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Hello boys and girls! Welcome to our first Saturday update and I hope that none of you are surprised to see us. This update is acting as both our weekly and monthly update, so thanks for joining us on this fine day.

new monthly and weekly games

This week, Nikki has blessed us with brand new Set 1 games, as well as the usual Weekly lineup! Please make sure you play these before next Saturday, or you may miss out on some brand new cards.

Less of a rush item, but just as important: Monthly games are updated with all new rounds as well. Our Mini Mastery theme this month is Blondes! As stated in the guidelines, please do your best to avoid grey hair and orange hair, as we literally just gave you the chance for these colors during our rainbow hair theme! If you're not sure, reach out to me on Discord and I'll do my best to give you an exact answer.

If you're a May baby, please come and get your custom event card made by your mother (me).

speaking of custom badges

As some of our members are not a part of our Discord, I just want to post this important information again regarding pre-cropped image requests! I've copied this directly from Discord, as I'm lazy, so I apologize if you see the same information twice.

(not a scolding) but please ensure that you're also including the original images any time you're pre-cropping for our badge makers. if your image doesn't work because of text placement or your screen isn't showing something that the maker sees OR your personal settings don't work for the maker (too sharp, for example), this gives them a chance to follow your crop guidelines while still doing it themselves! thank you. ^^ again, not a scolding. i really appreciate it, i just want to make sure no one is having to chase the original down. we will do our absolute best to use your pre-crops, or at the very least, respect the hell out of the guidelines you've provided. again! not a scolding! please don't message me about this with apologies, because i don't want any of that. it's just a sort of general announcement, since we have had the occasional problem in the past and it's something i should have mentioned sooner. ^^ thanks, cuties! again, please don't message me.

more freebies???

Guess what? Yesterday was Melinda's birthday! To thank everyone who wished her well (and even those of you who haven't), she thought it would be nice if I gave you guys a little something-something. I can't believe Uncle Melinda is feeling generous, but she is.

First, everyone can take cards spelling out MELINDA. She had requested something different, but I think this is better. The choice cards you take must be from decks that were released before today, and you can only take 1 per deck.

As well, everyone can also take THIS randomizer! 30 cards to celebrate Melinda's 30th birthday! ♥

new decks, yeehaw!

We have a lot of freaking decks, so we're dropping down to 15 a week! Don't be alarmed. ^^

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

bts-airplane, clc-pepeseunghee, dia-woowoochaeyeon, exo-powerdo, ifnt-theeyehoya, ioi-whattamankyulkyung, izone-lavieenrosehyewon, jbj-fantasykenta, limkim-awoo, nct-chewinggumjeno, omg-windyday, skz-mypace, svt-trauma, unit-imeaneuijin, vixx-dynamiteravi
Posted on 190504 by caitlin

by osaka @ 04 May 2019 07:40 pm
Happy Birthday Melinda (Choice Cards): mmld-bboombboomtaeha01, exid-dddjunghwa02, loona-heartattack01, ioi-dreamgirlssohye02, nct-cherrybombtaeyong01, dia-woowoosomyi15, april-muahhyunjoo02
New Decks: izone-lavieenrosehyewon01, izone-lavieenrosehyewon02, dia-woowoochaeyeon01, dia-woowoochaeyeon02, vixx-dynamiteravi07, vixx-dynamiteravi08, bts-airplane07, bts-airplane08, skz-mypace05, skz-mypace06, svt-trauma09, svt-trauma10
by mimi @ 04 May 2019 07:42 pm
New Decks: clc-pepeseunghee01, clc-pepeseunghee02, omg-windyday15, omg-windyday16, izone-lavieenrosehyewon09, izone-lavieenrosehyewon10, skz-mypace11, skz-mypace12, vixx-dynamiteravi09, vixx-dynamiteravi10, bts-airplane09, bts-airplane10, dia-woowoochaeyeon04, dia-woowoochaeyeon20, svt-trauma15, svt-trauma16 (16/18)

Happy Birthday Melinda: svt-pinwheel03, skz-district9leeknow10, gg-holidayyoona20, hyuna-howsthis06, rv-badboyseulgi14, got7-neverevermark05, elris-powpow01, sf9-osolemiochani14, bg-rollinyujeong09, lc-galaxyashley20, wg-ifeelyou15, ioi-dreamgirlssohye08, bb-losertaeyang07, ateez-saymyname08, rainbow-whoowoori17, svt-prettyuhoshi04, everglow-bonbonchocolat12, vixx-dynamite14, gsd-ringmybellsojin05, bts-dopev02, nct-dreaminadream04, bts-ineedujungkook08, svt-dontwannacrythe807, wno-energeticseongwoo05, rainbow-whoonoeul17, svt-dontwannacryvernon03, ggd-thebootssally09, exid-nightratherthanday16, rv-powerup10, pristin-weewoorena09

Choice Cards (MELINDA): (M) bts-bloodsweatandtearsjimin03 (E) svt-adoreuwoozi12 (L) svt-lililiyabbay08 (I) svt-dontwannacrydino20 (N) svt-dontwannacryjoshua04 (D) svt-dontwannacrywonwoo13 (A) svt-adoreujeonghan04
by Cate @ 04 May 2019 08:08 pm
Happy Birthday Melinda (Choice Cards): (M) ioi-whattamanchungha05, (E) bts-dopesuga05, (L) april-dreamcandy20, (I) ioi-whattamanchungha20, (N) gsd-ringmybellminah02, (D) bts-agustd19, (A) bts-dopesuga13
by Mirabel @ 04 May 2019 09:04 pm
deck pulls: bts-airplane07, bts-airplane14 (2/20)
by Cassidy @ 05 May 2019 12:47 am
- New Decks: exo-powerdo02, exo-powerdo11, ioi-whattamankyulkyung01, ioi-whattamankyulkyung10, izone-lavieenrosehyewon04, izone-lavieenrosehyewon11, omg-windyday03, omg-windyday17, ifnt-theeyehoya14, ifnt-theeyehoya15, jbj-fantasykenta10, jbj-fantasykenta11, bts-airplane01, bts-airplane03, clc-pepeseunghee01, clc-pepeseunghee02 (16/20)
- Happy Birthday Melinda: laboum-hwihwi05, wno-beautiful07, svt-trauma13, lvlz-wowkei16, loona-hihigh20, wooyoung-quit01, nct-limitless19, omg-secretgardenarin07, gncd-damdadi16, shinee-marriedtothemusictaemin20, svt-boomboom02, skz-district9han01, hl-plzdontbesaddoojoon03, gidle-latatasoojin06, got7-neverevermark19, vixx-scentistken13, bts-bloodsweatandtearsv03, aoa-heartattackchoa04, nct-blackonblackwinwin19, shinee-1of1jonghyun06, btob-gone03, nct-cherrybomb14, exo-kokobopbaekhyun08, svt-boomboomdk14, mmld-bboombboom10, twice-whatislove17, mx-jealousyim04, gidle-hannminnie02, unit-nomore07, aoa-imjellybabyhyejeong11
by osaka @ 05 May 2019 01:44 am
New Decks: unit-imeaneuijin13, unit-imeaneuijin14
by Mari @ 05 May 2019 08:57 am
New Decks: clc-pepeseunghee01, clc-pepeseunghee02, ioi-whattamankyulkyung01, ioi-whattamankyulkyung02, izone-lavieenrosehyewon01, izone-lavieenrosehyewon02, unit-imeaneuijin01, unit-imeaneuijin02
Choice Cards (Melinda): fx-4wallsamber03, sunmi-heroine05, mmld-bboombboom01, fx-4wallsvictoria07, mmld-bboombboomahin03, ioi-dreamgirlssohye01, dc-youandisua01
Happy Birthday Melinda: wno-boomerang20, laboum-hwihwiyulhee14, wno-energetic20, hyuna-babeera07, nct-newheroes16, lvlz-twinklekei15, nct-blackonblackmark18, mx-jealousyshownu09, twice-likeychaeyoung12, gsd-ringmybellsojin02, bts-run03, gidle-latatayuqi18, svt-prettyudino06, nct-touch12, ggd-thebootsmina08, nct-blackonblackjaemin07, elris-powpowsohee18, b1a4-sweetgirlbaro08, dia-woowoo11, laboum-hwihwizn08, lvlz-twinkle08, exo-kokobopbaekhyun20, bp-asifitsyourlastrose09, loona-heartattack17, bp-playingwithfire20, got7-lullabymark07, exo-kokobopchen03, ggd-icechu01, nm-rememberhyemi17, svt-adoreuhoshi05
by Selena @ 05 May 2019 12:35 pm
Happy birthday!

New Decks: bts-airplane01, bts-airplane02, clc-pepeseunghee06, dia-woowoochaeyeon11, exo-powerdo05, ifnt-theeyehoya18, ioi-whattamankyulkyung10, izone-lavieenrosehyewon20, jbj-fantasykenta07, limkim-awoo18, nct-chewinggumjeno14, omg-windyday16, skz-mypace02, svt-trauma13, svt-trauma14, unit-imeaneuijin19, vixx-dynamiteravi09, vixx-dynamiteravi20
MELINDA: bts-bloodsweatandtearsrm01, shinee-marriedtothemusictaemin01, loona-kisslater05, taemin-move04, jonghyun-sheis03, kda-popstars07, fx-4wallsvictoria06
Happy Birthday Melinda: svt-dontwannacry19, rv-redflavorseulgi08, ateez-treasureyeosang05, wjsn-happyseola13, bts-dna15, mmoo-starrynightmoonbyul08, apink-rememberbomi11, skz-mypacechangbin09, wno-energetickuanlin08, nuest-whereyouatjr14, twice-knockknock19, ioi-dreamgirlssomi07, loona-love4evayves10, gg-lionheart20, got7-nevereveryugyeom04, mx-rush06, bts-ineedujimin13, svt-lililiyabbay17, gidle-hannmiyeon17, shinee-marriedtothemusickey06, gsd-ringmybellsojin11, vixx-thecloser15, jbj-myflowerkenta10, bts-bloodsweatandtearsrm10, laboum-turniton18, jbj-myflowersanggyun10, gain-carnival04, ateez-treasure03, svt-adoreumingyu15, mx-hero17
by SasuraUchiha @ 05 May 2019 02:45 pm
- Happy Birthday Melinda: april-maydayyena06, svt-dontwannacryvernon06, tt-ahah05, dia-mrpottereunjin12, bp-boombayah02, nct-weyoungjeno11, bts-dopejungkook10, ioi-dreamgirlsmina04, bap-wakemeupyongguk13, april-muahyena20, svt-adoreuthe815, seohyun-dontsaynoera08, apink-remembernaeun06, jonghyun-sheis06, mmoo-yesiamwheein20, gf-navillera17, apink-remembereunji18, vixx-shangrilahyuk05, loona-girlfrontchoerry12, beg-bravenewworld14, jennie-solo17, pristin-weewooyuha11, sistar-ilikethat05, btob-missingyouilhoon10, ioi-whattamansomi06, unit-nomorewoohee09, rv-rookieyeri02, tara-socrazyboram05, laboum-hwihwi13, ioi-veryveryvery07
- Update Freebies (MELINDA): april-maydaychaekyung01, april-maydaychaewon02, april-snowman01, april-muahchaewon01, april-muahjinsol01, april-maydayrachel01, april-tinkerbell01
- New Decks: clc-pepeseunghee01, clc-pepeseunghee02, dia-woowoochaeyeon01, dia-woowoochaeyeon02, ioi-whattamankyulkyung01, ioi-whattamankyulkyung02, izone-lavieenrosehyewon01, izone-lavieenrosehyewon02, limkim-awoo01, limkim-awoo02, omg-windyday01, omg-windyday02, unit-imeaneuijin01, unit-imeaneuijin02, svt-trauma01, svt-trauma02, exo-powerdo01, exo-powerdo02
by Mirabel @ 05 May 2019 05:49 pm
deck pulls: jbj-fantasykenta07, jbj-fantasykenta08 (4/20)
by Catherine @ 05 May 2019 09:54 pm
- MELINDA: bts-dnarm10, bb-fxxkittaeyang03, got7-lullaby07, jennie-solo05, sf9-osolemiorowoon09, vixx-dynamite10, sf9-osolemiotaeyang09
- Deck Pulls: vixx-dynamiteravi11, vixx-dynamiteravi06, nct-chewinggumjeno02, nct-chewinggumjeno11, ioi-whattamankyulkyung11, ioi-whattamankyulkyung01, bts-airplane11, clc-pepeseunghee11, bts-airplane15, clc-pepeseunghee01, exo-powerdo11, exo-powerdo16
by Eimii @ 06 May 2019 07:41 pm
melinda: mmld-bboombboomdaisy07, exid-hyelin03, loona-egoist01, bp-asifitsyourlastlisa01, gain-paradiselost04, kara-cupid06, kard-holahola15

Happy Birthday Melinda: sf9-osolemiochani02, nct-the7thsenseten12, ifnt-badl06, sf9-osolemioinseong04, bp-asifitsyourlastjisoo10, chungha-whydontyouknow10, twice-cheerupmina05, ioi-dreamgirlskyulkyung11, mx-herominhyuk04, april-muah18, sf9-osolemiochani03, hwasa-twit12, astro-breathless17, aoa-binglebangle05, bts-run05, svt-adoreuthe807, lvlz-twinkle12, svt-prettyudk09, dia-woowoojueun05, sistar-shakeit20, wg-whysolonelysunmi01, rv-automatic19, ikon-wyd09, got7-ifyoudoyoungjae06, gncd-damdadi11, lvlz-wowmijoo12, lvlz-twinklekei20, mmld-bboombboomnancy16, ggd-thebootssoyee04, sunmi-gashina03

deck releases: izone-lavieenrosehyewon03, izone-lavieenrosehyewon08, limkim-awoo06, limkim-awoo08, limkim-awoo14, omg-windyday04, omg-windyday12, unit-imeaneuijin07, unit-imeaneuijin14 (will come back for more)
by Nhuuli @ 09 May 2019 01:06 am
New decks (update 190504): bts-airplane02, bts-airplane10, jbj-fantasykenta15, jbj-fantasykenta18, svt-trauma04, svt-trauma12, vixx-dynamiteravi02, vixx-dynamiteravi09, izone-lavieenrosehyewon08, izone-lavieenrosehyewon10, clc-pepeseunghee09, clc-pepeseunghee13, exo-powerdo07, exo-powerdo15, skz-mypace05, skz-mypace13, nct-chewinggumjeno06, nct-chewinggumjeno14
Happy Birthday Melinda: apink-rememberhayoung09, svt-dontwannacryjun18, got7-justright11, mx-heroim07, astro-crazysexycool19, unit-nomoresuji19, tbz-rightherehaknyeon17, wg-ifeelyou04, exo-powerchanyeol05, skz-mypacechangbin05, vixx-dynamiteken10, seohyun-dontsayno10, nct-limitless01, missa-onlyyousuzy02, loona-girlfront05, izone-lavieenrosehyewon07, ikon-blingblingjinhwan01, mx-herojooheon14, nct-blackonblackyuta07, clc-pepeseunghee17, bb-loser08, bts-euphoria20, got7-nevereverbambam03, mx-herowonho02, bts-ineedusuga20, exo-power06, samuel-teenager16, missa-onlyyoufei06, ikon-lovescenariodonghyuk10, jbj-myflowerdonghan18
Melinda (freebies): bts-ineedujimin16, bts-saveme13, got7-look01, bts-ineedu01, got7-lullabyyoungjae05, vixx-dynamitehongbin03, bts-dna12
by Madita @ 10 May 2019 06:09 am
New Decks(57): ifnt-theeyehoya15, ifnt-theeyehoya02, vixx-dynamiteravi05, vixx-dynamiteravi18, limkim-awoo08, limkim-awoo18, omg-windyday04, omg-windyday13 (08/18)
Chocie Cards (MELINDA): M vixx-dynamite01, E nct-dreaminadream13, L ifnt-badl03, I ifnt-badhoya14, N ifnt-badsungjong03, D ifnt-badsungkyu10, A loona-singingintherain01
by alecks @ 12 May 2019 02:21 pm
New Decks (06/20): bts-airplane14, bts-airplane15, ioi-whattamankyulkyung03, ioi-whattamankyulkyung04, nct-chewinggumjeno01, nct-chewinggumjeno02
by alecks @ 12 May 2019 02:27 pm
melinda: bp-boombayah05, twice-whatislove07, twice-likeytzuyu05, wjsn-happyxyuani07, twice-knockknock14, twice-likeydahyun01, twice-signal01

Happy Birthday Melinda: hl-plzdontbesaddoojoon15, mmoo-starrynightwheein12, ace-takemehigher17, twice-knockknock06, exo-tempo02, ibi-molaemolae05, svt-checkin18, hl-plzdontbesadyoseob20, exo-monsterdo20, exo-monsterdo06, unit-nomoreyoonjo13, blockb-yesterday18, key-oneofthosenights20, pristin-getit15, gidle-hann03, bts-agustd09, rv-reallybadboy01, stlr-stinggayoung20, nct-tryagain13, apink-remembereunji09, gf-lovewhisper04, ggd-thebootshana09, bts-ineedurm13, mx-jealousyhyungwon07, twice-knockknock15, hyuna-howsthis01, exo-power03, rv-rookiejoy04, mmoo-starrynightsolar01, exo-powerbaekhyun20
by Shinya @ 18 May 2019 01:54 pm
Freebies (MELINDA - 190504): laboum-hwihwisoyeon03, pristin-weewooyehana05, pristin-weewookyla03, ifnt-badl13, fnt-baddongwoo06, gg-holidaysunny03, dc-youandi08
Happy Birthday Melinda (190504): exo-monsterchen10, got7-nevereverjb19, rainbow-blackswan05, ikon-lovescenariobi11, ioi-whattamansohye07, clc-blackdressyeeun17, loona-egoist17, svt-prettyudk14, pristin-getiteunwoo09, bts-dnasuga08, bb-fxxkit16, mx-jealousyminhyuk10, omg-secretgardenseunghee20, mx-jealousywonho19, nuest-whereyouatren10, tara-socrazysoyeon05, unit-imeaneuijin04, boa-negadola12, ikon-blingblingbi01, mmoo-starrynightmoonbyul07, bap-wakemeupdaehyun12, exo-kokobopdo13, clc-blackdressyujin01, bap-wakemeupdaehyun05, kyungri-bluemoon18, lvlz-twinklemijoo07, nct-firetruck02, nct-blackonblackten18, rv-rookieirene03, suzy-holiday16
Update (190504): bts-airplane01, bts-airplane02, clc-pepeseunghee03, clc-pepeseunghee04, exo-powerdo05, exo-powerdo06, nct-chewinggumjeno07, nct-chewinggumjeno08, izone-lavieenrosehyewon09, izone-lavieenrosehyewon10, svt-trauma11, svt-trauma12, vixx-dynamiteravi13, vixx-dynamiteravi14, skz-mypace15, skz-mypace16, omg-windyday17, omg-windyday18
by Cami @ 22 May 2019 07:04 pm
Happy Birthday Melinda: aoa-heartattackmina09, aoa-heartattack15, aoa-heartattackseolhyun04, aoa-heartattackchanmi09, vixx-scentistleo12, bestie-excusemedahye11, aoa-heartattackchoa04 + ikon-killingmebobby13, rv-rookie17, shinee-viewtaemin18, bts-youngforever10, bap-wakemeupyoungjae15, unit-nomorenca04, april-muahjinsol08, ggd-thebootssejeong19, laboum-turniton17, svt-adoreuwoozi18, laboum-hwihwisoyeon18, mx-herominhyuk16, gidle-latata10, twice-cheerupjihyo13, exo-monstersehun06, mx-jealousyminhyuk06, svt-prettyudk01, dc-chaseme20, ptg-runawayjinho13, clc-blackdresseunbin08, gf-fingertipumji18, fiestar-applepie18, apink-remembernaeun08, dia-cantstop02, bts-ineedu18, rainbow-whooseungah19, tara-socrazyhyomin20, lc-galaxysojung16, ikon-blingblingbi18, shinee-marriedtothemusicminho16

New Decks (190504): vixx-dynamiteravi01, vixx-dynamiteravi02, dia-woowoochaeyeon01, dia-woowoochaeyeon02, bts-airplane03, bts-airplane04, clc-pepeseunghee05, clc-pepeseunghee06, omg-windyday07, omg-windyday08, svt-trauma09, svt-trauma10, unit-imeaneuijin11, unit-imeaneuijin12, exo-powerdo13, exo-powerdo14, skz-mypace01, skz-mypace02, jbj-fantasykenta03, jbj-fantasykenta04
by Madita @ 30 May 2019 05:02 pm
New Decks(57): bts-airplane05, bts-airplane07 (10/18)
by Cassidy @ 01 Jun 2019 08:27 pm
- Update Freebie (190504): svt-dontwannacrymingyu20 (1/7)
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