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76 posted by nikki (190908)

Hello, kids! I know that this update is coming at you guys quite early, but your admins were hit by Hurricane Dorian last night and we don't have any power. I'm bringing this update to you guys through Nikki's hard work from yesterday, and my cellular hot spot... Which, honestly, isn't working very well? So there are some things I couldn't complete. Please look out for those things in the update.

I do want to mention that I have officially started school, so all of your patience has been greatly appreciated.

staff apps

Thank you to everyone who has already shown interest! I have received and read through most of them, but due to being busy with school (and now, not having power at home), I am keeping these open for a little while and encourage anyone who is interested in helping out around the site to reach out to me on the forum! I created a forum topic (last week) with more information over here.

games, games, games

Responsible and prepared Nikki worked really hard to get these games to you guys before we lost power! This week, you're invited to play Set 1 as well as the usual Weekly Set.

It's Me is currently trying to upload? If any of the games are broken, there is nothing we can do about it while our power is out... :(

Forum Games, as always, will become available throughout the day via our forum staff and I encourage everyone to keep an eye out for those!

REGARDING FREEBIES, I am having a very difficult time with FTP at the moment, so I can't release new freebies. I should be able to do these tomorrow, either from school or on my own home Wi-Fi as long as power comes back on!

brand new decks

I want to apologize, as I did generate this list on Saturday while I still had power. That means I may have missed votes that were made on Saturday and I am sorry for that. I know you guys understand, though!

Also, Boo Bot may have cards from this week (and freebies will too, given that I can't generate them today!! Internet is too slow!!! SO JUST SAYING???)

Update pulls randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

4m-crazy, astro-allnightjinjin, exo-bloomingdaychen, gg-liltouch, got7-justrightjb, ikon-airplane, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong, laboum-onlyu, myteen-amazingkookheon, nct-chewinggummark, rv-milkshake, sf9-noworneverhwiyoung, stlr-crying, vixx-shangrilaravi, weme-lalaladoyeon
nikki (190908)

Mirabel  @ 08 Sep 2019 01:07 pm

deck pulls: laboum-onlyu05, laboum-onlyu06, astro-allnightjinjin07, astro-allnightjinjin08, ikon-airplane05, ikon-airplane06 (6/20)

Mari  @ 08 Sep 2019 07:14 pm

New Decks: itzy-dalladallachaeryeong01, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong02, laboum-onlyu13, gg-liltouch20, exo-bloomingdaychen20, astro-allnightjinjin07, ikon-airplane18, rv-milkshake18, got7-justrightjb15, 4m-crazy01, nct-chewinggummark01, stlr-crying05, sf9-noworneverhwiyoung05, vixx-shangrilaravi05, myteen-amazingkookheon04, weme-lalaladoyeon04, 4m-crazy04, rv-milkshake07

Cassidy  @ 08 Sep 2019 11:36 pm

- New Decks: exo-bloomingdaychen10, exo-bloomingdaychen16, gg-liltouch05, gg-liltouch08, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong06, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong08, rv-milkshake04, rv-milkshake06, weme-lalaladoyeon06, weme-lalaladoyeon07, ikon-airplane07, ikon-airplane08, vixx-shangrilaravi10, vixx-shangrilaravi11 (14/20)

Pam  @ 09 Sep 2019 05:56 am

took 4m-crazy01, astro-allnightjinjin05, exo-bloomingdaychen04, exo-bloomingdaychen14, gg-liltouch20, got7-justrightjb05, ikon-airplane01,itzy-dalladallachaeryeong20, laboum-onlyu01, myteen-amazingkookheon20, nct-chewinggummark05, rv-milkshake01, sf9-noworneverhwiyoung20, stlr-crying01, vixx-shangrilaravi08, vixx-shangrilaravi18, weme-lalaladoyeon20

yangdizzy  @ 09 Sep 2019 08:19 am

New decks (190908): 4m-crazy01, 4m-crazy04, astro-allnightjinjin01, astro-allnightjinjin04, gg-liltouch01, gg-liltouch04, laboum-onlyu01, laboum-onlyu04, rv-milkshake01, rv-milkshake04 (10/18)

Selena  @ 09 Sep 2019 09:34 am

New Decks: rv-milkshake01, rv-milkshake02, laboum-onlyu15, myteen-amazingkookheon10, nct-chewinggummark14, weme-lalaladoyeon12, vixx-shangrilaravi17, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong08, exo-bloomingdaychen16, stlr-crying20, sf9-noworneverhwiyoung08, 4m-crazy08, gg-liltouch08, ikon-airplane08, got7-justrightjb08, got7-justrightjb09, astro-allnightjinjin08, astro-allnightjinjin09

Sanna  @ 09 Sep 2019 01:16 pm

New Decks (76): gg-liltouch07, gg-liltouch11, rv-milkshake04, rv-milkshake05, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong14, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong15, nct-chewinggummark14, nct-chewinggummark15, weme-lalaladoyeon14, weme-lalaladoyeon15, 4m-crazy14, 4m-crazy15, exo-bloomingdaychen14, exo-bloomingdaychen15, laboum-onlyu14, laboum-onlyu15, sf9-noworneverhwiyoung14, sf9-noworneverhwiyoung15

Mya  @ 09 Sep 2019 03:12 pm

Update (#76): 4m-crazy07, 4m-crazy19, astro-allnightjinjin07, astro-allnightjinjin20, gg-liltouch07, gg-liltouch20, laboum-onlyu07, laboum-onlyu20, rv-milkshake07, rv-milkshake20, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong17, vixx-shangrilaravi04, exo-bloomingdaychen15, weme-lalaladoyeon02, sf9-noworneverhwiyoung09, nct-chewinggummark17, got7-justrightjb19, stlr-crying19, ikon-airplane13, myteen-amazingkookheon13

Madita  @ 10 Sep 2019 11:42 am

New Decks (Week #76): vixx-shangrilaravi04, vixx-shangrilaravi11, vixx-shangrilaravi16, 4m-crazy18, 4m-crazy03

Catherine  @ 10 Sep 2019 12:13 pm

Deck Pulls: nct-chewinggummark04, nct-chewinggummark11, exo-bloomingdaychen12, exo-bloomingdaychen, got7-justrightjb05, got7-justrightjb11, vixx-shangrilaravi01, vixx-shangrilaravi11, 4m-crazy05, 4m-crazy11, sf9-noworneverhwiyoung04, sf9-noworneverhwiyoung11

Eimii  @ 10 Sep 2019 09:22 pm

4m-crazy11, 4m-crazy15, vixx-shangrilaravi16, vixx-shangrilaravi17

Usagi  @ 11 Sep 2019 11:46 am

New Decks (190908): exo-bloomingdaychen19, exo-bloomingdaychen20, ikon-airplane06, ikon-airplane07, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong11, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong12, laboum-onlyu12, laboum-onlyu13, rv-milkshake06, rv-milkshake07, stlr-crying16, stlr-crying17, weme-lalaladoyeon18, weme-lalaladoyeon20, nct-chewinggummark05, nct-chewinggummark06, got7-justrightjb03, got7-justrightjb04

yangdizzy  @ 11 Sep 2019 12:44 pm

New decks (190908): itzy-dalladallachaeryeong09, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong10, myteen-amazingkookheon03, myteen-amazingkookheon05, vixx-shangrilaravi13, vixx-shangrilaravi14, ikon-airplane11, ikon-airplane12 (18/18)

Shinya  @ 11 Sep 2019 04:14 pm

Update (190908 ): 4m-crazy13, 4m-crazy17, astro-allnightjinjin13, astro-allnightjinjin17, gg-liltouch13, gg-liltouch17, laboum-onlyu14, laboum-onlyu17, rv-milkshake13, rv-milkshake17, exo-bloomingdaychen13, exo-bloomingdaychen17, got7-justrightjb13, got7-justrightjb17, nct-chewinggummark13, nct-chewinggummark17, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong13, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong17

argh  @ 14 Sep 2019 05:02 am

(Update 76): myteen-amazingkookheon09, myteen-amazingkookheon10, 4m-crazy17, 4m-crazy18, vixx-shangrilaravi11, vixx-shangrilaravi12, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong05, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong06, nct-chewinggummark03, nct-chewinggummark04, gg-liltouch02, gg-liltouch03, ikon-airplane09, ikon-airplane10, got7-justrightjb19, got7-justrightjb20, rv-milkshake01, rv-milkshake02
Donators pull: gg-liltouch20

julia  @ 15 Sep 2019 06:17 am

New Decks: itzy-dalladallachaeryeong09, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong18, rv-milkshake01, rv-milkshake14, got7-justrightjb07, got7-justrightjb13, myteen-amazingkookheon2, myteen-amazingkookheon10, 4m-crazy01, 4m-crazy03, ikon-airplane02, ikon-airplane04, gg-liltouch09, gg-liltouch11, laboum-onlyu13, laboum-onlyu19, vixx-shangrilaravi10, vixx-shangrilaravi19

Lex  @ 22 Sep 2019 04:01 am

New Decks: itzy-dalladallachaeryeong07, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong16, rv-milkshake08, rv-milkshake15, 4m-crazy16, gg-liltouch12, gg-liltouch19, laboum-onlyu10, laboum-onlyu16, stlr-crying10, weme-lalaladoyeon11, weme-lalaladoyeon19, astro-allnightjinjin16, exo-bloomingdaychen18, got7-justrightjb14, ikon-airplane17, nct-chewinggummark16, sf9-noworneverhwiyoung12, vixx-shangrilaravi15, vixx-shangrilaravi20

Whitney  @ 29 Oct 2019 08:04 pm

New Decks: astro-allnightjinjin03, astro-allnightjinjin18, exo-bloomingdaychen03, exo-bloomingdaychen17, gg-liltouch03, gg-liltouch11, got7-justrightjb05, got7-justrightjb12, ikon-airplane12, ikon-airplane16, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong02, itzy-dalladallachaeryeong15, nct-chewinggummark03, nct-chewinggummark10, rv-milkshake08, rv-milkshake18, sf9-noworneverhwiyoung08, sf9-noworneverhwiyoung20, vixx-shangrilaravi12, vixx-shangrilaravi20

Thank you!

Mirabel  @ 06 Nov 2019 11:48 am

deck pulls: vixx-shangrilaravi03, vixx-shangrilaravi05 (8/20)

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