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64 posted by caitlin (190622)

Hello and welcome back to our final Saturday update! I'm just using this opportunity to remind you guys that we are going to be returning back to normal next week with our usual Sunday updates. We're looking forward to it!


I am aware that there is another full week before the month ends, and that we do have another update before June is over, BUT I URGE YOU TO STOP WAITING UNTIL THE LAST SECOND TO FINISH UP MONTHLY TASKS BECAUSE IT'S QUITE HARD TO WATCH YOU GUYS DO EVERYTHING AT 11 PM ON THE FINAL DAY... Please play the monthly games. Get your Mini Masteries in. Make a final attempt at Secret Garden. DONATE THOSE DECKS. Thank you and good luck! I believe in you.

Era Masteries Change

Due to popular demand, we have changed the way that era mastery rewards are being given to you guys. We understand that waiting on custom content is just the name of the game, but the rewards... Sometimes you guys need those cards in a hurry, and who am I to argue with that?

In your member panel, you'll notice a brand new link! Era Mastery Rewards are now their own form with links for each reward level that currently exists (and 20, to even out both lines). I've checked it over and I think that everything is working, but if you're curious to check it out and test out the waters for yourself, head over to your member panel!

The reward pages include an easy reward line for your logs, but it also includes the forum code for yourself and Lara. This includes the rewards that you receive, the badge itself (which you must fill in on your own) and the usual form that you would normally post!

We understand that this creates a little more work for you guys, but we think it'll be a great way to get you your cards even faster, as well as shave off some of the time that Lara spends handing those rewards out. :)

Games, Games, Games

You already know this, but it's time for Set 2 and our usual Weekly Games!

We have made a big change to A Girl Like Me, and we highly recommend double checking the rules! Basically, we are doing it by how many of those decks you have mastered, instead of just having the card itself. The rewards are split up a little differently, too! If you've mastered 6 of those decks, you'll be taking the rewards for 5-6 decks. You'll figure it out. I believe in you guys.

Oh, and there are extra cards in it for you. :)

Someone's birthday is comng up

And it's ours.

Spoiler alert: We will be having an event. It will be modest in a gentle attempt to make sure that everyone has fun, and we appreciate the patience as we work on getting everything set up over the next week!

In the meantime, there's one thing that we're ready to get started on! Our first limited edition decks are on their way and after a suggestion from Luna, we have decided to make the theme "vintage"! This will be any deck that was released before 2015. It doesn't have to be from 1999... But donate some of your favorite music videos, and we'll see which ones look best in a deck together! We've decided to do both a girl group and a boy group version, and we welcome all of our members to participate! Head over to the forum to read over the rules.

New decks

Okay, you guys actually voted for these this week. We've resolved the issue with our votes not being counted on certain decks, we promise!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

bap-youngwildandfreejongup, bp-ddududdudurose, bts-giveittome, chungha-loveuera, gg-lionheartseohyun, ifnt-clock, itzy-dalladallayeji, izone-lavieenrosechaeyeon, jessica-fly, nct-go, nm-lovecitykyungri, nuest-dejavubaekho, shinee-shinin, skz-mypacewoojin, svt-prettyuthe8
caitlin (190622)

Cassidy  @ 22 Jun 2019 07:01 pm

- New Decks: gg-lionheartseohyun19, gg-lionheartseohyun20 (2/20)

Cami  @ 22 Jun 2019 07:04 pm

New Decks: gg-lionheartseohyun01, gg-lionheartseohyun02, shinee-shinin01, shinee-shinin02, nm-lovecitykyungri03, nm-lovecitykyungri16, bp-ddududdudurose09, bp-ddududdudurose10, itzy-dalladallayeji09, itzy-dalladallayeji10 (10/20)

Cami  @ 22 Jun 2019 07:15 pm

New Decks: + svt-prettyuthe803, svt-prettyuthe804 (12/20)

Cami  @ 22 Jun 2019 07:45 pm

New Decks: + skz-mypacewoojin09, skz-mypacewoojin10 (14/20)

Cassidy  @ 22 Jun 2019 08:14 pm

- New Decks: +bp-ddududdudurose02, bp-ddududdudurose12, chungha-loveuera06, chungha-loveuera07, ifnt-clock05, ifnt-clock07, itzy-dalladallayeji05, itzy-dalladallayeji18, izone-lavieenrosechaeyeon01, izone-lavieenrosechaeyeon05, jessica-fly09, jessica-fly17, bts-giveittome07, bts-giveittome08, nuest-dejavubaekho03, nuest-dejavubaekho04 (18/20)

Sanna  @ 23 Jun 2019 12:54 am

New Decks (64): chungha-loveuera18, chungha-loveuera19, izone-lavieenrosechaeyeon12, izone-lavieenrosechaeyeon13, shinee-shinin13, shinee-shinin18, gg-lionheartseohyun12, gg-lionheartseohyun13, bap-youngwildandfreejongup05, bap-youngwildandfreejongup06, bts-giveittome09, bts-giveittome10, nuest-dejavubaekho06, nuest-dejavubaekho07, svt-prettyuthe806, svt-prettyuthe807, nct-go06, nct-go07

Catherine  @ 23 Jun 2019 12:45 pm

Decks Pulls: skz-mypacewoojin04, svt-prettyuthe815, skz-mypacewoojin11, svt-prettyuthe811, nm-lovecitykyungri11, nm-lovecitykyungri05, shinee-shinin11, shinee-shinin01, bap-youngwildandfreejongup11, bap-youngwildandfreejongup05, bp-ddududdudurose05, bts-giveittome01, bp-ddududdudurose11, bts-giveittome11, nuest-dejavubaekho11, nuest-dejavubaekho12

Cami  @ 23 Jun 2019 11:16 pm

New Decks: + nuest-dejavubaekho17, nuest-dejavubaekho18 (16/20)

Selena  @ 24 Jun 2019 03:26 am

New Decks: bts-giveittome01, bts-giveittome02, shinee-shinin01, shinee-shinin02, bap-youngwildandfreejongup10, bap-youngwildandfreejongup11, bp-ddududdudurose12, chungha-loveuera03, gg-lionheartseohyun20, ifnt-clock09, itzy-dalladallayeji14, izone-lavieenrosechaeyeon06, jessica-fly17, nct-go05, nm-lovecitykyungri16, nuest-dejavubaekho04, skz-mypacewoojin18, svt-prettyuthe807

Mirabel  @ 26 Jun 2019 02:19 am

deck pulls: shinee-shinin05, shinee-shinin06, nct-go09, nct-go10, skz-mypacewoojin02, skz-mypacewoojin03 (6/20)

Eimii  @ 26 Jun 2019 01:29 pm

deck releases: bp-ddududdudurose12, bp-ddududdudurose19, gg-lionheartseohyun05, gg-lionheartseohyun17, itzy-dalladallayeji11, itzy-dalladallayeji02, izone-lavieenrosechaeyeon13, izone-lavieenrosechaeyeon14, nm-lovecitykyungri12, nm-lovecitykyungri17, bts-giveittome08, bts-giveittome09, shinee-shinin16, shinee-shinin17, svt-prettyuthe813, svt-prettyuthe808, jessica-fly01, jessica-fly06, chungha-loveuera12, chungha-loveuera14

Ayay  @ 28 Jun 2019 02:39 pm

New Decks: bap-youngwildandfreejongup16, bp-ddududdudurose10, bts-giveittome03, bts-giveittome18, chungha-loveuera12, gg-lionheartseohyun14, gg-lionheartseohyun19, ifnt-clock08, itzy-dalladallayeji14, izone-lavieenrosechaeyeon05, izone-lavieenrosechaeyeon13, jessica-fly08, nct-go13, nm-lovecitykyungri07, nuest-dejavubaekho14, shinee-shinin17, skz-mypacewoojin01, svt-prettyuthe819

Ashley  @ 30 Jun 2019 01:05 am

New Decks: nct-go07, nct-go17, shinee-shinin09, shinee-shinin12, ifnt-clock03, ifnt-clock14, bap-youngwildandfreejongup08, bap-youngwildandfreejongup19, bp-ddududdudurose03, bp-ddududdudurose04, bts-giveittome06, bts-giveittome18, chungha-loveuera02, chungha-loveuera11, svt-prettyuthe804, svt-prettyuthe819, skz-mypacewoojin14, skz-mypacewoojin16, itzy-dalladallayeji09, itzy-dalladallayeji11

Mirabel  @ 30 Jun 2019 03:02 pm

deck pulls: bp-ddududdudurose12, bp-ddududdudurose13, bts-giveittome07, bts-giveittome08 (10/20)

Shinya  @ 30 Jun 2019 07:33 pm

Update (190622): gg-lionheartseohyun01, gg-lionheartseohyun02, izone-lavieenrosechaeyeon03, 0izone-lavieenrosechaeyeon04, svt-prettyuthe805, svt-prettyuthe806, bap-youngwildandfreejongup07, bap-youngwildandfreejongup08, bp-ddududdudurose09, bp-ddududdudurose10, bts-giveittome11, bts-giveittome12, chungha-loveuera13, chungha-loveuera14, nct-go15, nct-go16, skz-mypacewoojin17, skz-mypacewoojin18

argh  @ 03 Jul 2019 12:45 am

New decks: itzy-dalladallayeji14, itzy-dalladallayeji15, bts-giveittome13, bts-giveittome14, skz-mypacewoojin15, skz-mypacewoojin16, nm-lovecitykyungri19, nm-lovecitykyungri20, shinee-shinin09, shinee-shinin10, nuest-dejavubaekho01, nuest-dejavubaekho02, ifnt-clock12, ifnt-clock08, bp-ddududdudurose04, bp-ddududdudurose05, svt-prettyuthe802, svt-prettyuthe803

Lex  @ 14 Jul 2019 05:15 pm

New Decks: bp-ddududdudurose06, bp-ddududdudurose14, chungha-loveuera15, chungha-loveuera20, itzy-dalladallayeji10, itzy-dalladallayeji14, gg-lionheartseohyun09, izone-lavieenrosechaeyeon19, jessica-fly04, nm-lovecitykyungri11, bap-youngwildandfreejongup15, bts-giveittome15, bts-giveittome19, nuest-dejavubaekho13, nuest-dejavubaekho19, shinee-shinin14, shinee-shinin20, skz-mypacewoojin13, ifnt-clock15, svt-prettyuthe818 (20/20)

Whitney  @ 16 Jul 2019 04:52 pm

New Decks: bap-youngwildandfreejongup05, bap-youngwildandfreejongup11, bts-giveittome03, bts-giveittome07, chungha-loveuera10, chungha-loveuera16, gg-lionheartseohyun08, gg-lionheartseohyun14, ifnt-clock07, ifnt-clock13, jessica-fly03, jessica-fly17, nct-go10, nct-go19, shinee-shinin03, shinee-shinin13, nm-lovecitykyungri03, nm-lovecitykyungri20, itzy-dalladallayeji12, itzy-dalladallayeji14
Yellow Ipod (2/3): ifnt-clock09, ifnt-clock16

Thank you!

Madita  @ 01 Aug 2019 04:59 am

New Decks (#64): chungha-loveuera05, chungha-loveuera09, ifnt-clock06, ifnt-clock15, nm-lovecitykyungri07, nm-lovecitykyungri13

Madita  @ 04 Aug 2019 06:20 am

New Decks (#64): bts-giveittome19, bts-giveittome20, shinee-shinin17, shinee-shinin18, skz-mypacewoojin02, skz-mypacewoojin04, itzy-dalladallayeji13, itzy-dalladallayeji17, izone-lavieenrosechaeyeon11, izone-lavieenrosechaeyeon16, svt-prettyuthe802, svt-prettyuthe809, bp-ddududdudurose18, bp-ddududdudurose19

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