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77 posted by caitlin (190915)

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Idolise for another quick Sunday update. Many thanks to everyone who worried about us in our bad weather last weekend! Fear not. We're perfectly fine. We both have our power back, and we're excited to see you guys!

This week has been a little crazy busy, but I'm really looking forward to working hard on the site this week! So as always, wanted to thank you guys for all the patience and stuff.

new staff

I have sent out quite a few messages regarding the staff applications that came in, but please! Feel free to apply if you haven't already. I think that I'm going to leave it open until I find some dedicated cuties to help us out with a few things. ^^

games, games, games

We are back with Set 2! Nikki has updated the games with brand new answers. Members are also invited to play our Weekly Set as well!

Amy is really killing it with the forum games lately, so those are already up and ready to be played. ♥

new decks

WOW THERE ARE SO MANY DECKS WITH VOTES NOW. Must be because we suddenly gave you guys cards to vote in deck vote...

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

4m-crazyjihyun, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae, exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun, gidle-senorita, ifnt-theeyesungkyu, itzy-icy, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo, myteen-amazingyuvin, nct-chewinggumjisung, nm-lovecitysojin, somi-birthday, suzy-sober, svt-hit, txt-crownyeonjun, wjsn-momomobona
caitlin (190915)

Mari  @ 15 Sep 2019 03:36 pm

New Decks: itzy-icy01, itzy-icy02, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo01, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo02, wjsn-momomobona01, wjsn-momomobona02, svt-hit19, ifnt-theeyesungkyu03, 4m-crazyjihyun01, myteen-amazingyuvin01, somi-birthday04, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae04, txt-crownyeonjun06, exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun08, nct-chewinggumjisung12, suzy-sober12, gidle-senorita12, nm-lovecitysojin12

Catherine  @ 15 Sep 2019 06:43 pm

- Deck Pulls: bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae12, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae11, somi-birthday12, suzy-sober12, somi-birthday11, suzy-sober11, nct-chewinggumjisung11, nm-lovecitysojin12, nct-chewinggumjisung12, nm-lovecitysojin11, 4m-crazyjihyun12, 4m-crazyjihyun11, exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun12, exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun11

Pam  @ 16 Sep 2019 05:25 am

took 4m-crazyjihyun01, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae20, exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun03, exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun13, gidle-senorita01, ifnt-theeyesungkyu20, itzy-icy01, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo20, myteen-amazingyuvin01, nct-chewinggumjisung20, nm-lovecitysojin01, somi-birthday20,suzy-sober01, svt-hit05, svt-hit15, txt-crownyeonjun20, wjsn-momomobona01

Madita  @ 16 Sep 2019 07:07 am

New Decks (Week #77): itzy-icy07, itzy-icy08, somi-birthday10, somi-birthday11, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae17, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae18, myteen-amazingyuvin08, myteen-amazingyuvin09, ifnt-theeyesungkyu15, ifnt-theeyesungkyu18, gidle-senorita16, gidle-senorita07, 4m-crazyjihyun02, 4m-crazyjihyun09, svt-hit06, svt-hit15

Usagi  @ 16 Sep 2019 07:43 am

New Decks (190915): exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun19, exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun20, gidle-senorita07, gidle-senorita08, itzy-icy11, itzy-icy12, nm-lovecitysojin06, nm-lovecitysojin07, 4m-crazyjihyun13, 4m-crazyjihyun14, ifnt-theeyesungkyu09, ifnt-theeyesungkyu10, nct-chewinggumjisung17, nct-chewinggumjisung18, svt-hit19, svt-hit20, txt-crownyeonjun14, txt-crownyeonjun15

yangdizzy  @ 16 Sep 2019 11:55 am

New Decks (190915): 4m-crazyjihyun01, 4m-crazyjihyun04, ifnt-theeyesungkyu01, ifnt-theeyesungkyu04, svt-hit01, svt-hit04, wjsn-momomobona01, wjsn-momomobona04 (8/18)

Bommiie  @ 16 Sep 2019 01:23 pm

New Decks: gidle-senorita07, gidle-senorita08, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae06, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae19, itzy-icy17, itzy-icy19, nm-lovecitysojin02, nm-lovecitysojin06, somi-birthday13, somi-birthday14, 4m-crazyjihyun04, 4m-crazyjihyun11, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo01, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo14


Mirabel  @ 16 Sep 2019 06:25 pm

deck pulls: myteen-amazingyuvin03, myteen-amazingyuvin04, txt-crownyeonjun01, txt-crownyeonjun02, svt-hit04, svt-hit09, nct-chewinggumjisung07, nct-chewinggumjisung08, (8/20)

Eimii  @ 17 Sep 2019 09:37 am

deck releases: gidle-senorita07, gidle-senorita17, itzy-icy03, itzy-icy13, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo01, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo11, nm-lovecitysojin04, nm-lovecitysojin14, suzy-sober05, suzy-sober15, wjsn-momomobona02, wjsn-momomobona12, svt-hit01, svt-hit06, myteen-amazingyuvin09, myteen-amazingyuvin14, exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun08, exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun13, txt-crownyeonjun08, txt-crownyeonjun18

Sanna  @ 17 Sep 2019 03:16 pm

New Decks (77): itzy-icy17, itzy-icy18, somi-birthday12, ,somi-birthday13, 4m-crazyjihyun12, 4m-crazyjihyun13, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae12, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae13, svt-hit12, svt-hit13, nct-chewinggumjisung12, nct-chewinggumjisung13, txt-crownyeonjun12, txt-crownyeonjun13, suzy-sober12, suzy-sober13, gidle-senorita12, gidle-senorita13

Selena  @ 17 Sep 2019 08:56 pm

New Decks: ifnt-theeyesungkyu01, ifnt-theeyesungkyu02, txt-crownyeonjun01, txt-crownyeonjun02, 4m-crazyjihyun05, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae10, exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun20, gidle-senorita18, itzy-icy04, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo11, myteen-amazingyuvin06, nct-chewinggumjisung14, nm-lovecitysojin19, somi-birthday07, suzy-sober11, svt-hit03, wjsn-momomobona15, wjsn-momomobona16

Shinya  @ 18 Sep 2019 06:14 am

Update (190915): 4m-crazyjihyun13, 4m-crazyjihyun17, ifnt-theeyesungkyu13, ifnt-theeyesungkyu17, svt-hit13, svt-hit17, wjsn-momomobona13, wjsn-momomobona17, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae13, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae17, exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun13, exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun17, nct-chewinggumjisung13, nct-chewinggumjisung17, itzy-icy13, itzy-icy17, somi-birthday13, somi-birthday17

Mya  @ 19 Sep 2019 12:54 am

Update (#77): 4m-crazyjihyun07, 4m-crazyjihyun20, svt-hit07, svt-hit20, wjsn-momomobona07, wjsn-momomobona20, ifnt-theeyesungkyu07, ifnt-theeyesungkyu20, txt-crownyeonjun09, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo15, exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun15, somi-birthday05, nm-lovecitysojin03, nct-chewinggumjisung19, myteen-amazingyuvin20, suzy-sober06, itzy-icy05, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae05

yangdizzy  @ 20 Sep 2019 04:00 am

New Decks (190915): gidle-senorita05, gidle-senorita06, myteen-amazingyuvin03, myteen-amazingyuvin04, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo08, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo09, itzy-icy17, itzy-icy18, somi-birthday10, somi-birthday12 (18/18)

argh  @ 20 Sep 2019 07:19 pm

New Decks (Update 77): somi-birthday02, somi-birthday03, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo11, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo12, svt-hit02, svt-hit03, myteen-amazingyuvin02, myteen-amazingyuvin03, itzy-icy07, itzy-icy08, gidle-senorita01, gidle-senorita02, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae01, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae02, suzy-sober01, suzy-sober02, ifnt-theeyesungkyu08, ifnt-theeyesungkyu11 (18/18)

julia  @ 21 Sep 2019 06:38 pm

New Decks: itzy-icy04, itzy-icy17, gidle-senorita07, gidle-senorita13, myteen-amazingyuvin04, myteen-amazingyuvin19, suzy-sober03, suzy-sober10, svt-hit06, svt-hit10, txt-crownyeonjun03, txt-crownyeonjun15, somi-birthday10, somi-birthday13, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo05, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo14, wjsn-momomobona11, wjsn-momomobona19

Lex  @ 22 Sep 2019 12:23 am

New Decks: itzy-icy06, itzy-icy15, gidle-senorita10, gidle-senorita14, somi-birthday06, somi-birthday08, wjsn-momomobona14, wjsn-momomobona18, 4m-crazyjihyun15, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo13, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo18, nm-lovecitysojin17, suzy-sober16, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae16, exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun16, ifnt-theeyesungkyu12, myteen-amazingyuvin16, nct-chewinggumjisung15, svt-hit11, txt-crownyeonjun16

Larlic  @ 22 Sep 2019 03:19 am

Deck Pulls: itzy-icy08, somi-birthday09, gidle-senorita09, svt-hit13, wjsn-momomobona08, myteen-amazingyuvin08, ifnt-theeyesungkyu11, txt-crownyeonjun11, 4m-crazyjihyun11, kard-rideonthewindjiwoo05, bap-youngwildandfreeyoungjae05, nm-lovecitysojin17, exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun17, nct-chewinggumjisung17, suzy-sober17

Cassidy  @ 22 Sep 2019 09:01 pm

- New Decks (190815): gidle-senorita09, gidle-senorita20, itzy-icy02, itzy-icy08, suzy-sober03, suzy-sober10, wjsn-momomobona09, wjsn-momomobona12 (8/20)

Cassidy  @ 23 Sep 2019 08:06 pm

- New Decks (190915): +exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun08, exo-bloomingdaybaekhyun09, txt-crownyeonjun08, txt-crownyeonjun09, ifnt-theeyesungkyu14, ifnt-theeyesungkyu15 (14/20)

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