin01, kard-rideonthewindsomin02, svt-loveletter01, svt-loveletter02, taemin-pressyournumber01, taemin-pressyournumber02, wjsn-boogieup01, wjsn-boogieup02, unb-feelingchan01, nm-drama01, gf-sunrise01, sf9-noworneveryoungbin01, key-oneofthosenightsera01, rcpc-bimbambum01
by larlic @ 07 Oct 2019 04:55 am
Event: 191001
New Decks: Deck Pulls: key-oneofthosenightsera12, key-oneofthosenightsera04, unb-feelingchan08, nm-drama16, taemin-pressyournumber02, taemin-pressyournumber14, uniq-eoeo20, uniq-eoeo15, gain-paradiselostera20, gf-sunrise20, jbj-fantasylongguo20, kard-rideonthewindsomin20, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha20, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha14, svt-loveletter20, svt-loveletter11, astro-allnightsanha20, astro-allnightsanha05
MOTM Freebies: bts-bloodsweatandtearsjhope12, bts-bloodsweatandtearsjhope13, bts-bloodsweatandtearsjhope17, bts-ineedu06, bts-ineedu10, bts-ineedu13, bts-ineedu16, bts-ineedu19, bts-ineedujimin18, bts-ineedujimin20
by Madita @ 07 Oct 2019 06:28 am
Event Cards: 191001
New Decks: rcpc-bimbambum03, rcpc-bimbambum04, jbj-fantasylongguo09, jbj-fantasylongguo10, uniq-eoeo08, uniq-eoeo14, uniq-eoeo19, taemin-pressyournumber16, taemin-pressyournumber09, nm-drama08, nm-drama15, gain-paradiselostera03, gain-paradiselostera19, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha08, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha12, kard-rideonthewindsomin01, kard-rideonthewindsomin08, key-oneofthosenightsera12, key-oneofthosenightsera15
by Catherine @ 07 Oct 2019 12:44 pm
- Deck Pulls: sf9-noworneveryoungbin12, sf9-noworneveryoungbin11, gain-paradiselostera11, gain-paradiselostera08, key-oneofthosenightsera02, key-oneofthosenightsera11, taemin-pressyournumber01, taemin-pressyournumber11
by Madita @ 08 Oct 2019 05:58 am
MOTM Freebies: vixx-dynamiteken09, vixx-dynamiteken12, vixx-dynamiteken13, vixx-dynamiteken16, vixx-dynamiteken17, vixx-dynamiteravi01, vixx-dynamiteravi02, vixx-dynamiteravi03, vixx-dynamiteravi14, vixx-dynamiteravi15
by Usagi @ 08 Oct 2019 11:11 am
Event: 191001

New Decks (191006): nm-drama09, nm-drama10, wjsn-boogieup19, wjsn-boogieup20, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha19, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha20, astro-allnightsanha16, astro-allnightsanha17, gf-sunrise10, gf-sunrise11, key-oneofthosenightsera09, key-oneofthosenightsera10, sf9-noworneveryoungbin10, sf9-noworneveryoungbin11, svt-loveletter14, svt-loveletter15, taemin-pressyournumber05, taemin-pressyournumber06
by Andrea @ 08 Oct 2019 05:37 pm
congrats, mimi! <3

Updates (191006): 191001

MOTM (mimi) (10/10): nct-blackonblackmark01, nct-blackonblackmark15, nct-blackonblackmark16, nct-blackonblacktaeyong02, nct-blackonblacktaeyong11, nct-blackonblacktaeyong15, nct-blackonblackwinwin05, nct-blackonblackwinwin08, nct-blackonblackwinwin13, nct-blackonblackwinwin17
by Mirabel @ 08 Oct 2019 06:00 pm
event card: 191001
MOTM (Mimi): bts-doperm01, bts-doperm06, bts-doperm11, bts-doperm09, bts-doperm12, bp-ddududdudulisa15, bp-ddududdudulisa16, bp-ddududdudulisa17, bp-ddududdudulisa19, bp-ddududdudulisa13
Deck pulls: nm-drama04, nm-drama05, key-oneofthosenightsera07, key-oneofthosenightsera08, taemin-pressyournumber19, taemin-pressyournumber20, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha01, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha02, jbj-fantasylongguo15, jbj-fantasylongguo16, rcpc-bimbambum13, rcpc-bimbambum14 (12/20)
by Eimii @ 08 Oct 2019 08:14 pm
deck releases: astro-allnightsanha01, astro-allnightsanha02, sf9-noworneveryoungbin03, sf9-noworneveryoungbin04, gain-paradiselostera08, gain-paradiselostera20, kard-rideonthewindsomin11, kard-rideonthewindsomin16, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha03, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha08, gf-sunrise10, gf-sunrise15, nm-drama03, nm-drama08, wjsn-boogieup08, wjsn-boogieup14, svt-loveletter11, svt-loveletter17, taemin-pressyournumber09, taemin-pressyournumber14
by Shinya @ 10 Oct 2019 10:41 am
Eventcard: 191001
Mimi MOTM (10 choices): svt-verynice10, svt-verynice14, svt-verynice16, svt-highlight02, svt-highlight05, svt-highlight06, svt-highlight07, svt-highlight08, svt-highlight09, svt-highlight10
Update (191006): astro-allnightsanha13, astro-allnightsanha17, key-oneofthosenightsera13, key-oneofthosenightsera17, svt-loveletter13, svt-loveletter17, taemin-pressyournumber13, taemin-pressyournumber17, uniq-eoeo13, uniq-eoeo17, wjsn-boogieup13, wjsn-boogieup17, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha13, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha17, nm-drama13, nm-drama17, jbj-fantasylongguo13, jbj-fantasylongguo17
by Mya @ 10 Oct 2019 02:27 pm
Eventcard: 191001
Mimi MOTM (10 choices): shinee-marriedtothemusicminho04, shinee-marriedtothemusicminho05, shinee-marriedtothemusictaemin03, shinee-marriedtothemusictaemin05, shinee-viewkey01, shinee-viewkey03, shinee-viewtaemin02, shinee-viewtaemin03, shinee-viewminho01, shinee-viewminho03
Update (#80): astro-allnightsanha07, astro-allnightsanha20, key-oneofthosenightsera07, key-oneofthosenightsera20, svt-loveletter07, svt-loveletter20, taemin-pressyournumber07, taemin-pressyournumber20, uniq-eoeo07, uniq-eoeo20, wjsn-boogieup07, wjsn-boogieup20, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha07, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha20, nm-drama07, nm-drama20, jbj-fantasylongguo07, jbj-fantasylongguo20
by Andrea @ 11 Oct 2019 03:06 pm
New Decks (190106) (18/18): kard-rideonthewindsomin11, kard-rideonthewindsomin16, key-oneofthosenightsera11, key-oneofthosenightsera14, taemin-pressyournumber01, taemin-pressyournumber11, astro-allnightsanha02, astro-allnightsanha11, gain-paradiselostera13, gain-paradiselostera16, gf-sunrise17, gf-sunrise20, sf9-noworneveryoungbin07, sf9-noworneveryoungbin12, svt-loveletter07, svt-loveletter08, wjsn-boogieup09, wjsn-boogieup12
by Mirabel @ 12 Oct 2019 02:57 pm
deck pulls: kard-rideonthewindsomin03, kard-rideonthewindsomin04 (14/20)
by danni @ 12 Oct 2019 03:11 pm
- mimi mastered deck choice cards: bts-dopesuga09, bts-dopesuga11, bts-dopesuga12, bts-dopesuga13, bts-dopesuga14, bts-dopev04, bts-dopev05, bts-dopev06, bts-dopev07, bts-dopev10
- New Deck Pulls (191006): sf9-noworneveryoungbin10, uniq-eoeo10, key-oneofthosenightsera02, taemin-pressyournumber02, kard-rideonthewindsomin02, unb-feelingchan12, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha02, gain-paradiselostera02, wjsn-boogieup02, svt-loveletter14, taemin-pressyournumber15, astro-allnightsanha19, jbj-fantasylongguo13, uniq-eoeo12, key-oneofthosenightsera03, rcpc-bimbambum03, kard-rideonthewindsomin03, sf9-noworneveryoungbin03, gf-sunrise03, nm-drama03 (20/20)
- event:191001
by argh @ 12 Oct 2019 07:34 pm
New Decks (Update 80): kard-rideonthewindsomin13, kard-rideonthewindsomin14, gain-paradiselostera19, gain-paradiselostera20, jbj-fantasylongguo11, jbj-fantasylongguo12, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha19, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha20, unb-feelingchan19, unb-feelingchan20, rcpc-bimbambum09, rcpc-bimbambum10, sf9-noworneveryoungbin01, sf9-noworneveryoungbin02, taemin-pressyournumber06, taemin-pressyournumber07, key-oneofthosenightsera16, key-oneofthosenightsera17 (18/18)
Event: 191001
MOTM Cards: dc-what11, dc-what16, dongwoo-news01, dongwoo-news02, got7-justrightjb10, got7-justrightmark01, got7-justrightmark02, dc-goodnight01, dc-goodnight02, dc-goodnight03
by Lex @ 20 Oct 2019 01:27 am
New Decks: everglow-bonbonchocolataisha15, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha16, rcpc-bimbambum05, rcpc-bimbambum12, wjsn-boogieup05, wjsn-boogieup16, gain-paradiselostera10, gf-sunrise06, kard-rideonthewindsomin10, kard-rideonthewindsomin12, nm-drama11, nm-drama18, astro-allnightsanha14, jbj-fantasylongguo18, key-oneofthosenightsera19, sf9-noworneveryoungbin13, svt-loveletter16, taemin-pressyournumber04, unb-feelingchan17, uniq-eoeo16

Event Card: 191001
by Cassidy @ 26 Oct 2019 10:22 pm
- New Decks (191006): everglow-bonbonchocolataisha16, everglow-bonbonchocolataisha18, gf-sunrise07, gf-sunrise15, rcpc-bimbambum10, rcpc-bimbambum11, wjsn-boogieup06, wjsn-boogieup14 (8/20)
by julia @ 27 Oct 2019 06:44 am
Event Cards (10/06): 191001
New Decks (10/06): taemin-pressyournumber02, taemin-pressyournumber17, wjsn-boogieup06, wjsn-boogieup08, rcpc-bimbambum08, rcpc-bimbambum09, svt-loveletter04, svt-loveletter08, key-oneofthosenightsera08, key-oneofthosenightsera15, kard-rideonthewindsomin09, kard-rideonthewindsomin20, jbj-fantasylongguo01, jbj-fantasylongguo12, gf-sunrise08, gf-sunrise18, astro-allnightsanha01, astro-allnightsanha18
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