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59 posted by caitlin (190518)

Hey guys! I'm going to absolutely keep this short and sweet today because I have absolutely nothing to say. This makes me feel like I'm forgetting something, but there really isn't anything going on right now. We hope that you guys are having a good month and we'll see you guys next week!

brand new games

I'm sure you guys already know this, but there are brand new Week 1 games! Nikki has worked hard on these, and she hopes you like them/ Feel free to play our Weekly Set as well!

Play those forum games, too! Those are valuable cards that you might be missing out on.

your new decks

As a direct result of your actual votes!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

bts-persona, dc-chasemesiyeon, exo-powerchen, fis9-lovebombchaeyoung, gf-timeforthemoonnightumji, got7-justrightjackson, ikon-killingmebi, izone-violeta, loona-hihighchuu, mmoo-yesiammoonbyul, mx-rushminhyuk, skz-mypaceleeknow, svt-prettyumingyu, twice-likeoohahhmomo, wno-springbreeze
caitlin (190518)

mimi  @ 18 May 2019 02:47 pm

New Decks : dc-chasemesiyeon01, dc-chasemesiyeon02, got7-justrightjackson01, got7-justrightjackson02, mmoo-yesiammoonbyul01, mmoo-yesiammoonbyul02, skz-mypaceleeknow01, skz-mypaceleeknow02, svt-prettyumingyu01, svt-prettyumingyu02, twice-likeoohahhmomo01, twice-likeoohahhmomo02 (12/18)

Shinya  @ 18 May 2019 05:47 pm

Update (190518): bts-persona01, bts-persona02, dc-chasemesiyeon03, dc-chasemesiyeon4, exo-powerchen05, exo-powerchen06, gf-timeforthemoonnightumji07, gf-timeforthemoonnightumji08, got7-justrightjackson09, got7-justrightjackson10, izone-violeta11, izone-violeta12, svt-prettyumingyu13, svt-prettyumingyu14, wno-springbreeze15, wno-springbreeze16, loona-hihighchuu17, loona-hihighchuu18

Cassidy  @ 18 May 2019 08:04 pm

- New Decks: exo-powerchen07, exo-powerchen15, fis9-lovebombchaeyoung07, fis9-lovebombchaeyoung08, gf-timeforthemoonnightumji02, gf-timeforthemoonnightumji17, izone-violeta13, izone-violeta15, loona-hihighchuu08, loona-hihighchuu19, svt-prettyumingyu05, svt-prettyumingyu07, twice-likeoohahhmomo04, twice-likeoohahhmomo06, ikon-killingmebi13, ikon-killingmebi14, bts-persona03, bts-persona04, mmoo-yesiammoonbyul14, mmoo-yesiammoonbyul15 (20/20)

Selena  @ 19 May 2019 03:16 am

New Decks: bts-persona01, bts-persona02, loona-hihighchuu01, loona-hihighchuu02, dc-chasemesiyeon19, exo-powerchen09, fis9-lovebombchaeyoung16, gf-timeforthemoonnightumji07, got7-justrightjackson04, got7-justrightjackson11, ikon-killingmebi02, izone-violeta14, mmoo-yesiammoonbyul20, mx-rushminhyuk15, skz-mypaceleeknow05, svt-prettyumingyu17, twice-likeoohahhmomo03, wno-springbreeze19

Catherine  @ 19 May 2019 08:44 am

Deck Pulls: bts-persona11, dc-chasemesiyeon11, exo-powerchen11, bts-persona04, dc-chasemesiyeon05, exo-powerchen13, got7-justrightjackson11, ikon-killingmebi11, got7-justrightjackson04, ikon-killingmebi05, mmoo-yesiammoonbyul11, mmoo-yesiammoonbyul01, skz-mypaceleeknow11, svt-prettyumingyu11, skz-mypaceleeknow04, svt-prettyumingyu05

Madita  @ 20 May 2019 05:34 am

New Decks (#59): bts-persona03, bts-persona04, twice-likeoohahhmomo17, twice-likeoohahhmomo18, wno-springbreeze04, wno-springbreeze05, mx-rushminhyuk03, mx-rushminhyuk04 (08/18)

Mirabel  @ 20 May 2019 04:46 pm

deck pulls: bts-persona07, bts-persona08, loona-hihighchuu15, loona-hihighchuu16 (4/20)

Mirabel  @ 20 May 2019 05:56 pm

deck pulls: twice-likeoohahhmomo13, twice-likeoohahhmomo14 (6/20)

argh  @ 20 May 2019 07:04 pm

New Decks (#59): twice-likeoohahhmomo02, ikon-killingmebi03, ikon-killingmebi20, got7-justrightjackson01, got7-justrightjackson02, wno-springbreeze08, wno-springbreeze16, bts-persona07, svt-prettyumingyu06, dc-chasemesiyeon03, exo-powerchen15, fis9-lovebombchaeyoung14, gf-timeforthemoonnightumji08, izone-violeta06, loona-hihighchuu12, mmoo-yesiammoonbyul08, mx-rushminhyuk08 & skz-mypaceleeknow12 18/18 thank you~

Echo  @ 21 May 2019 08:55 am

New Decks (190518): skz-mypaceleeknow18, skz-mypaceleeknow19, bts-persona11, bts-persona12, dc-chasemesiyeon06, dc-chasemesiyeon12, exo-powerchen08, exo-powerchen15, izone-violeta08, izone-violeta10, loona-hihighchuu04, loona-hihighchuu13, mx-rushminhyuk09, mx-rushminhyuk20, twice-likeoohahhmomo08, twice-likeoohahhmomo14
Donation Pull: skz-mypaceleeknow20

Cami  @ 22 May 2019 03:14 pm

New Decks (190518): gf-timeforthemoonnightumji01, gf-timeforthemoonnightumji02, fis9-lovebombchaeyoung01, fis9-lovebombchaeyoung02 (4/20)

Cami  @ 22 May 2019 03:29 pm

New Decks (190518): + svt-prettyumingyu03, svt-prettyumingyu05 (6/20)

Alecks  @ 23 May 2019 09:02 am

New Decks (8/20): bts-persona11, bts-persona15, mmoo-yesiammoonbyul07, mmoo-yesiammoonbyul08, twice-likeoohahhmomo03, twice-likeoohahhmomo04, got7-justrightjackson01, got7-justrightjackson02

Usagi  @ 23 May 2019 02:24 pm

New Decks (190518): bts-persona02, got7-justrightjackson07, wno-springbreeze08, mx-rushminhyuk11 (4/18)

Sanna  @ 23 May 2019 09:50 pm

New Decks (59): dc-chasemesiyeon07, dc-chasemesiyeon08, izone-violeta05, izone-violeta09, twice-likeoohahhmomo05, twice-likeoohahhmomo07, gf-timeforthemoonnightumji04, gf-timeforthemoonnightumji05, bts-persona05, bts-persona06, mmoo-yesiammoonbyul03, mmoo-yesiammoonbyul04, loona-hihighchuu05, loona-hihighchuu06, got7-justrightjackson05, got7-justrightjackson06, mx-rushminhyuk05, mx-rushminhyuk06

Pam  @ 24 May 2019 03:09 am

new decks took bts-persona05, bts-persona15, dc-chasemesiyeon01, exo-powerchen05, fis9-lovebombchaeyoung20, gf-timeforthemoonnightumji01,
got7-justrightjackson01, ikon-killingmebi20, izone-violeta01, loona-hihighchuu20, mmoo-yesiammoonbyul01, mx-rushminhyuk07, mx-rushminhyuk13, svt-prettyumingyu20, skz-mypaceleeknow01, twice-likeoohahhmomo20, wno-springbreeze01, wno-springbreeze20

Eimii  @ 25 May 2019 11:26 am

deck releases (0518): fis9-lovebombchaeyoung07, fis9-lovebombchaeyoung15, gf-timeforthemoonnightumji01, gf-timeforthemoonnightumji13, izone-violeta13, izone-violeta06, loona-hihighchuu08, loona-hihighchuu11, mmoo-yesiammoonbyul07, mmoo-yesiammoonbyul10, twice-likeoohahhmomo13, twice-likeoohahhmomo17

Madita  @ 30 May 2019 01:05 pm

New Decks (Week 59): skz-mypaceleeknow11, skz-mypaceleeknow12 (10/18)

Whitney  @ 03 Jun 2019 01:02 pm

New Decks: bts-persona13, bts-persona14, mx-rushminhyuk03, mx-rushminhyuk04, skz-mypaceleeknow03, skz-mypaceleeknow04, ikon-killingmebi01, ikon-killingmebi02, exo-powerchen01, exo-powerchen02, gf-timeforthemoonnightumji03, gf-timeforthemoonnightumji04, got7-justrightjackson05, got7-justrightjackson06, svt-prettyumingyu07, svt-prettyumingyu08, twice-likeoohahhmomo09, twice-likeoohahhmomo10 (18/20)

Thank you! I'll be back for the last 2 soon! :)

Usagi  @ 06 Jun 2019 06:48 am

New Decks (190525): ikon-killingmebi06, mx-rushminhyuk13, skz-mypaceleeknow07, svt-prettyumingyu09, svt-prettyumingyu11 (9/18)

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