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Hello! Sorry this is so late. Your admins decided to throw our responsibilities in the trash and watch Seventeen on Knowing Bros. :)

190801, 190809

Totally forgot about event cards last week, and Nikki celebrated her birthday on the 9th! ♥


I completely forgot about this last week, because I am a fool... But the le-vintage decks have been retired! As mentioned when they were released, they were only for the month of July. I've created a forum topic so that you guys can head over to the forum to either trade them in for random cards, or switch one le-vintage card for another card from the same deck!


As you guys know, we did actually remove a number of coins from our games. Not including Pink iPod rewards, members were guaranteed 1700 coins a month, which we felt was a bit much at the time. We may have accidentally removed more coins than we intended to do, which we're sorry about! We hear your complaints and we plan on fixing this in September. We know that's far away, but please bear with us. We want to make sure that we're taking a good look at it, honestly. It's one of those things where we want you guys to have fun, we want to give you guys the things you want and let you play the game well, but we like the idea of creating challenges so that it's more rewarding. :)

small mistake from last week

I accidentally released bb-letsnotfallinlove last week, because it was 7 am and I was not awake enough to be releasing decks. If you received any of these cards in the randomizer during the period that I was sleeping, please go ahead and switch that card from any deck that was released last week like a choice card. Let's make this easy! Log it as whatever you'd like? Accidentally released deck: bb-letsnotfallinlove00 for card00, if you need some help. ^^


Hey party people. It's Set 1! :)

new decks

I REALLY FEEL LIKE I'M MISSING SOMETHING THIS WEEK???? Give me a shout in the Discord if I am forgetting something glaringly obvious, please...

Pulls randomizer!!!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

astro-allnight, ateez-saymynamemingi, donghan-goodnightkissera, fis9-fun, gg-lionhearttaeyeon, ikon-killingmejinhwan, loona-hihighvivi, mmoo-yourethebest, nct-chewinggumhaechan, nuest-dejavu, ptg-likethis, skz-hellevator, sulli-goblin, svt-prettyuseungkwan, vixx-shangrilan
Posted on 190811 by nikki

by Pam @ 12 Aug 2019 06:57 am
new sets took fis9-fun13, gg-lionhearttaeyeon20, svt-prettyuseungkwan20, skz-hellevator13, ateez-saymynamemingi04, astro-allnight04, loona-hihighvivi13, ptg-likethis13, sulli-goblin01, nct-chewinggumhaechan01, donghan-goodnightkissera01, vixx-shangrilan01, mmoo-yourethebest01, ikon-killingmejinhwan01, nuest-dejavu01, vixx-shangrilan14
by Sanna @ 12 Aug 2019 11:29 am
New Decks (72): gg-lionhearttaeyeon01, gg-lionhearttaeyeon02, fis9-fun13, fis9-fun14, ptg-likethis13, ptg-likethis14, svt-prettyuseungkwan13, svt-prettyuseungkwan14, nuest-dejavu12, nuest-dejavu14, nct-chewinggumhaechan13, nct-chewinggumhaechan14, mmoo-yourethebest13, mmoo-yourethebest14, loona-hihighvivi13, loona-hihighvivi14, astro-allnight13, astro-allnight14
by Catherine @ 12 Aug 2019 12:40 pm
- Deck Pulls: ateez-saymynamemingi11, ateez-saymynamemingi05, gg-lionhearttaeyeon11, gg-lionhearttaeyeon05, nct-chewinggumhaechan11, nct-chewinggumhaechan14, svt-prettyuseungkwan11, svt-prettyuseungkwan17, ikon-killingmejinhwan04, ikon-killingmejinhwan11, vixx-shangrilan05, vixx-shangrilan11, nuest-dejavu12, nuest-dejavu11
by osaka @ 13 Aug 2019 06:50 am
New Decks: Deck Pulls: fis9-fun14, ateez-saymynamemingi18, nuest-dejavu12, ikon-killingmejinhwan12, vixx-shangrilan12, nct-chewinggumhaechan12, sulli-goblin05, skz-hellevator05, astro-allnight05, ptg-likethis04, mmoo-yourethebest07, gg-lionhearttaeyeon07, loona-hihighvivi07, loona-hihighvivi08, svt-prettyuseungkwan07, donghan-goodnightkissera07
by Eimii @ 13 Aug 2019 02:00 pm
deck releases: gg-lionhearttaeyeon07, gg-lionhearttaeyeon08, loona-hihighvivi13, loona-hihighvivi01, mmoo-yourethebest03, mmoo-yourethebest09, fis9-fun04, fis9-fun07

I will be back for the other 12 cards later~
by Eimii @ 13 Aug 2019 02:07 pm
deck releases: ptg-likethis05, ptg-likethis06

i'll be back again for the remaining 10 cards~
by Mirabel @ 13 Aug 2019 06:12 pm
deck pulls: nuest-dejavu13, nuest-dejavu14 (2/20)
by Shinya @ 13 Aug 2019 07:20 pm
Update (190811): astro-allnight05, astro-allnight06, teez-saymynamemingi05, teez-saymynamemingi06, gg-lionhearttaeyeon05, gg-lionhearttaeyeon06, svt-prettyuseungkwan05, svt-prettyuseungkwan06, nct-chewinggumhaechan09, nct-chewinggumhaechan10, nuest-dejavu11, nuest-dejavu12, loona-hihighvivi13, loona-hihighvivi14, ptg-likethis15, ptg-likethis16, mmoo-yourethebest17, mmoo-yourethebest18
by Mya @ 14 Aug 2019 07:17 am
Update (#72): astro-allnight11, astro-allnight16, ateez-saymynamemingi11, ateez-saymynamemingi16, gg-lionhearttaeyeon11, gg-lionhearttaeyeon16, svt-prettyuseungkwan11, svt-prettyuseungkwan16, nct-chewinggumhaechan01, skz-hellevator19, fis9-fun19, ptg-likethis19, svt-prettyuseungkwan04, sulli-goblin06, loona-hihighvivi06, vixx-shangrilan06, mmoo-yourethebest17, fis9-fun08
by Mya @ 14 Aug 2019 07:20 am
Sorry, I got one extra svt-prettyuseungkwan, changing it to ptg-likethis20
by yangdizzy @ 14 Aug 2019 01:26 pm
Update (190811): astro-allnight01, astro-allnight20, ateez-saymynamemingi01, ateez-saymynamemingi20, gg-lionhearttaeyeon01, gg-lionhearttaeyeon20, svt-prettyuseungkwan01, svt-prettyuseungkwan20 (8/18)
by Usagi @ 16 Aug 2019 11:33 am
Event: 190801, 190809

New Decks (190811): ikon-killingmejinhwan09, ikon-killingmejinhwan10, mmoo-yourethebest01, mmoo-yourethebest02, loona-hihighvivi08, loona-hihighvivi10, ptg-likethis19, ptg-likethis20, astro-allnight10, ateez-saymynamemingi09, donghan-goodnightkissera08, fis9-fun07, gg-lionhearttaeyeon06, nct-chewinggumhaechan05, nuest-dejavu04, skz-hellevator03, svt-prettyuseungkwan02, vixx-shangrilan01 (18/18)
by Mari @ 17 Aug 2019 01:52 am
Event: 190801, 190809
Deck Pulls: mmoo-yourethebest03, sulli-goblin06, nct-chewinggumhaechan20, ikon-killingmejinhwan01, fis9-fun19, ptg-likethis17, vixx-shangrilan11, svt-prettyuseungkwan03, nuest-dejavu08, astro-allnight01, loona-hihighvivi20, gg-lionhearttaeyeon20, skz-hellevator03, ateez-saymynamemingi03, donghan-goodnightkissera03, nct-chewinggumhaechan02, ptg-likethis04, loona-hihighvivi15
by Alecks @ 17 Aug 2019 04:34 pm
New Decks (6/20 - 190811): ateez-saymynamemingi01, ateez-saymynamemingi02, nct-chewinggumhaechan01, nct-chewinggumhaechan02, vixx-shangrilan01, vixx-shangrilan02
by Lex @ 17 Aug 2019 07:34 pm
New Decks: fis9-fun03, fis9-fun09, loona-hihighvivi11, loona-hihighvivi18, mmoo-yourethebest06, mmoo-yourethebest20, gg-lionhearttaeyeon14, gg-lionhearttaeyeon19, sulli-goblin07, sulli-goblin15, astro-allnight17, ateez-saymynamemingi14, donghan-goodnightkissera20, ikon-killingmejinhwan14, nct-chewinggumhaechan19, ptg-likethis18, skz-hellevator15, svt-prettyuseungkwan18, vixx-shangrilan17, nuest-dejavu19

Event: 190801, 190809
by Madita @ 19 Aug 2019 10:48 am
New Decks (Week #72):vixx-shangrilan03, vixx-shangrilan17, vixx-shangrilan15, svt-prettyuseungkwan02, svt-prettyuseungkwan07, donghan-goodnightkissera01, donghan-goodnightkissera06, skz-hellevator03, skz-hellevator04
by Alecks @ 20 Aug 2019 06:18 pm
- New Decks (14/20 - 190811): donghan-goodnightkissera05, donghan-goodnightkissera06, svt-prettyuseungkwan14, svt-prettyuseungkwan15
by Alecks @ 20 Aug 2019 06:44 pm
- New Decks (18/20 - 190811): astro-allnight02, astro-allnight03, skz-hellevator02, skz-hellevator05
by Alecks @ 20 Aug 2019 08:51 pm
- New Decks (20/20 - 190811): loona-hihighvivi02, loona-hihighvivi04
by Mirabel @ 25 Aug 2019 08:53 pm
deck pulls: ikon-killingmejinhwan16, ikon-killingmejinhwan17 (4/20)
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