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67 posted by caitlin (190707)

Hello and happy Sunday to all of our beautiful members! We hope that you guys had a fantastic week and are staying safe out there.

games, games, games (and double rewards?)

You may have already noticed that the forum game rewards are doubled this week. If you haven't already noticed, please go back and double check that you aren't missing rewards somewhere.

Freebies have also been doubled in the forum, so I hope that everyone can find 30 cards that they need in that pile.

But why stop there?

Go on and play your Weekly Games as well as Set 2. But go ahead and take rewards twice, you crazy kids! If you have a pink iPod, you will not be taking that reward line twice. Just the top one.

regarding the event

Just wanted to thank everyone for the effort that is going into the event! We're always shocked at how much enthusiasm goes into everything that you guys can touch and we're really happy to see the activity from our members. As always!!!

I'll be catching up on badges today and can't wait to see which idols you guys are choosing. Sorry for the small delay on these, but I had some weird computer issues that are pretty much resolved and all is well over here!

putting trades through without permisson

Guys, this is VERY IMPORTANT, but I need to remind you guys that putting a trade through without permission is against the law. Unless someone has a note somewhere that you can put trades through or they've told you with their own words at some point that it is okay, please do not do so. Do not put all of your trades through immediately after making them as this DOES bother some members. It's really important that you know for sure, so if you don't, please ask the member. A lot of us have notes on our profiles that give you the go ahead, but it's important that you double check this before assuming.

And because we like you guys

How about you just take 5 choice cards? No more than 3 per deck. They have to be decks released before today. YES YOU CAN TAKE LE CARDS, FELLAS.

and your decks

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

april-lovesick, b1a4-sweetgirlsandeul, bts-foreverrain, cb-reallyreally, ds-jokerjiyul, fiestar-yourepitifulcaolu, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha, got7-focusonme, hyomin-sketch, itzy-dalladallayuna, loona-hihighjinsoul, nuest-dejavuren, omg-aing, svt-prettyuvernon, twice-likeoohahhtzuyu
caitlin (190707)

Violet  @ 07 Jul 2019 08:01 pm

Freebies (Choice Cards): gf-fingertipumji13, gf-fingertipumji19, clc-blackdressyujin08, loona-singingintherain15, loona-singingintherain19

Thank you!! ♡

Catherine  @ 07 Jul 2019 09:22 pm

- Freebies Choice: clc-pepe17, clc-pepe20, sunmi-heroine13, sunmi-heroine16, shinee-marriedtothemusicjonghyun14
- Deck Pulls: bts-foreverrain11, bts-foreverrain01, nuest-dejavuren11, nuest-dejavuren02, svt-prettyuvernon12, svt-prettyuvernon11

Selena  @ 07 Jul 2019 11:30 pm

New Decks: bts-foreverrain01, bts-foreverrain02, loona-hihighjinsoul01, loona-hihighjinsoul02, april-lovesick05, b1a4-sweetgirlsandeul10, cb-reallyreally12, ds-jokerjiyul16, fiestar-yourepitifulcaolu08, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha03, got7-focusonme09, hyomin-sketch20, itzy-dalladallayuna15, loona-hihighjinsoul07, nuest-dejavuren14, omg-aing06, svt-prettyuvernon19, twice-likeoohahhtzuyu04
Choice Cards: le-vintagem09, le-vintagem10, le-vintagem11, le-vintagef01, le-vintagef02

Eimii  @ 08 Jul 2019 12:07 am

deck releases: april-lovesick10, april-lovesick12, cb-reallyreally11, cb-reallyreally15, ds-jokerjiyul08, ds-jokerjiyul18, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha06, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha15, got7-focusonme08, got7-focusonme12, itzy-dalladallayuna09, itzy-dalladallayuna14, loona-hihighjinsoul07, loona-hihighjinsoul16, omg-aing01, omg-aing11, svt-prettyuvernon05, svt-prettyuvernon10, hyomin-sketch12, hyomin-sketch17

5 choice cards: mmld-bboombboomnayun03, mmld-bboombboomnayun09, mmld-bboombboom16, mmld-bboombboom18, gwsn-puzzlemoon05

Jane  @ 08 Jul 2019 12:56 am

- Choice Cards: gf-fingertip05, gf-fingertip06, gf-fingertip07, svt-dontwannacrywoozi01, svt-dontwannacrywoozi02
- New Decks: cb-reallyreally01, cb-reallyreally02, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha01, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha02, loona-hihighjinsoul01, loona-hihighjinsoul02
- Yellow iPod (+2 deck pulls): gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha19, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha20


Ayay  @ 08 Jul 2019 02:27 am

Choice Cards: izone-lavieenrose13, izone-lavieenroseyena02, twice-cheerupchaeyoung01, twice-cheerupdahyun01, twice-cheerupmina01
New Decks: april-lovesick01, b1a4-sweetgirlsandeul02, bts-foreverrain03, bts-foreverrain04, cb-reallyreally05, ds-jokerjiyul06, fiestar-yourepitifulcaolu07, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha08, got7-focusonme09, got7-focusonme10, hyomin-sketch11, itzy-dalladallayuna12, loona-hihighjinsoul13, nuest-dejavuren14, omg-aing15, svt-prettyuvernon16, twice-likeoohahhtzuyu17, twice-likeoohahhtzuyu18

osaka  @ 08 Jul 2019 02:35 am

New Decks: april-lovesick03, april-lovesick20, cb-reallyreally07, cb-reallyreally19, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha04, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha14, itzy-dalladallayuna04, itzy-dalladallayuna17, loona-hihighjinsoul03, loona-hihighjinsoul04, omg-aing07, omg-aing11, omg-aing14, twice-likeoohahhtzuyu11, twice-likeoohahhtzuyu18
Choice Cards (190707): le-vintagef01, le-vintagef02, le-vintagef03, dia-mrpotterheehyun13, dia-mrpotterjenny01

Pam  @ 08 Jul 2019 05:44 am

update freebies took mx-hero01, mx-jealousyhyungwon20, mx-redcarpet01, mx-shootout20, mx-rushshownu01

new sets took april-lovesick01, b1a4-sweetgirlsandeul20, bts-foreverrain05, bts-foreverrain15, cb-reallyreally01, ds-jokerjiyul20, fiestar-yourepitifulcaolu01, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha20, got7-focusonme01, got7-focusonme20, hyomin-sketch01, itzy-dalladallayuna20,loona-hihighjinsoul01, nuest-dejavuren01, nuest-dejavuren20, omg-aing20, svt-prettyuvernon01, twice-likeoohahhtzuyu20

Cate  @ 08 Jul 2019 10:20 am

Choice cards: limkim-awoo07, limkim-awoo17, bp-ddududdudujennie05, bp-ddududdudujennie15, bts-giveittome14

Cami  @ 08 Jul 2019 11:58 am

Choice Cards (190707): le-vintagem19, apink-fivenaeun02, apink-fivenaeun19, aoa-binglebangle02, aoa-binglebangle05

New Decks: gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha01, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha02, loona-hihighjinsoul09, loona-hihighjinsoul10, bts-foreverrain08, bts-foreverrain13, svt-prettyuvernon13, svt-prettyuvernon14 (08/20)

Shinya  @ 08 Jul 2019 01:19 pm

Choices (190707): day6-congratulationswonpil03, day6-congratulationswonpil06, day6-congratulationswonpil10, astro-crazysexycoolmj11, astro-crazysexycoolmj18

Update (190707): svt-prettyuvernon01, svt-prettyuvernon02, b1a4-sweetgirlsandeul03, b1a4-sweetgirlsandeul04, april-lovesick05, april-lovesick06, bts-foreverrain07, bts-foreverrain08, got7-focusonme09, got7-focusonme10, twice-likeoohahhtzuyu11, twice-likeoohahhtzuyu12, loona-hihighjinsoul13, loona-hihighjinsoul14, itzy-dalladallayuna15, itzy-dalladallayuna16, omg-aing17, omg-aing18

Madita  @ 08 Jul 2019 03:01 pm

New Decks (#66): fiestar-yourepitifulcaolu07, fiestar-yourepitifulcaolu12, omg-aing01, omg-aing13, nuest-dejavuren13, nuest-dejavuren14, loona-hihighjinsoul11, loona-hihighjinsoul12, bts-foreverrain03, bts-foreverrain18, svt-prettyuvernon15, svt-prettyuvernon16, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha03, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha04 (14/18)

Update Choice: le-vintagef12, le-vintagef13, le-vintagef14, le-vintagef10, le-vintagef09

Usagi  @ 08 Jul 2019 05:41 pm

Choice Cards (190707): le-vintagef13, le-vintagef14, le-vintagef15 (3/5)

Usagi  @ 08 Jul 2019 05:51 pm

Choice Cards (190707): bb-fxxkit08, bp-whistle14 (5/5)

cecelia  @ 08 Jul 2019 06:07 pm

Choice Cards (190707): itzy-dalladalla19, izone-lavieenroseyujin16, pristin-getitnayoung16, twice-cheerup13, dc-goodnightyoohyeon19

Sanna  @ 08 Jul 2019 06:11 pm

New Decks (66): omg-aing01, omg-aing15, twice-likeoohahhtzuyu05, twice-likeoohahhtzuyu06, bts-foreverrain06, bts-foreverrain09, itzy-dalladallayuna01, itzy-dalladallayuna02, got7-focusonme02, got7-focusonme03, svt-prettyuvernon03, svt-prettyuvernon04, loona-hihighjinsoul05, loona-hihighjinsoul06, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha05, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha07, nuest-dejavuren03, nuest-dejavuren04

Ashley  @ 12 Jul 2019 07:28 am

bts-foreverrain08, got7-focusonme11, bts-foreverrain16, got7-focusonme08, omg-aing04, omg-aing16, nuest-dejavuren02, nuest-dejavuren19, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha04, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha09, cb-reallyreally13, cb-reallyreally04, april-lovesick02, april-lovesick13, loona-hihighjinsoul04, loona-hihighjinsoul18, ds-jokerjiyul04, ds-jokerjiyul12, hyomin-sketch09, hyomin-sketch17

Choice Cards: bts-saveme03, bts-saveme12, bts-saveme17, bts-bloodsweatandtearssuga02, bts-bloodsweatandtearssuga03

Cassidy  @ 13 Jul 2019 03:35 am

- New Decks: gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha06, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha11, itzy-dalladallayuna02, itzy-dalladallayuna04, loona-hihighjinsoul06, loona-hihighjinsoul08, nuest-dejavuren02, nuest-dejavuren13, omg-aing01, omg-aing15, twice-likeoohahhtzuyu02, twice-likeoohahhtzuyu03, bts-foreverrain01, bts-foreverrain02 (12/20)

Mirabel  @ 14 Jul 2019 03:30 pm

deck pulls: bts-foreverrain05, bts-foreverrain06, cb-reallyreally05, cb-reallyreally06 (04/20)

Lex  @ 15 Jul 2019 12:06 am

New Decks: cb-reallyreally02, cb-reallyreally05, itzy-dalladallayuna11, itzy-dalladallayuna18, loona-hihighjinsoul04, loona-hihighjinsoul12, twice-likeoohahhtzuyu06, twice-likeoohahhtzuyu13, april-lovesick14, ds-jokerjiyul16, fiestar-yourepitifulcaolu11, gf-timeforthemoonnighteunha16, hyomin-sketch20, omg-aing15, b1a4-sweetgirlsandeul18, bts-foreverrain10, bts-foreverrain19, got7-focusonme18, nuest-dejavuren17, svt-prettyuvernon20

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