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63 posted by caitlin (190615)

Hello, hello! It's us again, bringing you another Saturday update to get your weekend started off on the right foot.

Before I jump into it, I'd really like to say thank you. I know that Nikki has already covered this in our update from last weekend (which I literally did not contribute to at all), but I want to get in on the action too! I am absolutely shocked at how quickly you guys came to our aid and it really put a few things into perspective for me. I know what Idolise means to you guys and it means a lot to us too. The time and effort that goes into this community is a shared load and we wouldn't be anything if it weren't for you guys. I'm not just talking about the staff, either! The fact that so many of you are actually here to play is so amazing and just knowing that we have another year of a sure-thing ahead of us makes me so excited for whatever our future holds. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A million times.

Although we had officially opened on July 1st of last year, it has actually been a full year since we started taking donations. We had given you guys no limit on how many decks you could donate, thinking that no one would be interested, and then we watched in absolute horror as more than 350 claims came in from you guys.

Stay crazy and perfect. Love you guys.

So Anyway, I've Been Coding

It only took me the entire first half of June, but I have finally rolled out the layout that I've been working on. I thought it would be fun to celebrate Pride month with a little rainbow banner, and bring in the summer with something fun and new! To make sure there is at least one idol that everyone likes, there are 49 in total with absolutely no overlap in groups. Did I struggle and think about giving up? Absolutely. So I've decided that the next time I want to change the header, we'll vote on a theme and I'll let you guys contribute to the images for it through the forum!

Despite having the same Mamamoo layout for more than 6 months, there were a lot of pages that needed to be switched over and were still stuck on the old layout because I wasn't feeling particularly inspired. At this point in time, I think that 90% of the site has been successfully swapped to this brand new layout and I believe that's a good sign. There may be some flaws in the coding, but I am still learning and completely self taught, so I ask that you ignore those things and allow me to continue sweeping it under the rug for as long as I wish. ^^

If something appears to be switched over and isn't working AT ALL please let me know in the forum! Messaging me can be a little overwhelming and I appreciate all the time you guys spend hunting down errors. I swapped over all of our forms so that they looked a little bit cleaner and there is absolutely no way in hell that I didn't miss something... But with that being said, a few things that I am aware of at this time, so please don't message me about them!

  • Upcoming page not being swapped over yet.
  • Released deck view table headers not including the arrows (still clickable though).
  • Quick view not working (going to be removing this due to the struggle being real).
  • Top links not being the same color when the window is resized.
  • Info page not being pretty at all/having a pink bar at the top.
  • A lot of randomizers/reward pages being on the wrong layout.
  • A few issues with member profiles and some of the coding not transitioning well.
  • Shop not being switched over.
  • A broken image showing in member panel when you have no era masteries.
  • A Girl Like Me just being generally a bit ugly right now.
  • A few small issues in the header where the end piece idols in my pattern are half one color and half another because I edited them later.
  • The layout just GENERALLY NOT LOOKING GOOD WHEN MAKING THE WINDOW SMALLER TBH... Don't come for me, I'm doing my best. TT

Sunday Updates Are Coming Back

Guess what? Sunday updates are coming back! For the month of July and August, my schedule at work has changed again and I'll be off on Sunday and Monday instead of Friday and Saturday. Although Nikki and I are going to be on vacation for the last week of June, Sunday updates will return as of June 30th! That means that we'll have one more Saturday update next week, and then come back to update on Sunday, June 30th! An 8 day break for you guys.

Weekly Games

We're back to Set 1, and all game links can be located in our side bar. If you can't see the game sidebar, your browser window may be too small!

15 Brand New Decks

So, regarding deck votes, we'd like to apologize to our members because there was a strange issue in the code where any deck name that had an apostrophe in it was not registering as a vote. This means that our NU'EST fans, Girls' Generation fans and... Baby Don't Stop fans ? were voting without us knowing. We were wondering why these decks had no votes, and due to Danni's whining last week about the votes being rigged, we had looked into the issue and Nikki had noticed fairly quickly what the issue was. We tested voting on a few other decks and have changed the dropdown to feature the file names instead of the full deck names, but we are very sorry!

To make it up to you guys, please vote 12 times this week! We're really sorry and please keep in mind that literally any deck that has an apostrophe in it currently is at 0 votes.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

april-ohmymistakerachel, baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun, dia-look, elsie-imgood, gg-lionhearthyoyeon, ggd-semina, got7-party, ikon-killingmechanwoo, ioi-veryveryverysomi, laboum-shootinglove, nct-babydontstop, nuest-dejavujr, sohee-hurryup, unit-imeanyoonjo
caitlin (190615)

Eimii  @ 16 Jun 2019 06:41 pm

deck releases (0615): april-ohmymistakerachel13, april-ohmymistakerachel17, gg-lionhearthyoyeon06, gg-lionhearthyoyeon11, ggd-semina06, ggd-semina08, laboum-shootinglove03, laboum-shootinglove09, sohee-hurryup08, sohee-hurryup14, unit-imeanyoonjo06, unit-imeanyoonjo11, baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse09, baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse14, ioi-veryveryverysomi13, ioi-veryveryverysomi18, dia-look10, dia-look15, elsie-imgood16, elsie-imgood18

Mirabel  @ 16 Jun 2019 08:21 pm

deck pulls: nct-babydontstop05, nct-babydontstop06, nuest-dejavujr07, nuest-dejavujr08, laboum-shootinglove09, laboum-shootinglove10 (6/20)

Cami  @ 16 Jun 2019 10:33 pm

New Decks: nuest-dejavujr01, nuest-dejavujr02, laboum-shootinglove03, laboum-shootinglove04, gg-lionhearthyoyeon05, gg-lionhearthyoyeon06, april-ohmymistakerachel07, april-ohmymistakerachel08, baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse09, baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse10, got7-party11, got7-party12, ioi-veryveryverysomi13, ioi-veryveryverysomi14, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun01, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun02, ikon-killingmechanwoo03, ikon-killingmechanwoo04, ggd-semina05, ggd-semina06

Pam  @ 17 Jun 2019 06:08 am

new sets took april-ohmymistakerachel01, baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse20, dia-look01, elsie-imgood20, gg-lionhearthyoyeon01, ggd-semina20, ioi-veryveryverysomi01, laboum-shootinglove20, nuest-dejavujr01, sohee-hurryup20, unit-imeanyoonjo01, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun01, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun20, got7-party20, ikon-killingmechanwoo01, ikon-killingmechanwoo20, nct-babydontstop01, nct-babydontstop20

Madita  @ 17 Jun 2019 03:35 pm

New Decks(#63):
nuest-dejavujr11, nuest-dejavujr12, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun17, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun18, nct-babydontstop03, nct-babydontstop04 (06/18)

Selena  @ 18 Jun 2019 04:09 am

New Decks: april-ohmymistakerachel16, baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse12, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun03, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun10, dia-look13, elsie-imgood01, gg-lionhearthyoyeon14, ggd-semina09, got7-party05,  ikon-killingmechanwoo17, ioi-veryveryverysomi02, laboum-shootinglove09, nct-babydontstop18, nct-babydontstop19, nuest-dejavujr02, sohee-hurryup14, sohee-hurryup15, unit-imeanyoonjo11

Sanna  @ 18 Jun 2019 07:19 pm

New Decks (63): ioi-veryveryverysomi08, ioi-veryveryverysomi09, gg-lionhearthyoyeon18, gg-lionhearthyoyeon19, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun05, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun06, got7-party05, got7-party06, ikon-killingmechanwoo05, ikon-killingmechanwoo06, nct-babydontstop09, nct-babydontstop10, nuest-dejavujr05, nuest-dejavujr06, unit-imeanyoonjo05, unit-imeanyoonjo06, april-ohmymistakerachel03, april-ohmymistakerachel04

osaka  @ 20 Jun 2019 01:34 pm

New Decks: april-ohmymistakerachel06, april-ohmymistakerachel07, dia-look08, dia-look13, ioi-veryveryverysomi02, ioi-veryveryverysomi11

argh  @ 20 Jun 2019 09:12 pm

new decks: got7-party09, got7-party10, ioi-veryveryverysomi03, ioi-veryveryverysomi04, laboum-shootinglove19, laboum-shootinglove20, april-ohmymistakerachel05, ikon-killingmechanwoo12, ikon-killingmechanwoo14, nuest-dejavujr04, nuest-dejavujr12, nct-babydontstop13, nct-babydontstop08, ggd-semina02, ggd-semina15, sohee-hurryup04, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun07, baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse15

Cassidy  @ 21 Jun 2019 04:21 am

- New Decks (190615): ggd-semina03, ggd-semina13, sohee-hurryup05, sohee-hurryup06, unit-imeanyoonjo02, unit-imeanyoonjo10, ikon-killingmechanwoo08, ikon-killingmechanwoo09 (8/20)

Alecks  @ 25 Jun 2019 03:15 pm

New Decks (190615): ioi-veryveryverysomi01, ioi-veryveryverysomi02

Cassidy  @ 29 Jun 2019 10:20 pm

- New Decks (190615): +gg-lionhearthyoyeon17, gg-lionhearthyoyeon20, ioi-veryveryverysomi04, ioi-veryveryverysomi10 (12/20)

Ashley  @ 30 Jun 2019 01:14 am

got7-party03, got7-party17, nct-babydontstop06, nct-babydontstop13, laboum-shootinglove02, laboum-shootinglove06, baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse14, baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse12, dia-look09, dia-look14, elsie-imgood02, elsie-imgood19, ioi-veryveryverysomi02, ioi-veryveryverysomi18, unit-imeanyoonjo09, unit-imeanyoonjo17, sohee-hurryup07, sohee-hurryup09, april-ohmymistakerachel09, april-ohmymistakerachel17

I came back to TCG life for the NCT Baby Don't Stop MV /fangirl time

Shinya  @ 30 Jun 2019 07:28 pm

Update (190615): gg-lionhearthyoyeon01, gg-lionhearthyoyeon02, laboum-shootinglove03, laboum-shootinglove04, april-ohmymistakerachel05, april-ohmymistakerachel06, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun07, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun08, dia-look09, dia-look10, got7-party11, got7-party12, ikon-killingmechanwoo13, ikon-killingmechanwoo14, ioi-veryveryverysomi15, ioi-veryveryverysomi16, nct-babydontstop17, nct-babydontstop18

Lex  @ 14 Jul 2019 05:07 pm

New Decks: ggd-semina10, ggd-semina19, april-ohmymistakerachel11, dia-look04, dia-look17, gg-lionhearthyoyeon13, ioi-veryveryverysomi17, laboum-shootinglove05, sohee-hurryup07, sohee-hurryup12, unit-imeanyoonjo08, baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse11, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun15, ikon-killingmechanwoo07, ikon-killingmechanwoo18, nct-babydontstop02, nct-babydontstop14, nuest-dejavujr19, nuest-dejavujr10, elsie-imgood10 (20/20)

Whitney  @ 16 Jul 2019 05:01 pm

New Decks: ikon-killingmechanwoo05, ikon-killingmechanwoo07, ioi-veryveryverysomi13, ioi-veryveryverysomi18, sohee-hurryup03, sohee-hurryup11, nct-babydontstop06, nct-babydontstop16, got7-party03, got7-party13, gg-lionhearthyoyeon13, gg-lionhearthyoyeon19, dia-look11, dia-look13, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun07, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun13, baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse07, baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse13, april-ohmymistakerachel08, april-ohmymistakerachel15

Thank you!

Madita  @ 04 Aug 2019 06:17 am

New Decks (#63): ggd-semina01, ggd-semina06, got7-party01, got7-party02, ioi-veryveryverysomi06, ioi-veryveryverysomi08, ioi-veryveryverysomi

Alecks  @ 05 Aug 2019 12:27 am

New Decks (8/20 - 190615): gg-lionhearthyoyeon01, gg-lionhearthyoyeon02, got7-party03, got7-party05, nct-babydontstop03, nct-babydontstop05

Andrea  @ 12 Aug 2019 03:48 am

New Decks (190615) (18/18): nct-babydontstop07, nct-babydontstop12, baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse17, baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse19, gg-lionhearthyoyeon11, gg-lionhearthyoyeon19, got7-party03, got7-party13, sohee-hurryup08, sohee-hurryup17, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun16, bap-youngwildandfreedaehyun20, dia-look14, dia-look15, ikon-killingmechanwoo06, ikon-killingmechanwoo14, ioi-veryveryverysomi06, ioi-veryveryverysomi17

Mirabel  @ 13 Aug 2019 05:01 pm

deck pulls baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse03, baekyerin-acrosstheuniverse04 (8/20)

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