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We have a LOT to say about this week and we're very sorry for the super delay! Your admin team fell asleep, but we made it. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING IN THIS UPDATE! I know it's a lot, but I'm begging you. It'll help, I promise!

shop changes

Alright, this might break a few hearts. Unfortunately, we have discontinued and removed power ups from our store altogether. If you recently purchased a powerup, continue to use it up as normal, but there will be no more purchases. After a long discussion, we thought that they were just a little unbalanced and rather than tweak them we finally decided on removing them altogether. However, some of your favourite powerup features are still going to be available through coupons! Coupons are available through the store in a gacha like system, and we'll be looking at implementing them into games soon. More on about coupons on our information page

Secondly! We've added a few new things you can spend your coins on. The first one is something I really love, which is the ability to purchase idol lightsticks. For 1000 coins you can buy a little lightstick that you can display on your page, and with that lightstick you earn the ability to take two choice cards from that artist every week! We're also testing out the ability to purchase photocards for our collectors out there.

You can read more information on our shop information page as well as our newly renovated shop page!

AT THE TIME OF POSTING THIS, CAITLIN IS STILL WORKING ON THE GALLERIES FOR PHOTOCARDS AND LIGHTSTICKS. We appreciate all the patience! As well, there is a small mistake on our lightsticks that need correcting when your admins wake up so thanks for understanding!

a little gift from us to you

There's been a bit of discussion lately around maybe updating some member cards, and Caitlin and I finally decided on something that we think is fitting. Once you have passed your one year anniversary with the TCG (we'll go by the date you joined the forum, since that's easy to check) you can bounce on over to the forum and request a BRAND NEW MEMBER CARD! Don't say we never did anything for you.

You will be able to trade these member cards away, just like the original; but only for another second member card.

Visit Caitlin on the forum to get a brand new member card if you've already hit your 1 year anniversary!

new weekly tasks

Hello, hoarders! Since taking wishes away, we understand that choice cards have been very hard to come by. To make up for it (and encourage activity), Caitlin has a new forum activity. She already hinted towards it in the Discord, but head over to the forum to check it out!

just a few other little tweaks

Caitlin is wrapping up the finishing touches on our brand new info page, so please bear with her as she gets the final sections up and adds some finishing touches.

Boo! Our baby trade bot Boo has a few little changes. Trades with him can now count toward your stampcards! Lazy people like me, rejoice. He'll also be getting 500 new cards every Sunday now, and all of those cards will come from the most recent 200 decks to have been released! So keep an eye on him for some fresh and exciting new cards.

The amount of coins you will receive in games has been nerfed just a lil. Hopefully with the lack of powerups to buy this shouldn't hurt too much.

Our levels finally go beyond 30 for you crazy kids at the top. :)

AND! Mastery choice cards! It's always been a rule that you cannot master a deck with a choice card that came from another mastery. Well, guess what? We're removing that rule. Master away, friends. 19/20 fam rejoice.

That means your master with a mastery coupons are useless! That’s okay, though. Head over to forum and exchange them at any time for choice card coupons. This exchange will not count towards the monthly 3 that you’re normally allowed. It’s sort of like a discontinued deck!

Brand new mini mastery topic will be up in the afternoon!

okay, games

Set two, weekly and monthly are all ready to be played! Take a minute to check out this month's mini mastery, it's a little different than usual, but I think you guys will like it! Go wild with it.

Freebies over on our forum have been updated as well to give you guys more chances to get cards from newer decks! Pop on over to the post to read more about it.

and, of course, the decks

Another new thing we're trying out today is our pulls randomizer. This will only work the week of the update, unfortunately, as it just pulls from the most recent 15 decks. You are welcome to refresh this as many times as you want, guys! It's just for those of you who are indecisive with your pulls and want to get them out of the way.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

4m-crazyhyuna, aoa-goodluck, april-ohmymistakejinsol, ateez-saymynamewooyoung, got7-nobodyknows, loona-hihighkimlip, mx-alligator, nct-superhuman, omg-bananaallergymonkey, shinee-1of1, stlr-stingminhee, svt-prettyuwonwoo, twice-likeoohahhnayeon, up10-candyland, vixx-fantasy

and a note from caitlin

Hello, didn't Nikki do a wonderful job? I just wanted to say that we are obviously trying new things and we hope that you guys don't mind. I asked for your input through the Discord a couple of days ago and I hope that some of these changes will make you feel like your voice here at Idolise is heard and that we are considering your ideas. If you have any input, I really hope that you'll continue to give it to us so that we can grow our game into something that's more enjoyable for all! So have nice day and we'll see you guys next week!

Posted on 190805 by nikki

by Selena @ 05 Aug 2019 12:34 pm
New Decks: loona-hihighkimlip01, loona-hihighkimlip02, nct-superhuman01, nct-superhuman02, shinee-1of101, shinee-1of102, ateez-saymynamewooyoung03, bb-letsnotfallinlove03, svt-prettyuwonwoo15, stlr-stingminhee13, aoa-goodluck13, vixx-fantasy13, omg-bananaallergymonkey13, 4m-crazyhyuna03, got7-nobodyknows06, up10-candyland06, april-ohmymistakejinsol01, twice-likeoohahhnayeon01
by yangdizzy @ 05 Aug 2019 02:35 pm
New Decks (190805): aoa-goodluck01, aoa-goodluck02, ateez-saymynamewooyoung01, ateez-saymynamewooyoung02, omg-bananaallergymonkey01, omg-bananaallergymonkey02, shinee-1of101, shinee-1of102, svt-prettyuwonwoo01, svt-prettyuwonwoo02, twice-likeoohahhnayeon01, twice-likeoohahhnayeon02, mx-alligator01, mx-alligator02 (14/18)
by Mya @ 05 Aug 2019 02:59 pm
New Decks (#67): aoa-goodluck15, aoa-goodluck20, ateez-saymynamewooyoung15, ateez-saymynamewooyoung20, omg-bananaallergymonkey15, omg-bananaallergymonkey20, shinee-1of115, shinee-1of120, svt-prettyuwonwoo15, svt-prettyuwonwoo20, twice-likeoohahhnayeon15, twice-likeoohahhnayeon20, mx-alligator15, mx-alligator20
by Sanna @ 05 Aug 2019 03:50 pm
New Decks (67): omg-bananaallergymonkey05, omg-bananaallergymonkey06, shinee-1of105, shinee-1of107, twice-likeoohahhnayeon07, twice-likeoohahhnayeon08, ateez-saymynamewooyoung08, ateez-saymynamewooyoung09, mx-alligator08, mx-alligator09, loona-hihighkimlip18, loona-hihighkimlip19, nct-superhuman13, nct-superhuman14, svt-prettyuwonwoo11, svt-prettyuwonwoo12, got7-nobodyknows18, got7-nobodyknows19

by Catherine @ 05 Aug 2019 07:25 pm
Deck Pulls: svt-prettyuwonwoo12, svt-prettyuwonwoo11, ateez-saymynamewooyoung12, ateez-saymynamewooyoung11, vixx-fantasy11, vixx-fantasy12, shinee-1of112, shinee-1of111, 4m-crazyhyuna12, aoa-goodluck12, 4m-crazyhyuna11, aoa-goodluck11, got7-nobodyknows12, got7-nobodyknows11

Super excited about the light sticks!
by osaka @ 05 Aug 2019 11:39 pm
New Decks: omg-bananaallergymonkey01, omg-bananaallergymonkey02, omg-bananaallergymonkey03, twice-likeoohahhnayeon04, twice-likeoohahhnayeon13, april-ohmymistakejinsol12, april-ohmymistakejinsol17, loona-hihighkimlip12, loona-hihighkimlip18, aoa-goodluck06, aoa-goodluck10
by Pam @ 06 Aug 2019 05:57 am
new sets took 4m-crazyhyuna01, aoa-goodluck20, april-ohmymistakejinsol01, ateez-saymynamewooyoung20, got7-nobodyknows01, loona-hihighkimlip20,mx-alligator03, mx-alligator13, nct-superhuman08, omg-bananaallergymonkey01, shinee-1of108, shinee-1of118, stlr-stingminhee20, svt-prettyuwonwoo01,twice-likeoohahhnayeon20, up10-candyland14, vixx-fantasy04, vixx-fantasy14
by Mirabel @ 06 Aug 2019 02:52 pm
deck pulls: nct-superhuman13, nct-superhuman14, shinee-1of105, shinee-1of106, svt-prettyuwonwoo11, svt-prettyuwonwoo12 (6/20)
by Cassidy @ 08 Aug 2019 02:38 am
- New Decks (190805): aoa-goodluck05, aoa-goodluck08, loona-hihighkimlip04, loona-hihighkimlip05, twice-likeoohahhnayeon01, twice-likeoohahhnayeon04, omg-bananaallergymonkey10, omg-bananaallergymonkey11 (8/20)
by Mari @ 08 Aug 2019 03:28 am
New Decks: aoa-goodluck01, aoa-goodluck02, shinee-1of101, shinee-1of102, twice-likeoohahhnayeon01, twice-likeoohahhnayeon02
by Shinya @ 10 Aug 2019 06:27 pm
Update (190805): aoa-goodluck03, aoa-goodluck04, ateez-saymynamewooyoung03, ateez-saymynamewooyoung04, omg-bananaallergymonkey05, omg-bananaallergymonkey06, mx-alligator05, mx-alligator06, shinee-1of105, shinee-1of106, twice-likeoohahhnayeon05, twice-likeoohahhnayeon06, svt-prettyuwonwoo03, svt-prettyuwonwoo04, nct-superhuman15, nct-superhuman16, loona-hihighkimlip17, loona-hihighkimlip18
by Lex @ 11 Aug 2019 12:38 am
New Decks: 4m-crazyhyuna04, 4m-crazyhyuna09, aoa-goodluck07, aoa-goodluck19, loona-hihighkimlip11, loona-hihighkimlip14, twice-likeoohahhnayeon09, twice-likeoohahhnayeon17, april-ohmymistakejinsol18, stlr-stingminhee11, stlr-stingminhee15, ateez-saymynamewooyoung13, got7-nobodyknows17, mx-alligator19, nct-superhuman18, shinee-1of113, shinee-1of119, svt-prettyuwonwoo06, up10-candyland15, vixx-fantasy15

thank you!
by Eimii @ 11 Aug 2019 12:06 pm
deck releases (08/05): aoa-goodluck03, aoa-goodluck12, april-ohmymistakejinsol13, april-ohmymistakejinsol14, loona-hihighkimlip02, loona-hihighkimlip06, omg-bananaallergymonkey12, omg-bananaallergymonkey18, stlr-stingminhee15, stlr-stingminhee16, twice-likeoohahhnayeon09, twice-likeoohahhnayeon10, got7-nobodyknows09, got7-nobodyknows14, nct-superhuman07, nct-superhuman14, ateez-saymynamewooyoung16, ateez-saymynamewooyoung17, vixx-fantasy01, vixx-fantasy02
by Alecks @ 11 Aug 2019 01:39 pm
New Decks (14/20 - 190805): stlr-stingminhee01, stlr-stingminhee02, 4m-crazyhyuna01, 4m-crazyhyuna02, ateez-saymynamewooyoung03, ateez-saymynamewooyoung04, got7-nobodyknows01, got7-nobodyknows02, mx-alligator01, mx-alligator02, nct-superhuman03, nct-superhuman04, twice-likeoohahhnayeon01, twice-likeoohahhnayeon02
by Usagi @ 16 Aug 2019 11:27 am
New Decks (190805): stlr-stingminhee19, stlr-stingminhee20, aoa-goodluck01, aoa-goodluck02, april-ohmymistakejinsol01, april-ohmymistakejinsol02, loona-hihighkimlip19, loona-hihighkimlip20, omg-bananaallergymonkey01, omg-bananaallergymonkey02, twice-likeoohahhnayeon06, twice-likeoohahhnayeon07, svt-prettyuwonwoo15, svt-prettyuwonwoo16, shinee-1of110, shinee-1of111, nct-superhuman16, nct-superhuman17 (18/18)
by Alecks @ 20 Aug 2019 05:47 pm
New Decks (16/20 - 190805): svt-prettyuwonwoo02, svt-prettyuwonwoo03
by Alecks @ 20 Aug 2019 06:19 pm
- New Decks (18/20 - 190805): loona-hihighkimlip16, loona-hihighkimlip17
by Mirabel @ 22 Aug 2019 08:25 pm
deck pulls: mx-alligator05, mx-alligator14 (8/20)
by Alecks @ 25 Aug 2019 12:49 pm
- New Decks (20/20 - 190805): april-ohmymistakejinsol01, april-ohmymistakejinsol02
by Whitney @ 03 Sep 2019 08:28 pm
New Decks: 4m-crazyhyuna09, 4m-crazyhyuna10, aoa-goodluck04, aoa-goodluck10, april-ohmymistakejinsol04, april-ohmymistakejinsol12, got7-nobodyknows08, got7-nobodyknows18, mx-alligator04, mx-alligator19, nct-superhuman03, nct-superhuman13, shinee-1of103, shinee-1of119, svt-prettyuwonwoo02, svt-prettyuwonwoo13, twice-likeoohahhnayeon07, twice-likeoohahhnayeon08, vixx-fantasy03, vixx-fantasy07

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