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52 posted by caitlin (190331)

Hello everyone! It's pretty late, but your admins are here to save the day with the Sunday update of your dreams. We've got new games, new decks, and a new paragraph about respecting and understanding the people who help us make this game run as smoothly as possible. Let's go, dude!

things related to our boo fairies

There are just a couple of things that I've been meaning to talk about. Mainly, this is regarding how Boo Fairy trades are made and the thought that goes into them. With every trade, our Boo Fairies do their best to make sure they're contributing to deck you have not mastered yet. This means that they're double checking logs a lot of the time and doing their best to send you cards that you haven't been able to find before.

As well, our Boo Fairies are not allowed to send you decks that were released in the most recent update. This is to ensure that members are still trading on update day instead of hoping that Boo brings those cards to them.

When it comes to our Boo Fairies and which cards they take, these are also chosen with a lot of care. Our Boo Fairies try to take decks that are older or less popular, which means they have to compare the deck list to the trade posts in front of them. They're trying to take the cards that you may have a hard time trading away. They leave your high value, popular artist cards behind so that you can use those when you visit other people. These things take time.

With this being said, I want to create an understanding between our members and how these trades are sent. This is something that we have been doing for a number of weeks and it has come to my understanding that there have been times where some people have been disappointed in the cards that have been sent to them. This does not fly with me at all, and I want to make sure that everyone understands that this feature only works because of the people who take the time to visit your trade post every week. If you aren't happy with the cards you receive, feel free to decline the trade and we'll send you a new one the next week.

Thank you! I'm not mad. I don't know who did it. I just don't want anyone to discourage my girls, because this is genuinely time consuming for them and they really enjoy doing it when people aren't making them feel like they've done a bad job. So please be kind!

still related to boo fairies but on a lighter note

I am very sorry to say that our precious Cashew has stepped down from her role as one of our three Boo Fairies! If you see her on Discord, be sure to say hi and give her a thank for you all of her hard work!

To help us out during this very busy week of catch up, as well as make our job a little bit easier, Haylee and Mio have stepped in to help our hard working team (Amber and Sola). Our list will be split in four ways from now on!

Some of our members may have received two Boo Fairy trades last week due to our team working very hard to catch up on some of the missed trades from the week before. Don't be alarmed or question it too much. ^^

regarding mini mastery badges going forward

In a major attempt to make Lindsay's job a little bit easier going forward, we will be changing the way that badges are made from now on. Going forward (and I am sorry if this upsets anyone) all four badges will be the same color. You will still have a top gradient color, which will also remain the same on all four badges. This will majorly reduce the amount of time that she'll spend making badges, starting with April's theme will will be out ASAP.

error fixes

There have been quite a few error fixes since last Sunday! I'm not going to bother with images, I'm just going to list them and link them so that you can save the new versions if you'd like. Please clear your cache to see these changes! Although they were made days ago, so there is some chance you won't have to. Thanks.

There was an error with our f(x) - 4 Walls era mastery badges, which Lara has kindly updated for me, despite the fact that I did this to her. These can all be found in this folder. If you don't see the new version of your badge, which should say 5/5 instead of 4/4 (which was my error, sorry!) please refresh your cache.

I had quite a few people reach out regarding mxm-diamondgirlyoungmin18 and its mastery badge having the same image. I have changed the image on the card out for something new.

Similar to the issue above, I've swapped out the image on april-maydaychaewon15, as it was the same as another card.

Occasionally, I don't put an image into our template correctly and it causes a grey area to show! exo-monsterdo16 has been fixed.

There has been a fix for all of our BTS - DNA mastery badges as well. There was a slight error on the template that I had forgotten about, so please reupload these. Search for BTS - DNA on our deck page, please! I'm too lazy to link them all. THIS ALSO GOES FOR DNA CUSTOM MASTERY BADGES, which Awhylime has kindly fixed for us! I love her.

games, games, games

It's a brand new week and Nikki (my absolute best friend in the entire world) has kindly updated games for all of you. New rounds, girls and boys! Set 2 has all new answers and our Weekly Set has been taken care of as well. Love her.

Our forum games have been updated as well! You may have already noticed, but Amy will be helping out our Melinda from now on! They'll be working as a team to get games up every Sunday from now on. ♥

Due to a few requests, our Daily Login forum topic will be monthly from now on. To apologize for posting so late today, all members are free to take their bonus for Sunday, even if it's no longer Sunday, when they take their Monday bonus! Thank you, I love you.

new decks


PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

apink-onlyone, bp-ddududdudujennie, bts-fire, dia-woowoojueun, exo-powerchanyeol, gidle-hann, got7-lullabyyoungjae, ifnt-theeyesungjong, ikon-killingme, jbj-fantasydonghan, laboum-winterstoryhaein, mmoo-yesiamsolar, mx-rushim, nct-wegoup, ptg-runawayjinho, rv-rookieseulgi, skz-mypacehyunjin, svt-prettyudk, vixx-dynamitehongbin, wno-boomerangjaehwan

don't forget! it's a new month tomorrow!

You only have a few more hours to get your March crap in!

caitlin (190331)

mimi  @ 31 Mar 2019 07:00 pm

New Decks: bp-ddududdudujennie11, bp-ddududdudujennie12, bts-fire09, bts-fire10, gidle-hann01, gidle-hann02, ikon-killingme09, ikon-killingme10, mx-rushim11, mx-rushim12, rv-rookieseulgi13, rv-rookieseulgi14, skz-mypacehyunjin01, skz-mypacehyunjin02, svt-prettyudk11, svt-prettyudk12, vixx-dynamitehongbin09, vixx-dynamitehongbin10 (16/18)

osaka  @ 31 Mar 2019 07:12 pm

New Decks: vixx-dynamitehongbin11, vixx-dynamitehongbin12, bp-ddududdudujennie15, bp-ddududdudujennie16, nct-wegoup07, nct-wegoup08, dia-woowoojueun07, dia-woowoojueun08

Mirabel  @ 31 Mar 2019 07:19 pm

deck pulls: jbj-fantasydonghan03, , jbj-fantasydonghan04 (2/20)

Alecks  @ 31 Mar 2019 07:49 pm

- New Decks (190331): bts-fire01, bts-fire02, rv-rookieseulgi03, rv-rookieseulgi04, nct-wegoup01, nct-wegoup02, mx-rushim09, mx-rushim10, svt-prettyudk03, svt-prettyudk04, vixx-dynamitehongbin07, vixx-dynamitehongbin08, dia-woowoojueun05, dia-woowoojueun06, bp-ddududdudujennie05, bp-ddududdudujennie06, ikon-killingme17, ikon-killingme18, ifnt-theeyessungjong05, ifnt-theeyessungjong06

Catherine  @ 31 Mar 2019 07:59 pm

Deck Pulls: got7-lullabyyoungjae11, got7-lullabyyoungjae16, ptg-runawayjinho11, ptg-runawayjinho01, exo-powerchanyeol11, exo-powerchanyeol03, wno-boomerangjaehwan11, mmoo-yesiamsolar11, rv-rookieseulgi11, skz-mypacehyunjin11, svt-prettyudk11, ikon-killingme11, ikon-killingme15, vixx-dynamitehongbin11, vixx-dynamitehongbin16, bp-ddududdudujennie12, bts-fire13, bp-ddududdudujennie11, bts-fire11

Cassidy  @ 31 Mar 2019 08:52 pm

- New Decks: apink-onlyone04, apink-onlyone18, bp-ddududdudujennie12, bp-ddududdudujennie19, dia-woowoojueun04, dia-woowoojueun17, exo-powerchanyeol07, exo-powerchanyeol15, gidle-hann07, gidle-hann08, rv-rookieseulgi03, rv-rookieseulgi19, bts-fire01, bts-fire02, ikon-killingme07, ikon-killingme08 (16/20)
- Donations: gidle-hann11

madita  @ 01 Apr 2019 08:01 am

NewDecks (Week #52): gidle-hann13, gidle-hann01, vixx-dynamitehongbin02, vixx-dynamitehongbin06, ifnt-theeyesungjong01, ifnt-theeyesungjong02, bp-ddududdudujennie19, bp-ddududdudujennie20, bts-fire05, bts-fire06, ikon-killingme13, ikon-killingme14, exo-powerchanyeol05, exo-powerchanyeol06 (14/18)

Mirabel  @ 01 Apr 2019 10:31 am

deck pulls: ifnt-theeyesungjong01, ifnt-theeyesungjong02, bts-fire15, bts-fire16 (6/20)

Whitney  @ 01 Apr 2019 12:14 pm

New Decks: bp-ddududdudujennie08, bp-ddududdudujennie18, bts-fire03, bts-fire08, exo-powerchanyeol10, exo-powerchanyeol20, gidle-hann09, gidle-hann15, got7-lullabyyoungjae09, got7-lullabyyoungjae14, ifnt-theeyesungjong03, ifnt-theeyesungjong09, nct-wegoup03, nct-wegoup17, rv-rookieseulgi07, rv-rookieseulgi14, svt-prettyudk07, svt-prettyudk17, vixx-dynamitehongbin12, vixx-dynamitehongbin19
Yellow Ipod (3/3): ifnt-theeyesungjong17, ifnt-theeyesungjong20

Thank you! :)

madita  @ 02 Apr 2019 06:59 am

NewDecks (Week #52): dia-woowoojueun09, dia-woowoojueun10 (16/18)

Echo  @ 02 Apr 2019 01:05 pm

New Decks (190331) (16/18): exo-powerchanyeol03, exo-powerchanyeol13, ifnt-theeyesungjong10, ifnt-theeyesungjong15, jbj-fantasydonghan04, jbj-fantasydonghan20, mx-rushim06, mx-rushim18, rv-rookieseulgi09, rv-rookieseulgi12, skz-mypacehyunjin18, skz-mypacehyunjin19, bts-fire13, bts-fire14, dia-woowoojueun11, dia-woowoojueun12
Donation Pull: skz-mypacehyunjin20

Selena  @ 02 Apr 2019 05:23 pm

New Decks: bts-fire01, bts-fire02, exo-powerchanyeol01, exo-powerchanyeol02, gidle-hann01, gidle-hann02, rv-rookieseulgi01, rv-rookieseulgi02, apink-onlyone16, bp-ddududdudujennie20, ifnt-theeyesungjong11, ikon-killingme07, mmoo-yesiamsolar03, mx-rushim15, nct-wegoup09, ptg-runawayjinho18, skz-mypacehyunjin06, svt-prettyudk12

Mirabel  @ 02 Apr 2019 08:49 pm

deck pulls: laboum-winterstoryhaein13, laboum-winterstoryhaein14 (8/20)

madita  @ 03 Apr 2019 08:37 am

NewDecks (Week #52): apink-onlyone14, apink-onlyone15 (18/18)

Mirabel  @ 03 Apr 2019 07:26 pm

deck pulls: apink-onlyone06, apink-onlyone11 (10/20)

Eimii  @ 06 Apr 2019 05:22 pm

deck releases: bp-ddududdudujennie07, bp-ddududdudujennie08, gidle-hann14, gidle-hann18, laboum-winterstoryhaein07, laboum-winterstoryhaein12, mmoo-yesiamsolar07, mmoo-yesiamsolar10, bts-fire06, bts-fire11, exo-powerchanyeol08, exo-powerchanyeol15, mx-rushim04, mx-rushim08, skz-mypacehyunjin13, skz-mypacehyunjin18, wno-boomerangjaehwan09, wno-boomerangjaehwan14, ptg-runawayjinho01, ptg-runawayjinho06,

Lex  @ 06 Apr 2019 09:27 pm

New Decks: bp-ddududdudujennie13, bp-ddududdudujennie17, gidle-hann05, gidle-hann19, mmoo-yesiamsolar09, mmoo-yesiamsolar13, rv-rookieseulgi10, rv-rookieseulgi16 vixx-dynamitehongbin19, vixx-dynamitehongbin20 (10/20)

Cassidy  @ 07 Apr 2019 08:30 pm

- New Decks (190331): +ifnt-theeyesungjong18, wno-boomerangjaehwan03, wno-boomerangjaehwan04 (20/20)

Cassidy  @ 07 Apr 2019 08:31 pm

+ifnt-theeyesungjong01 because i didn't copy it somehow lol......

Shinya  @ 16 Apr 2019 08:28 am

Update (190331): laboum-winterstoryhaein01, laboum-winterstoryhaein02, rv-rookieseulgi03, rv-rookieseulgi04, svt-prettyudk05, svt-prettyudk06 (6/18)

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