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Hello and welcome back to another Saturday update with your favorite best friends. We had a busy day and now that we're finished watching Broduce and having dinner, we're finally gracing you with a quick and dirty update.


This month flew the heck by, didn't it? You know what that means, though! All of our monthly games are coming to an end. I promise that I am going to catch up on mini masteries this week! Sorry for the delay on those, but your sweet mother is struggling to stay awake after work. ^^

new games

As always, Nikki has worked hard to bring you guys another great set of games. Set 2 and Weekly Games are back, baby! Don't forget about your forum games, as well. Those are high value cards that you don't want to give up.

brand new decks

You... Voted... For.. These...

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

aoa-heartattackyuna, bts-idol, chungha-loveu, dc-chasemedami, exo-powerxiumin, fei-fantasy, ikon-rhythmta, mmoo-yesiamhwasa, mx-rushshownu, ptg-runawayshinwon, shannon-whywhy, sunmi-gashinaera, svt-prettyujun, twice-likeoohahhjihyo, weme-idontlikeyourgirlfriend
Posted on 190525 by caitlin

by mimi @ 25 May 2019 09:35 pm
New Decks: dc-chasemedami19, dc-chasemedami20, svt-prettyujun19, svt-prettyujun20, aoa-heartattackyuna01, aoa-heartattackyuna02, weme-idontlikeyourgirlfriend01, weme-idontlikeyourgirlfriend02, shannon-whywhy05, shannon-whywhy06, bts-idol05, bts-idol06, mx-rushshownu05, mx-rushshownu07 (14/18)
by osaka @ 25 May 2019 09:40 pm
New Decks: bts-idol03, bts-idol04, mx-rushshownu05, mx-rushshownu06, svt-prettyujun05, svt-prettyujun06, aoa-heartattackyuna04, aoa-heartattackyuna05, shannon-whywhy09, shannon-whywhy10, shannon-whywhy11
by osaka @ 25 May 2019 09:50 pm
New Decks: ikon-rhythmta07, ikon-rhythmta08
by Catherine @ 25 May 2019 11:22 pm
Deck Pulls: svt-prettyujun12, svt-prettyujun11, sunmi-gashinaera08, sunmi-gashinaera11, ptg-runawayshinwon10, ptg-runawayshinwon11, ikon-rhythmta05, mmoo-yesiamhwasa08, ikon-rhythmta11, mmoo-yesiamhwasa11, exo-powerxiumin04, exo-powerxiumin11, aoa-heartattackyuna05, aoa-heartattackyuna11, dc-chasemedami18, dc-chasemedami11,
by Sanna @ 26 May 2019 01:54 am
New Decks (60): chungha-loveu17, chungha-loveu18, dc-chasemedami09, dc-chasemedami10, twice-likeoohahhjihyo19, twice-likeoohahhjihyo19, bts-idol09, bts-idol10, sunmi-gashinaera06, sunmi-gashinaera07, mmoo-yesiamhwasa06, mmoo-yesiamhwasa07, svt-prettyujun07, svt-prettyujun08, mx-rushshownu10, mx-rushshownu11, ikon-rhythmta06, ikon-rhythmta09
by Selena @ 26 May 2019 10:06 am
New Decks: bts-idol07, bts-idol09, mmoo-yesiamhwasa01, mmoo-yesiamhwasa02, aoa-heartattackyuna11, chungha-loveu04, dc-chasemedami16, exo-powerxiumin09, fei-fantasy10, ikon-rhythmta15, mx-rushshownu20, ptg-runawayshinwon06, shannon-whywhy11, sunmi-gashinaera19, svt-prettyujun02, svt-prettyujun12, twice-likeoohahhjihyo08, weme-idontlikeyourgirlfriend16
by Shinya @ 26 May 2019 05:04 pm
Update (190525): svt-prettyujun01, svt-prettyujun02, aoa-heartattackyuna03, aoa-heartattackyuna04, bts-idol05, bts-idol06, chungha-loveu07, chungha-loveu08, exo-powerxiumin09, exo-powerxiumin10, ikon-rhythmta11, ikon-rhythmta12, sunmi-gashinaera13, sunmi-gashinaera14, twice-likeoohahhjihyo15, twice-likeoohahhjihyo16, mx-rushshownu17, mx-rushshownu18
by Cami @ 26 May 2019 09:38 pm
New Decks (190525): aoa-heartattackyuna01, aoa-heartattackyuna02, bts-idol15, bts-idol16, mmoo-yesiamhwasa03, mmoo-yesiamhwasa04 (6/20)
by Cassidy @ 27 May 2019 11:42 pm
- New Decks (190525): aoa-heartattackyuna06, aoa-heartattackyuna18, chungha-loveu01, chungha-loveu06, exo-powerxiumin02, exo-powerxiumin04, sunmi-gashinaera02, sunmi-gashinaera05, bts-idol01, bts-idol02, ikon-rhythmta10, ikon-rhythmta11 (12/20)
by Alecks @ 28 May 2019 02:12 pm
- New Decks (190525): bts-idol19, bts-idol20, mmoo-yesiamhwasa19, mmoo-yesiamhwasa20, aoa-heartattackyuna01, aoa-heartattack02, chungha-loveu01, chungha-loveu02, dc-chasemedami01, dc-chasemedami02, sunmi-gashina01, sunmi-gashina02, twice-likeoohahhjihyo03, twice-likeoohahhjihyo04
by Mirabel @ 28 May 2019 05:06 pm
deck pulls: mmoo-yesiamhwasa09, mmoo-yesiamhwasa10, ikon-rhythmta13, ikon-rhythmta14, bts-idol15, bts-idol16 (6/20)
by Cassidy @ 28 May 2019 10:55 pm
- New Decks (190525): +mmoo-yesiamhwasa06, mmoo-yesiamhwasa07 (14/20)
by argh @ 29 May 2019 01:16 am
New Decks: svt-prettyujun12, ikon-rhythmta03, ikon-rhythmta07, mx-rushshownu03, chungha-loveu14, aoa-heartattackyuna13, dc-chasemedami10, exo-powerxiumin07, fei-fantasy05, mmoo-yesiamhwasa13, ptg-runawayshinwon08, shannon-whywhy16, sunmi-gashinaera10, svt-prettyujun09, twice-likeoohahhjihyo17, weme-idontlikeyourgirlfriend02, bts-idol10 & mx-rushshownu18
by Eimii @ 29 May 2019 10:18 pm
deck releases: aoa-heartattackyuna07, aoa-heartattackyuna08, fei-fantasy05, fei-fantasy08, mmoo-yesiamhwasa10, mmoo-yesiamhwasa11, shannon-whywhy01, shannon-whywhy13, sunmi-gashinaera16, sunmi-gashinaera19, twice-likeoohahhjihyo05, twice-likeoohahhjihyo10, dc-chasemedami02, dc-chasemedami19, chungha-loveu03, chungha-loveu13, bts-idol16, bts-idol17, ikon-rhythmta14, ikon-rhythmta10
by @ 30 May 2019 07:43 am
new sets took aoa-heartattackyuna01, bts-idol08, bts-idol18, chungha-loveu20, dc-chasemedami01, exo-powerxiumin05, exo-powerxiumin15, fei-fantasy20, ikon-rhythmta01, mmoo-yesiamhwasa20, mx-rushshownu03, mx-rushshownu13, ptg-runawayshinwon01, shannon-whywhy20, sunmi-gashinaera01, svt-prettyujun20, twice-likeoohahhjihyo01, weme-idontlikeyourgirlfriend20
by Madita @ 30 May 2019 04:21 pm
New Decks (#60):bts-idol09, bts-idol10, ikon-rhythmta13, ikon-rhythmta14, dc-chasemedami05, dc-chasemedami06, aoa-heartattackyuna10, aoa-heartattackyuna11, sunmi-gashinaera19, sunmi-gashinaera20 (10/18)
by Whitney @ 03 Jun 2019 05:00 pm
New Decks: bts-idol04, bts-idol05, mmoo-yesiamhwasa12, mmoo-yesiamhwasa13, mx-rushshownu01, mx-rushshownu02, ikon-rhythmta15, ikon-rhythmta16, exo-powerxiumin01, exo-powerxiumin02, twice-likeoohahhjihyo01, twice-likeoohahhjihyo02 (12/20)

Thank you! I'll be back for the rest of my pulls soon! :)
by Usagi @ 06 Jun 2019 10:42 am
New Decks (190525): dc-chasemedami02, dc-chasemedami19, ptg-runawayshinwon08 (3/18)
by Mirabel @ 23 Jun 2019 08:38 pm
deck pulls: fei-fantasy03, fei-fantasy04 (8/20)
by Cassidy @ 29 Jun 2019 10:21 pm
- New Decks (190525): +weme-idontlikeyourgirlfriend03, weme-idontlikeyourgirlfriend04 (16/20)
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