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Welcome to June, my little angels! After a relaxing month with no donations or events, we're back at it again and this update is going to be a little jam packed, but I promise we'll be back to short updates next week.

To start, here are some event cards! I missed the May event card by accident, so I'm adding that as well!

190501, 190601

To start, we want to discuss something important, and potentially a little bit awkward!

looking for a little help with the future

As a lot of you guys are already aware, I will be going to school this September and will likely be leaving my current job as a direct result. I am, at the very least, taking the entire first semester off so that I can focus on the program and I'm quite excited! This is not going to effect the time or love that I put into Idolise, but it will effect my wallet greatly.

For the first time since 2013 (when I opened my first TCG with Nikki), I'm going to ask you guys for a little bit of help with keeping both the domain and my hosting plan alive. This money will NOT be going into our pockets, obviously! This money will not be going into the domain, either, as this is personally owned and brings no one but myself joy.

This is by no need necessary. This is only to ask those of you who have the means and would like to help out! Whether or not we can raise enough money to pay for hosting, I will not be letting the site die. I've paid for hosting without help up until this point and can continue to do so, but I'm trying to be a more responsible adult and I acknowledge that the cost of keeping Idolise open while I am a full time student could be considered a large amount.

We have created a GoFundMe to raise the money needed for hosting, so that everyone can keep an eye on our progress, and any help is greatly appreciated! Due to fees, our goal is a little higher than it would be otherwise, so I promise we are not ripping you guys off. If any extra money does come in, I will change the renewal terms to accommodate for that!

To show you guys what we are currently paying, I want to provide the following screenshots! These prices are in USD, and the GoFundMe campaign is in CAD. This may automatically be converted through your browser, depending on your country, so this entire paragraph may be nonsense words.


With that being said, we hope that this doesn't upset anyone. We understand that money is a sensitive topic for a lot of people and we do not want anyone to donate who does not the means. Idolise is supposed to be a fun and free escape from reality, you know? This is not a spitting contest, either. We don't want anyone to feel bad if they can't donate. It doesn't mean you don't love the site! We are going to keep it running EITHER WAY, WE PROMISE.

new month, new everything

I can barely believe that we have made it to our 12th Mini Mastery theme! This month, we have another theme suggestion from Zooya, who wants us to know that the idea actually came from Mio, which we think is a good one. You guys have been wanting this one for a long time: PLUSHIES! Specifically, this can be any stuffed animal. We want to remind our members that although there are a lot of great photos from fan signs, your favorite idol may have also brought/receive a stuffed animal at the airport, just in case you are entirely stumped. Good luck and have fun!

With that being said, there are brand new Monthly Games as well as forum topics for June Birthdays and June Donations.

Nikki wants me to remind you all that Secret Garden always has a theme attached. This is meant to help you figure out what those cards may be! Do your best, you have all month to figure it!

and of course, our weekly games

Aside from the Monthly Games, our beloved Set 1 and our precious Weekly Set have both been updated by my best friend! There are honestly so many cards coming your way today, I hope that you guys get something good.

new decks

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

bom-spring, bts-springdayjhope, fis9-lovebombgyuri, gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin, ioi-veryveryverysohye, laboum-winterstorysoyeon, loona-hihighgowon, lvlz-wowbabysoul, minah-iamawomantoo, shinee-1of1minho, skz-mypacein, stlr-stinghyoeun, sunmi-noir, taeyeon-fourseasons, unit-imeansuji
Posted on 190601 by caitlin

by osaka @ 01 Jun 2019 04:18 pm
Event Cards: 190501, 190601
New Decks: gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin09, gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin16, ioi-veryveryverysohye07, ioi-veryveryverysohye18, loona-hihighgowon06, loona-hihighgowon13, sunmi-noir05, sunmi-noir06
by Cami @ 01 Jun 2019 05:31 pm
Event Cards: 190501, 190601

New Decks: lvlz-wowbabysoul01, lvlz-wowbabysoul02, shinee-1of1minho01, shinee-1of1minho02, gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin01, gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin02, bts-springdayjhope11, bts-springdayjhope12, laboum-winterstorysoyeon05, laboum-winterstorysoyeon06, bom-spring17, bom-spring18 (12/20)
by Cassidy @ 01 Jun 2019 08:10 pm
- New Decks: fis9-lovebombgyuri01, fis9-lovebombgyuri02, bts-springdayjhope19, bts-springdayjhope20, sunmi-noir19, sunmi-noir20 (6/20)
by mimi @ 01 Jun 2019 08:20 pm
New Decks: bts-springdayjhope03, bts-springdayjhope04, ioi-veryveryverysohye01, ioi-veryveryverysohye02, loona-hihighgowon01, loona-hihighgowon02, shinee-1of1minho01, shinee-1of1minho02, skz-mypacein03, skz-mypacein04 (10/18)
Event Card: 190501, 190601
by Catherine @ 01 Jun 2019 08:53 pm
unmi-noir12, sunmi-noir11, skz-mypacein11, skz-mypacein05, bts-springdayjhope11, bts-springdayjhope12, shinee-1of1minho11, shinee-1of1minho15
by Cassidy @ 02 Jun 2019 01:26 am
New Decks: +gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin01, gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin04, ioi-veryveryverysohye01, ioi-veryveryverysohye02, laboum-winterstorysoyeon17, laboum-winterstorysoyeon20, loona-hihighgowon02, loona-hihighgowon04, lvlz-wowbabysoul07, lvlz-wowbabysoul09, minah-iamawomantoo05, minah-iamawomantoo13, taeyeon-fourseasons02, taeyeon-fourseasons13 (20/20)
- Event Cards: 190501, 190601
by Cami @ 02 Jun 2019 02:21 am
New Decks: + ioi-veryveryverysohye11, ioi-veryveryverysohye16 (14/20)
by Cami @ 02 Jun 2019 02:22 am
New Decks: + fis9-lovebombgyuri01, fis9-lovebombgyuri02 (16/20)
by Alecks @ 02 Jun 2019 03:47 pm
New Decks (190601): skz-mypacein13, skz-mypacein14, bts-springdayjhope17, bts-springdayjhope18
by Sanna @ 02 Jun 2019 04:45 pm
Event Cards: 190501, 190601

New Decks (61): ioi-veryveryverysohye06, ioi-veryveryverysohye07, minah-iamawomantoo07, minah-iamawomantoo08, shinee-1of1minho09, shinee-1of1minho10, sunmi-noir13, sunmi-noir14, bts-springdayjhope06, bts-springdayjhope07, gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin05, gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin06, loona-hihighgowon11, loona-hihighgowon12, taeyeon-fourseasons11, taeyeon-fourseasons12, skz-mypacein05, skz-mypacein06
by Mirabel @ 02 Jun 2019 09:23 pm
deck pulls: skz-mypacein07, skz-mypacein08, shinee-1of1minho03, shinee-1of1minho04 (4/20)
by Pam @ 03 Jun 2019 06:36 am
event cards took 190501, 190601

new sets took bom-spring01, bts-springdayjhope05, bts-springdayjhope15, fis9-lovebombgyuri20, gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin01, ioi-veryveryverysohye20, laboum-winterstorysoyeon01, loona-hihighgowon20, lvlz-wowbabysoul01, minah-iamawomantoo20, shinee-1of1minho05,
shinee-1of1minho15, skz-mypacein01, stlr-stinghyoeun20, sunmi-noir01, taeyeon-fourseasons20, unit-imeansuji01
by Mirabel @ 03 Jun 2019 09:15 pm
deck pulls: bts-springdayjhope06, bts-springdayjhope18 (6/20)
by Selena @ 04 Jun 2019 07:33 pm
Event Cards: 190501, 190601
New Decks: bts-springdayjhope01, bts-springdayjhope02, loona-hihighgowon01, loona-hihighgowon02, bom-spring12, fis9-lovebombgyuri06, gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin19, ioi-veryveryverysohye17, laboum-winterstorysoyeon04, lvlz-wowbabysoul08, minah-iamawomantoo20, shinee-1of1minho11, skz-mypacein05, stlr-stinghyoeun08, sunmi-noir02, sunmi-noir03, taeyeon-fourseasons13, unit-imeansuji15
by Madita @ 05 Jun 2019 06:34 am
Event Cards: 190501, 190601
New Decks (Week #61): bts-springdayjhope05, bts-springdayjhope06, skz-mypacein19, skz-mypacein20, unit-imeansuji09, unit-imeansuji10, sunmi-noir04, sunmi-noir12, minah-iamawomantoo05, minah-iamawomantoo06
by Usagi @ 06 Jun 2019 10:31 am
Event: 190501, 190601
New Decks (190601): fis9-lovebombgyuri20, gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin01, ioi-veryveryverysohye16, loona-hihighgowon12, skz-mypacein15 (5/18)
by argh @ 06 Jun 2019 09:13 pm
New Decks: ioi-veryveryverysohye14, ioi-veryveryverysohye15, fis9-lovebombgyuri03 & fis9-lovebombgyuri08, skz-mypacein05, skz-mypacein06, sunmi-noir03, sunmi-noir04, loona-hihighgowon09, loona-hihighgowon10, bts-springdayjhope07, bts-springdayjhope08, shinee-1of1minho02, shinee-1of1minho03, gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin01, unit-imeansuji12, bom-spring01, taeyeon-fourseasons14, and event cards: 190501, 190601
by Shinya @ 07 Jun 2019 12:53 pm
Event cards: 190501, 190601
Update (190601): taeyeon-fourseasons01, taeyeon-fourseasons02, minah-iamawomantoo03, minah-iamawomantoo04, laboum-winterstorysoyeon05, laboum-winterstorysoyeon06, bts-springdayjhope07, bts-springdayjhope08, gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin09, gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin10, ioi-veryveryverysohye11, ioi-veryveryverysohye12, loona-hihighgowon13, loona-hihighgowon14, sunmi-noir15, sunmi-noir16, lvlz-wowbabysoul17, lvlz-wowbabysoul18
by Mari @ 08 Jun 2019 06:11 am
Event Cards: 190501, 190601
New Decks: ioi-veryveryverysohye01, ioi-veryveryverysohye02, shinee-1of1minho01, shinee-1of1minho02, sunmi-noir01, sunmi-noir02, unit-imeansuji01, unit-imeansuji02
by Eimii @ 08 Jun 2019 07:59 pm
deck releases: loona-hihighgowon12, loona-hihighgowon14, stlr-stinghyoeun17, stlr-stinghyoeun20, sunmi-noir08, sunmi-noir15, taeyeon-fourseasons04, taeyeon-fourseasons11, fis9-lovebombgyuri03, fis9-lovebombgyuri15, minah-iamawomantoo06, minah-iamawomantoo16, lvlz-wowbabysoul15, lvlz-wowbabysoul20, gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin02, gf-timeforthemoonnightyerin08, laboum-winterstorysoyeon09, laboum-winterstorysoyeon14, unit-imeansuji12, unit-imeansuji13
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