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75 posted by nikki (190901)

Hi, cuties! Welcome back to Idolise for another update, coming at you from our local Starbucks on another beautiful and sunny afternoon. It's a brand new month, so this update has a little more padding than our usual weekly updates. There's some important stuff in this update, and some unimportant stuff, so do your best to read it all and we'll see you at the bottom for some new decks.

Welcome to September

With August over, some of the forum topics that you regularly visit have been changed for the new month. Weekly Task List, Donation Claims, Daily Login Bonus and Happy Birthday all have brand new topics for the month of August. I will be posting the new Mini Mastery topic very shortly, and I promise that current pending Mini Mastery badges will be made within the next couple of days.

For the first time in a long time, here is your monthly event card!


Caitki do housekeeping things/changes

I have made a few small changes to the site that members should note!

COINS IN GAMES: Alright, we have heard your cries and we understand that you guys are sad about how many coins we gave you all last month. In total, last month, each member who took all available coins would have received 1000 after four weeks of play. However, Nikki has added coins back to Shine and Sentimental, so we hope that this makes a difference. We're back up to a possible 1600 coins a month (when we were at 1700 previously). We hope this makes a difference and encourages you all to spend your money.

DECK VOTE, NOW WITH REWARDS: Decided to add some rewards to deck vote. For voting, you'll receive 2 cards from the last 100 decks. This will encourage more deck voting, but it will also give you guys some indication that you actually have voted this week!

WEEKLY TASK CHANGES: We have added two new tasks to our weekly list. These are a little different, so please go and check those out over on the forum! ^^

TRADER REWARD CHANGES: In a small effort to make gameplay even easier, I've made a few changes to your trader rewards. First, I've added more options for how many stamp cards you're handing in at once. We went from having 20 to 40 options! It is also very important to note that rewards are now combined into one single reward line. If you had in 20 stamp cards, you'll be taken to a new page that has 1 reward line and 4x20 cards. This reward line is also alphabetized, which is something Amber has assisted me with. I think this will make for a much smoother experience while handing in these rewards and sorting your cards!

MASTERY REWARD PAGE: Originally, I had every single one of your mastered decks showing on the right side, for ease. I did not realize that this was causing issues for some of our members who have mastered 300+ decks, as the load times are obviously crazy. I've gone ahead and made it so that the most recently 12 masteries are here instead! I hope that this helps you guys out. You can still view all of your mastered decks in order of date through your member panel, for those of you who may be mourning this loss.

STAFF POSITIONS: I meant to do this two weeks ago, but your admin is slow and forgetful. There are a couple of staff positions that I would love to fill, and I invite everyone to check that out on our forum. It's quite a messy post, as is my ongoing theme, but we're really excited to welcome some new meat to the team and that could be you! If you're someone who genuinely has time, come chat with me? :)

Games, Games, Games

Well, it's a brand new month and you all know what that means!!! Your Monthly Set is free to play again. Go ahead play Set 2 as well. Nikki has updated these games with brand new answers! Of course, that also means you're free to play our Weekly Set, and Amy has already tackled and posted all of the forum games. ^^

new decks

From your votes this week! And, for once, I'm not forgetting to post it. Here is your update pulls randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

4m-crazysohyun, astro-allnightmoonbin, bap-youngwildandfreezelo, bts-joke, dc-what, gg-lionheartyuri, ifnt-theeyesungyeol, itzy-dalladallalia, laboum-winterstoryzn, loona-hihighhyunjin, nm-lovecitykeumjo, ptg-runawayhui, svt-gettingcloser, txt-catanddog, vixx-shangrilaleo
nikki (190901)

Mari  @ 01 Sep 2019 09:33 pm

Event: 190901
New Decks: dc-what01, dc-what02, itzy-dalladallalia01, itzy-dalladallalia02, nm-lovecitykeumjo08, vixx-shangrilaleo13, bap-youngwildandfreezelo13, 4m-crazysohyun13, gg-lionheartyuri04, ifnt-theeyesungyeol04, svt-gettingcloser04, loona-hihighhyunjin04, ptg-runawayhui04, txt-catanddog04, bts-joke04, laboum-winterstoryzn04, astro-allnightmoonbin04, ptg-runawayhui07

Mirabel  @ 01 Sep 2019 10:29 pm

deck pulls: bts-joke13, bts-joke14 (2/20)

Pam  @ 02 Sep 2019 09:26 am

took 190901

new sets took 4m-crazysohyun01, astro-allnightmoonbin20, bap-youngwildandfreezelo01, bts-joke03, bts-joke13, dc-what20, gg-lionheartyuri01, ifnt-theeyesungyeol20, itzy-dalladallalia01, laboum-winterstoryzn20, loona-hihighhyunjin01, nm-lovecitykeumjo20, ptg-runawayhui01, svt-gettingcloser20,txt-catanddog08, txt-catanddog12, vixx-shangrilaleo08, vixx-shangrilaleo18

Catherine  @ 02 Sep 2019 02:41 pm

- Deck Pulls: gg-lionheartyuri05, gg-lionheartyuri11, nm-lovecitykeumjo12, nm-lovecitykeumjo11, bap-youngwildandfreezelo01, bap-youngwildandfreezelo11, vixx-shangrilaleo02, vixx-shangrilaleo11, 4m-crazysohyun06, 4m-crazysohyun11, bts-joke01, bts-joke11, ptg-runawayhui12, ptg-runawayhui11

Shinya  @ 02 Sep 2019 03:22 pm

Eventcards: 190901
Update (190901): 4m-crazysohyun13, 4m-crazysohyun17, astro-allnightmoonbin13, astro-allnightmoonbin17, gg-lionheartyuri13, gg-lionheartyuri17, laboum-winterstoryzn13, laboum-winterstoryzn17, svt-gettingcloser13, svt-gettingcloser17, bap-youngwildandfreezelo13, bap-youngwildandfreezelo17, bts-joke13, bts-joke17, loona-hihighhyunjin13, loona-hihighhyunjin17, itzy-dalladallalia13, itzy-dalladallalia17

Sanna  @ 02 Sep 2019 07:49 pm

Events: 190901
New Decks (#75): gg-lionheartyuri12, gg-lionheartyuri15, dc-what19, dc-what20, bts-joke13, bts-joke14, itzy-dalladallalia13, itzy-dalladallalia14, loona-hihighhyunjin13, loona-hihighhyunjin14, vixx-shangrilaleo13, vixx-shangrilaleo14, vixx-shangrilaleo13, vixx-shangrilaleo14, txt-catanddog13, txt-catanddog14, svt-gettingcloser13, svt-gettingcloser14, 4m-crazysohyun13, 4m-crazysohyun14

Mirabel  @ 02 Sep 2019 08:34 pm

deck pulls: dc-what05, dc-what06 (4/20)

Selena  @ 03 Sep 2019 01:04 am

Event Cards: 190901
New Decks: bts-joke01, bts-joke02, loona-hihighhyunjin01, loona-hihighhyunjin02, txt-catanddog01, txt-catanddog02, bap-youngwildandfreezelo01, 4m-crazysohyun07, ptg-runawayhui07, gg-lionheartyuri05, laboum-winterstoryzn19, itzy-dalladallalia19, svt-gettingcloser19, astro-allnightmoonbin08, nm-lovecitykeumjo16, ifnt-theeyesungyeol16, vixx-shangrilaleo16, dc-what16

Whitney  @ 03 Sep 2019 01:46 pm

Deck Pulls: bap-youngwildandfreezelo16, laboum-winterstoryzn06, astro-allnightmoonbin16, itzy-dalladallalia13, txt-catanddog13, 4m-crazysohyun13, bts-joke02, bts-joke07, loona-hihighhyunjin02, gg-lionheartyuri10, gg-lionheartyuri20, ptg-runawayhui20, ifnt-theeyesungyeol11, ifnt-theeyesungyeol20, svt-gettingcloser01, vixx-shangrilaleo09, vixx-shangrilaleo20, nm-lovecitykeumjo04, dc-what03, dc-what04
Event Cards: 190901

Thank you! :)

Mirabel  @ 04 Sep 2019 03:27 pm

deck pulls: svt-gettingcloser03, svt-gettingcloser08, astro-allnightmoonbin02, astro-allnightmoonbin04 (8/20)

Eimii  @ 04 Sep 2019 09:46 pm

deck releases: gg-lionheartyuri11, gg-lionheartyuri16, itzy-dalladallalia03, itzy-dalladallalia13, loona-hihighhyunjin04, loona-hihighhyunjin19, nm-lovecitykeumjo01, nm-lovecitykeumjo16, laboum-winterstoryzn02, laboum-winterstoryzn17, ptg-runawayhui06, ptg-runawayhui08, astro-allnightmoonbin04, astro-allnightmoonbin05, bts-joke08, bts-joke13, dc-what06, dc-what11, txt-catanddog0, txt-catanddog15

yangdizzy  @ 05 Sep 2019 06:18 am

Deck pulls (190901): 4m-crazysohyun01, 4m-crazysohyun04, gg-lionheartyuri01, gg-lionheartyuri04, laboum-winterstoryzn01, laboum-winterstoryzn04, svt-gettingcloser01, svt-gettingcloser04, astro-allnightmoonbin01, astro-allnightmoonbin04 (10/18)

Usagi  @ 06 Sep 2019 10:52 am

Event: 190901

New Decks (190901): laboum-winterstoryzn16, laboum-winterstoryzn17, loona-hihighhyunjin07, loona-hihighhyunjin08, nm-lovecitykeumjo09, nm-lovecitykeumjo10, ptg-runawayhui19, ptg-runawayhui20, itzy-dalladallalia11, itzy-dalladallalia12, bts-joke18, bts-joke19, gg-lionheartyuri9, gg-lionheartyuri20, svt-gettingcloser09, svt-gettingcloser10, txt-catanddog04, txt-catanddog05 (18/18)

julia  @ 06 Sep 2019 05:54 pm

Event: 190901

New Decks: itzy-dalladallalia07, itzy-dalladallalia12, txt-catanddog10, txt-catanddog14, svt-gettingcloser01, svt-gettingcloser17, astro-allnightmoonbin10, astro-allnightmoonbin13, loona-hihighhyunjin02, loona-hihighhyunjin20, gg-lionheartyuri11, gg-lionheartyuri13, laboum-winterstoryzn06, laboum-winterstoryzn13, bap-youngwildandfreezelo12, bap-youngwildandfreezelo19, dc-what05, dc-what06

argh  @ 06 Sep 2019 10:06 pm

New Decks: astro-allnightmoonbin01, astro-allnightmoonbin02, ptg-runawayhui02, ptg-runawayhui03, itzy-dalladallalia15, itzy-dalladallalia16, bts-joke17, bts-joke18, svt-gettingcloser01, ifnt-theeyesungyeol20, ifnt-theeyesungyeol18, dc-what07, dc-what09, txt-catanddog12, txt-catanddog08, gg-lionheartyuri04, gg-lionheartyuri11, bap-youngwildandfreezelo02 (18/18)
Event: 190901

Lex  @ 08 Sep 2019 02:40 am

New Decks: dc-what08, dc-what12, itzy-dalladallalia09, itzy-dalladallalia18, loona-hihighhyunjin11, loona-hihighhyunjin18, 4m-crazysohyun08, 4m-crazysohyun19, gg-lionheartyuri14, gg-lionheartyuri19, laboum-winterstoryzn15, nm-lovecitykeumjo05, nm-lovecitykeumjo15, astro-allnightmoonbin14, bap-youngwildandfreezelo18, bts-joke12, ptg-runawayhui16, svt-gettingcloser15, txt-catanddog19, vixx-shangrilaleo07

Event Card: 190901

Cassidy  @ 08 Sep 2019 10:04 pm

- New Decks (190901): ifnt-theeyesungyeol03, ifnt-theeyesungyeol20, itzy-dalladallalia01, itzy-dalladallalia11, laboum-winterstoryzn09, laboum-winterstoryzn14, loona-hihighhyunjin02, loona-hihighhyunjin16, bts-joke03, bts-joke04, txt-catanddog09, txt-catanddog10 (12/20)

Cassidy  @ 08 Sep 2019 10:16 pm

- New Decks (190901): +dc-what04, dc-what05, vixx-shangrilaleo10, vixx-shangrilaleo11 (16/20)

Mya  @ 09 Sep 2019 03:06 pm

Event: 190901
Update (#75): 4m-crazysohyun07, 4m-crazysohyun20, gg-lionheartyuri07, gg-lionheartyuri20, laboum-winterstoryzn02, laboum-winterstoryzn20, svt-gettingcloser07, svt-gettingcloser20, astro-allnightmoonbin07, astro-allnightmoonbin20, bts-joke05, bts-joke06, itzy-dalladallalia07, itzy-dalladallalia20, loona-hihighhyunjin15, loona-hihighhyunjin12, txt-catanddog03, txt-catanddog06

Alecks  @ 09 Sep 2019 04:48 pm

- New Decks (190901 - 10/20): 4m-crazysohyun07, 4m-crazysohyun09, bts-joke08, bts-joke13, itzy-dalladallalia19, itzy-dalladallalia20, dc-what07, dc-what08, vixx-shangrilaleo01, vixx-shangrilaleo02

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